Moving from New York to North Carolina


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    Many New Yorkers these days, plan about making North Carolina, their new home. This is because North Carolina is the fastest-growing state. 

    Moreover, the people living in busy cities like New York, choose to make this southern state their abode for living a less hectic and a better quality of life. 

    The average cost of moving from New York to North Carolina ranges between $463 to $5,375.

    The moving cost depends upon the distance from New York to the city in North Carolina where you want to settle down, the date on which you are planning to move, and whether you have hired professional movers, or doing the job by yourself. 

    North Carolina is a popular moving destination due to its scenic landscapes, affordable living costs, thriving job opportunities, excellent education, rich culture, friendly people, rolling mountains, and family beaches in North Carolina. These reasons, together, make North Carolina worth living. 

    Moving to North Carolina from New York is a good idea because North Carolina will give your life a beautiful direction.

    The calmness and serenity of NC are much better than the hustle and bustle of New York.

    If you are wondering, are people from New York really moving to North Carolina? Yes, this is because North Carolina is a worthwhile state, because of affordable homes, good job opportunities, lower tax rates, lower house rents, affordable living costs, and cheaper food and utilities. 


    Mover’s Guide for Moving to North Carolina from New York

    If you are residing in New York and planning to relocate to North Carolina soon,  You must be preparing your checklist for moving to North Carolina from New York.

    We are here to guide you in making the best decision for your next destination.

    The given article will give you the detailed information you must know before moving to North Carolina. Let’s delve into the details!

    1. Moving Costs from New York to North Carolina

    The cost of moving to North Carolina is something you must know before moving to North Carolina. 


    The travel distance of North Carolina from New York is a long distance of about 510.3 miles. Thus, it is going to impact your relocation budget highly. 

    On average, the approximate cost to move between the two states is about $3,000- $10,000. 

    The costs might vary depending on the exact distance between the two cities, the number of items to be transported, and the cost of extra shipping expenses or services provided. 

    You can book professional moving services and get the best-quoted price. Getting services from professionals will be a far better option, as they will have all the facilities, types of equipment and experiences to execute the relocation process in the best possible way. 

    How much is it to move from New York to North Carolina?

    According to the data collected by, the average cost of relocating to North Carolina from New York ranges between  $3,000 – $6,500 only if you plan to do the whole process by yourself. 

    But, if you are hiring professionals for relocating, it might cost you tens of thousands of dollars more than the quoted above. 

    2. Cost of living between New York & North Carolina

    No matter what parameters you compare before planning to live in a particular state. But the most important of them all is the cost of living in that place. 

    So, if you are living in New York City and moving to North Carolina, then you must be well aware of the living costs of both states. 

    Heads (per person)New YorkNorth Carolina
    The average cost of living with rent$3,723$2,108
    The average cost of living without rent$1,297$793
    Cost of Rent & Utilities$2,426$1,315
    Monthly Salary after Tax$5,796$4204


    Is it cheaper to live in New York or North Carolina? 

    New York is about 69.1% more expensive than North Carolina. So, living in North Carolina is cheaper and more affordable compared to New York. 

    3. Transport in New York vs North Carolina

    Whenever you relocate to a new place. You should be well aware of its transport system and the costs to commute from one place to another.


    It would help you plan your itinerary afterwards and also assist you a lot in visiting various places once you move to the state of your choice.

    Listed below is a table that states the comparative analysis of transportation costs in both North Carolina and New York. 

    HeadsNorth CarolinaNew York
    Average transportation cost for 1 person$88.9$347
    Average transportation costs for 4 persons$237$886
    Local Transport Ticket$ 2.13$2.75
    Monthly Transport Ticket$62.2$129
    Taxi Ride$17.7$20.1


    Which state has the best public transportation New York or North Carolina?

    New York has the most extensive public transport system and provides the best 24/7 transport services as compared to North Carolina. 

    4. Climate & Weather New York vs North Carolina

    The climate and weather conditions of a place is extremely important before actually moving in there.

