Moving to Delaware


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    Delaware or the ‘First State’ is the second-smallest state in the nation. The charm of this cozy small state attracts visitors from far and wide every year. The long coastline and beaches in Delaware are one of its topmost attractions. Other than this, the state also has many more attractions & inducements that are perfect for family vacations. There are various romantic things to do in Dover Delaware, that are worth trying. 

    Hence before actually moving to Delaware, one of the most beautiful states, you should be aware of the below-mentioned details. Without wasting a minute anymore, Let’s get going!!

    Is Delaware a Good State to Live in?

    The state’s beauty, low taxes, and affordable housing mark it an amazing place to reside in. Delaware offers easy access to stunning beaches, honored schools, and cities like Philadelphia, Washington DC. The most astonishing fact about the state is that it imposes zero sales tax. Delaware’s economy is mainly based on the tourism sector. If you are interested in making a career in the tourism sector then this place offers you a great opportunity to kick-start your career.


    Quick Facts About Delaware

    Here, we have concluded some of the quick facts about this beautiful state before diving deep into the details of moving to this amazing place of the United States:

    • Delaware is the second smallest state after Rhode Island, with a land area of around 2000 sq. miles approx.
    • There are more entities formed in the state than residents.
    • Delaware has only three counties.
    • Delaware has a court called the Court of Chancery. The court is a preeminent business court in the US.
    • Delaware also has a state bird, which is a “blue hen”.
    • Delaware was a part of the Union during the civil war.
    • About 2% of apartments are open for rent.
    • The income tax of the state ranges from 0% to 6%.
    • The state offers no sales tax.

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    Living in Delaware

    Beautiful scenery, cheap taxes, and affordable housing make Delaware a great area to live, work, and play. Hiking, sailing, bicycling, and exploring kilometers of scenic beachfront are all popular outdoor activities. The shopping is unmatched, and the region’s largest outlet malls and cultural attractions feed the mind and spirit.

    Living in Delaware

    Delaware is a very beautiful place to move in with your family. The fresh air and the beauty of this place encourage you to explore things and enhance your hobbies like hiking, sailing, bicycling, and many more. From children to retirees there are benefits of living in Delaware for all people. This place offers the best education for children, great career opportunities to youngsters, and peaceful living to retirees.

    There are many benefits of living in Delaware, which include the following:

    • Low taxes
    • Beautiful and clean beaches
    • A great destination for the retirees
    • Great educational opportunities
    • Great start-up opportunities

    Cost of living in Delaware

    Delaware is about as pricey as the rest of the country. State products and services cost 1.2 percent less than national average, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). Delaware has the 18th highest cost of living in the country.

    Our cost of living indices is based on a 100-point average for the United States. A value less than 100 indicates that Delaware is more affordable than the national average. A cost of living index greater than 100 indicates that Delaware is more expensive.

    COST OF LIVINGDelawareUnited States
      Median Home Cost$304,500$291,700

    Pros & Cons

    The living in Delaware pros and cons are given below:

    Affordable housing.Higher crime rates.
    Good for jobs.Hurricane-prone area.
    Terrific beauty.Overcrowded state.
    No sales tax.Too urban in terms of living.
    Varied educational opportunities.No hills, no mountains the whole state is flat hence there is no option for adventures.

    Is it expensive to live in Delaware?  

    Although Delaware has a low cost of living as compared to other regions but is still higher than the national average. Its average income is high enough to place it in the nation’s top 10 for that category.

    Is moving to Delaware a good idea?

    If low cost of living, zero sales tax, beautiful and tidy beaches is all you want to experience then of course Delaware is a great place to move to.

    How much do you need to make to live in Delaware?

    A family with two adults and two children in the state would need to earn approximately $7,750 each month or around $ 93,000 annually to live comfortably in Delaware.

    Taxes in Delaware

    Taxes are the only expense that varies by state. Delaware’s average working adult pays $6,988 in taxes per year after state and federal income taxes, Social Security payments, and Medicare payroll. Excluding federal taxes, Delaware’s state and local tax burden is higher than the national average. Delaware collects $4,363 in state taxes per person, compared to the national average of $3,151.

