Moving to California From NJ – Ultimate Guide


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    Cross-country moves can present a number of problems. Proper planning is essential to make the process simple. When we are moving to a different state or city, so many questions and doubts come to our mind and this is pretty obvious.

    The reason behind this is you do not want to be stuck in a place where you are not getting any facilities.

    In this article, we are discussing every fact of California state. So if you are thinking of moving from New Jersey to California, this guide is ideal for you.


    Let us ease your worry about moving to California and make it easier and effortless. We have made relocation to California very easy by providing details about all the essential considerations you need to make.

    Moving from one place to another location is a big decision, and most importantly, you want that decision to be correct.

    When moving to a different city or state, you want to be completely prepared.

    For this, you might want to know about everything – food, lifestyle, education, real estate, loans, laws, safety rules, facilities, and the list is unlimited.

    However, it is challenging to get detailed information through one source. So you search for multiple sources on the internet but end up getting incomplete details.

    Here is the solution for you – we have researched and collected the complete information you need to know before moving from New Jersey to California.

    This guide will give you every single detail you are searching for and guide you in the right direction.

    So before taking a big leap, you must go through the Moving to California from NJ – Ultimate Guide. Let’s make this journey more exciting and peaceful.

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    Moving to California

    What should I know before moving to California?

    Below we have outlined what you need to know before moving from NJ to CA.

    • California is a bigger state than New Jersey. It is 18 times the size of New Jersey.
    • California offers more job opportunities than New Jersey. It has the #1 economy in the country.
    • You can experience heavy coats and witness a great mild climate in California. Many people prefer California because of its incredible weather.
    • Find great natural beauty and landscapes in California. A number of fun and exciting places to go while enjoying California’s great weather.

    What are the bad things about living in California?

    One state can not offer everything – it should lack something. However, California is almost perfect, but the only thing it is lacking in is education. The quality of education in New Jersey is far better than in California.

    New Jersey ranks #2 in the nation for its education quality, while California ranks #25th. So when you are moving from NJ to CA, keep this point in mind. Otherwise, California has everything that a person needs to live a standard life.

    Is California worth living in?

    Yes, perfectly. It offers exceptional career opportunities, delicious food, glorious nightlife, and many other things. So if you are planning on moving to California, it’s a wise decision, and you will undoubtedly enjoy everything about this city.

    Benefits of living in California

    What are the benefits of moving to California?

    California is a great place to live in because of the benefits it offers.

    ●      Great weather

    California has amazing weather, and you can experience eternal spring. Experience beautiful weather throughout the year. So the near-perfect weather in California attracts many tourists from other countries.

    ●      Diversity

    California offers a diversity that you will fall in love with. You can witness a diverse range of people, ethnic groups, festivals, food, and culture. Diversity makes California an ideal place for all.

    ●      Perfect outdoor life

    If you are an outdoor lover, California is perfect for you. The beaches, landscapes, tourist places, and mountains make it an attractive place for people. With over 800 miles of coastline, it is ideal for people who love to hang out near the water bodies.

    ●      Quality education

    California has many private, public schools and colleges, and universities. People from all over the world come to prestigious colleges, like Stanford, California Institute of Technology, University of California-Los Angeles, University of California-Berkeley, etc.

    ●       Employment

    Do not worry about the employment opportunities when moving to California. California offers jobs in several industries, including tourism, IT, motion pictures, techno-based companies, Government, movie and entertainment industry, etc. There are a variety of employment options, and you can comfortably pursue your dream and career here.

    Is California still a good place to live?

    Well, the answer is yes. The state is ranked #2 in the USA when it comes to the diverse states in terms of immigrants. The highest number of immigrants live here.

    Rather than this, the state offers fine weather, delicious meals, and an easy-going culture. Moreover, you will see different kinds of people here. It’s like unity in diversity.

    Why does everyone want to live in California?

    The answer is simple – the diversity it offers and the easy-going culture. California welcomes every individual regardless of culture, race, and sex. Once you are here, you will feel like you are in your home state. Besides this, it offers transcendent and vast career opportunities.

    Cost of living in California


    How much money do you need to live comfortably in California?

    Well, the answer varies according to the city you select in California and the lifestyle you carry. So here we can not tell you the exact capital that you need to live comfortably in California.

    However, it is good to have an estimate of the cost of living before relocating. Let’s say you want to live a modest and standard life – an annual income of $74,371 is enough to live a good and precious life.

