Moving To Anaheim, California

Moving To Anaheim, California

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    If you dream of experiencing the adventures and experiences of Disney California Adventure Park, consider moving to Anaheim, California.

    Owning a motto as the “City of Kindness,” Anaheim was founded by German Americans in 1857. The city began as a farming community and grew into a central metropolitan area after the construction of Disneyland in 1955.

    Millennials who own tech jobs and want to enjoy the Great California weather and high quality of life aren’t the only ones heading for the city. The city’s population growth is primarily because of its proximity to several attractions like the Downtown Disney District, Honda Centre, Packing District, Angel Stadium, and more.  It owns significant sports teams, including Los Angeles Angels, Anaheim Ducks, Disneyland Resort, and Anaheim Convention Centre. 

    Also, you need to learn more about the city before you move there or pay a visit to ensure you get what you expect and avoid surprises. So, sit back and read the blog post carefully.

    Quick Facts Before Moving To Anaheim, California:

    Where Is Anaheim, CA Located?

    Anaheim, California, is in the northern part of Orange County, about 25 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

    It’s situated on the plain of the Santa Ana River and is surrounded by cities like Yorba Linda, Placentia, Fullerton, and Buena Park to the north.

    To the south, it’s bordered by Stanton, Garden Grove, and Orange.

    The western border is shared with Buena Park and Cypress.

    Population In Anaheim, CA

    The estimated population of Anaheim, California, in 2023 is 343,654 residents.

    Anaheim’s population reflects a slight annual decline of -0.33% over the past year.

    Diversity In Anaheim, CA.

    With a diversity score of 94 out of 100, Anaheim, California, has a significantly diverse population having racial composition made up in the following ways:

    • Hispanic: 54.6%
    • White: 23.8%
    • Asian: 16.2%
    • Black: 2.3%.
    • Two or more races: 4.2%

    Cost Of Living In Anaheim, CA

    Living in Anaheim, California, costs much more than the national average, with a cost of living index of 164.9, which is 64.9% higher than the national average.

    • Housing is the main reason for the high living costs in Anaheim, being 218% above the national average, followed by transportation costs at 32%, grocery prices at 12% higher, and healthcare at 2%
    • The median household income in Anaheim is $81,806 per annum.
    • For a comfortable life in Anaheim, it’s recommended to have a minimum annual income of $154,800 for a family and $80,800 for a single person.
    • A good salary in Anaheim is anything over $81,086, considering the cost of living is 43% higher than the national average.

    Here is a table summarizing the cost of living in Anaheim, CA:

    Cost of Living CategoriesAnaheim, CANational Average
    Overall Cost of Living Index164.9100
    Housing218% higher than the national average100
    Utilities111% of the national average100
    Transportation128% of the national average100
    Groceries111% of the national average100
    Healthcare112% of the national average100

    Housing Market In Anaheim, CA

    If you’re moving to Anaheim, California, you’ll find that the housing market is highly competitive. With so many transportation options, buyers have their pick of homes in the city or county, regardless of price or size.

    Here are some key stats on the housing and rental market in Anaheim. 

    • Homes in Anaheim typically sell in about 35 days and receive an average of 4 offers.
    • The average home cost is around $855,000, a 9.2% increase from the previous year.
    • The median home value is $891,285.75, and the median list price per square foot is $549.
    • In Anaheim, the homeownership rate is 46.6%, and renters comprise 53.4% living in these homes. 
    • The average home rental price is $2,586, with a median rent of $2,512 for all bedrooms and property types.

    The average rental prices in Anaheim, CA, as of 2023, are as follows:

    • Average rent for an apartment in Anaheim is between $1,955 and $2,475 per month.
    • The average rent for a studio apartment in Anaheim ranges from $1,878 to $ 2,739 monthly.
    • The average rent in Anaheim for a one-bedroom apartment ranges from $1,877 to $2,744 monthly.
    • 3-bedroom house rent in Anaheim averages $3,300 per month.
    • 4-bedroom house rent in Anaheim averages $3,850 per month.

    Job Market In Anaheim, CA

    If you are relocating to Anaheim, California, in search of employment, you will be pleased to know that the job market is growing. The city has rebounded from the pandemic recession and is now experiencing a surge in job growth. Let’s take a look at Anaheim’s job market and salary structure.

