Moving to Fresno, California

Moving to Fresno

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    Are you aiming to move to Fresno, California? Read the blog post for more information!

    Fresno, the fifth-largest city in California, is a great city to visit, live, and work. It’s known for developed agriculture, the birthplace of raisins, and other fresh produce. It’s also a hub for year-round cultural events and festivals. It’s no wonder that residents call it FresYes, the Raisin Capital of the World and a Year-round Playground.

    Formerly occupied by Oregon Ash trees, Fresno was named after the town of Fresno Station, established in 1872 by the Central Pacific Railroad to facilitate the export and import of wheat from the region’s large wheat farms.

    The enthusiastic city of California is a hub for the arts, theatre, entertainment, cultural activities, and festivals. It is home to California State University, which attracts families worldwide to call this place home.

    Let`s dig into the article, moving to Fresno, California, below without giving a second thought.

    Quick facts regarding moving to Fresno, CA

    Where is Fresno, CA, located?

    Fresno, CA, is in the center of the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. It’s 200 miles north of Los Angeles and 170 miles south of Sacramento.

    Population of Fresno, CA

    Fresno, California’s population is 549,242 as of 2023, slightly higher than the 2020 census figure of 542,159. This makes Fresno the fifth-most populous city in California and the 34th-most populous in the nation.

    • Fresno has witnessed a population increase of 1.31% since the 2020 census, which reported a population of 464,759.
    • The median age in Fresno, CA is 31.7 years.
    • The male-female ratio in Fresno, CA, is 50.25% males and 49.75% females.
    • The poverty rate in Fresno, CA, is 22.9%.

    Diversity of Fresno, CA

    With a diverse score of 95 out of 100,  the ethnic composition of Fresno, CA, is mentioned below.

    • Hispanic-52.1%
    • White- 29.4%
    • Asian-10.3%
    • Black-4.4%
    • Other races- 3.8%

    Is Fresno, CA, safe?

    Fresno, CA, has a higher crime rate than other U.S. cities. This can be problematic for families considering moving to Fresno, California.

    • The overall crime rate in Fresno, CA, is 4940 crimes per 100,000 residents.  
    • Fresno has 6.77 violent crimes per 1000 residents and  33.58 property crimes per 1000 residents.
    • Your chance of falling victim to violent crime in Fresno is 1 in 148, and property crime in Fresno is 1 in 30, respectively. 
    • Fresno ranks among the highest in motor vehicle theft nationwide. Other common crimes happening in Fresno include assault, robbery, and manslaughter.
    • Over the last five years, Fresno has seen an increase in violent crime by 5.7% and a decrease in property crime by 7.1%.

    The safe neighborhoods in Fresno, CA are:

    • South Growth Area
    • North Growth Area
    • Woodward Park

    Cost of Living in Fresno, CA

    Living a life in Fresno, California, is a bit pricier than the national average:

    • With a cost of living index of 103.7, Fresno is about 3.7% higher than the national average. But that’s still 46.2% lower than California’s average of 149.9. So, if you’re considering moving to California, Fresno is a great option.
    • The average salary in Fresno, CA,  is $27.17 an hour, or $56,513 annually.
    • A minimum income of $42,400 for a single person and $68,760 for a family is recommended for comfortable living in Fresno, CA.

    Here is a table summarizing the average cost of living in Fresno, CA:

    Expense CategoryCostComparison to the National Average
    Cost of Living Index103.73.7% higher
    Median Home Price$474,3605% higher
    Median Rent$1,442/month5% higher
    Utilities (Energy Bill)$223.68/month27% higher
    Transportation (Gas)$4.42/gallon30% higher
    Grocery (Bread, Milk, Eggs, Bananas)$4.09, $2.56, $2.37, $3.54 respectively6% higher
    Healthcare (Doctor’s Visit, Dentist Visit, Optometrist Visit)$123.41, $106.48, $116.25 respectively1% lower
    Average Salary$56,513/yearVaries by profession
    Recommended Minimum Income$42,400 (single person), $68,760 (family)Varies by family size

    Job Market in Fresno, CA

    Moving to Fresno, California, is a wise choice for career advancement. The city is expected to grow significantly in the education, healthcare, social assistance, leisure, hospitality, and construction sectors. This means there will be plenty of opportunities for people to find jobs and advance their careers.

    • The average salary in Fresno, CA, is $27.17 per hour, or approximately $56,513 annually.
    • Fresno’s unemployment rate was 6.9% as of 2023, higher than the national average of 3.6%.

    The top employers in Fresno, CA, are:

    The most common job titles in Fresno, CA are:

    • Cashier
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Sales Associate
    • Office Assistant
    • Medical Assistant
    • Internship
    • Volunteer
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Caregiver
    • Receptionist.

    The highest-paying job profiles in Fresno, CA, are as follows:

    Job TitleAverage Salary
    Hospitalist Physician$276,871
    Medical Director$239,759
    Family Physician$233,682
    Family Medicine Physician$220,617

    Tax rates in Fresno, CA

    The types of taxes imposed on the residents of Fresno, CA, are as follows:

    • Sales Tax: Fresno’s total local sales tax rate is 8.350%. This includes 6% California state sales tax, 0.25% Fresno County sales tax, 0.38% Fresno city tax, and 1.73% special district tax.
    • Property Tax: California’s average effective property tax rate is 0.71%. 
    • Income Tax: California uses a progressive income tax system, with 1% to 12.3% rates.

    Housing market in Fresno, CA

    Fresno has a very competitive housing market for buyers, with homeowners and renters finding homes of varying sizes and in different neighborhoods for much lower prices than in other metropolitan areas in California.