    How much does it cost to live in California per month? calculated an estimate of how much money will be needed to live in the top 50 biggest cities of California. According to it, an annual income of $74,371 is estimated for an average person to live comfortably.

    Also, the spending depends upon the person’s lifestyle and the city he is living in. So the amount can be increased or decreased depending upon the city and person’s lifestyle.

    What is the cheapest place to live in California?

    California has some economic places to live in. Here are some of the cheapest/ affordable places to live in California.

    • Eureka
    • Redlands
    • Chico
    • Temecula
    • Oxnard
    • Vacaville
    • Camarillo
    • Blythe
    • Ventura
    • Simi Valley

    Cost of moving

    Is it expensive to move to California?

    Not exactly! But still, it is recommended that you have at least $5,000 – $7,000 saved up in your bank account before you arrive. This amount should cover the starting housing/rental costs along with some essential spending on other amenities.

    How much do movers cost in California?

    Hiring movers and packers is a wise option when moving to California. They ease the burden of transportation, and you can entirely rely on them. The cost charged by the movers and packers depends on various factors.

    The factors like the size of the move and the distance. Usually, hiring professionals charge $300 to $1000 for a local move. However, if the distance is long, you have to spend an average of $2,400 to $5,600.

    Even the cross-country moving costs are much higher than moving to a local city and nearby state. Look for some of the best movers and packers when relocating.

    1. White-Glove Moving & Storage: #1 ranked in Bayonne, NJ
    2. NYC Great Movers: #1 ranked in Brooklyn, NY
    3. Optimum Moving LLC: #1 ranked in Passaic, NJ
    4. Simonik Moving & Storage: #1 ranked in Bound Brook, NJ

    The movers and packers take care of everything from start to finish. They provide you with the tools and services required for easy relocation to California.

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    California vs NJ

    Is it more expensive to live in California or NJ?

    The cost of living is the main factor that influences many decisions. A 2021 data shows that New Jersey is cheaper than California. It means California is 22% more expensive than New Jersey. The dominant factor is the median home cost that affects the cost of living.

    Cost of Living IndexesJersey City, NJLos Angeles, CADifference
    Overall Index: Homeowner, No Child care, Taxes Not Considered144.40176.2022.0% more
    Food & Groceries107.90104.103.5% less
    Housing (Homeowner)209.90298.2042.1% more
    Median Home Cost$572,300.00$883,400.00$311,100 (54.4% more)
    Utilities111.9093.7016.3% less
    Transportation153.70165.307.5% more
    Health99.6090.009.6% less
    Miscellaneous107.60104.502.9% less

    How big is NJ compared to California?

    California is 21 times bigger than NJ. New Jersey is around 19,211 sq km, and California is 403,882 sq km. This in total makes New Jersey 4.76% the size of California. So NJ is small compared to California.



    Is there housing in California?

    You must consider the property/housing options before moving from New Jersey to California. In 2018, California ranked on the 49th position among the states of the U.S. in terms of housing units per resident.

    There is quite a shortage of housing in California. Some experts say that California needs to increase its current rate of housing production. The imbalance between supply and demand and the lack of construction of new houses is leading to the housing shortage in California.

    How can I get affordable housing in California?

    Housing in California is affordable if it costs no more than 30% of the monthly household earnings, including rent and other uses. You can get affordable housing that is built for families with an income of 60% or less than the AMI (Area Median Income).

    How much is housing in California?

    It depends on which California city you are preferring to live in. According to every individual city, prices vary. However, the prices change with time, so you must always check the current statistics.

    Check out the latest data to understand the estimates:

    California CityAverage Home PriceApartment Rent
    San Francisco$1,297,511$4,200
    San Diego$800,746$2,391


    What does California do for education?

    Education is the first point that you must recall before moving to California. You cannot compromise with education, and here you will find more about education in California. California is taking significant steps to improve its education.

    They are enforcing new and improved rules and laws for the betterment of schools and colleges. Furthermore, the California Department of Education is constantly conducting surveys to know public opinion.

    Why is California’s education so bad?

    Many cities are available in California. So you can not say, all the schools and universities are providing bad or poor education. It is not true though. If we talk about San Diego, the public schools in this area are pretty good.

    All the students in these schools feel motivated. Even the schools here conduct the parents-teachers meetings. So you can keep watch on your child’s curriculum. In contrast, the education in east LA and San Bernadino is poor.

    Is California behind in education?