    Tax in Delaware

    Delaware is a tax-friendly state in the US. It offers favorable tax shelter (method of reducing taxable income that results in the reduction of taxable payment) to the residents. It has business-friendly laws and 0% sales tax for in-state purchases. The income tax policy of Delaware is based on 7 brackets, which is the same for all the tax filing procedures.

    Here’s an overview of taxes that are charged in Delaware:

    Tax CategoryTax Percentage
    Income Tax0% – 6.6%
    Sales Tax0%
    Corporate Income Tax8.7%
    Property Tax0.55%
    Cigarette Tax0.45%
    Alcohol Tax$3.75 per Gallon
    Gas Tax$0.22 per Gallon
    Estate &Inheritance Tax0.8% – 16%

    Taxes in Delaware for retirees

    In 2011, Delaware was listed as a tax-friendly state for retirees. There are many tax exemptions provided to aged people. Old retirees who are aged 60 years and above are exempted from DE state taxes. The state provides social security and railroad retirement benefits to the old people along with tax exemptions.

    Delaware is considered to be the tax heaven for retirees as it imposes minimum income tax, no sales tax, and no death tax. The retirees are exempted from income tax for the pension and other retirement income up to $12,500.

    How to calculate tax in Delaware?

    Every state has a multifaceted tax calculation system, Delaware also has different parameters that are checked before the calculation of the taxes to be imposed on the residents.

    Delaware uses one of the following methods of calculating the taxes:

    • Assumed Par Value Method: The Assumed Par Value method results in a lower tax amount for the new start-ups with relatively fewer assets and increased shares.
    • Authorized Shares Method: The authorized Shares method is the default method of calculating the taxes in Delaware. It is based on the number of shares allowed by the company in its charter.

    Is Delaware a tax free state?

    Delaware is a tax-friendly state in every aspect. It imposes 0% sales tax. As a result, it attracts many businessmen and business entities to get established.

    What are the tax benefits of Delaware?

    This state offers many tax benefits to its residents. It has a 0% sales tax along with business-friendly policies. This state charges the lowest real estate tax rate and also offers many tax exemptions to aged people. The residents of this state enjoy a relatively lower amount of income tax which is approx. 6.6%.

    Residency in Delaware

    Residency laws and regulations change from country to country. For example, if you are spending more than a specific number of days in a state you are considered as a resident, being a non-resident, or living in the state for not very long. The State Department of Revenue sets the residential status as per the rules on the individual’s application provided to them.

    Permanent Residency

    How to get Delaware residency?

    A non-resident can apply for a Delaware resident if:

    • The individual was domiciled in Delaware for any tax year and had stayed more than 186 days in a year.
    • The individual moves to and fro of Delaware and while partial-year tax return.
    • If one among the couple is a resident and the other is not, you can file the resident or non-resident tax return form, whichever is favorable.

    Delaware residency requirements

    As per Delaware instructions for form 200-01, you have to file a tax return for the current year based on your status and gross income if you are a full-year resident of the country. The requirements to acquire Delaware residency are as follows:

    For Single individuals:

    • Age less than 60 – $9400
    • Age between 60 to 64 – $12200
    • Age more than 65 or blind – $14700
    • Is more than 65 and blind – $17200

     For a couple filing jointly:

    • Age less than 60 – $15450
    • Age between 60 to 64 -$17950
    • Age more than 65 or blind – $20450
    • Age more than 65 and blind – $22950

    What makes you a resident of Delaware?

    To become a Delaware resident

    • You have to stay in Delaware for more than 183 days which is a part of the tax year or have a house in Delaware.
    • If one among you (spouse) is a resident, others can apply for a residency.

    Laws in Delaware

    The Delaware Laws are a compendium of each General Assembly session’s official acts. Two years per session.

