Moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco


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    Both Los Angeles and San Francisco are highly vibrant and bustling Californian cities located in two opposite directions on the West Coast of the nation.

    On one hand, some people are attracted to the fantastic landscapes and sunshine of LA, whereas, on the other hand, people are fascinated by the beauty and the thriving economy of the Bay Area. 

    If you are planning to move from the largest South Californian city, i.e., Los Angeles to the Northern Californian city of San Francisco.

    Then, the process for the same is quite simple and painless with the little help of expert packers and movers.

    The average moving cost from Los Angeles to San Francisco may range about $1,500 to $5,000.

    But do remember, that the actual cost would depend on the weight of belongings, distance, and other specific services provided. 

    Recently it has been observed that many people are trading the metropolis big city life of LA with the slight city feel of SF.

    The reasons for the same are many, such as; fabulous lifestyle, vibrant culture, flourishing economy, the culinary scene, outdoor lifestyle, great job opportunities, great weather, sound transportation system, and tons of other things to do.

    Whatever the reason may be, the grandeur-filled city of San Francisco has proven its worth in every way possible and is indeed one of the best places in the state to call home. 

    Thus, seeing the craze of people about moving to SF from LA, we have curated a detailed article for you.

    Through this extensive blog post, you will see the living conditions, costs, and various other aspects of SF in comparison to that in LA.

    So, without wasting a moment any further, let’s quickly move towards the following sections, together with as many details about the same, as possible. 

    Why do people move from LA to SF?

    Thanks to the comfortable climate and a variety of outdoor activities the residents living here enjoy various outdoor activities all year round.

    San Franciscans have plenty of ways to enjoy both the water and the beach, along with enjoying sunshine, and activities such as; climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing.

    Mentioned below are some of the advantages of relocating from Los Angeles to San Francisco, that are important for you to be aware of.

    • San Francisco has a more vibrant culture.
    • This Californian city has a flourishing economy.
    • This fascinating city has a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy.
    • In the entire United States, the city of San Francisco is known to have one of the most flourishing culinary scenes.
    • The city of San Francisco, is highly walkable in the state, with excellent transit access. 

    Is relocating to San Francisco a good idea?

    Yes, of course as the city of San Francisco is a highly ideal place to live in the state of California for those who enjoy an active lifestyle, with tons of outdoor activities to perform.

    Also, the mild climate and stunning natural scenery make this city one of the best places to live. From biking to hiking, and from surfing to kayaking, this city offers every activity to escalate the living experience of its residents.

    Thus, if you are planning to move from LA to SF, then you will enjoy the below-listed advantages. 

    • Excellent Public Transportation
    • Better Employment Opportunities
    • Mild Climate
    • Perfect Location
    • Lots of Entertainment Activities

    Certain key points necessary to know before moving to SF from LA

    Both LA and SF are the two most popular Californian cities across the globe. These two are highly vibrant bustling Californian cities that are the jewels of the West Coast of the US nation.

    Despite being located in the same state, both these cities have different lifestyles and are indeed one of the most desirable places to live in America.

    Both of them are filled with iconic landmarks, great restaurants, many outdoor recreations, and a variety of standalone businesses. 

    Whether you plan to relocate or live in either of the cities, you will get excited as both of them have great options and opportunities to offer you.

    If you are also planning to do something similar, then do read the below-listed key points. 

    1. Cost to move to San Francisco from Los Angeles

    Are you looking forward to moving to SF from LA? Well, the average distance between the city centers of both these metropolitan Californian cities is about 383 miles.


    According to the popular Allied Van, the average cost of relocating between these two cities is about $1,400-$2,500. 

    Moving between SF and LA is a great deal of organization, which needs to be pre-planned with a team of professionals in this sector.

    This can be a tiresome process, as, both these cities are quite congested, busy, and populated, thus, managing logistics can be really difficult at times.

    Hence, hiring the experts to ensure the easiest transition between the two cities would prove to be best for you. 

    The actual cost for the same would depend on various variables, such as; the exact distance between the two spots, the actual load of the goods that needs to be transported, and other packing and unpacking services taken from the movers and packers agency.

    Contact, the ones, who are best in this business to know the actual quote for the same. 

    What is the average moving cost from Los Angeles to San Francisco?

    According to Allied Van, a professional team of packers and movers, the average cost of relocation from LA to SF would cost you about $1,400-$2,500.

