Moving to Detroit MI

Moving to Detroit

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    Locals and a few tourists call Detroit – “Motown,” a mystical city widely known as The Motor City in Michigan. As a result, most engineers, product experts, designers, and manufacturing experts, choose this destination to live in.

    However, what do you think? Is it a perfect place to live a better life? Are people moving to Detroit? Well, let’s dive a little deep to find out all these answers.

    Moving to Detroit
    Moving to Detroit

    Is moving to Detroit a good idea?

    Yes! It is one of the best places to start your business or career. You will find the most significant automobile setup here with multiple job opportunities. 

    Therefore, the cost of living and housing is affordable for a single person and a family of four with one working adult. Further, Detroit is a place where you’ll find many spots to go and spend time. 

    Why people are moving to Detroit?

    It is mainly recognized as a diverse U.S. urban area in Michigan. It offers a lavish lifestyle to live your life king-size. With an improving economy, outstanding higher education facilities, and excellent business opportunities, this city’s charm is at another level.

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    Things to Know Before Moving to Detroit

    There is something here to call you from worldwide and offer you a comfortable living. You can live happily here with outdoor locations, a family-friendly atmosphere, better healthcare, and friendly folks. However, there are better chances for moving to Detroit after knowing about the city.

    1. Cost of living in Detroit

    The overall living cost of the city is 88.7%, which is lower than the average living cost in Michigan. Mainly, single living can be seen in most parts of the city.

    Cost of Living in Detroit
    Cost of Living in Detroit

    Is Detroit expensive to live?

    No! Michigan and US national average have a higher living cost than this city. That states that you can easily afford to live here on rent. You can also choose multiple cheaper accommodations with essential facilities.

    How much money do you need to live comfortably in Detroit?

    If you are single and want to live in this city, you will need at least $27,571 in hand every year after paying taxes. Similarly, two people need $43,070 after paying taxes to live comfortably here. These amounts are enough to spend on essentials like rent, groceries, utilities, etc.

    Cost of Living Things in Detroit

    Living things Average costs
    Groceries(Tomato, Potato, Onion, Milk, Bread Loaf, Rice, Beef Round, and Eggs)$37.7+
    Utilities & Internet$319.75+
    Healthcare$406 per person
    Education(Undergraduate Tuition & College Fees)$8,543 (for in-state)$19,394 (for out-of-state)
    Combine Taxes(State + County + City Sales)6%

    2. Housing Market in Detroit

    You need $100 to $140 per square foot to build a regular size home in the city. However, taking ideas from the cheapest way to build a house in Michigan is better for you as it will give you a clear idea about the spending.

    Housing Market in Detroit
    Housing Market in Detroit

    Is housing expensive in Detroit?

    Yes! The values of houses are booming, and the properties are available at extensive prices to buy. However, there are some affordable areas around the cities where you can get your dream house within your budget and that too with better amenities.

    How is housing in Detroit?

    It offers less competitive housing markets for everyone, including relocators and locals. They can easily buy houses at affordable prices in different parts of the city.

    Can I buy a house in Detroit for $1000?

    Yes! According to the Detroit Land Bank Authority, becoming a homeowner at $1000 in this city is possible. Multiple homes are available for auction in the town. You need to take active participation, find the house you like, and complete the formalities to get possession of the house.

    3. Tax in Detroit

    During the 1970s, Lower property rates were once considered one of the main reasons for its taxes. The state also enacted Tax Increment Financing (DDA) to manage declining areas like Detroit.

    Tax in Detroit

    After moving to Michigan, you need to stay in Detroit for 183 days to get a residential status. After that, you can pay taxes to the Michigan government.

    Check out the below table showing tax rates in Detroit.

    Taxes in DetroitAverage Tax Rates
    Property Tax2.83%
    Income Tax2.4% (for residents)1.2% (for non-residents)
    Sales Tax6%

    What is the sales tax in Detroit?

    The current sales tax is 6%. The reasons behind that are the city’s low home prices, higher local government spending, and various other reasons.

    Does Detroit have a high income tax?

    Not exactly! The income tax is only 2.4% applied in the city. It covers every income you earn from various sources, like employment, business, house property, etc.

    How much are taxes in Detroit?

    Locals in the city are responsible for paying the government 2.83% of property taxes. Similarly, they all need to pay a sales tax of 6% and an income tax of 2.4%.

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    4. Weather in Detroit

    It is counted among the northern metropolitan areas in America. Therefore, it offers four mesmerizing and beautiful shoulder seasons. However, you will find fewer crowds at most tourist attraction points during spring and fall.

