Moving to Dubai from US


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    Dubai is one of the vibrant cities which is well-known across the whole world. It is now an important city in the UAE due to its business activities and economic growth. If you are planning to go to Dubai then you must know about the visa required for it. Getting a visa for going to Dubai is not a difficult task and one can easily get it.

    Dubai is also known with its nickname “The City of Gold”. Some of its popular places that are visited by a large number of travelers are Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world), Palm-shaped Tree Island, and a mixture of western and eastern culture, etc. All these certainly add up more attraction for the expats to come here. For a US citizen, Dubai has laid down with some easy criteria and formalities comparatively come here.

    Important Facts of Dubai

    • Rules and Regulations – The rules and regulations are strict here that are impacted by religion
    • Currency – Dirham is the currency of Dubai (AED).
    • Working – Unlike other places in the world, the working days in Dubai is between Sunday to Thursday.

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    Dubai visa for US citizens

    If you are a US citizen then you need a passport with a validity of six months. A visitor visa can cost up to $51. You must have some of the basic documents for applying for the visa.

    Here are some of the documents needed for applying for a US visa:

    • Proof of financial stability
    • A passport with the validity of six month
    • A marriage certificate
    • The letter of invitation from the company in the UAE
    • NOC from the parents with a proper photo identification

    If you are moving to Dubai from US then you can apply at the embassy of UAE in Washington DC. The processing of the visa application will start in three working days. You can also go to the UAE visa website to get the important details as an exceptional case while moving from the US to Dubai.

    Different types of Dubai visa

    There are different types of Dubai visas that you can apply for. Here is the table that shows all information of Dubai Visa in detail:

     Types of VisaDaysDescription
    1. 30-day Tourist Visa30-dayIssued for people coming for leisure purpose
    2. 90-Day Tourist Visa90-DayIssued for people visiting for tourism for longer duration
    3. Service14 DaysIssued for people and their family visiting for commercial purpose
    4. Entry Permit for Patients and their Companions90 daysIssued for people and their family members coming for treatment purpose
    5. E-Visa for Residents from GCC30 daysIssued for the GCC residents
    6. Transit Visa2-day and 4-dayIssued by sponsored by airlines that are based in Dubai
    7. Student Visa5-yearIssued for seeking education of Colleges and Universities in UAE.

    Dubai visa requirements for US citizens

    When you are moving to Dubai from US then you must have to fulfill certain requirements for getting Visa. A US citizen must primarily have a passport with six months validity. You must apply for a visitor visa with the charges of $51. Apart from this, you need to provide some of the basic documents.

    Here are the requirements:

    • Financial stability proof
    • A six months validity passport
    • If applicable, a marriage certificate
    • An invitation letter from the company where you will work
    • Parents NOC when coming for working

    Do US citizens need a visa for Dubai?

    American citizens do need a passport for going to Dubai. They just need a valid passport with six months validity period. However, an American citizen can come without a visa for only 1 month period in Dubai. If they have to stay more than 1 month then need to have the proper visa. There are many US citizens living in Dubai who are working in different fields like Information Technology, Pharmacy, Management, Accounting, etc. Most US citizens are experiencing a very nice stay here.

    How much is a visa to Dubai from the USA?

    The cost of the visa to Dubai from the USA will vary from the type of visa one need. The below table lists the cost of the visa from Dubai to the USA in USD:

    30 DAY TOURIST VISA7023.3893.384.2197.59
    96 HOURS TRANSIT VISA1521.6536.653.9040.55
    48 HOURS VISA021.1221.123.8024.92
    VISIT VISA 90 DAYS16626.79192.794.82197.61
    14 DAYS SERVICE VISA96.2325.28121.514.55126.06

    How long US citizens can stay in Dubai? If the duration of the US citizen coming to Dubai is less than one month then they do not need a visa. However, you can stay longer with a proper visa in Dubai.

    Is Dubai visa on arrival? Yes. You can get the Dubai visa after arrival. However, there are several criteria for getting a Dubai visa on arrival.

    Citizenship / Immigration

    If you want to get the citizenship of Dubai then it is worth mentioning that it is difficult to get citizenship here when compared to other countries. However, you can get citizenship only with the approval of the Prince, Rulers, executive office council, and Cabinet.

    Dubai citizenship requirements

    If you want to get the citizenship of Dubai then you need to fulfill some of the requirements. You need to be either Investor, a doctor, a Specialist, a Scientist, Inventor, or any creative professional. There are criteria to each profession that must be fulfilled. The candidate must also need the approval of the rulers, cabinet, executive council of emirates, etc. The government of Dubai is always changing its laws to attract more intellectual and wealthy people who can contribute to the growth of the state.

