Moving to Honolulu HI


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    Are you dreaming of living a fascinating metropolitan island life in the US? Well, the capital city of Hawaii, will fulfil your wishes for scenery, sunsets, shopping, surfing and sand all at once.

    When in Honolulu, enjoy its tropical climate, breathtaking landscapes, diverse history and culture, white sand beaches supported by palms, 7-star hotels, shopping nightlife and more, in its 68.4 square miles region.

    No wonder “The Gathering Place” has gathered everyone’s heart into it. 

    Keep reading to know more about what Honolulu offers if you are moving to Honolulu Hawaii. 

    1. Is Honolulu, HI safe?

    Honolulu is one of the safest regions to live in the US. On a range of 1-100 (lowest to highest crime rate), the violent and property crime rates in Honolulu, HI are 12.5 and 34, respectively, which is much lower than the US average’s violent and property crime rates of 23 and 35.


    According to the Wise Voter 2023 rankings, the city ranks #8 in one of the safest places to live in Hawaii at a homicide rate of 5 incidents per every 100,000 people. 

    According to US News and World reports, Honolulu generally has a lower crime rate compared to the national average.

    This makes the city a safe place for moving to Honolulu with family, roaming at night and visiting for tourism.

    Crime has never been a problem in Honolulu for the last 5 years as the crime rate has decreased by 15% compared to 2018.

    The most common types of crimes are purse snatching, larceny of rental cars, robbery, assault, murder or rape.

    The chance of becoming a victim of violent and property crime in Honolulu is one in 385 and 1 in 35 respectively.

    Though the property rate has increased to some extent, the extensive police force and thorough patrolling in the cities and neighbourhoods keep the crime rates under control.

    Still, it’s essential to remain cautious of your surroundings and stay safe while roaming in unfamiliar areas. 

    Check out a comparison table of the crime rates in Honolulu vs. the US per 100,000 residents.

    Crime TypeHonoluluUS
    Violent Crime247396


    2. Things to Know Before Moving to Honolulu, HI

    If you are considering Honolulu as your new hometown, read the facts and information to know more about Honolulu, to eliminate loneliness and weirdness after arriving at the place.

    3. Living in Honolulu, HI

    The proximity to amenities and perks in Honolulu makes it one of the great places to live in Hawaii.


    Life in Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital, is all about being eclectic, and eccentric yet engaging in every aspect. 

    According to CNBC, the city ranks #1, for the fourth time, among other US cities in providing the best quality of life with higher ratings in education, leisure and culture safety and healthcare.

    It offers its residents and visitors a wealth of recreational opportunities, the best nightlife packed with live music and fun in various restaurants and bars, vibrant arts and cultural scenes, breathtaking landscapes, and warm climates, which is sufficient to lead a luxurious life in the city.

    It provides a family-friendly environment to live in where people are kind and helpful enough to be there whenever you’re in need. 

    4. Cost of Living in Honolulu, HI

    It has a very expensive cost of living of 182 which is 16% higher than the state average of 166 and 82% higher than the national average.

    The cost of living for a single individual and your family of 4 (including rent) in Honolulu is estimated to be $3,500 and $8,000 per month respectively.

    However, to live a comfortable life in Honolulu, an annual average income of around $90,000 for an individual and around $180,000 for a family of 4 is recommended. 

    People residing in or moving to Hawaii say Honolulu has a notorious higher cost of living, not only higher than in Hawaii but also in the entire US nation.

    The factors affecting the living expenses in Honolulu are its real estate and housing prices, high taxes, excessive land use, cost of food and groceries, healthcare, utility and energy costs. 

    The reason behind this inflation is the import of daily necessities from the mainland – food, energy, clothing – expenses are passed on to the end users.

    Also, the high demand and ravishing lifestyle add on to it making it the most expensive city in the nation. 

    The only advice for moving to Honolulu is if you own a good job and get an above-average salary, so much that you can save at least 50% of it, can plan to dream of living in Honolulu. 

    Cost of livingHonoluluHawaiiUS
    Overall Expenses184166100
    Housing cost314251100


    5. Taxes in Honolulu

    Honolulu has an income tax of 4.40-6.40% and 4.50% of combined sales tax rate in 2023. The property tax rate in Honolulu is about 0.35% of the asserted property value. 


    Honolulu imposes an expensive tax rate on its residents on their annual income and owned properties.

    The city ranks #2 for giving the highest income tax charges for various income levels and its tax system ranks #43 in the State Business Tax Climate Index, 2023.

    In addition to that, it also charges get tax of 4% at the retail level while wholesalers and business manufacturers pay only a 0.5% surcharge. 

