Moving to Argentina From US – Guide

Moving to Argentina From US - Guide

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    Argentina is the most beautiful Latin American nation to reside in. This is the home to breathtaking lakes, around 5000 km of coastline, gushing rivers, and streams. Its cultural richness and art heritage give a European feel and make it the perfect place to reside in. 

    This South American country is flanked by hot deserts and humid jungles. Argentina is also known for its romantic dance form, Tango. The friendly atmosphere, towering mountains, golden-sand beaches, and warm rainforests make Argentina an appealing destination for immigrants around the world. 

    Many expats from the US are already living within its boundaries with a majority stays in and around Buenos Aires. This is the world’s largest Spanish-speaking nation and still has lots of room for everyone. It is a rising Latin American hotspot for digital nomads and outlanders.

    Argentina is a nation of intriguing colors. It is friendly and chilled-out and at the same time creative and progressive. This country values old-age traditions and also embraces modern technology and infrastructure. 


    However, moving to Argentina from US is not as simple as it seems to be as there are plenty of things that should be thought about. To make things simple and sound, we have done this job for you and come up with the rundown of all essential details. 

    This comprehensive guide has everything you are searching for such as how to get a visa,  what are the immigration laws and citizenship requirements, what about the tax system, how easily you can fetch a job, what healthcare facilities are available, the status of the education system, cost of living, and many more. 

    Look no further and get ready to take a virtual tour of this incredibly beautiful country with us.

    Let’s get started!!

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    Types of Visas

    There are 3 major categories of Argentina Visa. These include:

    Transit VisaIt is issued to the foreign national who is going to enter Argentina to make his way to the third country. Valid for 10 days.
    Short-term visaIssued to the foreign nationals who visit the country for short-term purposes like tourists, journalists, etc. It is valid for three months. 
    Long-term VisaIt permits a long-term or permanent stay in Argentina 

    Criteria for Visa

    Expats need to follow specific criteria to submit a visa application for relocating to Argentina. 

    • The visa process can only be done offline.
    • Set up an appointment with the Argentinian embassy or consulate.
    • Bring the essential documents and pay the visa fee.
    • Attend the interview and wait for the Visa to be processed. 

    Required Documents For Visa

    The standard set of documents for all Argentina Visa applications are:

    • Visa application form
    • Valid passport
    • Photocopies of your passport
    • Colored picture of yourself
    • Proof of paid Argentina Visa Fee
    • Proof of the sufficient financial means
    • Return flight ticket or travel itinerary
    • Proof of accommodation in Argentina

    Do Americans need a Visa For Argentina?

    No visa is required for moving to Argentina from US. American citizens are allowed to enter this South American Country with a valid passport and they can enjoy a tourist stay for up to 90 days. 

    However, official or diplomatic passport holders must get visas before arrival.

    Argentina Visa Requirements For US Citizens

    No visa is required for a US citizen to visit Argentina, except the officials.


    He can stay for up to 90 days on a tourist visa and can renew the same easily. 

    How much is the Visa fee for Argentina?

    The visa fee depends on the type of visa you are applying for and the consulate handling your application. 

    • Fee for Argentina Visa: €150 – €200
    • Fee for Argentina Transit Visa: €40


    Argentina Immigration Laws

    While relocating to Argentina, it is important to consider immigration laws in order to avoid any further hassle. According to Article 2 of Immigration Law No. 25.871, a migrant is defined as any foreigner who wants to enter, transit, settle or reside permanently or temporarily, or incidentally in the country. 

    Article 4 of Argentina Immigration Law No. 85.271 states that the right to immigration is essential and inalienable for the person and the Argentinian Republic guarantees it on the basis of the principle of universality and equality. 

    Argentina Citizenship Requirements

    Argentine nationality is the quickest in the world and provides innumerable benefits to immigrants. There are three categories of Argentine citizens, namely:

    • By Birth or Birthright

    Anyone born in Argentina falls into this category and automatically gets citizenship of the country.

    • By Option

    Children who are born overseas to Argentine-born parents fall into this category. 

    • By Naturalized

    Anyone who has completed the naturalization process to become an Argentine citizen.

