Moving to Hawaii


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    The beautiful US state of Hawaii is home to diverse landscapes, historic sites, and lush valleys. This might be the best place for those dreaming of a life with warm breezes, friendly neighbors, and beaches in the backyard. 

    Hawaii is an island state and thus offers endless outdoor experiences, including surfing, hiking, snorkeling, whale watching, and paddle sports. 

    However, moving to Hawaii can be easier said than done. It involves lots of things to consider, including the moving cost, living cost, job market, health system, education, and a lot more. 

    Here is the rundown of all essential factors that you should consider before making the final move.  

    Can you move to Hawaii without a job?

    Yes, you can. But you must have enough savings to spend a lot of cash to meet your basic living requirements until you get a job.

    Also, please be informed that finding a job in this island state might take a few days; therefore, you must be financially stable to enjoy a comfortable living. 

    Are jobs hard to get in Hawaii?

    Yes. Although jobs in Hawaii are very simple to come by, these are not suitable for around 99% of people. You must possess professional expertise to get high-demand jobs in Hawaii. 

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    Moving to Hawaii Best Guide

    This island state of Hawaii is no less than a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

    But relocating to this place is a bit challenging. But don’t worry if you have made up your mind as we are here to assist. 

    Here is the comprehensive guide that includes everything you need to know for a successful move. 

    1. Moving Cost

    The average cost of moving to Hawaii is between $5000 and $10,000. The price generally varies according to the total distance involved, the weight of your belongings, and the dimensions of your shipment.

    So, you will have to pay a lot more for heavy and bulky items. 

    Moving to Hawaii

    The movers generally charge between $1000 to $1500 to ship a car to Hawaii. The price fluctuates depending on the size of your vehicle and how you choose to ship it.

    You should only bring the essentials if you want to reduce the moving cost significantly. 

    What is the cheapest way to move to Hawaii? The cheapest way to move to Hawaii is to move with very little. Hire a professional movers and packers service and easily relocate to this island state without much hassle. To cut down the living expenses, you can use public transportation and choose your housing location wisely. 

    How much should you have saved to move to Hawaii? You must have savings of around $6000 to move to Hawaii comfortably, and you should be ready to spend all of it. 

    2. Living Cost in Hawaii

    Before moving to Hawaii, one must know that this is an expensive state to live in.

    According to the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, the cost of living in Hawaii is the highest in the nation in 2019, with an index of 191.8, way more than the country’s national average.

    Honolulu, the city in Hawaii, is ranked amongst the top 3 expensive cities in the US to settle in. 

    Hawaii is home to two metropolitan cities, and the most expensive in the state is Honolulu, where the cost of goods and services is 24.2% higher than the national average. 

    Check the cost of living in Hawaii in the table given below. 

    The cost of living for one person without rent$1,200
    The cost of living for a family of four without rent$4335
    Basic Utilities$150
    Transportation$2.50 per ticket

    Is HawaHawaii a good place to live? Yes, sure. Hawaii is ranked fourth best place to live in the US, according to The island overall is extremely safe. 

    How much do you need to live comfortably in Hawaii? Studies claim that you need a whopping income of over $122,000 to live comfortably in Hawaii. 

    3. Business Opportunity

    This Aloha state offers fewer business opportunities and thus might not serve as a good place for entrepreneurs.

    The state’s low ranking is based on several factors, including industry variety, labor cost, high cost of living, and available office space. 

    Hawaii is one of the best tourist destinations in the United States, and it is no wonder that the tourism industry plays a significant role in its Economy. 

    Some of the business ideas to implement in this island state are:

    • Grocery store
    • Restaurant and bars
    • Vacation rental services
    • Real estate

    Is it hard to open a business in Hawaii? Yes. This island state is not favorable for entrepreneurs. This place lacks professional support and adequate funding, which makes it challenging to start a business here. 

    Is Hawaii a good place for business? No. According to the Wallethub, Hawaii is ranked at the bottom of the best places to start a business due to the high labor cost and expensive living index. 

