Moving to Burlington VT


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    Burlington is a lively city situated on the coasts of the Lake Chaplain flowing along the Adirondack mountains in Vermont.

    With genuine glamour, “The Garden City”  offers aesthetic Victorian architecture, a thriving art and cultural scene, a wealth of outdoor recreations and tourism spots, top educational opportunities, and vibrant family-friendly communities.

    In addition, Vermont’s second-largest city offers a high quality of life and an active workforce culture, which attracts expats to the city in search of better career opportunities.

    Whether vacationing or staying in can be your reason to move to Vermont, Burlington, read our blog post to learn some tips and advice for a hassle-free trip. 

    1. Is Burlington VT safe?

    Burlington is a moderately safe place to live in Vermont as its violent and property crime rate of 16 and 45, is less than the national average of 23 and 35 but higher than the state average of 13 and 24.


    Despite this, Burlington’s neighbourhoods, surroundings, and tourism areas are safe places to live in and explore for families and visitors. 

    Crime in Burlington VT is currently seeing a steady increase in the past 2 years which was not addressed by the Burlington residents.

    Gunfires, substance abuse disorder, racism, inequity, and mental health crises have started accelerating now and are seen happening among the communities, students and the media.

    The city has recorded a violent and property crime rate of 4 and 37 per 1000 residents respectively in 2023. 

    Despite this uptick happenings, Burlington ranks as the #2 safest state to live in the US according to Wallethub. Also, there are no bad areas or neighbourhoods in Burlington.

    This is because the state’s police department has played a vital role in controlling and regulating the crimes in the cities through continuous patrolling and charging punishments to criminals.

    Through various public safety apps and helpline numbers, one can seek help during trouble, and they are just a few seconds away to help you. 

    Below is a comparison table of the crime rate of Burlington vs. VT vs. US per 1000 people.  

    Crime TypeBurlingtonVermont US
    Violent 323
    Property 3613 35 


    2. Things to know before moving to Burlington VT

    Whether you are permanently moving to Burlington VT or visiting for a vacation, check out the facts, and information to remain aware of the place and keep yourself trouble-free from upcoming situations. 

    3. Living in Burlington VT

    Burlington is the most habited city situated in the northwestern area of Vermont. Its first settlements were by native Canadians for hunting and fishing at Crawford Lake, while Robert Cavelier was the first explorer in 1669 at LaSalle Park.


    Later settlements began in 1784 after the American war and the city was named Wellington Square in 1839.

    The completion of the Sawmill and Grain Dam gave a start to the establishment of the city and the population growth, which had now over 40,000 people. 

    Burlington is one of the second smallest metropolitan cities in the US and the most populated Vermont city. 

    Despite higher housing costs and cost of living, it ranked high in providing a great quality of life, education, healthcare, safety and affordability (to some extent) to its residents.

    Residents here are quite warm and welcoming and always be there for you around whenever you need help.

    The city also offers a vibrant nightlife filled with music and live performances by talented artists in the hotels, bars and restaurants. 

    As per the US news and world report, Burlington ranks as the #1 top green city in the US.

    • #3 US’s best cities for foodies.
    • #9 Best States for providing LGBTQ rights.
    • #10 safest places to live in the US.

    4. Cost of living in Burlington VT

    The cost of living in Burlington, VT is 112, which is 11.2% and 12% more than the average cost of living in Vermont, and the national average respectively.

    The average cost of living for a single individual and a family of four averages $2500 & $5300 per month respectively, which is much higher than the national average. 

    Burlington VT is an expensive city to live in because of its 12% higher cost of living rates than the national and state average.

    But it’s ideal when compared with New England and US metropolitan cities, as the state ranks above them in terms of economy and expenses.

    Food and grocery costs, healthcare, median home costs, utilities, and other miscellaneous costs are the major factors behind its higher cost of living. 

    As of 2023, the annual average household salary of an individual in Burlington VT is $70,000, which is enough for an individual to lead a simple life in the city.

    But to live comfortably in Burlington, a single individual and a family of four must earn an annual average salary of around $90,000 and $110,000 respectively. 

    Check out the cost of living differences between Burlington, VT in comparison with the national average. 