    Yes, the quality of education in California can be made even better. Population growth and the growth of minorities spending per student are quite less. But with time, everything changes, and similarly, California’s government is taking necessary actions to improve their quality of education.

    So yes, California is behind in education, but not in every part of the state. Some California cities offer quality education, and some cities are lacking in it.


    How much taxes do you pay in California?

    Taxes are one of the crucial factors that you need to consider before moving to California. Find below the taxes in California.

    California state tax rates are 1%, 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 9.3%, 10.3%, 11.3% and 12.3%. For income exceeding $1 million, 1% mental health service tax is applicable.

    The state tax brackets and income tax rates depend on taxable income and the filing status. The residency status also determines what’s taxable.

    Can you avoid California taxes by moving?

    Many businesses may not witness a California tax reduction from relocating. You need proper planning, execution, and documentation for changing residency. Also, residency changes must be made in advance of income-generating liquidity events.


    State tax rates and tax brackets

    For Single

    Tax rateTaxable income bracketTax owed
    1%$0 to $8,9321% of taxable income
    2%$8,933 to $21,175$89.32 plus 2% of the amount over $8,932
    4%$21,176 to $33,421$334.18 plus 4% of the amount over $21,175
    6%$33,422 to $46,394$824.02 plus 6% of the amount over $33,421
    8%$46,395 to $58,634$1,602.40 plus 8% of the amount over $46,394
    9.3%$58,635 to $299,508$2,581.60 plus 9.3% of the amount over $58,634
    10.3%$299,509 to $359,407$24,982.88 plus 10.3% of the amount over $299,508
    11.3%$359,408 to $599,012$31,152.48 plus 11.3% of the amount over $359,407
    12.3%$599,013 or more$58,227.85 plus 12.3% of the amount over $599,012

    What is the tax on 1000 dollars in California?

    Depending on your income, you pay the tax. A person earns $42,000 annually, and if files as single, the federal tax will be equal to 22%. Accordingly, the same tax will be applicable on 1000 dollars.


    Is California hot in the winter?

    The temperature in California in winter is cool to mild. You hardly experience freezing temperatures in coastal cities. Winter is also California’s rainy season. Although, the rainfall varies depending upon the state you live in.

    What kind of weather does California have?

    On the coast, the temperature reaches around 70°F and up. It can also spike to 80°F or more on summer days. But you can hardly experience freezing temperatures even in winter.

    Knowing about the weather conditions before moving to a new city is extremely crucial. Mostly California has a Mediterranean-like climate, with people experiencing warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters.

    What’s the hottest city in California?

    Fresno is the hottest city in California. Along with this, the central valley is the hottest region in California, recording the highest temperature.

    The temperature reaches the triple digits. It also includes Fresno that is home to half a million people.

    In 2018, the city recorded the highest temperature, above the 100-degree mark for 30 consecutive days.

    Death Valley is also the hottest city. It recorded 124 degrees, making it the hottest place.

    Transportation in California


    Does California have a subway system?

    California is a very diverse and large state. You can find public transport in almost every county of the state easily. If you’re wondering about the public transport quality in California, you must know that California has a good public transport facility.

    California has six lines, including two subway lines and four light rail lines.

    Is public transportation good in California?

    You can find the best public transport in California, including the MUNI system that includes buses, muni subway, light cable cars, and rail systems throughout the city.

    How do you take the bus in California?

    The long-distance commuter system: BART Commuter Rail System services San Francisco International (SFO) and Oakland (OAK) Airports. You can also find rail systems in the Bay Area.

    It includes Cal-Train, ACE, Santa Clara Valley, etc. to go around the city. You have Ferries and buses that are offered by other private companies.

    Amtrak’s large network of trains and buses is also a great mode of transport.

    Buses: Statewide

    • Greyhound
    • Megabus
    • Flixbus

    Buses & Subways; Northern California

    • SF Bay Area Transportation Directory
    • Bay Area Rapid Transit
    • Sacramento Regional Transit
    • Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (San Jose)

    Buses and Subways, Southern California

    • Los Angeles Dept. of Transportation
    • Los Angeles Metro
    • San Diego Metropolitan Transit System


    How long is a flight from NJ to California?

    The total flight time from New Jersey to California is approximately 6 hours. Also, the flight time depends on the straight line distance from New Jersey to California, which is about 3906 km or 2427 miles.

    If you travel in an airplane (average speed – 560 miles) from NJ to California, it will take approx 4.33 hours.

    How much is the flight ticket from California to New Jersey?

    You can find many flights from California to NJ for under $100.