    What is the most profitable business in Hawaii? Hawaii is a tourists paradise, and thus tourism is the most profitable business in this state. You can also choose food processing which is the state’s leading manufacturing activity. 

    4. Job Market

    The job market in Hawaii is relatively small, except for tourism-related jobs, healthcare, and the food industry.

    Finding a job in this island state might be difficult, especially if you are looking for something specific.

    The unemployment rate of Hawaii stands at 8.1%, way more than the country’s average.

    Moving to Hawaii - Jobs

    The highest-paying professions in this state are physicians and ophthalmologists, whose average annual salary is about $263,200. 

    What jobs are in demand in Hawaii? Some of the high-demand jobs in Hawaii are Radiologic Technologists and Technicians, Dental Hygienists, Preschool Teachers, Registered Nurses, Computer Support Specialists, Air Traffic Controllers, and Occupational Therapy Assistants.

    Is it hard to get a job in Hawaii? Yes. Getting a job in Hawaii can be challenging, and there are many reasons for it.

    Firstly, the total number of jobs in Hawaii is significantly less as compared to residents. Secondly, you need to have professional expertise to get a job in this Aloha State. 

    What kind of jobs are there in Hawaii? The list of the most common type of jobs in Hawaii includes tour guides, transportation workers, landscape maintenance workers, program specialists, surgeons, chief executives, and pediatricians. 

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    5. Tax Rates

    It is essential to know about the tax rate before moving to Hawaii. This is a tax-friendly state and does not impose a sales tax. Instead, it collects a General Excise Tax of 4%, which is levied on all business activities. 

    Check the tax rate in Hawaii in the table below. 

    TaxesTax Rate
    The corporate income tax rate6.4%
    The individual income tax rate11%
    General Excise Tax4%
    Combined states and local tax rate4.44%
    Property tax rate0.28%

    How much tax do you pay in Hawaii? The tax rate in Hawaii is 0.5% for wholesale, manufacturing, producing, wholesale services, and use tax, 0.15% for the insurance commission, and 4% for all others. 

    Is Hawaii a tax-free state? No. But this state does not have sales tax. Instead, they charge General Excise Tax (GET) on all business activities. Also, it has exempted the Federal customers from paying GET for the purchase of goods by using Purcashing Cards. 

    Does Hawaii have a use tax? Yes. The use tax is imposed on goods, services, tangibles, and contracting purchased from licensed sellers and imported for use. It is based on the landed values of goods and services. 

    6. Economy

    Hawaii is an island state with limited job and business opportunities and a large dependency on imports.

    Therefore, this Aloha state does not enjoy a stable and strong economy as compared to other regions in the USA.

    According to the American Legislative State Council, Hawaii has ranked amongst the bottom six states for the economic outlook.

    Agriculture, food processing, and tourism are the major components of the Local Economy. The major factor that pulls down the Economy of the state is the high cost of living in Hawaii. 

    The job growth has significantly decreased as compared to the previous year. The job decline increases the unemployment rate to 8.1%. 

    Does Hawaii have a good economy? No, not at all. Hawaii ranks relatively low among the US states in terms of Economy. The high cost of living, lack of business opportunities, and dependence on imports are some of the factors that contribute to the state’s low Economy. 

    What type of economy does Hawaii have? Hawaii generates most of its revenue through the service industries; therefore, this state boasts a service economy. 

    Where does Hawaii rank in Economy? According to US News, Hawaii is ranked #46 out of 50 in terms of Economy. 

    7. Education

    Hawaii is the only state in the nation to have a single, unified, state-wide public school system. The percentage of students attending a private school in Hawaii is the highest in the country.

    It has one centralized school board, which is located in Oahu and governs a total of 284 public schools in Hawaii.

    The literacy rate of Hawaii is 84.10%, and his state boasts both public and private schools. According to the Wallethub, Hawaii is ranked at #40 out of 50 states in terms of the public school rankings. 

    About 17% of the students in the state attend private schools. These have a good reputation but are way costlier than the public schools. 

    Hawaii is home to some of the best universities in the country, including the University of Hawaii, Hawai Pacific University, etc. 

    Where does Hawaii rank in Education? According to the US News, the US state of Hawaii is ranked at #27 out of 50 in terms of education. 

    8. Health System

    According to the New Study published by the Commonwealth Fund, this Aloha state has one of the best healthcare systems in the country with the lowest healthcare cost. 

    Some of the factors that are contributing to the state’s high ranking include access and affordability, prevention and treatment, and avoidable hospital use and cost. 

    To date, Hawaii is the only state to implement near-universal health insurance. However, the cornerstone of this program is the fact that employers will have to provide health insurance for all employees who work for at least 20 hours per week. 

    Hawaii residents can expect to pay around an average of $224.3 per person for a major medical health insurance plan. The state receives top scores for health care access and quality. 

    Around 5.5% of the adults are not insured in the state, which is way lesser than the national average of 13.8%. Also, the obesity rate in this island state is at 23.7%, well below the country’s average. 

    Does Hawaii have good healthcare? Yes, sure. Hawaii has one of the best healthcare systems in the country, with qualified doctors, affordable hospitals, and great accessibility. 

    Does Hawaii have free healthcare? No. The average health insurance cost in Hawaii is $446 per month across all metal plans. 

    9. Housing Prices

    Before moving to Hawaii, one must know that housing is rather expensive here. The median home value in this state is $764,146, well above the country’s average.

    Furthermore, the home prices are increased dramatically by over $37,000 while sales dropped over one hundred homes. 

    The rent of the one-bedroom apartment in Hawaii costs about $1,500 to $2,000 per month, and the rent of a 2-bedroom apartment will start from $1,800 per month.

    The major reason for high-priced homes in this island state is the intense demand from people taking benefit of the low mortgage rates. 

    How much does an average house in Hawaii cost? The average home value in Hawaii is around $764,146. The median price of the houses has gone up 14.5% over the last year. The average cost is seasonally adjusted and just includes only the middle price tier of homes. 

    Is Housing cheap in Hawaii? No. Finding or renting a home in Hawaii is way more expensive than in any other place on the US mainland. The average household income must be at least $5,932 per month to afford such a high rent in this Aloha State. 

    10. Weather in Hawaii

    Weather in Hawaii is quite consistent throughout the year, with only minor changes in the temperature. It mainly has two seasons – Summer (from May to October) and Winter (November to April). 

    Moving to Hawaii - Weather

    The Hawaiian Island’s near-shore water temperature remains comfortable throughout the year. This region enjoys semi-tropical weather where the temperature usually ranges between 75-90°F during the daytime year around. 

    The wettest months in Hawaii are from November to March, but rain hardly disrupts your vacation plan. 

    Weather Hazards in Hawaii

    One must know about the weather hazards before moving to big island Hawaii. Some of the weather hazards on this big island are Hurricanes, severe storms, brush fires, and tsunamis.

    What is the best time of year to go to Hawaii? The best time to visit Hawaii is between March and September. During these months, this island state experiences a lesser amount of rain and the highest temperature. 

    What is the rainy season in Hawaii? The rainy season in Hawaii is between November and March. However, the weather in Hawaii is very localized, which means that you can easily find a sunny spot even if it is raining at your current location. 

    What is the coolest month in Hawaii? The coolest month in Hawaii in February, when the average temperature is about 65.4°F.

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    11. Food in Hawaii

    Food is an essential part of Hawaiian culture, and the unique location of the island makes the food scene more diverse and different.

    Hawaii has been known for serving mouth-watering seafood for ages. Kalua pork is one of the most traditional dishes to try on the big island. 

    With a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, Hawaiian cuisine is a tapestry of flavors and traditions.

    Here, the ancient culture metts the global influences which give the local food more layers. The island of Oahu in Hawaii is a true paradise for foodies. 