    Americans moving to Argentina can easily apply for citizenship if:

    • They are 18 years old or more.
    • They have legally lived in Argentina for 2 years. 

    How to Apply?

    There is no language exam or test and this exactly makes Argentina one of the easiest places in the world to get citizenship. Moreover, a person needs to apply for naturalization before the federal judge. 

    To apply for Argentine citizenship, you may require the following documents:

    • A completed application form
    • Original Birth Certificate
    • Current identity documents (DNI or residency card, passport, etc)
    • Police criminal record certificate
    • Documents specific to your application

    Can a US Citizen migrate to Argentina?

    Sure. A US citizen can stay in Argentina for up to 90 days on a tourist visa and renew the same easily. After completing 2 years of living, they can apply for permanent citizenship. 

    How long does it take to become a citizen in Argentina?

    It just takes 2 years to become a citizen of Argentina. However, you need to make sure that you are 18 years old or more to get citizenship. 


    Tax System in Argentina

    It is essential to understand a taxation system before moving to Argentina from US. There is no tax code in the country and, therefore, the tax regulation takes place according to separate laws. 


    The tax policy is implemented by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues. Taxes in Argentina are generally levied on income, assets, and consumption. These are classified into three levels, namely:

    • Federal
    • Provincial
    • Municipal

    Residents in Argentina are taxable on worldwide income. However, non-residents and foreign beneficiaries are bound to pay taxes only on Argentine-source income. Both residents and non-residents are taxed at the progressive income rate ranges from 5% to 35%, depending on the income. 

    The tax in Argentina is a one-year period which can be either a calendar year or any other period covering 12 months.

    There is no ruling system for taxes in this South American country. The property tax in Argentina is applicable to the land and buildings without taking the taxpayer’s financial condition into account.

    Types of Taxes in Argentina

    Taxes at the Federal level

    • Income Tax
    • Value Added Tax
    • Excise Tax
    • Minimum Presumed Income Tax
    • Personal Assets Tax
    • Taxes on Credit and Debit Card in Bank Accounts and other operations

    Taxes at the Provincial Level

    • Gross Income Tax (Turnover Tax)
    • Real Estate Tax
    • Stamp Tax

    Are taxes high in Argentina?

    Yes. Argentina has high levels of taxation which makes it quite difficult for the residents to survive. The maximum tax rate is currently 35% on the net income earned over 1,032,522 ARS.

    Argentina Corporate Tax Rate

    Corporate Tax Rate25% (from fiscal years starting on or after 1 January 2021)
    Withholding TaxBranch profit remittances: 13%Dividend distributions: 7%
    The number of payments of taxes per year9.0
    The time taken for administrative formalities (hours)311.5


    Job Market in Argentina

    The job market of the country is progressive and an American moving to Argentina can easily fetch a good job if he boasts the necessary skills and qualifications. The unemployment rate of Argentina stands at 11.67%, higher than the global average.


    There is a high demand for professionals in the following industries:

    • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Engineering and production
    • Administration & Finance
    • Banking
    • Oil Industry
    • Information Technology

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    Find a Job as a Foreigner

    Finding a job in Argentina as a foreigner is not a difficult task as this country is home to plenty of companies. Carry out the following procedure and fetch the job immediately after immigrating to Argentina.

    • Get a work visa
    • Master the language
    • Adapt your CV
    • Write a good cover letter
    • Use all available mediums and land at your favorite job

    Fewer job opportunities are available for low-skilled foreign nationals and they need to learn the necessary skills to access the labor market. 

    Jobs in Argentina For US Citizens

    There are numerous job opportunities present for US citizens in Argentina.


    Expats can easily find jobs in everything from agriculture and tourism to art and science. Get a visa and work permit to fetch an ideal job opportunity. 

    Is it easy to get a job in Argentina?

    Yes. Finding a job in Argentina is not challenging as this country is home to a plethora of national and international companies. 

    What is the Employment Rate in Argentina?

    Argentina is a developing country and its current employment rate stands at 41.60%. It has the second-largest national economy in South America. 

    What is the average income in Argentina?

