Moving to Charleston SC


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    Charleston in South Carolina is a beautiful, vibrant city with a rich history and culture. It is also a popular tourist destination, hence there are numerous sightseeing and recreational opportunities that can be found here.


    If you’re looking for a new place to live and wondering if relocating to South Carolina is a good idea, this article will certainly help you.

    Is moving to Charleston SC a good idea?

    Yes, moving to Charleston, South Carolina is an excellent idea if you want to move to a beautiful city by the sea with fantastic weather all year round.

    Life in Charleston may seem laid back, but there are still plenty of things to do here. The city has numerous art galleries, museums, beaches, and other cultural attractions.

    Is Charleston a good place to live for families?

    Yes, Charleston is a great place to live with your family. It is also a welcoming city with friendly locals and hospitality that will warm your heart.

    Living in Charleston is great for families as the city has a booming job market, top-rated schools and colleges, and amazing theme parks and recreation places to visit.

    1. Cost of living in Charleston SC

    The Average cost of living in Charleston is $2127 for a person per year. This is higher than the state average of South Carolina as the average cost of living in South Carolina for a single person per year is $1995.


    Is Charleston SC expensive to live?

    Yes, Charleston’s average living cost is 3% higher than the state’s average and 11% higher than the country’s average.

    If we compare the two budding cities of the south i.e Savannah vs Charleston, the average cost of living in Savannah is $1859, much less than that of Charleston SC.

    What salary do you need to live comfortably in Charleston SC?

    A single person living in a one-bedroom apartment in Charleston, SC needs to earn $59000 per annum

    What is a good salary in Charleston SC?

    A good salary in Charleston SC would be somewhere over $55000

    What is the living wage in Charleston SC?

    The living wage in Charleston SC for 1 adult is $19.45 per hour whereas the minimum wage set by the South Carolina state is $7.25 per hour.

    The detailed cost of living of Charleston SC has been given below

    ExpensesAverage cost Charleston SC
    Transportation$5509 (one adult, no children)
    Grocery$3351 (This doesn’t include eating out amount)
    Housing$483715 (average house value)
    Gas and energy$250
    Rent $1947 (2-bedroom apartment)
    Health care$2957

    2. Things to Know before moving to Charleston SC

    If you are considering relocating to Charleston SC, there are a few things you must know about.


    Popularly known as the holy city, Charleston has some of the best art galleries in the country and the finest restaurants to dine in.

    there are other important things as well which have been mentioned in the article below

    What to know before moving to Charleston SC?

    Things to know before moving to Charleston are :

    1. it’s a sleepy town with rich history as it was built around 1670s
    2. more than 40 art galleries can be found here which are supported by the Charleston gallery association
    3. Charleston weather is pleasant; winters are mild and summer is not too suffocating either
    4. Job market in the city is booming and an estimated increase in the same over the next decade is 35.9%.

    is living in Charleston worth it?

    Yes, living in Charleston is worth it if you are a fan of pleasant weather throughout the year, buzzing night scenes, lucrative working conditions, pristine beaches, and affordable healthcare.


    The best way to get around Charleston SC is by car, especially if you plan on visiting the beaches or are living in the suburban area of the town.

    Getting around Charleston without a car can be a hassle, but you can hire a cab or city-operated buses, or shuttles.

    Free shuttles are also available daily which run across the routes of the lower Charleston peninsula and the historic district.


    As already mentioned above, the weather in Charleston SC is pleasant with mild winters and summers.

    The coldest month in Charleston is January when the average temperature ranges from 8–11-degrees F whereas it can get as hot as 65-70 degrees F in March.

    The rainy months in Charleston are from July to September. 


    Charleston has many top-rated public as well as private schools which provide quality education services to children.

    The College of Charleston is a popular liberal arts college in the country and also the oldest municipal college of the country.

    There are 38 public schools in Charleston with a total of 79% k-12 students enrolled in these schools.

    The  top 3 schools in overall rating are Buist academy, Montessori Community school, and James Island charter high school.


    The sales tax rate in Charleston SC is 9% whereas the state income tax ranges from 0-6.5%. the property taxes here are set at 0.51%.

    property tax in Charleston is one of the lowest in South Carolina as well as in the country.

    A couple of things that are taxed in Charleston SC are restaurant food (10.5%), restaurant alcohol (15%), uniform hospitality tax at 2% and so on.

    3. Is Charleston SC a good place to live?

    Yes, indeed. Charleston SC is a great place to live either alone or with your family.


    The cost of living is a tad bit expensive but the quality of life is high, the public schools here are great, it has one of the best family beaches in South Carolina and crime rate is quite low in the city. 

    4. Living in Charleston,sc

    Just like any other city, moving to Charleston SC has its own set of disadvantages.  Charleston is a pretty great place to live, but it’s not perfect.


    But if you are living to raise a family , it should definitely be one of your top picks.

    What is the downside of Charleston?

    The downside of Charleston include high housing cost, onslaught of bugs and mosquitoes during humid seasons, high humidity during summers, no hills or mountains to admire, and so on,

    Why not move to Charleston SC?

    Some of the reasons to not move to Charleston SC are:

    1. Terrible traffic
    2. High cost of living
    3. High rate of consumption taxes
    4. Sweltering humidity during summers
    5. Expensive housing cost

    Is it worth living in Charleston SC?

    Yes, even with all the cons listed above, Charleston SC makes for a great place to live. Hence, if you want to escape the bustling city life and choose a city more relaxed yet chique and suave, Charleston is the perfect choice for you.

    Pros of moving to CharlestonCons of moving to Charleston
    Great foodHigh cost of living
    Laidback cityExpensive housing cost
    Excellent public and private schoolsInsects and bugs
    Beautiful weatherIncrease in humidity during summers
    Easy access to beachesDreadful traffic
    Low crime rateHigh rate of taxes
    Has several art galleries located across the citySummers can get really hot
    Free shuttle serviceFor people who love mountains, there is not much to see
    Booming job marketIt’s a small city, hence locals can be wary of strangers.
    Low property taxProne to hurricanes

    5. Things to do in Charleston, SC

    There are plenty of things to do in Charleston, SC either alone or with your family.


    The city has a rich history and its art galleries are famous all over the world.

    There are also a number of theme and recreational parks that you can visit in the city. Some of the top things to do in Charleston, SC are:

    • Boating
    • Fishing
    • Crabbing
    • Enjoy Music
    • Museum
    • Culture Diversion
    • Trying Food

    6. Best Neighbourhoods in Charleston SC

    While planning to move to Charleston SC, you should select the neighborhood based on a number of factors such as your lifestyle, rent you can afford, crime rate in the area, closeness to nearby schools, and so on.


    The best neighborhoods in Charleston incorporate almost all of the above features and are listed below:

    • Mount Pleasant
    • South of Broad
    • Sullivan’s Island
    • Harleston Village
    • James Island
    • Folly Beach
    • West Ashley

    Moving to Charleston SC FAQs

    Should I move to Charleston SC?

    Yes, you should move to Charleston if you are looking to raise your family in a great city and booming job market.

    What to expect when moving to Charleston SC?

    Charleston is a small city with a laidback lifestyle, people are mostly friendly, beaches here are wonderful, restaurants serve delicious cuisines from all over the world, and rent is affordable, however buying a  house is expensive. 

    How much do you need to make to live in Charleston SC?

    To live comfortably in Charleston SC, you need to make over $59000 annually.


    Charleston is a beautiful city in South Carolina and one of the most popular ones as well.

    It has so much to offer to its residents, ranging from historical buildings to amazing cuisines and picturesque beaches, which makes moving to Charleston SC a great choice for you and your family.