    • Anaheim’s job market indicates a 14.2% increase in total nonfarm employment by 2024.
    • According to the Southern California Association of Governments, Anaheim is expected to substantially increase by approximately 52,316 jobs, or 27.1%, from 2015 to 2040.
    • Anaheim’s unemployment rate, as of 2023, is 3.8%, showcasing a healthy job market in the city.
    • Anaheim, CA, the job market has grown by 0.6% in the last year, with a predicted 32.5% growth in the next decade.
    • The average salary in Anaheim is $26.94 per hour or $56,032 yearly. The average resident’s income is $23,990 annually.

    Top Employers In Anaheim, CA

    • Disneyland Resort
    • Kaiser Foundation Hospital
    • City of Anaheim
    • Northgate Gonzales Markets
    • Hilton Anaheim
    • CashCall Inc. – Mortgage Division
    • Anaheim Regional Medical Center
    • Angels Baseball LP
    • Anaheim Marriott Hotel
    • DMS Facility Services

    Most Common Job Titles In Anaheim, CA

    • Cashier
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Server
    • Sales Associate
    • Hostess
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Internship
    • Cast Member
    • Medical Assistant
    • Receptionist

    Highest Paying Jobs In Anaheim, CA

    Job TitleAverage Salary
    Primary Care Physician$216,897
    President And General Manager$212,582
    Family Practice Physician$200,772
    Chief Executive Officer$191,176
    Vice President, Business Development$184,029
    Senior Director, Operations$178,990
    Senior Finance Manager$145,507
    Alliance Manager$144,948

    Is It Safe Is It To Live In Anaheim, CA

    Suppose you are concerned about whether moving to Anaheim, California, will help you live safely with your family. In that case, you must know that Anaheim falls in the 25th percentile for safety, indicating it is less safe than 75% of cities but safer than 25%, based on safety rankings. Here are the crime stats of Anaheim, CA. 

    • Crime rates in Anaheim, California, surpass the national average but are below average for similarly sized U.S. cities, with a 1 in 32 chance of being a victim of either violent or property crime.
    • The most prevalent crime is property crime, with a rate of 2,769.2 incidents per 100,000 residents, covering burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft.
    • Violent crimes are less frequent, with a rate of 766 incidents per 100,000 residents, including assault, robbery, rape, and murder.
    • Crime rates vary within Anaheim, ranging from a 1 in 51 chance in northeast neighborhoods to a 1 in 352 chance in the northwest part of the city.

    Safest Neighborhoods In Anaheim, CA

    • Anaheim Hills
    • The Summit of Anaheim Hills
    • Lake Summit / Galerie
    • Carriage Hills / Havenhill
    • Sunflower / Bel Air
    • Friendly Village
    • Platinum Triangle
    • West Anaheim
    • Southwest Anaheim
    • Southeast Anaheim

    How Fast Can You Commute In Anaheim, CA?

    The average one-way commute time in Anaheim, California, is around 28.5 minutes, slightly exceeding the U.S. average of 26.4 minutes.

    Regarding commuting methods, most Anaheim residents drive alone to work, constituting 43.1% of commuters. Other less common modes of commuting include carpooling with one or more individuals, walking or bicycling, and utilizing mass transportation.

    The average car ownership in Anaheim stands at two cars per household.

    Available Public Transportation in Anaheim, CA:

    The Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN) facilitates public transportation in Anaheim, offering three primary services: 

    • ART – Anaheim Regional Transportation: This public bus service connects significant destinations within and around Anaheim.
    • FRAN – Free Rides Around the Neighborhood: FRAN provides micro-transit services in Center City, enhancing local transportation.
    • EVE – Everyone Ventures Everywhere: EVE offers Orange County Airport Service, catering to the transportation needs of travelers.

     How Is The Weather In Anaheim, CA?

    Anaheim experiences two main seasons: a warm season from July to September, with average daily highs above 82°F, and a winter season from November to March, with average daily highs below 70°F.

    • The city has a borderline hot semi-arid climate, featuring warm winters, sporadic heavy rainfalls, and hot, primarily rainless summers. Temperatures range from 46°F to 85°F, rarely falling below 39°F or exceeding 94°F.
    • Anaheim typically does not experience snowfall.
    • The city enjoys approximately 280 sunny days per year.
    • August is the hottest month, with an average high of 85°F and a low of 65°F.
    • December is the coldest month, with an average low of 46°F and a high of 68°F.
    • The best times to visit California Anaheim are from March to May and September to October.

     How Much Are The Taxes In Anaheim, CA?

    The tax rates in Anaheim, CA, are as follows:

    • Sales tax: 7.75%,
    • Property tax: 0.79% of assessed value.
    • Income tax: 1% to 12.3%.
    • TOT tax: 15% on the rents. 