    However, Hawaiian food is much more than just pork, acai bowls, and pineapple. It has many more delicious items to explore. 

    Is the food good in Hawaii? Yes. Hawaii offers one of the best culinary experiences in the country. It is famous for its delicious seafood, tropical fruits, and tiki cocktails. 

    Top Restaurants in Hawaii

    A list of top restaurants in Hawaii includes:

    • Vintage Cave
    • Chef Chai
    • MW Honolulu
    • Alan Wong’s Honolulu
    • Mama’s Fish House
    • Town
    • Chef Mavro
    • La Mer
    • Monkeypod Kitchen

    12. Pros and Cons

    Moving to Hawaii? Check out the pros and cons here. 


    • The state of Hawaii enjoys great weather all year around. It offers 11 of the 13 subclimates which makes it a perfect island to settle in. 
    • The roads and highways around Hawaii are in excellent condition. Furthermore, this island offers a great public transportation network to ensure that you are able to get to where you need to be. 
    • This Aloha state is one of the safest places to live with a relatively low crime rate.
    • Hawaiian has a laid-back approach to life and their culture is often loving, warm, and fun. 


    • Although Hawaii has pleasant weather, there are certain places on this island especially the highlands that receives a heavy amount of rainfall. 
    • The cost of living in Hawaii is significantly higher than in other regions in the United States. 
    • This island usually faces traffic congestions during the rush hours and you can expect to add a couple of hours to your trip. 
    • There are some places on the Big Island where water distribution infrastructure doesn’t exist. You may need to capture your own water supply while living here. 
    • Not many trash companies are operating in this region and therefore, you need to manage the trash on your own. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to get a job in Hawaii before moving there?

    There are plenty of job websites available that can help you in finding the job that fits right into your requirements. But one must be more professional and experienced than the locals to get a job fast in Hawaii. 

    What to know before moving to Hawaii?

    The following things you must know before moving to Hawaii.
    1. The cost of living in Hawaii is way more than the country’s average.
    2. Housing is very expensive in this Aloha State.
    3. It rains a lot in Hawaii. 
    4. This island state offers a laid-back approach to life and things usually go slower here.
    5. You will not find ample job and business opportunities in Hawaii. 

    How much money do I need to move to Hawaii?

    Hawaii is one of the expensive regions in the US to live in. You must have an income of around $120,000 to settle comfortably in Hawaii. Since this is an island, the cost of moving to Hawaii is also higher than relocating to any other region. 

    Where should you not live in Hawaii?

    There are certain places in Hawaii where the crime rate is higher than in other regions, making it an unsafe place to live in. Some of them are:
    1. Kapaa
    2. Ewa Beach
    3. Hilo
    4. Waianae
    5. Kahului
    6. Wahiawa
    7. Makaha
    8. Pahoa


    So, this is all about moving to Hawaii advice that you should know before planning a potential move to Hawaii. We hope our guide will help you in making your plans successful. 

    Hawaii is a paradise for romance seekers and nature lovers. With a plentiful of beaches, this state offers a great opportunity to pamper the adventure enthusiast inside you. From surfing the gentle waves on Waikiki Beach to snorkeling on the Kona coast, Hawaii has it all. 

    The culture of this Aloha State reflects the perfect blend of eastern and western influences. It influences everything, be it language and religion to fashion and cuisine.

    You will even find culinary treasures on every Hawaiian Island. Plenty of food festivals are hosted in the state throughout the year, where you will get the chance to savor mouth-watering local Hawaiian dishes. 

    The pleasant weather makes this state worth moving to. It doesn’t experience much variation and enjoys both dry and wet seasons. Since it is a pet-friendly state, moving to Hawaii with pets is simple and hassle-free. 

    Are you interested in enjoying the vision of waking up to waves? Wait no more and hire the best moving company to kick start your relocation plan. Pack your stuff and move to Hawaii to enjoy the slower-paced lifestyle.

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