    The Governor receives legislation that has passed both the House and the Senate. When the Governor signs the bill, it becomes part of the current Delaware Laws volume. In addition, the Delaware courts’ case law is more established than other jurisdictions, helping corporations and their counsel with corporate governance and transaction liability issues. Corporations in Delaware are usually litigated in the Delaware Court of Chancery, an equity court rather than a law court. An equity court has no jury; cases are heard by chancellors. Since 1989, there has been one chancellor and four vice-chancellors. One chancellor hears each case. Appeal to the Delaware Supreme Court.

    Laws in Delaware

    Weird laws in Delaware

    Like every state, Delaware also has weird and old laws that still exist without any exception. Let us have a look at these strange laws that still technically exist in Delaware.

    • No roaming after 8 p.m. on Sundays.
    • Liquor shops are entirely closed on Sundays.
    • It’s illegal to take a nap on the bench of the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk.
    • If you provoke or challenge your partner to marry, your marriage will be rejected legally.
    • You cannot change your clothes in a public bathroom restroom or on the beach.

    What’s illegal in Delaware?

    The illegal weird local rules in Delaware are as follows:

    • No changing of clothes in a car
    • No pretending to sleep on benches on the boardwalk.
    • Changing of a bathing suit inside or outside a public restroom or bathroom is prohibited
    • No one should whisper or talk in the charge or any lawful assemblies
    • Alcohol is prohibited or not served in dancing nightclubs.
    • Girls more than 6 years old should not roam outside without being fully clothed.

    Is it illegal to change clothes in your car in Delaware?

    Yes, it is illegal to change clothes in your car in public areas, you can change in your garage instead.

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    Housing Market in Delaware

    There comes a time after staying in a rented house to purchase a house to live in after making a move to Delaware. Without thinking about population density it’s high time to talk about the excellent housing market of Delaware.

    Housing Market in Delaware

    The housing market in Delaware is expanding and growing day by day. To begin with, the recent median home value of Delaware is $277,978 which had increased by 5.1% in the previous year, while the average median home selling price was $207,900, with the recent market listings at $285,942. If you think of renting instead of buying your own house then the current housing rental charges are nearly $1379 per month. Rental prices vary throughout the cities and depend on the type of upsetting you searching for. The cost of 1 BHK apartment averages $1026 per month in Wilmington, $690 per month in Rehoboth beach, and $850 per month in Dover.

    New apartments and houses are still going on in different areas of the state, some are completed and some are still under construction. So purchasing a house of your own will be a great option for the future for those who have already moved to Delaware and are living in a rented home or apartment. With the increase of home, value experts predict that it might increase by 10.5% or more in the next year.

    Average house cost in Delaware

    After moving to Delaware, you might get interested in purchasing your own home in one of the best cities in the state. Here is the list of the best places to live in Delaware including its ranking and home value.

    CityHousing cost
    Rehoboth beach$1017100

    Is Delaware a good real estate market?

    Delaware has a good real estate market as a total number of 85 homes are sold this year as compared to 81 from that previous year. The housing prices have increased by 21.3% from last year, with a median selling price of $346,000. Houses got sold after 39 days instead of 46 days like the previous year.

    Is Delaware real estate expensive?

    The cost of real estate properties in Delaware is more expensive than that of rental rates which is $800 per month for a 2BHK home and $1000 for a 3BHK home.

    Job Market in Delaware

    After making a move it is important to take a look at your budget.  Therefore, a good job position with a well-paying salary is essential to meet the cost of living in Delaware. Let us dive in and take a look at the current job market scenario in Delaware.

    Jobs market in Delaware'

    Delaware is home to half of all the fortune 500 companies. This means that there are a lot of job opportunities available for the right candidate. As it is a densely populated state, job seekers have to compete to get a good job with a highly paid package and the unemployment rate in the state is still more than the national average of 4.3 %.