    Weather in Detroit
    Weather in Detroit

    What is the warmest month in Detroit?

    July is the warmest month you can experience here. The average temperature reaches 83°F and falls up to 66°F. But it is the month of the Annual African World Festival and Greektown Heritage Festival. So, coming here during this window will be the icing on the cake. 

    What is the rainiest month in Detroit?

    According to USA current results, June is the highest rainy month the city has experienced. In June 2009, the rain reached 65.8 millimeters (2.59 inches).

    Does Detroit get a lot of snow?

    No! The snowfall typically appears in January and February, bearing an inch of snow on the grounds.

    5. Economy in Detroit

    According to the announcement of Mayor Mike Duggan, the unemployment rate is 7%, the lowest in the history of 20 years. But, we can see the revenue growth in small businesses here.

    Economy in Detroit
    Economy in Detroit

    Does Detroit have a good economy?

    Yes! With the various industries and business organizations, it has a strong economy to offer every relocator. The current wage rate is expected to grow up to 6.6%.

    Is Detroit still poor?

    Yes! Since its birth, the city has been considered a poor state. Even today, most people are living below the poverty line. To be precise, the city has 41% of poverty, making it the second below-poverty city among ten townships in Michigan state.

    What industry is Detroit known for?

    It is widely known for its Automotive Industry. But, defense, logistics, IT firms, and healthcare industries are also growing here. As a result, you will find great job opportunities here.

    6. Traffic & Transportation in Detroit

    City’s council approved the subway and rapid transit system proposal in 1919, which was rejected many times. But public transportation is spread over the city for residents and tourists.

    Traffic & Transportation in Detroit
    Traffic & Transportation in Detroit

    It is safe, clean, reliable, and the most preferred choice for moving to Detroit suburbs from a particular destination.

    Is there public transportation in Detroit?

    Yes! You will see a massive public transportation impact from the Detroit Department of Transportation here. It covers surrounding cities, suburbs, and a few tourist attractions.

    Does Detroit have a subway system?

    No! The population is small compared to the area of the city. Therefore, the subway routes would have to be extended enough to reach every passenger. Due to this, the proposal to build a subway was rejected many times.

    Are buses in Detroit Free?

    No! But you can take discounted fares for your hourly rides by acquiring DART regional and DDOT passes. You must pay $2 and $5 for twenty-four hours of traveling by bus.

    7. Outdoor Activities in Detroit

    It offers amazing outdoor activities like historical heritage tours, boating, club and pub tours, and other adventurous hiking tours. You can also visit zoo sites to experience wildlife. 

    Outdoor Activities in Detroit
    Outdoor Activities in Detroit

    What are the best places for outdoor activities in Detroit?

    The city is filled with various outdoor activities for every local and tourist. Campus Martius Park, Belle Isle Nature Center, Greenfield Village, Eastern Market, and Beacon Park are some examples of the best outdoor activities. Further, a wide range of activities is waiting for you there.

    Which places provide the best outdoor activities in Detroit?

    The best outdoor activities of the city are available in one place – Belle Isle Park. It is one of the most famous island parks, purchased by the town in 1879 and opened for residents in the subsequent year. It offers fall color hikes, nature hikes, science hikes, girls’ outings, pollinator celebrations, and other programs for everyone.

    8. Education in Detroit

    Although public schools are not better in the city, higher learning institutions, universities, and research institutions provide their candidates with the best education.

    Education in Detroit
    Education in Detroit

    Where does Detroit rank in Education?

    No! Education ranks below 50%. The education system in the city could be better. Also, it provides fewer facilities for good education to every child.

    Does Detroit have a good school system?

    No! The schools in the city offer worse rates of test scores and graduation rates. Also, you will face other issues there. But, you will surely get better higher education opportunities here with the M. A. D. E. scholars program.

    What is the main problem in Detroit schools?

    Public schools are collapsing due to racism, high corruption, inability, and other lacking points. Due to this, neither the schools are developed nor provide better education facilities.

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    9. Crime Rate in Detroit

    22.58% and 33.26% per thousand locals are becoming victims of property and violent crimes in the city.

    Crime Rate in Detroit
    Crime Rate in Detroit

    The above crime rates are enormous compared to the crime data available in the entire state of Michigan. Similarly, you can also see some marriage-related issues here. In such situations, it will be better to know about “is Michigan a community property state in death?” before moving.

    Is Detroit, Michigan, a safe area?