    The state of North Carolina often experiences a hot and humid climate and cold winters, the maximum time of the year.

    The climate of North Carolina experiences a seasonal variation due to diverse geographic elements. 

    Thus, creating a muggy and uncomfortable environment. For instance, the average temperature of the state is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, along with about 60% of the humidity, which pushes the temperature to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    On the other hand, the state of New York has generally a humid & continental type of climate.

    While the Long Island Area, Hudson Valley, and the New York City area experience warm, humid, and subtropical climates with an average temperature of 18 degrees to 23 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    However, the temperature in the upstate location of the state may be 37 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, 68 is the humidity relative index of the state.  

    Does New York or North Carolina have the best climate?

    The state of North Carolina is the best to live in, in terms of climate. North Carolina has a more temperate climate than New York. Moreover, New York faces harsh winters. 

    5. Compare the Education in New York & North Carolina

    North Carolina, according to US News, ranks at the 7th position in the state in terms of higher education and ranks at the 15th position in the Pre-K-12 system. 


    North Carolina is home to two legendary universities named Duke University and the University of North Carolina.

    The students here also opt for other educational activities, such as; small private liberal arts colleges, midsize colleges, and other large research universities. 

    On the other hand, New York ranks 16th nationwide in education. The Pre-K-12 education system of the state ranks at the 19th position, with some of the best K-12 schools providing quality education. 

    A few of the best schools include  Riverdale Country School, Trinity School, and The Brearley School. 

    For higher education, the state ranks at the 14th position, with the State University of New York and the City University of New York being the two largest public universities.

     Moreover,  there are about more than 130 degree colleges in New York that offer 4-year degree courses to interested students in a variety of niches. 

    Some of the best colleges in the state are; Cornell University, Columbia University, University of Rochester, and New York University. 

    Which state has the best Education New York or North Carolina?

    North Carolina has a better education system when compared to New York. According to US North Carolina ranks at 7th and New York at 16th in terms of education in the US.  

    Does New York or North Carolina have the best institutes?

    The state of North Carolina has about 52 prestigious colleges to impart education to young students. Whereas; New York has about more than 130 of them. Both states are home to the best educational institutes.  

    6. Taxes Comparison New York & North Carolina

    The state in which you are residing will decide how you make ends meet. That is because of the job you get in the state, the salary you receive, and the variety of taxes you pay. 

    The myriad of taxes involved; income tax, sales tax, property tax, gasoline tax, and estate tax, all are enough to eat away your disposable income. 

    So, take note of your financial picture and weigh your tax landscape accordingly.

    Here is a quick roundup in the table mentioned below declaring the tax slabs of both states. 

    Tax HeadsNorth CarolinaNew York
    Income Tax Rate4.99%10.9%
    State and Local Tax Rate9.5%14.1%
    Corporate Income Tax Rate2.5%7.25%
    Average Local Sales Tax Rate2.23%4.52%
    Property Tax0.82%1.40%


    Which state is tax-friendly New York or North Carolina?

    North Carolina is the more tax-friendly state, with an affordable cost of living. 

    7. New York vs North Carolina Population

    Population factor plays a vital role when moving from one place to another.


    According to the recent data of 2023, the population of New York is 18,937,00 and that of North Carolina is 10.70 Million less than that of New York. 

    New York is characterized by its bustling metropolis. The majority of the people live in New York due to its eclectic and dynamic character.

    The diversity and culture of the state are something that attracts people to the state. 

    But, New York is quite expensive and North Carolina offers an affordable cost of living. 

    How many NY People move to North Carolina?

    As per the reports, the average number of people moving from New York to North Carolina every year is 218,200 people. The calmness and the low cost of living are the reasons that attract people to North Carolina the most. 

    8. Food in North Carolina compared with NY

    According to, New York ranks as the third-best state in the nation, when it comes to food. 

    Culinary chefs from different parts of the world have brought together their best cuisines and offered them to the people of New York. 