    Cost of livingBurlington, VTUS
    Overall Expenses116100
    Housing cost133100


    5. Weather conditions in Burlington VT 

    Burlington VT is a four-season city that has a warm continental climate year-round. The city experiences hot humid summers and chilly harsh winters along with heavy snowfall making it hard for older, kids to survive.


    The skies remain partly cloudy and provide a gentle breeze all the time to beat the humidity. 

    The average temperature in Burlington VT during the summers remains around 75°F and drops down to 12°F or less during winters.

    While the summers tend to be lenient and pleasing, winters are usually long and frizzy and last for 4 months every year. 

    Burlington VT receives 160 sunny days, 40 inches of rainfall and 73 inches of snow every year, which is why it’s known for its altering seasons along with beautiful foliage during the falls.

    For comparison, January is the coldest month in the year with average temperature ranging from 29°F- 14°F and July is the hottest month in Burlington with temperature varying from 80°F – 60°F. 

    MonthWeather conditions in Burlington VT
    December – AprilDays are warm and nights are mild. Snow occurs and the winter season starts at the end of the month. There are some chances of rain. The average high temperature of 60oF.Average low temperature of 5oF.
    April – MayThe weather is cool and wet. Rain showers are commonly seen, making the land green as trees and flowers start to bloom. Average high temperature up to 50°F.Average low temperature up to 31°F.
    SeptemberBest time to visit Vermont’s BurlingtonPleasant, with mild and dry weather.Less frequent rainfall. Leaves turn red and brown. Average high temperature of 71°F.Average low temperature of 50°F.
    June – NovemberDays are warm and nights are mild. Snow occurs and the winter season starts at the end of the month. There are some chances of rain.The average high temperature of 60oF.Average low temperature of 5oF.

    6. Things to do in Burlington VT

    Burlington VT is worth exploring during any time of the year as it offers stunning natural landscapes, thriving art and cultural panoramas, great food and culinary scenes and outdoor recreations year round.

    There are a lot of things to do for all ages in Burlington from shopping in the No 1. Tourist attractions in Burlington, the Church Street Marketplace to hiking or boating in green mountains or Lake Champlain. 

    Take a look at the table below to learn about the things to do in Burlington VT meant for different age groups.

    KidsEnjoy a ride with family along the wonderful Burlington Bike Path. Participate in the family-friendly events and workshops in Shelburne Farms. Take a tour with family at the Ethan Allen Homestead to learn about Burlington’s history. Enjoy performances and events at the Flynn Center.
    FamiliesSpend an evening cruise on Lake Champlain with nice sunset views. Take a walk-through of local wineries and breweries and taste them in the city. Book a table at any scenic restaurant in Burlington to enjoy a meal with your partner. Go hiking, boating and skating together in the nearby natural areas such as the Green Mountains, the Adirondacks, or Lake Champlain.
    CouplesVisit the Shelburne Museum to see a huge collection of Americana and folk art. Burlington has various shopping centers like Church Street Marketplace which is perfect for elders. Go for a picnic at the Waterfront and enjoy the natural beauty. Visit the Fleming Museum of Art, a segment of the University of Vermont that is home to various arts from different corners of the world.
    Elderly peopleVisit the Shelburne Museum to see a huge collection of Americana and folk art. Burlington has various shopping centers like Church Street Marketplace which is perfect for elders. Go for a picnic at the Waterfront and enjoy the natural beauty. Visit the Fleming Museum of Art, a segment of the University of Vermont that is home to various arts from different corners of the world.

    7. Housing in Burlington VT

    Burlington VT has a very cutthroat housing market and rental homes scoring 85 out of 100.

    While the south Burlington VT home values have reduced to 12.8%, the home values in Burlington have risen by 7.4% since the last year, and now the average home price is about $500,000. 


    The reason behind high housing and real-estate prices in Burlington VT is due to less invention of houses and a smaller population.

    Even though new houses are being constructed, supply is not able to meet the demand. This has resulted in selling off only 23 homes till now in 2023, then 40 homes from the last year. 

    As far as rental home prices are concerned, it’s as difficult to find a rental house in Burlington as newly constructed houses as the vacancy rate is 1.5%  from the total of 16,000+ homes.

    The average rent in Burlington VT for a single-bedroom apartment is $1700 per month which can even exceed $5200 per month for a 3-bedroom apartment or more. 