    Education System In Anaheim, CA

    If you are relocating your family to Anaheim, CA, it is essential to know that the city has 199 schools, including 86 preschools, 42 high schools, and 131 private schools.

    Anaheim High School holds the 787th rank within California, and Loara High School is 753rd in the state.

    • Top-ranked public schools in Anaheim include El Rancho Charter, Canyon High School, and Canyon Hills, with an average ranking of 4/10, placing them in the bottom 50% of California public schools.
    • Tuition costs in Anaheim differ based on the institution. For instance, Orange County Christian School, a private institution, charges $7,200 for the highest grade offered.
    • The United Education Institute-Anaheim, a higher education institution, has an annual cost of $19,900 for in-state residents.
    • Fairmont Schools, a private institution offering preschool education, has tuition ranging from $11,650 for three half-days to $16,750 for five full-days.
    • The Anaheim Union High School District oversees 13 high schools.
    • Student-teacher ratios vary across schools, with Anaheim High School at 22:1 and Orange County Christian School at 15:1.

     Best Middle Schools In Anaheim, CA

    • Oxford Academy
    • Lexington Junior High
    • Walker Junior High
    • El Rancho Charter
    • Orangeview Junior High

     Best Elementary Schools In Anaheim, CA

    • Franklin (Benjamin) Elementary
    • Stoddard (Alexander J.) Elementary
    • Price (Adelaide) Elementary
    • Roosevelt (Theodore) Elementary
    • Canyon Hills
    • Epic Charter (Excellence Performance Innovation Citizenship)
    • Running Springs Elementary

     Best High Schools In Anaheim, CA

    • Oxford Academy
    • Cypress High School
    • John F. Kennedy High School
    • Loara High School
    • Anaheim High School

     Best Universities And Colleges In Anaheim, CA

    • West Coast University – Orange County
    • Bethesda University
    • South Baylo University
    • Southern California Institute of Technology
    • California University of Management and Science

     What Are The Best Things To Do In Anaheim, CA?

    The attractions to explore and things to see in Anaheim, CA, are:

    • Explore the magic of Disneyland Park, an iconic theme park with rides and attractions for the whole family.
    • Enjoy Disney California Adventure Park, featuring attractions inspired by Disney and Pixar films, such as Cars Land and Pixar Pier.
    • Shop, dine, and be entertained at the outdoor Downtown Disney District located in the Disneyland Resort.
    • Catch a game or take a stadium tour at Angel Stadium of Anaheim, home to the Los Angeles Angels baseball team.
    • Indulge in diverse dining options at the historic Anaheim Packing House, a unique food hall.
    • Experience the thrill of being a pilot with realistic flight simulators at Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center.
    • Taste craft beers at Anaheim Brewery, a local brewery with a welcoming tasting room.
    • Attend live concerts and events at the House of Blues, a vibrant music venue.
    • Explore the lively Center City Anaheim, a downtown area with shops, restaurants, and entertainment.
    • Relax at Golden Road Brewery, a family-friendly brewery offering craft beers on an outdoor patio.
    • Visit Knott’s Berry Farm, a famous amusement park with rides, shows, a water park, and a marketplace.

     Best Neighbourhoods In Anaheim, CA

    The best places to live in Anaheim, CA, based on rent/house availability, proximity to amenities and safety, are:

    • Anaheim Hills
    • Platinum Triangle
    • Anaheim Colony Historic District
    • West Anaheim
    • Southwest Anaheim
    • Southeast Anaheim
    • Anaheim Resort
    • East Center Street
    • Downtown Anaheim
    • North Euclid

     Pros And Cons Of Living In Anaheim, CA

    Moving to Anaheim, CA, requires understanding the benefits and disadvantages of living in the city. The following table summarizes the pros and cons of living in Anaheim, CA:

    Pros of Living in AnaheimCons of Living in Anaheim
    Pleasant weather and scenic settingsHigh cost of living, 52.2% higher than the national average
    Strong economy and proximity to popular citiesTraffic congestion and overpopulation
    Abundance of outdoor activities and entertainment venuesSlightly above-average crime rate, particularly property crime
    Good schools and family-friendly environmentLimited cultural diversity and nightlife options


    Anaheim, the second largest city in Orange County, is a beautiful and luxurious place to call home. If you’re considering moving to California, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of relocating to Anaheim, CA. While the city has a higher cost of living and crime rate than some other California cities, there are several benefits to living in Anaheim, including proximity to popular cities, outdoor activities, job opportunities, and excellent education options for families. So, if you’re ready to move to Anaheim, CA, the Disneyland, have a great move and enjoy your new home!

    Photo Credit: Adrián Cerón, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons