Moving to Glendale CA


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    Alleviate the appeal of impeccable suburban lifestyle in the Jewel City, Glendale, CA.

    Recognized for its spectacular terrain scenery, etesian climate,  vibrant downtown and rich ethnic heritage, Glendale captures the hearts of visitors, urging them to settle down someday in this southern Californian gem city.

    If you are moving to Glendale, CA, we welcome you to our blog post with this comprehensive guide where you can go through every important detail, to make your move a smoother one.

    So, let’s step on this exciting journey to your later hometown. 

    1. Is Glendale safe?

    Glendale is one of the safest cities to live in the US with 80% less crime than the rest of the American cities.

    The violent and property crime rate of Glendale is 10 and 26, which is significantly less than the national average of 23 and 25 respectively.

    The chance of indulging in a crime in Glendale is 1 in 30 incidents. 

    Glendale, CA is consistently ranked in the list of safest cities in America by the US News and World Report for its exceptional safety environment.

    So, it is regarded as one of the safest places to live in Glendale with families, elders and students.

    Also, residents and visitors feel free and safe to roam around the cities, stroll at night, enjoy the nightlife, and visit tourist areas.

    Still, you should remain cautious and avoid crowded, crime-zoned, industrial areas, especially at night. 

    Oakmont, Briggs Terrace, Glenoaks Canyon, and Brockmont are some of the safest neighbourhoods to reside in with absolutely no crimes in Glendale, CA. 

    2. Things to know before moving to Glendale, CA

    Before relocating to Glendale, it’s wise to know what life is like here, and how you should prepare yourself to settle in here.


    So, read on below to know what’s all is waiting for you upon arrival! 

    3. Living in Glendale, CA

    Living in Glendale CA comes with several benefits: safer communities, favourable weather, affordable living style, and suburban living vibe along metropolis amenities, which makes it a perfect living City.

    It offers a laid-back quality of life with an overall liberability score of 79/100 in the nation. 

    Glendale’s Californian history will take you to its long immigration story, where it was ruled and governed by native Americans, Spanish, and Mexicans and then officially got admitted into the US nation in 1906.

    It possesses closely associated communities of different divinities due to the impact of various other immigrants into the city.

    The city’s culture, cuisine, shopping, and entertainment scenes are exceptionally Its most admired historic monuments, fame in the ice cream industry, rich cultural and heritage centres, and outstanding night scenes make it special and different from others. 

    4. Cost of living in Glendale, CA

    Glendale CA has a significantly higher cost of living of 193, which is 43% higher as compared to California and 93% higher than the national average.

    The annual household income in Glendale is $107,000, while the median household salary sits at $85,000.

    The average cost of living for a single individual and a family of four in a month in Glendale costs around $3500 and $5800, respectively, which includes rent and miscellaneous expenses. 

    Glendale CA is a suitable place for people seeking a higher luxurious lifestyle at a relatively affordable price point than Los Angeles and San Francisco.

    The major factor behind this expense is the high real-estate prices and housing costs, followed by transportation costs, food prices and other miscellaneous expenses also a part of the situation.

    Despite such higher costs, the city’s outstanding educational facilities, quality of living and spectacular cultural scenes make it boast a population growth from across the US. 

    The table below depicts the cost of living in Glendale, CA in comparison to the average cost of living in California & United States: 

    Cost of Living Glendale, CA California United States 
    Overall Expenses 164144100%
    Groceries 102111100
    Housing 193140100
    Utilities 111111100
    Transportation 128128100
    Healthcare 112120100
    Miscellaneous 115110100


    5. Tax system in Glendale, CA

    Glendale follows a graduated individual income tax ranging from 1%-13.30% in the year 2023. It has a corporate income tax rate of 8.84%.


    Along with that, a combined sales tax (county, city and state tax rate) of 10.25% is also imposed on earning individuals in Glendale.

    Glendale, CA pays the highest tax in the country, up to the top marginal income tax of 13.30%, including the sales tax of 10.25% and property tax of 1.45% of the asserted value.

    But instead of these, residents benefit from a top-rated education system, excellent local infrastructure, good road conditions, natural gas lines, internet connectivity, and more.

    Below are the types of taxes imposed on the residents of Glendale. 

    Here we talked about taxes in Glendale, California: 

    Particulars Glendale, CA 
    Income Tax 1%-13.30%
    Sales Tax 10.25%
    Property Tax1.45%
    Excise Tax0.0%


    6. Weather conditions in Glendale, CA

    Glendale CA has a Mediterranean-type climate, characterized by arid, warm, short,  summers and mild, long, wet winters, along with partly cloudy skies all around.

    Glendale sees an average high temperature of 88°F in August and an average depress temperature of 45°F in December. 

    According to the tourism score, Glendale CA provides the best climate year-round suitable for tourism, festivals and events celebrations, and outdoor activities.

    Throughout the year, Glendale witnesses a temperature variation of 89°F-62°F during the summers and falls to 80-57°F during the winters.

    However, the best time to go to California’s Glendale is during October, June and May. 

    Glendale gets an abundance of sunshine averaging 285 sunny days, 35 days of rainfall of about 20 inches, and 0 inches of snow per year.

    As far as natural calamities are concerned, the city gets wildfires due to hot summers, and earthquakes as it is situated in a seismic-prone area.

    Otherwise, it’s a great location with pleasant weather and abundant sunny days.

    In the below section, we have provided a table of the weather conditions in Glendale, California:

    MonthWeather Conditions in Glendale, CA 
    January – February High temperature with 60°FLow temperature with 40°FChances of rainSunny & pleasant 
    March-MayWarmer MonthHigh temperature with 70°FLow temperature with 50°FChances of little rain
    June – September The coldest & wettest months average high-temperature mid-60sLowest temperature mid-40s3.1 inches of rain
    October Warm & Sunny With high temperatures mid-80sLow temperature mid-50s0.9 inches of rain
    November Mild & WetAverage high-temperature mid-70sLowest temperature mid-40s2.7 inches of rain
    December The coldest & wettest monthAverage high-temperature mid-60sLowest temperature mid-40s3.1 inches of rain

    7. Things to do in Glendale, CA

    Earlier known for malls, Glendale now boasts stunning sceneries and mountain ranges offering hiking and biking, an array of galleries, museums, dining options, live music concerts, and more, attracting outdoor enthusiasts to the city.


    From fun-packed activities to stunning tourist attractions, Glendale packs a punch. Learn what more you can explore according to your age group and gang in the table below. 

    Age groupThings to do 
    KidsVisit Kidspace Children’s Museum Enjoy Playing in Brand ParkVisit Glendale Central LibraryVisit Wonderland 4 KidsGo Discovery Cube, Los AngelesVisit Southern California Children’s Museum
    Couples Attend a singles event to a singles bar or club a sporting event a language class join a club or group
    Singles Attend a singles event at a singles bar or club a sporting event a language class join a club or group
    Families Visit the Los Angeles ZooTravel Town MuseumVisit Griffith ParkEnjoy at Alex TheatrePicnic in Brand Park Visit The Americana At Brand 
    Elderly People Visit the brand library and art centreVisit the Forest Lawn Memorial ParkVisit the Glendale GalleriaVisit the Museum of Neon ArtVisit the Alex Theatre 

    8. Housing in Glendale, CA

    The housing and real estate market in Glendale is very competitive with an average house price of $1,300,000 in 2023, which is 3 times more than that of the US average.

    With some fluctuations in the rental market, the average rental prices range between $1600-$5300 for studio to 4-bedroom apartments.

    Compared to other US states, Glendale’s housing market has experienced a steep hike than the national average due to less inventory and higher demand.

    With an unsteady rental market, one can get diverse rental home options at a starting price of $1600.

    To afford a house in California Glendale, you must take note of its higher living costs and robust competition, and opt for a suitable home as a long-term investment opportunity. 

    9. Cost of Moving to Glendale, CA

    The average cost of moving within Glendale, or moving to Berkeley ranges from $467 –  $600. However, for a long-distance move, moving companies might charge around $2,037 or more.


    Most moving companies charge by the hour, with rates ranging from $95 to $165 per hour. 

    As you think about moving to the lively Glendale, considering a trusted movie company helps for an easy transition.

    These companies simplify your transition by providing not only they are top quality service but also trusted movers and cheap rates.

    For hassle-free relocation to California’s Glendale, you must submit your move details and get personalized quotations from a licensed insured moving company. 

    If you’re looking for moving companies in Glendale, CA, we’ve listed some of the best options for you: 

    • SOS Moving
    • Prime Moving
    • Roadway Moving
    • Pure Moving Company
    • Royal Moving & Storage
    • Cheap Movers Glendale

    10. Pros and Cons of Moving to Glendale, CA

    Glendale is the best place for individuals who want a safe and family-friendly city.

    Unfortunately, there are some weird and bad things in Glendale that you must know along with several other good things, while living a life in Glendale.

    Read on the pros and cons of living in Glendale in the list below.


    • Excellent Public School
    • Diverse Population & Culture
    • Safe city with low crime rates
    • Relatively affordable housing
    • Beautiful scenery & mild climate 
    • Good Public Transportation options
    • Thriving arts & entertainment scene
    • Proximity to Los Angeles & other major cities


    • Air Pollution 
    • Homelessness
    • Some areas are noisy 
    • Lack of nightlife in some areas
    • High cost of living, especially housing
    • Traffic congestion, especially during rush hour
    • Air quality can be poor, especially during the summer months 

    11. Places to stay in Glendale, CA

    The 2 lac population city of Glendale boasts 40 neighbourhoods with a reputation for providing the best services, amenities and luxurious homes to cater to your budget and lifestyle.


    Check out the 5 best places to stay in Glendale CA as suggested by the residents. Affordability, crime rate, liability and school presence are the measure ticks that make the place ideal to live. 

    • Montrose: Montrose is centrally located in Glendale with easy access to freeways, public transportation, a popular farmer’s market, great restaurants & employment centres. It is a very safe and family-friendly neighbourhood with a strong sense of community with residents involved in local groups & organizations. Montrose is known for its affordability and having the best public schools ranked as one of the top middle schools in the state of California.
    • Verdugo Woodlands: Verdugo Woodlands is located in the southern foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains North of downtown Glendale. It is known for its quiet streets, tree-lined avenues, and proximity to good schools and parks. Verdugo Woodlands is known for Verdugo Woodlands Elementary School, which is a highly-rated public school. Also, it is close to the Verdugo Hills Hospital, the Glendale Community College, & the Americana at Brand shopping centre.
    • Northwest Glendale: It is a neighbourhood in Glendale, California, with a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. It is home to a variety of businesses and organizations, including Northwest College, Northwest Glendale Homeowners Association, and Northwest Pump. It is known for its safe neighbourhoods, excellent schools, and convenient location. Northwest Glendale is a popular place to live, work, and raise a family. 
    • Rossmoyne: Rossmoyne is located at the base of the Verdugo Mountains, above the high-rises of downtown Glendale and just below genuine wilderness. Rossmoyne is known for its charming tree-lined streets, well-kept vintage homes, and highly-rated public schools. It is a famous place to live for young professionals, retirees, and families alike. It offers residents a safe and friendly environment, as well as access to a variety of amenities and attractions.
    • The Canyons: The Canyons is a mixed-use development in the city of Glendale, California. It is located on a 260-acre site in the Verdugo Mountains and is home to various businesses, residences & recreational amenities. The Canyons is known for several residential complexes, including apartments, condominiums and single-family homes. Moreover, it is a home of numerous events throughout the year, including concerts, festivals, and farmers’ markets.

    Moving to Glendale, GA FAQs

    Where is Glendale CA?

    Glendale California is in the San Fernando Valley & Verdugo Mountains areas of Los Angeles County. 

    Do you need a car in Glendale?

    If you want to see different places & Glendale or want to go outside of the main part of the city then having a car can make things easier for you. 

    Which is better: moving to Glendale or LA?

    If you want a nice place to live with family and have food schools and affordable houses then Glendale is the best option. However, if you love big cities with various arts and culture then Los Angeles is the best choice. 

    What’s the ranking of Glendale’s education system? 

    Glendale California has a highly ranked education system with both its school districts. Union High School District is ranked 1st in Glendale & Elementary School District ranked 2nd. Moreover, the district has a high graduation rate, 95% of students graduating on time & also has a high API score.


    Glendale CA is a great place to live, work and spend vacation.

    The suitable location, rich cultural scenes, a range of culinary offerings, vibrant communities, and abundant outdoor opportunities make it an ideal place for people seeking a ravishing, universal and accomplished lifestyle.

    Whether planning for a vacation or moving to Glendale, this city will offer you everything that you wish and pray for.