    8. Cost of Moving to Burlington VT

    Hiring a mover company is always a convenient option to move to/from Burlington. And this comes with a cost ranging from $425 to $5,160.

    The cost of moving to a 1-bedroom apartment is around $2,150. Moreover, the moving rate for 3–4 bedrooms ranges from $724 to $4,732.

    The prices may vary as per your luggage, time, location and market condition. Professional movers charge very high whereas renting a truck or a moving container is cheap but requires more labour.

    It is recommended not to shift during summer as it is crowded and moving companies charge more.

    Here is the list of top-rated moving companies in Burlington VT.

    • Safeway Moving
    • International Van Lines
    • American Van Lines
    • JK Moving Services
    • Lowell’s Moving & Storage
    • Morway’s Moving and Storage, Inc.
    • Action Moving & Storage, Inc.

    9. Pros and Cons of Moving to Burlington VT

    Moving to Vermont’s Burlington not only comes up with various good reasons but also some downsides that one must know before moving, which can help you to ignore/tolerate them as much as you can. So, check out the points to learn about the pros and cons of Burlington VT.


    • Plenty of space and food.
    • Good quality healthcare.
    • Clean air and less pollution.
    • Warm and welcoming locals.
    • A lot of opportunities for winter activities.
    • Great quality schools and universities.


    • Extreme winter months.
    • The cost of living is high.
    • Minimum crime rate
    • Poor network and customer services
    • Property taxes are high
    • Presence of intolerable bugs like mosquitoes, bugs, ticks, etc.

    10. Places to stay in Burlington VT

    There are a total of 7 neighbourhoods that comprise Burlington, each of them backed up with beautiful landscape, free from crimes, family-friendly neighbourhoods, and packed with great city life, nightlife and unmatched amenities.


    If you are newly moving to this place, consider one from the list below.

    Downtown Burlington: The Downtown region is located in the heart of Burlington City. It is near several restaurants, bars, shops, schools, hospitals, etc., that are well-maintained and mostly visited by tourists and locals.

    Burlington’s famous attractions – Church Street Marketplace and Lake Champlain Waterfront are situated in this place.

    University Area: The University Area is a quiet neighbourhood of Burlington and one of the best places to stay in Vermont.

    This is because it boasts the top educational schools and institutes in Vermont, especially the University of Vermont.

    Here the crime rate is very low and you can find many budget-friendly houses and rental homes for families and students. Moreover, you need to take a short drive to access all basic amenities.

    Old North End: ONE, the melting point of Burlington was established during the 1800s, and is now surrounded by Manhattan Drive, Pearl Streets and Prospect. 

    This area has a lot of historic homes, cheap houses, local flavour and a low crime rate. It is a hub of many industries, thus attracting a large number of immigrants to stay.

    Winooski: One of the smallest Vermont cities, Winooski, situated 4 kilometres away from Burlington, is home to 8,000 residents.

    It conducts various music festivals, Sunday farmer’s market Wolfsgart Air Out and historical festivals to maintain vibrancy and liveliness in the city.

    It has a moderate crime rate and residents lead a unique lifestyle out of everything.

    Moving to Burlington VT FAQs

    What’s the population of Burlington, VT?

    As of 2023, the population of Burlington, VT averages around 45,000 people.

    What county is Burlington VT?

    Burlington VT belongs to Chittenden County.

    What do most people do in Burlington? 

    Approximately 50% of the population of Burlington is engaged in business. The other half of the population works in the agriculture, manufacturing and transportation sectors. 

    How far is Randolph VT to Burlington VT?

    Randolph Vt is 76 km away from Burlington VT. It takes about four hours to travel between Burlington and Randolph, and vice versa.

    What Are the Key Industries In Burlington?

    Some of the key job industries in Burlington VT are as follows:

    • Biomedical and life science
    • Food and beverage
    • Tourism
    • Manufacturing
    • Agriculture and Food Production
    • Education 


    From the beautiful natural landscape to a wealth of fun activities and outdoors to explore, there are a lot of factors that make Burlington a pre-eminent city to reside in Vermont.

    Although it has higher living costs and scarce rental and real-estate properties, several other factors like a great education system, incredible culinary scenes, and remarkable art and cultural arenas might become your reason to move to Vermont’s Queen City.

    So, think about all the good and not-so-good stuff the city offers and make a relocation decision soon!