    The average income in Argentina is typically around 45,200 ARS/ month ($469.33). Salary in this country usually ranges between 11,400 ARS (lowest average) and 202,000 ARS (Highest Average).


    Healthcare System in Argentina

    Healthcare System in Argentina is decentralized. It means that public health is administered at a municipal level and primary health is independently managed by each city. 


    There are three sectors of healthcare in Argentina, namely – The Public Sector, Social Security, and the Private Sector. Health services in this country are considered among the best in Latin America. The hospitals in Argentina are of an excellent standard with competent medical staff. 

    However, it is suggested to have health insurance if you are relocating to the northern part of Argentina or in remote areas. 

    Public vs Private Healthcare

    The healthcare system in Argentina is classified into two categories – Public and Private. 

    Public Healthcare

    It is a government-funded health service that covers approximately 50% of the total population. The Ministry of Health is responsible for public health services and thus it is available free of charge to both nationals and foreigners. 

    Private Healthcare

    The private healthcare system in Argentina is thriving but fragmentary. It is mainly available to those with private insurance or those who are a part of the National Health Insurance Scheme. 

    Healthcare in Argentina for Foreigners

    Americans moving to Argentina must know that they can easily access public healthcare services for free. The only charges are for prescriptions. 

    However, long appointment scheduling times and waiting lists mainly affect the performance of public healthcare and insist the foreigners shift to the private one. 

    Is Healthcare Expensive in Argentina?

    No, not at all. Public healthcare services in Argentina are available for free of cost and you only need to pay for the prescriptions. 


    Is Insurance Required in Argentina?

    Insurance is required only if you are seeking immediate and superior-quality private healthcare services or if you are moving to remote areas of the country. 


    Education System in Argentina

    Education in Argentina is classified into four levels, namely – Initial Level (Kindergarten), Primary Level, Secondary Level, and Tertiary Level. In some provinces, Primary Level is known as the education primaria (EP) and the Secondary Level is called educacion secundaria (ES).

    According to the National Educational Law, EP and secondary education is mandatory for all students. The tertiary Level includes both college and university education. 


    The scale to grade up the academic performance lies between the range of 1-10, where 1,2,3 means insufficient or failed while 10th grade reflects an outstanding performance. 

    Education in Argentina Facts

    Before relocating to Argentina, let’s just figure some important factors related to its education system here. 

    • The country’s literacy rate is 98.1%, way higher than the global average. 
    • It has a secondary school enrollment rate of 90%.
    • Schools in Argentina run for just 4 hours a day. 
    • A student’s drop-out rate in the country is about 73%, one of the highest in the world. 

    Education in Argentina Vs the USA

    Moving to Argentina from US? Compare the education system of both countries before making a decision. 

    Schooling Hours47
    Literacy Rate98.1%99%
    Average years of schooling of Adults8.812
    Primary Education Duration66
    Pupil-Teacher Ratio, primary16.3314.29
    Pupil-Teacher Ratio, secondary10.914.49

    How much does it cost to study in Argentina?

    Private Universities can cost you about $3000 to $20,000 annually. For a Post-graduate degree, you need to pay around $2300 to $27,000 per year.  


    Is School free in Argentina?

    There is no tuition fee for students in Argentina, irrespective of their academic achievements and financial status. 

    Does Argentina have a good education?

    Yes, Argentina’s education system has fairly a good reputation. Its literacy rate is 98.1%, one of the highest among all Latin American countries.


    Living in Argentina

    Argentina sits at the bottom of the world and enjoys incredible weather and fascinating landscape. This South American country has something for everyone, be it the cultural capital of Buenos Aires to dessert regions of Salta and Jujuy. It has a wealth of culinary delights and is famous for its wine all over the world. 


    It is home to beautiful rivers, lakes, desserts, and the world’s most amazing waterfall. This country is free from wacky laws and that’s exactly what makes moving to Argentina from US worth it. 

    Argentina Cost of Living vs the US

    Undeniably, living in Argentina is way cheaper than in the United States. Let’s understand the same with the table of comparison. 