    Moreover, various Michelin-star elites are also a part of the food culture of the state. Any kind of food, you crave, is available in this state.

    The Buffalo Wings, the Hotdogs, and the Beagles, available here are enough to give you a food coma. 

    On the other hand, North Carolina comes in 10th place, when it is ranked based on food. The major contribution of food here is the huge coastline that borders the state. 

    Scrumptious seafood and barbeque here are two things that will make your itinerary an enjoyable one.

    You can enjoy your delicious meal with a chilled beer and a scenic view of the long coastal areas and sandy beaches. 

    Which state has the best food, New York or North Carolina?

    According to New York ranks at the 3rd position and North Carolina at the 10th in the US when it comes to food. 

    Which state has the best restaurants, New York or North Carolina?

    New York has better restaurants and some of the best high-class chain restaurants than North Carolina. As the former ranks higher than the latter in terms of food. 

    9. Housing Comparison between New York & North Carolina

    We will help you discover and get acquainted with the cost of building a house in North Carolina as well as New York. 


    Before moving toward the comparison table, the average value of houses in New York is about $622,026. Whereas the average house value in North Carolina is about $300,640.

    Housing prices in both  New York and North Carolina, have gone up by 3.4% and 10.5% respectively in the past 1 year. 

    Mentioned below is a comparison table of the house rents that you might have to pay in both states. 

    HeadsNorth CarolinaNew York
    1 Bedroom Apartment in City Center$ 1,854$3,884
    1 Bedroom Apartment outside the City Center$1,473$2,414
    3 Bedroom Apartment in City Center$3,644$7,306
    3 Bedroom Apartment outside the City Center$2,995$4,052

    Is housing more expensive in New York than in North Carolina?

    According to Best, the average median value of a house in New York is about 77% higher than in North Carolina. So, housing is expensive in New York as compared to North Carolina. 

    10. Compare Safety between New York & North Carolina

    Facing or becoming a victim of any sort of criminal activity is the worst nightmare for anybody who is moving to a new place.

    According to the data collected through the reports of the State of Safety survey, about 55%of the people in North Carolina worry about their safety which is higher than the national average, i.e., 50%.

    Moreover,  property and violent crimes are high in the state. North Carolina ranks as the 13th highest state in terms of violent crimes. And the 12th highest state with property crimes. 

    If we talk about the state of New York,  about 62% of the people living here are too concerned about their everyday safety.

    Most of the crimes reported here are either gun or violent crimes. 

    Among all the states in the US, New York comes in 18th place in terms of violent crimes and ranks 9th in the US nation. 

    Listed below is a tabular representation of the crime rates per 1000 people in both states.   

    CrimesNational AverageNew YorkNorth Carolina
    Violent Crimes4.03.614.1
    Property Crimes19.64.322.4


    Is North Carolina safer than NY?

    North Carolina has lower crime rates as compared to New York and has a lower crime index than New York.So, living in North Carolina is safer than New York.But, you must take the necessary cautions while moving outside. 

    11. Jobs in New York & North Carolina

    Every human needs to work for a living. Whether you live in New York, North Carolina, or any other US state, finding the right job according to your qualifications is extremely necessary to live a happy and contented life. 


    Talking about employment, New York ranks at 42nd place in the country. Whereas, North Carolina ranks at 25th position. 

    Below listed are a couple of tables stating the best jobs and the average salary which you can earn in both states. 

    New York

    Chief Executive$252,880
    Oral Surgeon$236,450
    Gynecologist and Obstetrician$229,600
    Financial Manager$208,770
    Sales Manager$195,220
    Promotions and Advertising Manager$186,040
    Architectural Manager$172,970

    North Carolina

    Human Resource Manager$65,900
    Sales Representative$66,345
    Director of Marketing$69,107
    Financial Advisor$69,516
    IT Recruiter$95,141
    Chief Executive Officer$104,458
    Primary Care Physician$112,954

    What state is easiest to find a job in? 