    No! According to DetroitNews, the second quarter of 2022 recorded 5,872 cases of violent crimes in the city. But, police departments are established in most locations and are working on reducing crimes.

    What is the most common crime in Detroit?

    Assaults, criminal homicide, robberies, rapes, and property crimes are the most common. If you show carelessness, you can be a victim of one of these crimes here. The women are advised to walk their men to reduce crime risks.

    10. Health Care in Detroit

    The effective healthcare plan available for a local is $137. However, the prices vary depending on the plans people often choose. The city’s locals mainly prefer the Metal Level Health Care plan.

    Healthcare in Detroit
    Healthcare in Detroit

    Does Detroit have good healthcare?

    Yes! The several surveys containing people’s opinion states the city offers outstanding healthcare conditions to residents of all age groups.

    Does Detroit have good hospitals?

    Yes! The Beaumont Health, University of Michigan Hospital, and Henry Ford Hospital are the three best examples of hospitals with all medical facilities.

    11. Business Opportunities in Detroit

    According to Startup Genome’s 2022 Global Startup Ecosystem Report, the city was tagged first for the top emerging startup ecosystem. Despite that, the process of business commencement is seamless, from getting started to business development.

    Business Opportunities in Detroit
    Business Opportunities in Detroit

    What businesses are in Detroit?

    You will find endless business organizations in the city. It includes General Motors, Quicken Loan, Cadillac, Ally Financial, ServiceNow, and DTE Energy, and the list is quite long.

    Is Detroit a good place to start a business?

    Yes! Undoubtedly, it is one of the best places to start your businesses and startups. Michigan Business rates counted the city under the top 10 for economic growth and potential.

    What is the main industry in Detroit?

    The Automotive Industry is the main industry of the city. In 1899, the first automobile company commenced its business activities.

    12. Job Market in Detroit

    You will find various job opportunities like cashier, internship, customer service representative, volunteer, office assistant, certified nursing assistant, home health helps, and more. These are among the top ten jobs in the city.

    Job Market in Detroit
    Job Market in Detroit

    Is it easy to find a job in Detroit?

    Yes! The city ranks poorly in case of job opportunities. You may get employment opportunities in the automotive industry, but other sectors lack employment.

    What is a good salary in Detroit, Michigan?

    $34,000 is considered the best salary a person needs to live comfortably. However, the average salary is about $39,054.

    What is the average wage in Detroit?

    The hourly wages in the city are $16.35, which means you will get $653 and $2,833 for a week and a month. The 10th percentile rate is $8.17, and the 90th percentile is $31.25.

    What are the Pros and Cons of Detroit

    If you are questioning yourself, should I move to Detroit? Consider checking the below points and decide for yourself.


    • Multiple opportunities for startup planners
    • The city is innovative
    • Everyone can call it a home
    • It’s easy to roam the area
    • Low cost of living
    • Excellent art and culture
    • Filled with adventures
    • Better living surroundings
    • Entertaining options


    • Crime rates are higher
    • Great poverty
    • School education is poor

    Moving to Detroit FAQs

    Is Detroit a ghost town?

    Yes! Employment opportunities and municipal bankruptcy are declining in the city. It resulted in a fall in population rates. According to 2020 population results, the population was 640,000, which dropped from 700,000 in 2010. As a result, it is considered an abandoned town in Michigan.

    How do I know if moving to Detroit is the Right Choice?

    The housing rates are affordable and the local surroundings are also great with friendly folks. Healthcare facilities are incredibly admirable. In addition, you can count this city as the best urban area in the USA and the state of Michigan. Despite that, the better higher educational options make it the right choice for relocating.

    Is Detroit getting better in the next few years?

    Yes! Employment opportunities are expected to increase in 2023. Due to this, the economy will improve, and people will start moving to Detroit for several benefits. Similarly, the city will work on projects that may return the city’s charming atmosphere in the next few years.


    What a long journey it was! Our journey is going to end now.

    So, Michigan is amongst the best states to live in in the USA. Depending on various needs, you can choose one of its cities to live in. However, moving to Detroit will offer you multiple benefits and a peaceful life.

    You can get multiple job opportunities in the automotive industry. Similarly, whether you build a house or live on rent, both are affordable for a single person. Also, several possibilities exist to start your business activities in the city.

    However, you can explore numerous outdoor activities if you are bored on Sundays or on vacations. On top of that, it offers everyone robust healthcare and medical facilities. All these reasons are enough to call this less crowded city your home.


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