    • Ticket price of United Airlines

    Cheapest- $118

    Average- $414

    Can you take a train from New Jersey to California?

    If you do not want to travel by plane, you can also choose the train to reach California. Amtrak is the only train line that connects Newark, New Jersey to Los Angeles, California. You can travel any day as 7 trains are running each day.

    The average time is taken to reach- 3d 4h 35m

    Average price- $335.86

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    Best place to visit in California

    California’s diverse culture, cities, landscapes, and other geographical offerings make California a gold standard for travelers. Your stay in California is incomplete if you haven’t visited these places.


    ●      Golden Gate Bridge

    Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge between the Golden gate in California, and it further links San Francisco with Marin county. It is recognized as the symbol of power and progress.

    An innovation of modern engineering, this bridge is 1.7 miles long and 90 feet wide. Golden Gate Bridge was the longest suspension bridge until 1981. The 746-foot towers made it the tallest bridge until 1993.

    This bridge is one of the seven civil engineering innovations. This bridge is the most photographed, and people love visiting here. 

    ●      Venice Beach

    Venice City is the main beach in the Venice district of Los Angeles. Plus, the central hub of Venice beach is an area called Muscle Beach. This area has sports courts and is an attraction for many.

    The Venice Beach Boardwalk has spread approx 2 miles and is one of the busiest facilities. It ranks second most-visited stop in Southern California. You can see hundreds of street vendors, performers along with many restaurants and food venues.

    ●      San Diego Zoo

    San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is a nonprofit, international organization. They focus on developing sustainable conversation solutions. Find one of the largest variety of exotic and endangered birds, reptiles, and mammals in the San Diego Zoo.

    One of the attractive sights in the zoo is landscaping. There are more than 6,500 species of exotic plants that provide a natural diet for many animal species.

    Popular Cities/Best Places to Live in California

    ●      Sacramento

    Sacramento has a wide array of parks, amenities, landmarks, and other interesting sites. Sacramento, the capital of California, and one of the best places to consider for relocation.

    ●      Los Angeles

    Los Angeles ranks second-most crowded city in the United States. Not only this, it is one of the most happening places in the world.

    ●      Pasadena

    Pasadena is an attraction for many people with cafes, the old town bustles, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and breweries.

    ●      Manhattan Beach

    Manhattan Beach is also termed as “The Pearl of L.A.’s South Bay”.It is a perfect place to swim, surf, bike, jog, and roam. Many shopping and dining options are available around Manhattan Beach.

    ●      San Jose

    It is ranked as the 20th best place to reside. San Jose is the third-largest city in the state and eleventh-largest in the nation. Residents of San Jose experience the Mediterranean, including mild winters, hot, dry summers.

    ●      Greater Lake Tahoe Area

    It is a freshwater lake and is a major tourist attraction. The lake is a home to winter sports, summer outdoor recreation activities throughout the year.

    ●      San Diego

    Experience great landscapes, beaches, and parks in San Diego. You can also witness a remarkable vacation experience.

    Moving to California From NJ FAQ’s

    Is living in California hard?

    California is a beautiful place to live in. The landscapes and coastlines make California more beautiful. The weather is great, and the beaches are amazing.

    Some of the incredible places in California make it a perfect living place.

    Although, it’s quite expensive but worth the expenditure. Housing, food, and other amenities are expensive. But, overall living in California is wonderful.

    How far is it from New Jersey to California?

    There are almost 13 ways to reach California from New Jersey. Distance between New Jersey and California is approximately 42 hours, around 2,888.4 mi. Traveling by air takes around 2,427 miles.

    By train, the time between New Jersey to California takes around 2 days 20 hours and has a distance of around 5139 km. You can reach the spot within 2-days 20 hours by the fastest train.

    Will I be happier in California?

    You will never regret living in California. You can see the happy faces of those who stay there. Also, the California weather is a major addition to being a happy citizen of California.

    You only have quite a high cost of living in California. But, if you can manage the expenses well, you will love California. Plus, you can make new friends here.


    Relocating is now no more a tedious job. No doubt, moving from New Jersey to California is an exciting change. But relocation brings many challenges and issues before you.

    This Moving to California from NJ guide will ease all your relocating worries and challenges.

    Here, you can find details about many essential amenities, taxes, education, weather, flights, transportation of California. This guide is perfect for those people who are searching for a detailed guide on moving to California.

    Have a great stay in California and make relocation more easy and quick. Be ready to shift swiftly to California.

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