    How to apply for UAE citizenship? You can apply for citizenship of the UAE through the Crown, Rulers, Offices of the executive council, etc. You can find the different criteria and other detailed information from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

    Dubai citizenship by investment

    You can even get citizenship in UAE as per the investment done by you here. The person can get dual citizenship with the Golden visa program. The professionals and entrepreneurs were also offered citizenship for 10 years as per the investment done by them. The amount invested here must be more than AED 5 million.

    Can foreigners get citizenship in Dubai?
    If you are having a work visa and stay here for a longer duration then you can get citizenship in Dubai with some criteria. You can get permanent citizenship in Dubai with the approval of rulers and the executive council.

    Does Dubai grant citizenship?
    If you are any intellectual, wealthy businessman, or any other professional then you have a high possibility of getting Dubai citizenship. Here, you first need to get approval from the rulers, executive office council, and cabinet-based entities.

    Is it hard to get citizenship in Dubai? It is hard to get citizenship in Dubai when compared to most of the countries in the world. There are some of the stringent criteria are like residing here for around 30 years and if you are resident of some other Arab countries then you must have to reside here for 3 years. Apart from these, there are other criteria too that must be fulfilled for getting citizenship in Dubai.


    The UAE is a tax-free country for the income earned in the country. You will be taxed only if you are a tax resident of another country. It means, if you are a tax-paying American citizen then you will be taxed for the income earned here. Although you are not paying the taxes directly, you need to pay the taxes indirectly when you are using different services that will be charged with some tax. The tax system of US is made in a very fair pattern that can benefit all people staying.

    Taxes in Dubai

    Dubai being a tax-free country, you do not have to pay the tax if you are a UAE resident. However, if you are a tax-paying resident from another country then you need to pay the taxes for income earned here. You will be charged for the different services which you are taking here. Some of the services include rental taxes, tourist tax for using the facilities, eating in restaurants, etc. You will be charged 0% VAT for certain categories.

    Taxes in Dubai for US citizens

    If you are a US citizen then you must file the taxes for the US country and you will not be charged taxes in UAE. You can be charged the taxes on some of the services enjoyed by you.

    How much tax do I pay in Dubai? There is no income tax for the income generated in Dubai. You may have to pay taxes on the sale of some goods and services. However, if you are the tax-resident of another country then you need to pay the taxes in the particular country.

    Do foreigners pay tax in UAE? There is no capital or personal tax in UAE for the foreigners. So, the foreigners and the citizens are considered the same when it comes to taxation in UAE.

    Is salary in UAE tax-free? Yes. The salary earned in the UAE is tax-free. You do not have to pay the taxes to UAE when you earn a salary in UAE.


    The banks in Dubai have established branches across different regions here. Any citizen and expat can easily open a savings account in Dubai.

    Banking system in Dubai

    The banking system in Dubai is well-established with a very safe place for the people to keep their money. The non-residents in Dubai cannot open a current account in Dubai, they can only open a savings account. However, the UAE resident can open the savings as well as current account here.

    Open bank account in Dubai for non-resident

    The non-resident can easily open a savings account in Dubai. You also need to provide a few basic documents while opening a bank account in UAE.

    Here are documents needed for opening a bank account in Dubai:

    • Copy of the passport along with the UAE entry page
    • An original copy of the reference from the bank account from your country

    Can a non-resident open a bank account in Dubai? Yes. The non-resident can open a bank account in Dubai. However, you cannot open a current account with few exceptions. You can open a savings account only. Most of the non-residents open foreign currency account where the local currency is converted to desired currency or globally accepted currency like USD.

    Can I open a bank account without Emirates ID? Yes. You can open the bank account without the emirates id for a few exceptions. You need a passport for opening a savings account.

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    When moving to Dubai from US then you must first be thinking about the housing facilities here. The housing is comparatively affordable for the expats visiting here.

    Renting Property in Dubai

    The renting property in Dubai is comparatively much cheaper than the renting property in the US. It can be costly to get the renting property in Dubai through the realtors, so it is better to get it through the word of mouth. The rental agreement is much straightforward that can make it easy to process the renting property in Dubai.

    Buying property in Dubai

    The cost of the property in Dubai varies from one region to another. With some legal changes in 2002, the regulations have made it easy to buy the property here. There are different types of properties here like Commonhold property, freehold property, Usufruct property, etc.

    Can foreigners buy property in Dubai? The foreigners can buy property in the areas which are considered as freehold. Here, the foreigners will get free ownership rights while they buy the property in Dubai.

    Is it easy to buy property in Dubai? Yes. It is now easy to buy property in Dubai. With the changes in the law from 2002, there has been leniency in the permissions and regulations related to buying property in Dubai.

    How much does it cost to rent in Dubai? The cost of the rent will vary from the type of apartment you want. It will also vary from one area to another.

    The table below shows the cost of the rent in Dubai:

    Type of ApartmentCost of rent per month
    Apartment (1 bedroom) in City CentreAED 5,528.59 (USD 1,505.28)
    Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of CentreAED 3,687.32 (USD 1,003.95)
    Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City CentreAED 10,799.55 (USD 2,940.41)

    Is property in Dubai expensive? Dubai was recently declared as the world’s third most affordable place for prime residential property. The prime property can cost an average of up to $600 per square foot.


    There are plenty of jobs available in Dubai where you need to be proficient in a particular industry. A hardworking individual who can contribute value to UAE is always welcomed for the jobs here.

    Job Market in Dubai

    There are plenty of job opportunities in Dubai for a proficient individual. The working days here are between Sunday to Thursday. The working hours will mainly range between 46 to 48 hours per week. Some prominent jobs available here are Information Security Analyst, Psychologist, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Sales Manager, Software Developer, and many other fields.

    Can a US citizen work in Dubai? Yes. A US citizen can work in Dubai with a work visa which can allow you to stay for more than initial 30 days. You also need a residence visa which can enable you to work easily.

    Jobs in Dubai for Americans

    There are many jobs available in Dubai for Americans. You only need to be a better-skilled individual in a particular industry. The salary of the individual will depend on the designation, field, company, and several other aspects.

    Is it easy to get a job in Dubai? It is definitely easy to get a job in Dubai. Depending on your skills, capabilities, and education you can get the relevant job in Dubai.

    How much can Americans make in Dubai? The average salary earned by an individual in Dubai is AED 16,775 per month6 which is approximately $4,570. So, accordingly, the monthly income will be $3,900. However, the salary will vary as per the capabilities, skills, and experience.

    What is the most common job in Dubai? There are multiple jobs available in Dubai. However, some of the common jobs in Dubai are accounting & finance experts, sales executives, engineers, property consultants, Information Technology professionals, etc.


    Dubai happens to be one of the better places in the world that has excellent healthcare facilities. The healthcare system in Dubai is categorized into two categories: private and public healthcare. However, public healthcare is available only for medical cardholders, so private healthcare is preferred by expats.

    Healthcare system in Dubai

    The healthcare system is excellent which is recognized worldwide. The two main categories of the healthcare system in Dubai are private and public healthcare. In private healthcare, the non-resident must take private insurance for getting the basic level of medical coverage. In Dubai, there are some clinics for women where the treatment is done by women’s health practitioners only.

    Public vs Private Healthcare

    Public healthcare is supported by the government providing some subsidies. Public healthcare is available for medical cardholders. The expats have to prefer private healthcare. However, both public, as well as private healthcare services are of excellent quality.

    Healthcare in Dubai for expats

    Compared to other developed countries, the healthcare costing is much affordable for the expats. There are many foreigners coming to Dubai for getting some of the specialized medical treatments. The expats have the option of private healthcare treatment. You can get better healthcare treatment in Dubai.

    Is healthcare free in Dubai? Healthcare is free in Dubai only for UAE residents. However, for foreigners, healthcare is much affordable than in other developed countries. Dubai is a well-known place for medical tourism.

    Is Medical expensive in Dubai? No. Medical is much affordable in Dubai and it is free for the UAE resident. The average basic fee for visiting the doctor here is AED200 ($60) which is comparatively much lesser.

    How much does it cost to visit a doctor in Dubai? The basic cost for visiting a doctor starts from AED 200 ($60) which is generally much lower. However, the costs of tests and other related aspects are separate.


    The education system in Dubai is very nice with the curriculum consisting of both basic and modern based knowledge. There are both public as well as private schools here.

    Education System in Dubai

    The education system in Dubai comprises both private as well as public schools. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority regulates the private education system in Dubai. The ministry of education of the UAE is responsible for the public schools in Dubai. However, most of the school education comes from the private sector. There are even some international branch campuses like Australia, the UK, and India.

    Education in Dubai for international students

    Several campuses in Dubai offer education for international students in the courses like Engineering & Technology, Science, Architecture, Management, Economics, IT & Computers, etc.  Dubai is a nice destination for international students as various global universities have their campuses here.

