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    Chile is a beautiful country that stretches along the western edge of South America. This destination is a perfect blend of glaciers, volcanoes, desserts, and mountains.

    It is famous for having shimmering coastlines, incredible views, and a calm ambiance. Chile is an ideal place to reside for thrill-seekers and is loaded with tons of adventure activities.

    This South American country occupies a narrow strip of land between the Andes Mountain Ranges and the Pacific Ocean. It is home to the driest desert in the world, namely, the Atacama Desert. 

    Chile is known for its quaint lifestyle with a hint of luxury and comfort. The people living here are friendly in nature and welcome immigrants with open arms.

    It embraces an honest culture and displays a strong sense of cultural identity. This Latin American nation is a culinary heaven and its cuisines reflect the country’s topographical variety.

    The wide horizons of this country make citizens feel alive and invite them to enjoy nature at its best. This southernmost country lies closest to Antarctica. It borders Peru to the North, Argentina to the East, Bolivia to the Northeast, and the Drake Passage to the far South. 


    Chile has the highest degree of economic freedom in South America due to its efficient and independent judicial system. It is one of South America’s most stable and prosperous nations. 

    However, moving to Chile is not that simple as there is a myriad of things to be considered to jump-start the move. Therefore, we have come up with a comprehensive guide to make the immigration process simple and hassle-free. 

    Wait no more!! Keep scrolling the page to find all the necessary information that will help you relocate to this amazing country. 

    Let’s dive right in!!

    Moving to Chile From US

    Organizing an international relocation is not something you should do in hurry. It is mandatory to conduct research about the country you are relocating to and take an expert’s advice before jumping to the process.

    Moving to Chile from the US and wondering where to start from?

    Let’s take a virtual tour of this incredibly beautiful country and get updated about all the important facts that should be taken into account. 

    This guide contains everything you need to get started such as visa requirements, job market, healthcare system, cost of living, best places to live, education standards, or the taxation rules. 

    Let the journey begins!!


    Types of Visas

    Visa TypeDetails
    Tourist VisaIt is issued to the foreign nationals who visit Chile for tourism. This visa is valid for a stay of 30 – 90 days. 
    Student VisaThis is issued to those who visit Chile for higher studies and have already enrolled in the Chilean Education Institution. 
    Work VisaIt is issued to those foreign nationals who have found an employment opportunity in Chile. 

    Chilean Visa Requirements


    One must have the following supporting documents when applying for Chilean Visa. These include:

    • Copies of a valid passport
    • Proof of legal status in your country of residence
    • One digital passport-size picture
    • Bank statements of past 3 months
    • Flight itinerary and reservations
    • Hotel reservation or proof of accommodation
    • Letter of invitation, if applicable
    • A letter explaining the reason for your traveling

    What are the visa requirements for Chile?

    A valid passport is needed if you are moving to Chile as an American for tourism, recreation, academic conference, or business. A tourist card will be issued upon arrival to chile which is valid for up to 90 days. 

    How much is a Chile visa?

    The Chilean visa fee depends on the country of your passport and the type of visa you are applying for. It may vary from $50USD to $150USD for single and multiple entries. 

    One needs to pay the visa fee if the visa application is approved. The fee will be paid at the Chilean consulate only after you receive your visa. 

    Are US Citizens allowed to visit Chile?

    Yes, of course. US Citizens do not require to apply for a Chilean visa before traveling. They will be issued a tourist card by the immigration authorities upon their arrival which is valid for their stay up to 90 days. 

    Taxes in Chile

    Type of taxDetails
    Corporate TaxThis tax is levied on the profits of the corporations. 
    Personal Income TaxThis is applied to the individual’s or household’s personal income.
    Sales TaxThis is a consumption tax imposed by the government on the sales of goods and services.
    Social Security TaxThis tax is levied to fund the retirement, disability, and survivorship benefits. It is collected in the form of payroll tax.
    Social Security Tax for CompaniesThis tax is imposed on employers to fund the organization’s social security program. 
    Social Security Tax for EmployeesThis tax is deducted from the employee wages as a social security contribution. It is calculated by multiplying their gross pay by social security and gross pay rates. 
    Property Tax This applies to the assets of an individual or a business.