    In North Carolina, it is easy to find new jobs, due to new jobs being projected every year. Whereas, if we talk about finding jobs in New York, it is hard to crack the same. 

    12. Economy of New York vs North Carolina

    If you are thinking that the economy of a state might be the reason to move from North Carolina to New York.

    Then, it is right. Keep scrolling below to know some important details about the economic conditions of both North Carolina and New York. 

    The state of North Carolina ranks 17th place in terms of economy. In the early years, growing and manufacturing tobacco and textile were the main source of the economy of NC.  

    But during recent years, North Carolina has generated certain job opportunities that are more than the national average.

    These sectors include; forestry & agriculture, power & resources, manufacturing, transportation, services, healthcare, and education.

    In terms of employment, North Carolina ranks at the 25th position. 

    On the other hand, New York stands at 43rd place in terms of economy in the US. New York has the third-largest economy in the US with a GDP of about $ 1.7 trillion. 

    The city of New York is the major hub for job hunting in the sectors such as; communication, banking, finance, technology, healthcare, retail trade, professional services, manufacturing, and educational services. 

    Does North Carolina have a better economy than NY?

    According to the reports of an article published by, the state of North Carolina ranked at the first position in terms of businesses, and also ranks as one of the best states with the highest economy in the US. 

    Which state has better industries North Carolina or NY?

    Both states have expertise in different fields. Thus, choosing which of them has better industries might be wrong.

    And therefore, we have concluded that the agriculture industry in the state of North Carolina is the best. Whereas, the financial industries in New York hold a major portion of the state’s GDP. 

    13. Pros and Cons of Living in New York vs North Carolina

    In the tables below, we have mentioned the pros and cons of living in both New York and North Carolina.


    These would help you in making the right choice, and also justify all the reasons for moving to North Carolina from New York


    New YorkNorth Carolina
    Excellent job opportunitiesGreat community and people.
    Incredible food optionsLow cost of living
    Excellent schooling optionsGreat affordability ratio
    Great public transport systemGood economic  and job opportunities
    Great variety of arts, culture, and nightlifeTemperate weather all year round with mild winters
    Rich culture and historyBest restaurants and excellent food scenes
    Considered the fashion hub worldwideAbundant of outdoor recreational activities
    Great social scene and networking areaAccess to great quality healthcare services
    Variety of entertainment optionsGreat universities


    New YorkNorth Carolina
    NY is a dirty cityA high-income tax rate
    You will have to do a lot of house huntingExcessive sales rate
    Over-the-top prices of house rentA substantial amount of property and violent crime rates
    Extremely expensive cost of livingLack of traditional weather
    The local people here are quite rudeSummers here are hot and humid
    an extremely crowded cityThe constant threat of hurricanes
    The weather  is not pleasant at allAverage quality K-12 education

    14. Ranking

    Many of you reading this article, might be planning about moving from New York to North Carolina shortly.

    Due to the calmness, serenity, and great opportunities that this southern state has to offer to you. 

    As per the research and reports of US News, mentioned below is the ranking of both New York and North Carolina, under a variety of heads, for you to compare and make the best choice. 

    HeadsNew YorkNorth Carolina
    Fiscal Stability20th7th
    Natural Environment5th27th
    Crime and Corrections11th20th


    Moving from New York to North Carolina FAQs

    Is it better to live in North Carolina than NY?

    Yes, North Carolina is referred to as a better state to live in than New York due to its affordable home prices, low tax rates, low rent prices, reasonable utilities, groceries, & food, and great economic opportunities. 

    Why are New Yorkers moving to North Carolina?

    North Carolina is a beautiful destination for you to spend your life in. Many of the people of the metropolis state are planning to relocate to the serene state of North Carolina, to enjoy a less hectic and better life quality. 


    So, all the necessary information about moving from New York to North Carolina is discussed in the above article in detail.

    We have discussed everything about both states to clear your doubts.   

    Now, depending upon your interests, career goals and affordability you can make the best choice for your state to call it home. Wish you the best!