    The current minimum wage of the state is $8.25 per hour which is $1 more than the federal minimum. The top 5 largest industries recruiting thousands of job seekers in the state are:

    • Financial and business sectors
    • Food and agricultural sector
    • Science and technology
    • Manufacturing and logistics
    • Education and healthcare

    High demand jobs in Delaware

    If you are considering doing a job after relocating to Delaware you must know the fastest-growing jobs options in the state. Here is a list of the top 10 high demand jobs in Delaware are as follows:

    RankJob titleAverage salary per annumJobs in 2022
    1Software developer$1002903040
    2Business analyst$947404000
    3Marketing internship$792802118
    4Health care nurse$7082012200
    7HVAC technician$522602360
    9Home health aid$312003630
    10Personal care assistant$233701750

    What is a good salary in Delaware?

    The good salary earned by the top earners in Delaware is $84,660 per annum.

    What are the most common jobs in Delaware?

    The most common jobs in Delaware are business analysts, software developers, HVAC technicians, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and nurse practitioners.

    Healthcare in Delaware

    Delaware is a nation that appraises and promotes easy accessibility to the hospital and healthcare system so that citizens can stay well and enjoy their life there. The state gives priority to the healthcare and welfare of its residents.

    Healthcare in Delaware

    According to the US News and World report, Delaware has been ranked #1 for the quality of hospitals in the nation, #6th for the healthcare quality, and #15 on the index of best states for healthcare affordability and accessibility. The hospitals and nursing homes in Delaware can treat 9 different health conditions which include heart surgeries, cancer surgeries, and joint replacement. It also emphasizes more on healthcare insurances nationwide which is why 93% of Delaware’s population have healthcare coverage which is more than 87% National average.

    Public vs PriVate Health Insurance

    Health insurances of the private sector work slightly differently from public sectors, both have a motive to help individuals in their health coverage. A comparison among the private and public health insurances in Missouri is noted down. Have a look!

    Public health insurancePrivate health insurance
    Equality – guarantees everyone has access to basic services, required for living standards.Private sector efficiency – Private sector efficiency is rewarded.
    Externalities – Good population health enhances labor productivity.Alternative – Gives individuals who can afford it more control over their healthcare.
    Adverse selection – In a free market, the sickest will buy insurance, driving up prices.The rising demand-The public sector is straining to meet rising demand due to an aging population and rising expectations.
    Merit good People may underestimate the value of receiving a checkup or therapy.Not limited – Budget cuts may force public healthcare to ration services.
    Public services- Healthcare is unlike most private products. Consumers struggle to pick amongst doctors, and the profit motive is unnecessary.Government bureaucracy- This May be costly to public healthcare organizations.

    Does Delaware have good healthcare?

    Based on the health care plan ratings, quality of hospitals and clinics, and curable hospital admissions, Delaware has been ranked #6 for quality healthcare and #15 in terms of the best state for healthcare.

    Is health insurance required in Delaware?

    According to the federal affordable care act, Citizens of Delaware need health insurance coverage to get a free or low-cost healthcare provision.

    Is healthcare free in Delaware?

    Delaware Medicaid provides low cost or free health coverage to people who are:

    • Retirees
    • Disable family member
    • Pregnant
    • Blind
    • Children below 18 years

    Delaware Education System

    The Delaware public education system is divided into districts with elected school boards and superintendents.

    Delaware has 129,026 pupils in 2013 in 224 schools across 44 school districts. The public schools had 9,257 teachers, or one for every 14 students, compared to the national average of 1:16. Compared to the national average of 295 students, there was nearly one administrator every 287 students. In 2013, Delaware paid $13,833 per student, ranking 11th nationally. In 2013, the state graduated 80.4%.

    Education System

    Educational Facts

    The 3 most important facts about the education system in Delaware are:

    • Students who are struggling academically are more likely to be assigned to new teachers.
    • Delaware university graduates had the highest average debt in the country.
    • Delaware’s public school system is one of the most expensive in the country.