    Tax Rate in Chile

    Chilean TaxesHighestLowest
    Personal Income Tax Rate40%35%
    Social security rate24.60%7%
    Sales tax rate19%19%
    Social security rate for companies7%7%
    Social security rate for employees17.60%7%
    Corporate Tax Rate27%15%

    Corporate Tax Rate in Chile

    SMEs (sales up to USD 2.8 million) full integration regime10% for years 2020-2022, 25% from 2023
    PIS (Partially Integrated System):
    In this, partners or shareholders are taxed based on the actual distribution of profit or dividends by the company
    The number of payments of taxes per year7
    The time taken for administrative formalities (hours)296

    Chilean Job Market

    Chile enjoys a high-income economy and therefore, attracts ex-pats from far and wide. The job market in this Latin American nation is highly progressive and one who is moving to Chile can easily fetch a high-paying job here. 


    This country produces one-third of the world’s copper and copper mining is responsible for 20% of Chile’s GDP and 60% of its exports. The employment rate of this country stands at 50.60%. 

    Its economy is primarily based on the agriculture and mining sector. However, the financial and tourism industries are expanding in Chile for the past few years and thus offer excellent job opportunities to expats. 

    There are certain types of work that are limited to the Chilean nationals such as medicine. Such jobs require Chilean accreditation which is a lengthy process. 

    Jos for American in Chile

    Fetching a job in Chile for a US citizen is not a challenging task. There are lots of jobs available in Chile for Americans such as hotel staff, tourism sector, the wine industry, English-speaking staff, marketing, or translation. 


    It is also worth checking with English-speaking embassies and consultants who are looking for a skilled native English speaker.

    One can go for an English tutor job which is easier and quicker to find. US citizens can also find jobs in the agriculture and mining industry if they boast the necessary skills and qualifications. 

    What are the common jobs in Chile?

    The list of common jobs in Chile includes doctors, healthcare professionals, teachers, clerks in banks and insurance companies, restaurant and hotel workers. Tourism is also booming in Chile and one can also find work in the tourism and hospitality sector. 

    What is the minimum salary in Chile?

    The minimum wage in Chile is about 265,000 Chilean pesos per month (equivalent to $408) for workers whose age falls in the range of 18 to 65 years. 

    Healthcare System in Chile

    Chile features a dual healthcare system – Public and Private Healthcare. Chileans are free to opt for coverage by either Private Health Insurance Companies or through Public National Health Insurance Fund. 


    Medical facilities in Chile are considered the best in South America. According to the data collected by WHO, Chilean’s healthcare system is ranked 33rd out of 190 countries. 

    This Latin American nation is appreciated for having the most advanced medical care facilities and its healthcare standards are really high. Their hospitals boast state-of-the-art infrastructure and the medical staff is highly educated. 

    Public vs Private Healthcare 

    One must be aware of the country’s healthcare system if he is moving to Chile from US. It has maintained a dual medical system, namely Public and Private. 

    Public healthcare

    The public healthcare system in Chile is known as FONASA. Members of this system can easily access the network of hospitals, certain clinics, and medical centers in the country. 

    Chilean nationals have to pay 7% of their taxable income with the cap of 4921UF if they choose to become a member of the Public Healthcare System. This is an economical solution if you have a low salary. 

    Private Healthcare

    Private healthcare in Chile is often referred to as ISAPREs. It is an ideal choice for those who don’t like long waiting times and unnecessary crowds. They offer a better standard of care and excellent medical services. 

    The ISAPREs expats can easily subscribe to are:

    • Consalud
    • Vida Tres
    • Mas Vida
    • Colmena Golden Cross
    • Cruz Blanca
    • Ferrosalud

    Is healthcare free in Chile?

    Not really. Chilean Nationals can make use of the subsidized public healthcare system by paying the least amount of charges. 

    Does Chile have good healthcare?

    Absolutely yes. The medical standards in Chile are exclusive high and somewhere best in Latin America. The country is stuffed with an extensive range of hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. 

    Education System in Chile

    The education system in Chile is structured along the lines of 19th century German and French models.

    It is divided into four levels – pre-school, 8 years of free as well as compulsory primary education, 4 years of vocational or secondary education, and higher education. The middle two levels are mandatory and up to 90% cost is covered by the state. 


    The country has a good literacy rate and around 9 out of 10 students over 15 years of age are literate. The Chilean states offer an extensive number of education vouchers that cover around 93% of the primary and secondary students. 