    The actual cost can be detected keeping various factors in mind, such as; the distance between the two cities, belongings, and other major services that the customers have opted for. 

    2. Cost of living in SF vs. LA 

    The truth is clear and precise to everyone, the cost of living in the city of SF is not only higher than that in LA, but also is higher than many other cities in the nation.

    The cost of housing plays an extremely major role in the high living costs of the city.

    Apart from rent, everyday things, such as restaurants, clothing, transport, attractions, and groceries, everything here is far more expensive.

    The average money required monthly to live a standard life in SF and LA is about $9,143 and $7,700 respectively.

    In other words, if before relocating to SF, in LA you were earning an average salary of $70,000 then, in SF, you must probably earn around $97,000 to live a comfortable and contended life.

    Thus, given below is a table, stating the difference in the cost of living between the two cities, in terms of the average cost of living index, i.e., 100. 

    HeadsLos AngelesSan Francisco
    Overall Index176.2244
    Food & Groceries104.1116.6
    Median Housing Costs$912,500$1,237,600

    How expensive is it to live in San Francisco?

    Living in the city of San Francisco is an expensive deal altogether. According, to, the cost of living in SF is about 25% higher than the state’s average and about 76% higher than the national average living costs.

    The housing here is about 202% higher than the national average and utilities are also 33% higher. On the one hand, the average cost to build a 1500 sq ft house in California is $155,000, and the same cost in San Francisco is about $303,000. 

    Is San Francisco cheaper than Los Angeles?

    No, of course not the city of San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the entire nation. 

    3. Compare Taxes between San Francisco and Los Angeles

    Both the cities, SF and LA, belong to California. So the difference in their tax rates and slabs is not much.


    The state of California follows a progressive income tax, which means, the person who earns less has to pay taxes at a lower rate, and vice versa.

    In California, there are currently nine income tax brackets, i.e., 1%, 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 9.3%, 10.3%, 11.3% and 12.3%.

    These tax brackets entirely depend on an individual’s taxable income, state residency status, and tax-filing status. 

    Next, comes the sales tax charged by the people in the region. The rates for the same have been listed in the table below.

    San Francisco

    SF Sales Tax0.25%
    County Sales Tax Rate 1%
    County District Sales Tax Rate1.38%
    Minimum Combined Sales Tax Rate8.63%

    Los Angeles

    LA Sales Tax0.25%
    County Sales Tax Rate 1%
    County District Sales Tax Rate2.25%
    Minimum Combined Sales Tax Rate9.5%

    What is the tax difference between LA & SF?

    There is no difference in the income tax charged by the people residing in both cities, but there is a slight difference in the minimum combined sales tax rate of both LA and SF. 

    4. Housing Comparison between SF & LA

    The economy and the geographic region of the place are two of the major factors that affect the housing prices of a particular area.

    On one hand, SF has Silicon Valley, and the city of LA is a powerhouse of the entertainment industry and film studios.

    In SF, Silicon Valley has its major focus on the technology industry, and thus, it has the power to push the prices of real estate to astronomical levels. 

    Also, being situated at the end of the peninsula, and being home to so many natural attractions, is another major factor that contributes to the increasing real estate prices and also makes it one of the best places to buy a home in California.

    Meanwhile, LA has comparatively fewer places for natural attractions and a broader one for industries belonging to different niches.

    Thus, both cities have a wide array of job options, settle down in either of the two, where you think your talents and education prospects are completely justified. 

    In LA the housing market is more affordable than SF. The median home cost in SF is about 35% more expensive than in LA.

    Also, the average rent prices in SF are 27% more costlier than those in LA. Given below is a comparative table of housing in both these California cities. 

    HeadsLos AngelesSan Francisco
    1 bedroom apartment in City Center
    $ 2,618
    $ 3,257
    3-bedroom apartment in City Center$ 4,745$ 5,980
    1 bedroom apartment outside City Center$ 2,159$ 2,618
    3-bedroom apartment outside City Center$ 3,653$ 4,879
    Apartment price per sq meter in the city center$ 9,358$ 11,589
    Apartment price per sq meter outside the city center$ 6,464$ 10,712

    Are houses cheaper in LA or SF?

    If comparing these two Californian cities, the prices of housing are much higher in San Francisco when compared to that of Los Angeles. However, overall living in both these states is quite expensive. 