    Below is the list of types of taxes in Honolulu imposed by city or state officials.

    Sales tax4.50%
    Property tax0.35%
    Income tax4.40-6.40%
    Excise tax4.7%


    6. Weather Conditions in Honolulu, HI 

    Honolulu has a tropical steppe climate with extremely warm and dry summers and humid and temperate winters, overall dry climates year-round. It experiences less rainfall, no freezing days and no snowfall. 

    Residents of Honolulu mostly experience two seasons: the summer season from May to October and the winter season from November to April.

    The average high-to-low temperature in summer ranges from 86°F  to 72°F while during winters it ranges from 76°F  to 59°F. 

    Honolulu receives a total of 240 sunny days, and 50 inches of rainfall on average for a year.

    This means Honolulu rarely receives rainfall for a longer time, which is usually accompanied by a burst of bright sunshine, thereby making the place, a great vacation destination throughout the year. 

    September is the hottest month of the year and January is the coldest month of the year in Honolulu.

    January to March is considered the best time of the year to visit Hawaii and Honolulu. 

    MonthWeather conditions in Honolulu
    December – AprilAverage high temperatures between 78°F to 81°F.Average low temperature of 67oF.Frequent, short, passing showers.Cool and pleasant evenings.A fair amount of sunshine throughout the months.
    April – MayWarm and tropical weather. Relative humidity is high and feel muggy. Rainfall is common, localized and sporadic.There are threat of hurricanes during these months.
    SeptemberWarm and pleasant weather. The relative humidity is moderate. Dry season with slightly less rainfall.Average high temperature of 86oF.Average low temperature of 73oF.
    June – NovemberWarm and tropical weather. Relative humidity is high and feel muggy. Rainfall is common, localized and sporadic. There are threat of hurricanes during these months.

    7. Things to Do in Honolulu, HI

    Honolulu features a plethora of natural wonders, stunning natural sceneries and plentiful outdoor attractions and activities that one should not miss while being in the city.


    From beautiful coastlines to National parks, hiking trails and more, being in every bit of Honolulu is like living in a paradise.

    Although a week is enough to explore Honolulu, if you reside there, you must plan to visit or explore Honolulu making day trips, or weekend tours.

    Oahu, Waikiki, Magic and Moku Manu are some of the best island attractions found in this city, one must opt for places to explore in Honolulu.

    In addition to that, check out this simple list of things to do in Honolulu for all ages for your convenience.

    KidsSurf at the Waikiki beach with your partner. Experience executive Hawaiian cuisine at a Luau. Snorkel together in the beautiful Hanauma Bay. Go to the massage or spa centre at any luxury resort.
    CouplesGo hiking along Makapu’u Lighthouse, Manoa Falls and Diamond Head. Visit Pearl Harbor for a historical experience. Explore Iolani Palace for a great taste of royal architecture. Relax and go for kayaking at family-friendly Lanikai Beach.
    FamiliesGo hiking along Makapu’u Lighthouse, Manoa Falls and Diamond Head. Visit Pearl Harbor for a historical experience. Explore Iolani Palace for a great taste of royal architecture.Relax and go for kayaking at family-friendly Lanikai Beach.
    Elderly peopleTake a drive along Tantalus’s beautiful views of the island. Visit the Foster Botanical Garden in Honolulu.Book tickets for a traditional hula or ukulele show to experience Hawaiian culture. Indulge in shopping at one of the best shopping centres in Honolulu- the Ala Moana Center.

    8. Housing in Honolulu, HI

    The housing and real estate prices are 14% and 165%  higher than the state and national average respectively, majorly affecting Honolulu’s living cost.

    The typical Honolulu home price averages $800,000, which might rise to $1,200,000 or more for luxurious homes, as of 2023.

    The median apartment rent in Honolulu ranges from $3000 – $8000 for studio – 3 bedroom apartments respectively.

    The housing and real estate market in Honolulu is very robust and competitive, having increased by 5.6% since last year.

    The main reason behind expensive housing is due to higher living expenses, severe housing regulations and a shortage of new homes.

    While house owners make up 65% of the total population, 40% of them are occupied by renters.

    Furthermore, the home appreciation rate and property prices are considerably reliable to pay off, which means it will be a great investment opportunity to buy a property there. 

    Housing costHonoluluUS
    Median home cost1,616,000338,100
    Rental costs (per month)$1,745-$4000$1500-$3650


    9. Cost of Moving to Honolulu, HI

    The cost of moving to Hawaii Honolulu can range from $500 to $15,000 for a full-service move. Shipping a car to the city typically costs between $1,400 and $2,400.