    MetricsArgentinaUnited States
    Cost of Living (One person)$676$1900
    Cost of Living (Family) excluding rent$1591$3313
    Basic Utilities$51.24$165.11
    One-Way Ticket (Local Transport)$0.30$2.25
    GDP Per Capita$8433$65,297
    Average Household Income $3213$61,937

    Living in Argentina as an American

    Moving to Argentina from US promises a fulfilling life in a beautiful, diverse, and culturally rich country. Moreover, the cost of living in Argentina is about 50 to 60% less than in the US, according to 

    Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
    Low cost of livingFar away from the international flight hub
    Unique Spanish DialectThe food often lacks diversity
    Friendly peoplePoverty is quite apparent even in the wealthiest parts of the country
    Distinctive and Fascinating CultureFinding jobs is a bit challenging
    Boasts impressive and beautiful landscapeUnstable economy

    Is Argentina a good place for an American to live?

    Yes. The low cost of living and pleasant weather makes this country ideal for Americans. Locate the best place to live in Argentina and enjoy a happy life.

    How much money do you need to retire in Argentina?

    It all depends on your lifestyle. You can enjoy comfortable living by spending just $1000 to $1500 per month. 

    Best Places to Live

    Relocating to Argentina but unsure about the ideal location for ex-pats? Here is the rundown of the 10 best places where you can enjoy the true beauty of this country. Check them out here!!

    1. Mendoza

    This city is located in Argentina’s Cuyo region and is famed for Malbecs and other red wines. The average cost of living in Medoza is $378 per month for ex-pat and $789 per month for nomads. 

    2. Palermo

    This trendiest neighborhood in Argentina’s capital is a favorite among foreigners.


    It is a great place for remote workers due to the proliferation of co-working spaces. Its amazing vibes, pretty streets, and wealth of restaurants will surely keep you occupied. 

    3. Bariloche

    It is a small town in the country’s Patagonia region and is surrounded by Andes Mountains. Bariloche is famous for Swiss-alpine style architecture and its delicious chocolates. 

    4. Cordoba

    Cordoba is a wonderful place for young people to experience Argentina’s nightlife and vibrant culture. It is also surrounded by incredible natural beauty and is home to rolling hills and gushing rivers. 

    5. San Telmo

    San Telmo is an idyllic location for those who are moving to Argentina from US to enjoy a true European feel. It is one of the capital’s oldest neighborhoods that remind you of Argentina’s heritage.  

    6. Salta

    It is the provincial capital of northwestern Argentina and is known for its Spanish colonial architecture. 

    7. Colegiales

    This low-key town is a toned-down version of Palermo. Colegiales is a perfect choice for those who want to stay in close proximity to the city’s most happening region. 

    8. Puerto Iguazu

    Puerto Iguazu is located just a stone’s throw away from the world’s most spectacular natural wonder, Iguazu Falls. 

    9. El Calafate

    This beautiful town is the gateway to Los Glaciares National Park and is an ultimate location for outdoor fanatics. 

    10. Mar Del Plata

    Mar Del Plata is the resort city on Argentina’s Atlantic coast. It is the country’s most popular beach destination. 



    Argentina Culture showcases a perfect blend of Latin American and indigenous traditions with European customs. Their culture has been largely influenced by Spanish, Italian, and other European immigrants. This South American country is well-known for its diversity and blended heritage. 

    The people in Argentina are direct and blunt. It is famous for its mouthwatering food and outstanding wine. This country is the fifth-largest wine producer in the world. Immigrating to Argentina is no less than a delight if you love celebrating color and vibrant festivals throughout the year.

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    This Latin American nation lies entirely within the temperate zone of the Southern Hemisphere and hence, experiences a varied climate. In general, it enjoys all four seasons, namely, snowy winter, sunny summer, incredible fall, and beautiful Spring. 


    While the summer months in Argentina can be hot and humid, winters in this country are dry, snow, and intense. Rainfall is distributed throughout the year and the northwest region of Argentina receives a lot of rain at the beginning of the Fall. 

    What are some cultural facts about Argentina?

    Let’s check out some of the interesting cultural facts before finding the best place to live in Argentina. 