    Top Schools & Colleges in Delaware

    Have a look at the top 5 schools and colleges in Delaware

    1Cape Henlopen School DistrictLewes
    2Caesar Rodney School DistrictWyoming
    3Sussex Technical School DistrictGeorgetown
    4Smyrna School DistrictSmyrna
    5Polytech School DistrictWoodside
    1University of DelawareNewark, DE
    2Delaware State UniversityDover, DE
    3Goldey-Beacom College,Wilmington, DE
    4Wesley CollegeDover, DE
    5Wilmington UniversityNew Castle, DE

    Is education free in Delaware?

    Delaware offers free education for two years to new High school graduates.

    What is Delaware ranked in education?

    Delaware is ranked #20 for higher education and #22 for the pre-kindergarten to 12 education system. 

    Is Delaware good for teachers?

    Delaware is a teacher-friendly state as it pays salaries to school teachers with local and state contributions according to their education level and experience.

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    Transportation System in Delaware

    The Delaware Transit Corporation, often known as DART First State, is the only public transportation system serving the whole state of Delaware in the United States.

    Public Transportation in Delaware

    While taxi service is accessible in all major tourist sites, including Dover, a rental car is required if you wish to drive outside of your main destination.

    The Cape May-Lewes Ferry connects southern New Jersey to the Delaware shore. The ferry is popular with Jersey day-trippers, taking only an hour and ten minutes.

    Trains connect Wilmington, Delaware, to the East Coast. Trains are cheaper and more pleasant than buses and offer a picturesque route to Wilmington.

    Delaware’s bus service is confined to Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach. The DART network in Wilmington reaches the historic village of New Castle and two shopping centers.

    Major Medium of Transportation in Delaware

    The major medium of transportation in Delaware are as follows:

    • Delaware Taxis and Car Rental
      • Delaware Water Taxis
      • Delaware Trains
      • Buses

    Is there public transportation in Delaware?

    The Delaware transit corporation is the only public transportation system provided in Delaware which has more than 220 buses and 300 paratransit traveling nationwide. It is operated as DART first state.

    How much transportation cost in Delaware?

    The Transportation Costs In Delaware Range between $1570- $1620.

    Delaware Culture & Climate


    The culture of Delaware is more inclined towards art including theatre, concerts, fine arts, etc. It is the home to beautiful mansions and gardens of America. Its scenic beauty is worth watching. The residents of Delaware mostly follow Christianity, along with many people following Roman Catholics and Evangelical Protestants. English and Spanish languages are spoken by the majority of the population residing in Delaware. Although, both these languages are not declared as the official language of the state. Some of the residents of the state speak many other languages.



    Delaware has a moderate and humid climate all year round. The temperature in Northern Delaware is generally 30°C whereas it is -5 °C in January. On the other hand, the temperature is about 2° higher in the Southern Region of Delaware. July is the warmest month in this region. After July, August is the second warmest month, this month also experiences a lot of rainfall in the region. The least rainfall is experienced during February.

    Delaware experiences around 45 inches of rainfall on an annual average. The average daily temperature of this region is around 12°C.

    What were Delaware’s beliefs?

    The motto of Delaware is ‘Liberty & Independence’. This motto was given to the state by the Society of Cincinnati. As the name suggests, this state has faced a lot of struggles for its independence and freedom. Both the terms of the motto are associated with freedom.

    What is the normal climate in Delaware?

    The temperature of this region is moderate all year round. The average temperature of the place varies from -2°C to 40 °C. There are many places in the region where the temperature never drops less than 10 °C

    Does it snow in Delaware?

    The winters in Delaware are cold, but snow is not common in this region. The residents of Delaware rarely experience snow.

    Delicious Food in Delaware 

    The people of Delaware take their food seriously and thus the state has some of the best regional food in the nation. The state has also been nicknamed the ‘Foodie Mecca’ with some of the most bonafide American icons. 

    Food in Delaware

    As agriculture is the top-most flourishing industry in the state and the geographical location around the sea. The state has a constant supply of fresh veggies and seafood. The classic Broadwalk street or the various romantic restaurants in Delaware is the best place to pamper your taste buds. Some of the classic Delawarean dishes are; Steamed Crabs; Fried Chicken, Crab Cakes, Slippery Dumplings, Delaware Bay Oysters, Scrapple, Peach Pie, Fries with Vinegar, and a lot more other mouth-watering food items. 

    What is Delaware famous for food?

    The small state of Delaware has a great food scene as the food preferences of Delawareans are quite high. Many dishes were considered and then rejected for the race of being the official state food. But at last, peach pie has come out to be the ultimate winner. 

    What fruit is Delaware known for?

    The land of Delaware is quite fertile. Thus, varieties of fruits and vegetables are grown there. Watermelon has been the highest-yielding produce of the state that is being grown on over 3000 acres of land across Delaware. 

    Moving Cost For Delaware  

    Delaware, best known for its low crime rates, lovely beaches, picturesque serene, and no sales tax is considered one of the best places to live in the nation. Also the cost of living in Newark, Delaware is quite reasonable. But, if you are planning to move to the state the process might seem a little stressful to you, as the average price that can be charged from you might range from $1000 and may end up to $4000+. 

    Moving Cost for Delaware

    So, you should contact the packers and movers who are best in their business and be aware of the moving costs charged by them. The price charged by every company might differ so you should ask for quotations from the companies and compare them. Select the one which suits you the best and become a Delawarean. 

    How do you estimate moving costs for Delaware?  

    The moving cost for Delaware can be estimated with the help of a moving cost calculator. The cost may vary as it includes components such as the amount of stuff to be moved, the time of the year, and whether you hire a company to do the job or do it by yourself. 

    What is the most cost-efficient way to move to Delaware?

    The most cost-efficient way to move to Delaware is to take help from container companies and move with their help. 

    Business in Delaware

    According to research conducted by CNBC, Delaware has been ranked as the most business-friendly state in the United States. As the state is considered the best location to run a business with low business running costs, high caliber workforce, and high-quality production. Being located in the heart of the east coast, the state has access to markets and various transportation hubs. 

    Business in Delaware

    Not only this, but being one of the smallest states in America, the state has the right people who can provide entrepreneurs with the right connections to move the business forward and succeed. The people here are business minded with a proven track record who can set up a standard on a global scale. The taxes charged are also on a reasonable scale along with a superior quality of life. 

    Is Delaware a good place to start a business?  

    Yes, of course, Delaware is considered one of the most popular states for people to set up and start their own businesses. As the state excels in giving asset & liability protection. Along with providing ownership privacy, tax benefits, and an efficient legal system. 

    Why do companies use Delaware for LLCs?

    Most of the companies are keen to choose Delaware for LLCs, as the government of the state provides better liability protection to the owners and also because there are tax obligations and fees are charged at limited rates. 

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    Driving License For Delaware  

    If after moving to Delaware, you purchase a vehicle of your own then you definitely need to own a Delawarean license for able to drive the same. Thus, read the below-mentioned details to know how to get a driver’s license or permit. 

    Driving License

    All you need to do is collect all the necessary documentation, understand the components, and showcase your driving skills. There is a three-step procedure for the same; first, get a learner’s permit, then get an unsupervised permit, and then get a full adult license.

    Dover is considered the best place to live in Delaware for retirees as getting a license as a retired person is not difficult here.

    What do you need to get a Delaware driver’s license?

    The applicants must have the following proofs for getting a driving license issued:-

    • Social Security Number
    • 2 Proof of Delaware’s Residency
    • A non-US citizen must provide proof of his presence in the nation.  

    Can you get your driver’s license online in Delaware?

    You can get a fresh driving license and even renew your existing one from the online website of the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  

    How much is a driver’s license in Delaware?

    $40 is the fee that you have to pay for issuing a driving license in your name.  

    Delaware Economy

    According to the research of the US News, Delaware ranks 24rth place in terms of economy in the entire US nation. The economy of the state heavily relies on industries such as pharmaceuticals, plastics, chemicals, insurance, and finance companies. 