    The price of moving a small studio apartment is around $800 and more than $20,000 for a huge multi-room home.

    Shifting your items by air is the fastest method but expensive. Generally, it takes 2-3 days to reach its destination.

    It is wise to sell, donate, or throw away unnecessary items before moving to minimize the moving costs.

    Below is the list of moving companies that can aid you in moving to Honolulu to start a new life.

    • M. Dyer & Sons, Inc.
    • Island Movers Inc.
    • Royal Hawaiian Movers
    • Akamai Movers
    • 2 Guys & A Truck
    • Matson Movers
    • JF Moving Services
    • Honolulu Moving Company

    10. Pros and Cons of Moving to Honolulu, HI

    With its remarkable natural beauty, mellow lifestyle, and Hawaiian culture, it’s no wonder why Honolulu is everyone’s favourite living destination.

    But learning the drawbacks of the city will make your living even better and trouble-free. 


    • The crime rate is very low.
    • Wonderful paradise and a lot of outdoor opportunities.
    • Availability of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Warm weather throughout the year.
    • No snakes on the island.
    • Discounts on products to locals.
    • Nightlife and entertainment.


    • Drug issues and pickpocketing.
    • The most common disasters are hurricanes and tsunamis.
    • The cost of living is relatively high.
    • Limited job opportunities.
    • Located far from the US mainland.
    • Places to stay in Honolulu, HI

    Honolulu is a lovely paradise with many neighbourhoods, each having a unique atmosphere and amenities.

    The best place to stay in Honolulu is one that suits your preferences, budget, and objective of living. 

    Find out more about the best places to stay in Honolulu below.

    • Waikiki- Waikiki is a world-famous community, situated 3 km South shore of Honolulu. It is popularly known for its captivating surfing beaches, shopping, high-rise hotels, fashion designer stores, and nightlife. There are several hotels, cocktail bars, restaurants, and shops nearby, ideal for travellers looking for a lively atmosphere and convenience.
    • Downtown Honolulu– The region is a hub of many business professionals. It is safe and perfect for people who are seeking a peaceful and convenient life. Moreover, Downtown Honolulu is home to historic places like Iolani Palace and the Hawaii State Capitol.
    • Ala Moana: Ala Moana is situated between Waikiki and downtown. The place is highly eminent for the Ala Moana Center which has more than 300 stores and restaurants. The place has all basic amenities and is quite safe for people to accommodate. 
    • Hawaii Kai- It is present in the southeastern part of the city. Additionally, Hawaii Kai is one of the most populous areas and is well known for Hanauma Bay.  It is ideal for those who are Moving to Honolulu Hawaii with a dog. The crime rate here is relatively lower than the city’s average. 
    • Kalihi- Kalihi is situated near downtown Honolulu. It is one of the Affordable places to live in Honolulu, Hawaii. The place has all convenient amenities such as restaurants, shops, elementary and private schools, medical centres, roads, and so on.

    Moving to Honolulu, HI FAQs

    Is it a good idea to move to Honolulu?

    It is a great idea to move to Honolulu with a family because it offers a lot of family-friendly neighbourhoods, rich cultural offerings, beautiful weather, plenty of outdoor recreation, and white sand beaches. 

    Do you need a car in Honolulu?

    You don’t need a car in Honolulu because Honolulu offers several amenities and perks like beaches, outdoor activities, shops, restaurants and other major attractions at a walkable distance, or can be accessed by public transportation. 

    Which is better, Maui or Honolulu?

    If you want to stay near a beach and always need an island life, and vacation lifestyle, then Maui is a great option to live in. Or else, consider Honolulu for its plentiful things to do, an abundance of closely needed neighbourhoods, and uninterrupted flights to other US states.

    Is Honolulu a good place to retire?

    Honolulu is considered one of the great cities in the US to retire in. It offers ground-floor apartments and homes for retirees, world-class healthcare, warm weather, wide-lined walking paths and lower crime rates in the safer neighbourhoods of Honolulu. 


    So, that’s all about Honolulu in a nutshell. Yes, it’s a daunting task to take the first step of moving here, as getting prepared to do so should be your first motto.

    It’s not like pack your stuff and move on. Doing your homework and getting more knowledge about the place will pay off in the end.

    Your move will be expensive, and time-consuming yet worthwhile, if done with caution and meet real-life expectations.

    Remember, a lot of backing, savings, and a well-paid well-established lifestyle will make your living in paradise worth it. 

    So, Wish you luck with a great move to the orchid capital of Hawaii.