    This system is based on direct payment to the schools depending on the daily attendance. The adult literacy rate in Chile is about 96.4% and primary school enrollment is recorded at 102%. 

    Public vs Private

    Before moving to Chile, one must know the fact that the country has a dual education system – Public and Private. Public-funded schools and colleges are ideal for those with lower household incomes. The major education institution is the University of Chile that was founded in 1738. 

    If you have a great earning and are looking for excellent quality education, then simply go for the private universities and schools.

    Education in Chile Statistics

    Literacy RateTotalMaleFemale
    15 – 24 years99%99%99%
    15 years and older96.4%96.5%96.3%
    65 years and older90.4%90.6%90.2%

    Is Education free in Chile?

    Not completely. This South American country has made college studies tuition-free so that everyone can afford higher education easily. 

    What rank is Chile in Education?

    When it comes to education, Chile’s Reading Score is 449, Maths Score is 421, and Science Score is 447 in the World Education Ranking. 

    Life in Chile

    Chile Standard of Living is one of the best in South America. This nation is known to have a strong and stable economy. Moreover, the poverty rate of Chile is fairly low and stands at 14.4%, way lower than the United States. 


    This country is best-suited for Europeans and North Americans due to its honest culture. Moving to this nation is also worthwhile because of its pleasant temperature. It offers excellent medical facilities to make life simpler. 

    Cost of living in Chile

    The cost of living in Chile is quite similar to the in western countries. Let’s figure out the actual living cost in Chile in the below-mentioned table. 

    The monthly cost of living (Single person) without rentCL$497,196
    The monthly cost of living (a family of four) without rentCL$1,739,422
    Basic utilitiesCL$102,424
    Average monthly net salary (after tax)CL$465,783
    Average transportation costCL$39,616

    Living in Chile vs the USA

    The cost of living in this Latin American country is way more affordable than in the US which makes immigrating to Chile worthwhile. 

    Cost of Living (One Person)$647$1900
    Cost of Living (Family) excluding rent$2263$3313
    Basic Utilities$133$165.11
    GDP per capita$14,896$65,297

    Is it safe to live in Chile?

    Yes. Chile is counted amongst the safest and economically stable countries in Latin America. This country is socially developed and has a lower crime rate. 

    Is living in Chile expensive?

    Yes. Living in Chile as an American is a little bit expensive for expats. A budget of $2500 to $3000 is needed to enjoy a superior quality urban lifestyle in this South American country. 

    How much does rent cost in Chile?

    The monthly rent for 900sqft furnished accommodation in the normal area is about CH$460,030 and in an expensive area is CH$731,837.

    Living in Chile Pros & Cons

    Low crime rateThe slow pace of life
    Stable & strong economyLanguage barrier
    Affordable HousingJob market restrictions 
    Excellent healthcare systemExpensive education
    Good public transportation networkPollution

    Best Places to Live in Chile

    It is important to know the best place to live in Chile before jumping to the immigration process. Keep reading to find out a list of the ultimate Chilean cities that are worth giving a try. 


    1. Santiago

    The capital city of Chile is a favorite among foreigners. It is the only big city in the country that offers endless employment opportunities and an excellent standard of living to ex-pats. 

    2. Vina Del Mar

    This coastal resort city is located northwest of Santiago and boasts an urban atmosphere. It is famous for lush gardens, sky-high buildings, wealthy culture, and beautiful beaches.

    3. Valparaíso

    This port city lies on the south side of the board and is known for its bohemian and colorful culture. It is counted amongst the safest cities in the country to reside in. 

    4. Antofagasta

    Antofagasta is bounded by Argentina and Bolivia on the East and the Pacific Ocean on the west. This city is an extremely arid part of northern Chile. 

    5. La Serena

    The dynamic and modern city of La Serena is located on the Pacific Coast. This is the gateway to the Elqui Valley and boasts a Mediterranean landscape. 

    6. Concepcion

    It is the central city in Southern Chile and is counted amongst the three major conurbations in the country.


    This is the best place to live in Chile for those who love a calm and quiet lifestyle.

    7. Iquique

    It sits peacefully between the Pacific Ocean and the Andean Cordillera. Iquique is a seaside town with wide alluring beaches, rocky coast, and seafront casinos.