    • This country is named after precious metal.
    • Tango was born in the brothels of Buenos Aires.
    • Same-gender marriage is legal in Argentina.
    • It has the highest number of psychiatrists per capita in the world.
    • This is the first country in the world to use fingerprints to solve criminal cases.
    • Argentina is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.

    Is Argentina a tropical country?

    Not at all. However, tropical air masses occasionally invade the provinces of Misiones and Formosa in the extreme north. 

    Is Argentina hot or cold?

    The climate is quite moderate in Argentina with hot and humid summers and mild to moderate winters. The extreme southern portion of the country experiences freezing temperatures at peak times.

    Moving to Argentina FAQs

    Can a US citizen move to Argentina?

    Yes, of course. This Latin American nation has an open-door policy and thus, Moving to Argentina from US is not challenging. It welcomes immigrants from all parts of the world. No specific skills or country quota is required for relocating to this beautiful destination. US citizens can easily stay in Argentina for up to 90 days on a tourist visa and can renew the same without facing any trouble. This country offers plenty of job opportunities to qualified foreign nationals. Also, there are no restrictions on foreigners buying property in Argentina, and hence, settling here is not at all difficult.

    Is Argentina a good place for Americans?

    Sure. Argentina has now become one of the famous expatriate destinations in the world. Its rich heritage and incredible landscape attract immigrants around the world. Moreover, this is a good place for Americans as it allows a US citizen to stay for up to 90 days on a tourist visa that can be renewed easily. They are eligible to apply for permanent residency after being a resident of Argentina for at least 2 years. It offers a more relaxed lifestyle in a safer environment. Health services in Argentina are good and crime is way lower than in America. 

    Is it expensive to live in Argentina?

    No, not at all. Living in Argentina is about 50 to 60% cheaper than in the United States. Americans moving to Argentina can easily manage to live quite comfortably in just $1000 to $1300 per month. Everything in this country is available at a reasonable price such as groceries, transportation, housing, and other utilities. Argentina boasts public healthcare system which is free of charge for both nationals and foreigners.  Cheap housing rents offer a big boost to the country’s affordability especially for those who stay outside the popular tourist destinations. A person typically earns 45,000 ARS/ month which is a good amount to enjoy a decent lifestyle. 

    Where do most expats live in Argentina?

    Argentina has been a haven for immigrants for the past few years. One who is moving to Argentina from US can settle down anywhere in the country. However, the best places to live as an ex-pat are Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Cordoba, Salta, etc. There are roughly 60,000 Americans living in the country. Out of which, 26,000 are staying in and around the capital city of Buenos Aires. Palermo, SanTelmo, and Recoleta are all popular neighborhoods of the capital city where expats love to reside in. It is one of the safest cities to live in South America and offers excellent job opportunities to foreigners. 


    So, here is all about you need to know about relocating to Argentina. Hope you have enjoyed reading the same and find it informational. This guide is created by taking all kinds of immigrants into account and has covered every single aspect related to immigration.

    Argentina is one of the beautiful countries in the world to stay in. Its affordable cost of living makes this country a worth-selecting option for retirees and ex-pats from all around the world.

    One can easily spend his life peacefully from just $1000 to $1300. It is for sure that you will regret your decision of living in this alluring country. 

    This South American nation has now become a favorite destination for expats for the past few years. Moreover, this country doesn’t require any special certificate or language test to offer citizenship.

    You can simply apply for a permanent residency just after being a resident of Argentina for 2 years. It is one of the fastest countries in the world to get permanent citizenship and this is why it attracts immigrants from far and wide. 

    There are several reasons for Moving to Argentina from the US, be it outstanding food, European feel, natural diversity, or affordable cost of living. It offers a unique blend of serenity and calmness with just the right dose of cultural richness and European flavor. 

    Many newcomers instantly feel at home in its friendly atmosphere where relaxing siestas, Sunday barbecues, and exuberant socializing are the way of life. The country’s supreme liveability at a wonderfully affordable price is exactly what attracts expats from every nook and corner of the world.

    Spanish and Italian traditions are strong here especially when it comes to food and architecture. 

    What keeps you waiting for now? Just pack your bags and come over to this appealing destination without hitting your pockets hard. 

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