    The government of Delaware brings out various jobs and revenue by encouraging trade relations which benefits businesses and also assists in keeping an upright position in the corporate world. There are various divisions in the state who are responsible for the economical sectors and also promote businesses. 

    What type of economy is Delaware?

    Delaware is considered to have a good economy. As the state majorly relies on the chemical manufacturing and agriculture industry for the same.  

    Is Delaware a poor state?

    No, Delaware is considered the ninth-richest state in the nation with a per capita GDP of $66,419. 

    Best Place to Live in Delaware

    Delaware offers great educational opportunities along with great career opportunities. If you are confused about which is the best place to live in Delaware after your relocation, then have a look at the list of ‘top 10 places of Delaware to live.

    Places to Live in Delaware
    • North Star – This place is situated in New Castle County, Delaware, United States. As per the census of 2010, the population of the city was around 8,056. North Star comprises places like Woodside Farm Creamery and the Chinese American Community Centre. The place is also good from the point of view of education as you can find a lot of elementary schools here.
    • Lewes – Lewes is an incorporated city on the Delaware Bay, in Sussex County United States. According to the census of 2010, the population of the city was about 3000. The city is a shelter for Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing. The fascination of the place includes historic, good restaurants, and beautiful clean beaches.
    • Greenville – Greenville is a city located in New Castle County in Delaware. As per the 2020 survey, the city has a population of about 2,500. The city covers an area of 7.29 km sq. Living in Greenville offers the people a suburban feel and residents can rent their homes also.
    • Milton – Milton is a town in Sussex County on the Delmarva Peninsula. It is situated on the Broadkill River. The 2010 census suggests its population be around 3,000. The town covers an area of more than 4 km sq. The place is lovely to reside in because a lot of interesting events take place all around the year.
    • Newark – Newark is a small city in Delaware. It’s popular for its green spaces. The city covers an area of about 24.50 km sq. Newark has won the title of the safest city with good Safety Index scores.
    • Rehoboth Beach – Rehoboth Beach is an Atlantic town in Delaware. It is popular for its amazing boardwalk, hotels, and beautiful homes. Although the cost of living is a bit higher as compared to other states but its beauty is actually worth it.
    • Wyoming – Wyoming is also a town in Kent County. This name is given to the town after the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania. It is also a part of Dover, the metropolitan area of Delaware. It is one of the safe and peaceful places in the state and hence, the best place to live in.
    • Bellefonte – This is a town in New Castle County in Delaware. According to the census of 2010, the population of the town was about 1,000. It is a wonderful place to reside in. Most of the residents own their homes here. The public schools of this town are also remarkable.
    • Clayton – Clayton is a town in Kent County and New Castle County as well. It is an amazing place to live because the people here are friendly, the housing is affordable and the public schools perform a great job in educating the youth.
    • Rodney Village – This is also a census-designated place in Delaware. The city is located in Kent County. It is a part of Dover, the metropolitan area of Delaware. According to the 2010 census, the population of the city was approximately 1,500. The residents are zoned to W. Reilly Brown Elementary school in Dover.

    Overall Ranking of Delaware

    The overall ranking of the state is 9-4 in athletics. The state ranks #20 in terms of education. The University of Delaware is one of the top universities in Newark, United States. It is ranked 531-540 in QS Global World Rankings 2022. The University of Delaware has a great tradition of excellence, being found as a small private academy in 1743, to the research-intensive, technologically advanced institution of today. As per the WalletHub, a financial information site, Delaware ranks 34th among the ‘best states to live’ list. However, the state ranked lower than its neighbors Pennsylvania and New Jersey which ranked 12 and 4 respectively.


    These were a few necessary details that we wanted you to be aware of before actually moving to Delaware. The weather in the state is also very pleasant all year round. If you are wondering does it snow in Dover, Delaware? Then the answer to this is yes. 

    So, with that, you should start planning your itinerary for this gorgeous state.

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