    8. Punta Arenas

    Punta Arenas is one of the most southern cities in the world and is ideal for those who love being isolated. It has a subpolar climate where the temperature doesn’t vary much. 

    9. Pucon

    This city is located in Central Chile’s Lake District and is overlooked by the snow-capped Villarrica Volcano. It looks like an Alpine mountain village and is best for those who are looking for a rural lifestyle. 

    10. Puerto Montt

    This port city in Southern Chile is a gateway to Andes Mountains and Patagonian Fjords.  It is the commercial center of the agricultural hinterland. 

    Moving to Chile FAQs

    Can a US Citizen live in Chile?

    Yes, sure. Expats from all around the world are greeted in Chile with open arms. There is no need to apply for a visa if you are moving to Chile from US. The authorities will provide you the tourist card upon arrival which is valid for a stay of up to 90 days. 

    If an American citizen is looking for a permanent settlement in this South American nation, then he or she will have to apply for a Chilean visa in advance.
    Their passport must be valid and is in good condition. US immigrants can also get a green card through employment. 

    What Should I know before moving to Chile?

    Things you should know before moving to Chile are:
    1. This country has a progressive job market and offers ample employment opportunities to expats.
    2. It features a growing international community and has embraced multiculturalism. 
    3. The Healthcare system in Chile is the most advanced in Latin America but it is quite expensive to afford. 
    4. It is one of the easiest places in the world to start your own business without much hassle.
    5. This is an economically stable country and boasts a low crime rate as compared to other South American nations. 
    6. Chile is located within the Ring of Fire which makes it one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world.

    How do I become a resident of Chile?

    You need to fulfill one of the following requirements to become a permanent resident of Chile.
    1. Have at least two years of student visa and completed professional or secondary studies
    2. Have ‘subject to contract’ work visa for 2 years
    3. Have at least one year of temporary visa
    4. If you are a spouse, mother or father, son or daughter of a foreign national with permanent residence in Chile
    5. If you are a spouse, mother or father, son or daughter of a Chilean citizen.

    Steps to Apply for Chile permanent residency visa:

    1. Acquire all the important documents
    2. Create a unique key through the Civil Registry or ChileAtiende
    3. Once the key is generated, enter the required data and pay the permanent residency visa fee
    4. You will be then granted a certificate of permanent residence

    Is Chile a good country to live in?

    Absolutely yes. Chile is counted amongst the economically stable countries and is free from political corruption. It is ranked as the 25th most peaceful nation in the world and as most peaceful in South America.
    This socially developed country has been recognized for its security and is thus 100% safe to reside in.

    Chile standard of living is yet another reason that makes this country a good place to relocate.

    It offers a good quality urban lifestyle and is loaded with tons of thrilling opportunities to indulge in. Living in Chile gives a whole host of stunning natural beauty to explore. 


    So, this is all about moving to Chile. Hope you find this guide informative and helpful. It covers every single detail that expats need to know before actually relocating to this prosperous and beautiful South American country. 

    A majority of immigrants find relocating to Chile simple and straightforward. This country is not just modern and alluring but economically stable and relatively wealthy as well. It offers expats a great quality of life and tons of thrilling activities. 

    This country features a significant amount of foreign trade and a dynamic market-oriented economy. The Chilean government always shows a keen interest in adhering to the Free Trade Agreements, making this country eager to welcome immigrants from far and wide. 

    Chile is an incredibly picturesque country with sky-high buildings, sprawling urban developments, a spectacular backdrop of the Andes Mountains, and shimmering coastlines. 

    This country is known to have one of the best healthcare systems in Latin America. The medical standards are advanced, refined, and relatively high throughout the country. It has an extensive network of public transportation and thus commuting here is not challenging. 

    Expats immigrating to Chile can easily find accommodations as there are plenty of options available at a reasonable price. Those with children are pleased to know that Chile is stuffed with a multitude of international schools that are offering high-quality education. 

    This is an ideal destination to reside in, especially for food lovers. Chile is a seafood heaven and is the world’s largest producer of Salmon. It offers an incredible variety of mouth-watering cuisines to fulfill your appetite.

    With incredible living standards, vibrant surroundings, and appealing vistas, this country is surely an ideal choice for immigrants from all around the world. 

    Still, thinking? Don’t waste your time!! Just pack your bags, arrange international relocation, and get settled in this delightful country right away. 

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