    How much does it cost to study in Dubai? The cost of education in Dubai will vary as per the educational programs taken by you. It will also vary from one institute to another. Generally, the tuition fees here for any undergraduate program are from 37,000 – 70,000 AED. Apart from that, the student visa cost is up to 3000 AED.

    Is there free education in Dubai? Yes. Primary education is free for the primary level of education. Education is compulsory for students aged between 5 to 15 years of age. However, the non-residents have to pay the fees for the schools.

    How much does school cost in Dubai? The school fee in Dubai is between AED 12,723 (USD 3,463.84) to AED 64,093 (USD 17,449.32) per year. Apart from this, the other additional cost like transportation, admission, school uniforms, and books is different.

    Cost of Moving

    The cost of moving will depend on the place from where you are moving to Dubai. The cost here will mainly include the charges for visas and other related charges for processing to move to Dubai.

    Cost of moving to Dubai from US

    The cost is mainly associated with the type of visa you have applied for. Here is the cost that will be incurred for different types of visas:

    • The dependent children or spouse visa will be around AED 4,000 a month (or AED 3,000).
    • For employment or work visas, the cost of the visa will be sponsored by the company hiring you.

    Cost of Shipping

    Now you know how to move to Dubai from USA? So, now you must be eager to know about the cost of moving to Dubai. When you are moving to Dubai, several different aspects are considered while deciding on the cost. One of the primary factors is the location from which you will be moving to Dubai.

    Cost of shipping to Dubai from the US

    The cost of moving to Dubai from US will depend on the location where you want to move. The general when moving from the major places are listed in the table below:

    New York to Dubai$2,16925.5 days
    Houston to Dubai  $1,98130.5 days
    Los Angeles to Dubai           $1,46638.8 days

    The cost will increase if you need some add-on service like professional packaging, door-to-door delivery, basic insurance cover, etc.


    Dubai is a very beautiful place which is considered one of the safest places in the world to live. This place has is economically developed and is very vibrant to stay.

    Cost of living in Dubai vs US

    Dubai is certainly a cheaper place to live than US. It will be interesting to look at the cost of living in Dubai in comparison to the US.

    The table below will show the difference between the cost of living in Dubai vs US:

     United Arab EmiratesUnited States
    A meal in an Inexpensive Restaurant$6.67 AED24.50$14.25
    Monthly public transit pass$53.81 AED197.61$63.05
    1-Bedroom apartment in the downtown area$1,552.65 AED5,702.12$1,225.46
    Private preschool for 1 child, monthly$392.21 AED1,440.38$891.12
    Taxi trip in the downtown area$6.91 AED25.38$16.83

    Living in Dubai as an American

    Life in Dubai will be much different if you are an American. The laws of the UAE are stricter than the Western country’s laws. Firstly, you need to dress decently that must cover all the sensitive body parts. The high-rise towers and amazing business parks provide a better platform for businesses to prosper. The US citizen can experience the enthusiasm of working the same way as if they are in their own country. Dubai has strict laws to avoid drinking alcohol in public places which Americans must remember. Despite these stricter rules, Dubai is a safer place for Americans to live.

    Pros & Cons for expats while living in Dubai

    There are some of the pros as well as cons for the expats living in Dubai.

    The table will show the pros and cons while living in Dubai:

    1. It is very friendly for the expats to live.1. The rules are stricter than other countries.
    2. The country is tax-free.2. The cost of living is a little high.
    3. The potential of earning is higher.3. Weather condition is intense.
    4. Getting Visa is simpler.4. Getting citizenship is harder.
    5. The environment for the growing business is higher. 

    Is living in Dubai better than US? The comparison is much difficult. However, Dubai is a better place for US citizens. The crime rate is a low, beautiful place with nice nightlife, high potential of a growing business, safer place to live.

    Is it safe for an American to live in Dubai? Yes. Dubai is safer for the Americans to live here. There are stricter laws and protection for the expats staying Dubai. It helps to ensure their safe living.

    Is it cheaper to live in Dubai than US? Definitely. Dubai is a much cheaper place to live than US. When we compare the cost of living in Dubai vs the US, some of the basic costs like meals, housing, traveling, and other costs are lower in Dubai than US.

    What salary is needed to live comfortably in Dubai? The living cost will vary from one individual to another depending on the lifestyle they are living. However, the average cost of living in Dubai in one month will be $ 952 for a single person and for a family of four will be $ 3,295. So, a single person must have a salary of at least $1500 and a family of four must have $5,000 in a month to live comfortably.