    • The homes in Fresno are getting about four offers and selling in roughly 13 days.
    • The median sale price was $375,000, showing a 1.3% decrease from the previous year.
    • Homeownership in Fresno stands at 47.6%.
    • The cost of building a house in California, Fresno, is $290,000 or $120-$140 per square foot. 
    • The median list price per square foot was $239 last month, reflecting a 3.5% increase from the previous year.
    • The average rental price in Fresno, CA, is $1,547.
    Housing costsFresnoUS
    Median home cost$375,000$338,100
    Rental cost of a studio$1065$1080
    Rental cost of 1 bedroom$1300$1180
    Rental cost of 2 bedroom$1305$1430
    Rental cost of 3 bedroom$2226$1860

    Top neighborhoods in Fresno, CA

    The best places to live in Fresno, CA are as follows:

    • Woodward Park
    • Champlain/Perrin
    • Woodward Lake
    • Fort Washington
    • Copper River Ranch
    • Fig Garden
    • Bullard Loop
    • Marks/Herndon
    • San Joaquin Country Club
    • Tower District

    Education system in Fresno, CA

    Fresno showcases numerous schools with notable academic achievements. For instance, University High School (Fresno) holds the 79th position among California schools, and Clovis North High School secures the 102nd rank within the state.

    • Fresno, California, has an education system with 378 schools, including 164 preschools, 75 high schools, and 200 private schools.
    • The Fresno Unified School District is one of the central districts in the area, contains 104 schools, and serves 70,088 students.
    • The student-teacher ratio is approximately 19.69:1, on par with the California state average.
    • California State University, Fresno, is ranked #185 among National Universities by U.S. News Best Colleges.
    • Fresno State is No. 8 nationally for social mobility in the 2024 U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges rankings.
    • University High School in Fresno is ranked #79 in the National Rankings by U.S. News & World Report.
    •  The tuition at Fresno City College is $1,332 for California residents.

    Middle schools in Fresno, CA:

    • Edison Computech
    • Baird Middle
    • Bullard Talent
    • Cooper Middle
    • Sequoia Middle

    Elementary schools in Fresno, CA:

    • Manchester Gate
    • Morris E. Dailey Charter Elementary
    • Bullard Talent
    • Akira Elementary

    High schools in Fresno, CA:

    • University High School (Fresno)
    • Clovis North High School
    • Design Science Early College High School
    • Edison High School
    • Buchanan High School

    Colleges and universities in Fresno, CA:

    Public Transportation in Fresno, CA  

    In Fresno, CA, the average one-way commute is about 21.6 minutes, shorter than the national average of 26.4 minutes. The average worker in Fresno spends about 26 minutes commuting, almost the same as the national average.

    In Fresno, CA, you have these public transportation options:

    • Fresno Area Express (FAX): FAX runs 18 bus lines and Handy Ride Paratransit Service, covering the greater Fresno Metropolitan Area with over 100 modern, clean, and green buses.
    • FlixBus: FlixBus provides affordable bus trips to and from Fresno, offering a convenient travel choice.
    • Greyhound, Autobuses Monarca, and Tufesa Plus: These bus companies also serve Fresno, providing passengers various routes and travel choices.

    Weather and climate in Fresno, CA

    Fresno, CA, experiences a hot, semi-arid climate with two distinct seasons: hot and fantastic.

    • The hottest month in Fresno is July, with an average temperature of 68°F to 98°F.
    • The coldest month of the year in Fresno is December, with an average temperature of 40°F to 57°F.
    • The hot season lasts from June to September, with an average daily high temperature above 90°F.
    • The winter season lasts from November to February, with an average daily high temperature below 64°F.
    • On average, Fresno County gets 15 inches of rain, 267 sunny days, and  28 inches of snowfall yearly. 
    • The best time to visit Fresno, California, is during the Spring and fall seasons: March, May, September, and October. 

    Here is a table showing the average high and low temperatures for each month in Fresno, CA:

    MonthAverage High (°F)Average Low (°F)

    Things to Do in Fresno, CA

    Check out the list of things to do and places to see in Fresno, CA:

    • Visit Alcatraz Island, a former federal prison turned museum.
    • Walk or bike across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.
    • Ride a historic Cable Car in San Francisco.
    • Explore Pier 39, a bustling spot with shops, restaurants, and sea lions.
    • Stroll down Lombard Street, renowned as the “most crooked” street.
    • Enjoy a day at Golden Gate Park, a large urban park with various attractions.
    • Catch a San Francisco Giants game at Oracle Park.
    • Visit the unique Forestiere Underground Gardens.
    • Discover animals and exhibits at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo.
    • Experience tranquility at the Shinzen Japanese Garden.
    • Spend a day at Woodward Regional Park with outdoor activities.
    • Explore the historic Tower District, Fresno Blossom Trail, Downtown Fresno, and Warnors Theatre.

    Pros and Cons of Living in Fresno, CA

    Here is a detailed table summarizing the pros and cons of living in Fresno, CA:

    Low cost of livingHot summers
    Affordable housingHigh crime rate
    Diverse cultureAir quality
    Proximity to nature and parksHigh unemployment rate
    Central location in CaliforniaLimited job opportunities
    Good food sceneProperty prices have increased significantly

    Final Verdict

    Fresno, California, is a fantastic place to live with family and settle down after retirement in California. Low tax rates, diversity, sunny weather, job opportunities, one-of-a-kind cuisine, business-friendly people, beautiful gardens, and abundant fresh vegetables have all contributed to the influx of new residents. We’ve covered all the essential information you need to know before moving to Fresno, California. Have a safe and happy move!

    Photo Credit: David Jordan at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons