Moving to Cape Coral FL


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    Cape Coral, the Venice of America, is a popular city in southwestern Florida, acknowledged for having extensive waterways networks.

    The network of canals is supposed to provide a stirring array of water sports opportunities as well as the city’s access to several beaches, national parks, and tourist spots, making it a great place for people thinking about relocating to Florida

    To know if Cape Coral is a great place for you to live in, keep reading our blog post, where you can also gather notable information regarding the city’s cost of living, safety, and other things to consider before moving to Cape Coral

    1. Is Cape Coral Florida Safe?

    Cape Coral is known to be one of the safest cities to live in Florida for families and retirees.


    With safer neighbourhoods around the city, Cape Coral has a violent and property crime rate of 11 and 28, which is less than half and lower than the national average of 23 and 35. 

    An awardee of an A++ crime rating by the US News and World Report 2023, Cape Coral has an overall crime rate of about 82% lower than Fort Myers and 55% lower than the US average.

    The city faces an average of 1,200 homicides for every 100,000 people, which means your chance of becoming a crime victim is 1 in 80.

    This means that not only residents, but visitors can have a safe journey and visit the city at any time of the year.

    Also, walking around at night is rarely an issue, so one can go outside at any time during the night.  

    Find out the comparison table of the crime rate of Cape Coral in comparison with Florida, and the US below:

    Crime typeCape CoralFloridaUS
    Violent crime112323
    Property crime283735


    2. Things to know before moving to Cape Coral, FL

    Not only just the lower crime rate but there are still a lot of factors to consider for soon-to-be residents of the water wonderland.

    Stay tuned to get more information before you move to Cape Coral town. 

    3. Living in Cape Coral FL

    Cape Coral is a beautiful city to live in Florida. Home to over 250,000 residents, the city offers 400 miles of waterways, a lot of outdoor and water recreation opportunities, some of the leading golf courses, and mesmerizing beaches for people living in the city.


    It’s a perfect place for water recreation and outdoors enthusiasts, hikers, mountain bikers, and several Cape Coral attractions from visiting Manatee Park to fishing at Sirena Vista Park, there are a plethora of activities for everyone. 

    With an area of about 120 square miles, the second-largest city of the state is renowned for its slow-paced lifestyle, peaceful living, and high quality of life at an affordable cost of living to its residents.

    The nightlife in Cape Coral is quite vibrant, and affordable, and offers you a lot of choices of bars, dancing, live music, comedy, entertainment, and sports clubs. 

    4. Cost of Living in Cape Coral Florida

    Cape Coral has a slightly higher cost of living of 104 which is 4% higher than the national average of 100 and 3% higher than the state average of 103.

    The healthcare facilities, transportation system, and groceries and food expenses are the main reasons behind the expensive cost of living in Cape Coral, other living indices like housing and utility expenses remain lower than the national average.

    However, it seems quite affordable when compared with other metropolitan cities in the US. 

    The cost of living in Cape Coral remains slightly higher than the other neighbouring cities of Florida.

    A single individual in Cape Coral typically spends around $1,500 to $2,500 per month, and a family of four spends around $3,000 to $4,500 per month, including rent.

    This implies that the median annual household income of $70,000, and for a single individual $32,500 is ideal to lead a great life in Cape Coral.

    The city’s reasonable cost of living along with its charming quality of life makes it the best possible city for many.

    Let us look at the average cost of living in Cape Coral Florida as compared to the national average.

    Cost of livingCape CoralFloridaUS
    Overall Expenses104103100
    Transportation110       113100
    Healthcare119       102100
    Miscellaneous103       88100


    5. Taxes in Cape Coral FL

    Cape Coral is an income-tax-free city. However, individuals must pay a combined sales tax of 6.5% (state tax rate of 6% and County tax of 0.5%) and a property tax rate of about 0.89% of the acetate value as the only possible taxes to be paid in the city. 


    Another helpful factor that adds to the affordability in cost of living is the tax rates of Cape Coral, which are free (income tax) or relatively lower than the national average ( sales and property tax). This can easily add up to your savings every year.

    However, federal income taxes are still applied to the individual’s salary. 

    ParticularsCape Coral
    Sales tax6.5%
    Property tax0.89% of asserted value.
    Income taxNil


    6. Housing in Cape Coral Florida

    The housing market in Cape Coral Florida defines a distinctive vision and varied parameters than other US cities.

    The median housing prices stick around $380,000, 11% or more than the national average.

    The rental prices also average around $1100 to $1800 per month, for a studio apartment to 3 bedroom apartment. 

    Cape Coral has been creating well-planned neighbourhoods and state-of-the-art localities since the 1950s.

    This means that land development, real estate, residential homes and apartments and other developments have been made in an organized way from the very beginning.

    Giving importance to residential housing and various housing options, based on budgets and choices, the city has changed more arbitrarily than before to achieve potential homeowners and real estate property buyers.

    People moving to Clearwater find Cape Coral’s housing prices competitive and affordable, and end up opting for a property there. 

    Housing costsCape CoralUS
    Median home cost$377,400$338,100
    Rental cost of a studio$1260$1080
    Rental cost of 1 bedroom$1270$1180
    Rental cost of 2 bedroom$1620$1430
    Rental cost of 3 bedroom$2110$1860


    7. Weather Conditions in Cape Coral 

    Cape Coral has a typical subtropical climate with warm, humid summers and short, pleasing, warm winters, with mostly clear skies throughout the year.


    The average temperature in the summer remains around 90°F, rarely going up above 100°F and the winter high-temperature averages around 75°F, sometimes dropping down to 45°F.

    January to May and October to December are the best time to go to Florida Cape Coral because of less rain humidity and hotness, which makes visitors enjoy their time in Cape Coral. 

    The desirable and warmer weather is one of the few reasons behind people relocating to Cape Coral mostly from the midwest and northeast US regions.

    On average, the city gets 270 sunny days and 53 inches of precipitation per year.

    Note that August is the hottest month with an average daily of 85°F and January is the coldest month with an average high of 73°F degrees in Cape Coral. 

    Unlike other regions of Florida, Cape Coral never receives snowfall but usually receives thunderstorms during the summer months of the year. 

    MonthWeather conditions in Cape Coral, Florida
    December-AprilDry, mild weather with low humidity level. April marks the onset of warm days and comfortable evenings. The average temperature ranges from 80oF-57oF.
    April-MayDry months with less rainfall.More humid and plenty of sunshine. The average temperature ranges from 90oF to 61oF.
    SeptemberRelative humidity levels are above 70%. Frequent rainfall and thunderstorms make September the wettest month. Average Temperature ranges from 91°F-72°F.
    June-NovemberHot and humid with afternoon thunderstorms. There is a transition to cooler and pleasant days at the end of the month. The average temperature ranges from 88oF to 68oF.

    8. Things to do in Cape Coral

    Sought after for its best beaches near Cape Coral, outdoor attractions, family-friendly recreations and golf courses, Cape Coral residents have the proximity to access several things to do and enjoy everything.

    Visiting nature camps, hiking, picnicking, swimming and sliding at water parks, and going for day or weekend trips are some of the fun things one can add to their bucket list to do in the locale.

    But, sitting and relaxing, riding the waves, and spending quality time on beautiful beaches is the popular preference that caters to everyone’s taste in Cape Coral. 

    With heaps of great things to do in Cape Coral Florida, here is a list mentioned to make it easy for you.

    KidsTake a boat tour to see dolphins and manatees. Explore the Rotary Park Environmental Center. Go for axe-throwing and play golf with your kids. Learn the past at the Cape Coral Museum of History
    FamiliesVisit water parks with pools and slides with the whole family. Enjoy Mike Greenwell’s Family Fun Park. Spend a day at Fort Myers. Celebrate at the Cape Coral Art Festival.
    CouplesSlide and enjoy at Sunsplash Waterpark. Plan to visit the Sanibel and Captiva Islands with your partner. Dine at waterfront restaurants and walk along the marina. Enjoy craft beers at the Cape Coral Brewing Company.
    SeniorsVisit the Southwest Florida Military Museum & Library. Shop at the Cape Coral Farmers Market. Listen to music, and watch live performances and plays, at Cultural Park Theater. Join art classes at Cape Coral Art Studio.

    9. Cost of Moving to Cape Coral, FL

    It is suitable to hire a full-service moving company but sometimes it can be costly. 


    The average price of moving within Cape Coral is from $350 to $3,000 and for moving out of Cape Coral, you need to pay around $5000 or more to packers and movers.

    Moving via rental trucks is cheaper and costs around $40. It will take around 1-2 days to reach your destination.

    You can also hire moving containers where the cost depends on the number of containers you add.

    Check out the best moving companies in Cape Coral, Florida.

    • Curry Moving & Storage
    • Master Movers LLC
    • Eagle Moving, LLC
    • C & F Movers
    • Two Men and a Truck
    • Reed’s Moving & Storage, LLC
    • Helping Hand Movers

    10. Pros and Cons of Living in Cape Coral FL

    Cape Coral is the fastest-growing city, and it has everything you need. The Waterland has wonderful parks, beaches, endangered animals, low crime rate, job opportunities, nice weather and so on.

    But before relocating to Florida, Cape Coral one should keep in mind all the merits and drawbacks of the city.

    Here are some points on the pros and cons of Cape Coral.


    • A lot of opportunities for water activities.
    • Low cost of living.
    • Moderate crime rate.
    • Good quality of education.
    • Delicious fresh seafood.
    • No income taxes.
    • Various housing options
    • Growth of the job market.


    • Extreme heat in summer.
    • Lack of public transportation.
    • Some products are costly.
    • Hurricane-prone area.
    • Requirement of pesticides and insecticides

    11. Best Neighborhoods in Cape Coral

    Cape Coral is a stunning city in Florida that has some of the best neighbourhoods to stay In.


    The communities are safe and many communities provide affordable beachside homes, beautiful houses in calm regions, and several with proximity to outdoor atmosphere.

    If considering buying a home in Cape Coral, check out the best neighbourhoods that are within the boundaries of the city. 

    1. Coral Lakes

    Coral Lakes is located in the northern part of the city. The area is home to all nature lovers. Moreover, the residents can enjoy various outdoor activities such as kayaking, swimming, fishing, sports, etc.

    It is near to the Yellow Fever Creek Preserve, a 340-acre park with hiking trails, birds, scenic beauty and wildlife.

    2. Cape Harbour

    Also known as a boater’s paradise, Cape Harbour has access to the Intracoastal Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico.

    It boasts Mediterranean-style architecture with red tile roofs and iron-on windows, balconies and entrances.

    The region has delicious seafood items, bars, friendly services, and amazing water views.

    3. Del Prado

    Del Prado resides in the heart of the city. Additionally, the crime rate is low and the area is accessible to elementary and middle schools.

    The community is highly popular for Peruvian cuisine restaurants and seafood dishes.

    4. Sandoval

    Sandoval is home to tons of lakes and lush landscapes. The residents have access to dining, shopping, clubhouses, a library, a fitness center, schools etc.

    Besides that, it has safe streets and various accommodating options according to your budget.

    5. Yacht Club

    Yacht Club is the first neighbourhood of Cape Coral. For ages, the homes have been renovated and rebuilt to create a mix of transitional and modern look.

    Moreover, the Yacht Club has low rent and housing costs. The region is a short drive away from Cape Coral for incredible benefits. 

    Moving to Cape Coral, FL FAQ’s

    Can you live in Cape Coral without a car? 

    Yes, you can live in Cape Coral without a car by Uber. The Cape Coral Mini Bus Service has also been available for door-to-door transportation since 1987.

    The fare is $12 per round trip. It is well-designed for seniors and disabled persons. Moreover, people can book tickets 48 hours in advance. 

    What’s the population of Cape Coral? 

    There are around 2,17,000 people in Cape Coral, with white people 4 times(130k) more than any other race.

    Most of the population are employed in retail trade, health and care and the construction sector.  Moreover, the tourism real estate and property management sectors are also leading in the city.

    What’s the ranking of Cape Coral’s education system? 

    Cape Coral is ranked 62 in the state and 787 nationally in the education system. 


    Whether drawn for any purpose or pleasure, Cape Coral is a perfect destination in Florida to call home.

    With the virtue of coastal Florida along with affordable housing prices, thorough public transportation, reasonable cost of living, and plentiful outdoor and indoor options, Cape Coral is truly a paradise to explore.

    While relocation can be challenging, you will be residing in a beautiful city that you will likely be proud of and grateful for your decision to move to.

    If you want to explore some other cities of Florida for living, consider our moving to Tallahassee blogpost for more details.