    Best Place to Live in Dubai

    Dubai has some astonishing places to visit that can give a very nice thrilling experience. The spectacular aspects of these places can really make you feel better.

    Here is the list of 10 places to visit in Dubai that you must never miss:

    1. Palm Jumeirah

    Palm Jumeriah is one of the main attractions of the tourist coming here. It is a 2 set of artificial islands that looks like a palm tree. Palm Jubel Ali and Palm Jumeriah are the two names of these islands.

    2. Downtown

    Downtown is one of the most popular places in Dubai which is well-known for the Burj Khalifa tower. These places experience the highest number of foreign visitors every year in Dubai.

    3. Marina

    Marina is one of the impressive places to visit in Dubai that has many high-rise buildings. You can enjoy some variety of the dishes at this place that will really delight you.

    4. Business Bay

    The business bay is well-known as a big business hub that has high-rise buildings, wonderful hotels, attractive jogging & cycling tracks, etc. There are many hotels here that serve a variety of dishes worldwide.

    5. Deira

    Deira is one of the oldest cities in Dubai with some of the vast markets and bigger malls. You can see some of the beautiful gold jewelry that can really catch your attention.

    6. Dubai Frame

    Dubai frame is attracting many tourists in recent years which is a 150-meter high picture frame. This place can give you better photos that you can take as memory.

    7. Global Village

    The global village has a rich set of cultural attractions with better options for shopping. There are 31 pavilions where the people can enjoy visiting the vast place here.

    8. Dubai Garden Glow

    Dubai Garden Glow is an amazing place to visit for tourist that can really make you delighted. There are four different themes here that glitter the whole place where the people can roam with enjoying the experience here.

    9. Dubai Mall

    The Dubai mall is worth visiting with some of the stylish stores and the opportunity to buy different products. There are more than 1000 shops here which can give you ample options for buying any product. Apart from that, there are exciting gaming zones, an ice rink, and a cinema to watch here.

    10. Dubai Fountain

    Dubai Fountain is an amazing place to visit that has various enjoying things to experience. The water displays can simply mesmerize you giving you a very fantastic experience.

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    Culture and Climate

    The culture of Dubai has much of the conservative type, still, favorable for foreigners to stay better here. The local people wear traditional Arab clothes and Arabic is the most spoken language. Despite cultural differences, there is respect for the people of other cultures too. Drinking alcohol in public places is banned. You can experience typical Emirati food like Dates, Karak chai (mixed spice tea), Shorbat adas, etc. The songs here are influenced by typical Arabic music.  Riding on the camels is another part of the UAE culture particularly in the desert area.

    The climate of Dubai is a subtropical desert type where you can experience warm winters, hot summers, and lower rainfall. During the summer, the atmosphere in Dubai has lots of moisture due to the blow of winds from sea to land. The high amount of sunshine and blue skies makes the climate clear. On some occasions, this place also experiences strong westerly winds. Despite the hot climate, the living experience here is better.

    What are Dubai traditions? The traditions of Dubai are influenced by Arabic culture. Some of the festivals experienced here are Dubai International Film Festival, National Day Festival, Dubai World Cup, Eid, Dubai Desert Classic, and many more. Despite strict laws driven by the religion, Dubai is tolerant of other religions too.

    What type of climate is Dubai? Dubai’s climate is mostly a hot tropical climate with two main seasons of winter and summer. Winter is between November to March where the mild hot winds can be experienced. Summer is between April to October where the climate is extremely hot with humidity and hot winds.


    The below list shows the ranking of Dubai:

    International Overnight visitors8th
    World Safest Destination6th
    Popular Destination in World4th
    World best cities6th


    Dubai is certainly a better destination for expats to stay here. The business-friendly environment and the safe destination here make it easier for foreigners to live here. Although you need to follow the strict laws here, there are many better ways of enjoying yourself here. Make the best of the several opportunities in Dubai with a peaceful stay.

    A US citizen does need a visa for visiting Dubai for 30 days or less. They just need to have a valid passport for going to Dubai. Religion impact most of the aspects concerning the rules and regulations in Dubai. Although the rules and regulations are strict, it ensures that there is no injustice here. Dubai is a very safer place to live. The weather of Dubai is comparatively hotter where the expats might take some time to get adjusted.  Dubai is a wonderful mixture of western and eastern cultures. The US citizen who wants to live here will really have a wonderful experience staying here. Coming to Dubai will give you many wonderful opportunities to explore yourself. Reach out to Dubai with full confidence to make yourself grow.

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