    5. Compare Education between Los Angeles & San Francisco

    The education system in the entire nation of the US is typically broken up into five phases, i.e., preschool, elementary, middle, and high school, and at last higher education.


    The city of LA has dozens of private and charter schools. Some of the private schools situated here are indeed the best in the nation.

    Along with higher education institutions offer students the best knowledge and make them ready to get a stable job and face the competitive world. 

    On the other hand, the environment of San Francisco is such that it provides good education and curriculum programs to the students all year round.

    From PK to 12, both public and private schools are here in this city that gives education access to the children and youth of SF.

    All the schools here have good educators, who use recent education media to educate children.

    Apart from this, the Californian city of SF also provides students with a vibrant college life with a world-class academic structure.

    Thus, if you are moving from LA to SF, in search of better job opportunities and at the same time worried about your child’s education and future.

    Then, worry not, as you are heading towards the right place, as the rate of education is a little higher in SF than in LA. 

    Is SF a good state for education?

    The Californian city of San Francisco is a great hub for education, with around 25 universities, 90 colleges, and several other educational institutions for young children that are indeed the best in the state. 

    6. Employment in Los Angeles vs. San Francisco

    According to a source, it has been researched that the state of California, stands at the 38th position in the nation when it comes to employment.

    Overall, this state has a decreasing job rate of -0.3%. Hence, according to these numbers, it can be predicted that finding a job in this state can prove to be extremely difficult.

    But, if you are comparing the same in the two major metropolitan cities of the state; i.e., Los Angeles and San Francisco.

    Then the information regarding the same has been mentioned below.

    The job opportunities or employment in both these Californian cities depend on the place where you belong.

    The glorious city of San Francisco has a GDP of about $577.35 billion, along with a futuristic growth rate of 39.1% and an unemployment rate of 5.4%.

    This city is a major hub for technology not only in the nation but across the globe, due to the existence of Silicon Valley. 

    Whereas; the metro area of Los Angeles has a GDP of about $950 billion, which is more than that of SF. However, the future growth here is about 34.6%, which is comparatively less than SF.

    This is because this city is more focused on the entertainment & fashion industry, and of course, LA is the home to Hollywood.

    So, major jobs there are based on these industries. Thus, if you do not have an interest in working in niches such as design & fashion, then probably you would have a difficult time living here, and due to this, the unemployment rate here in this city is about 10.6%. 

    Thus, the conclusion from this information comes out to be that the city of San Francisco is more worth living in terms of job opportunities.

    Because the industries ruling in the Bay Area are more stable, and thus it is easy for any qualified personnel to find a job there, compared to the entertainment industry-dominated LA.

    Hence, if you are planning about moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco, in search of better job opportunities, then readers you are heading in the right direction. 

    Does SF have more jobs than LA?

    After reading the overall description mentioned above, it can be concluded that the markets of SF have better job opportunities for the people. Due to this, the unemployment rate in the city of SF is just 5.4%. 

    What are the common jobs in LA & SF?

    Some of the common jobs, that you could take up in either of the two states are:

    • Retail Sales Workers
    • Registered Nurses
    • General and Operations Managers
    • Janitors and Cleaners
    • Stockers and order fillers
    • Customer Service Representatives
    • Accountants and Auditors
    • Software Developers
    • Cooks
    • Teaching Professionals
    • Tractor-Trailer Workers
    • Financial Managers, etc. 

    7. Population SF vs. LA

    The total population of people who have settled down in LA is nearly 3.8 million, with a total land area of about 503 square miles.

    Thus, making it one of the most densely populated cities in the entire nation. Whereas, the city of SF is the home to about 815,000 people living in just 47 square miles.

    According to Bae Area and, the city of San Francisco is about 3 times more densely populated than that of Los Angeles. 

    Given below is a comparison table of population in context to both LA and SF. 

    HeadsSan FranciscoLos AngelesUnited States
    Total Population865,9333,902,440329,725,481
    Male Ratio51.2%49.8%49.5%
    Female Ratio48.8%50.2%50,.5%
    Population Density18,4788,32693.4
    Median Age38.736.238.4

    Is San Francisco gaining or losing population?

    The city of San Francisco has seen a steep decline in its population graph since the year 2020. 

    Is SF more populated than Los Angeles?

    In context to the total land area and the population of the place, it has been estimated that the city of SF is about 3 times more densely populated than that of LA. 

    8. Beautiful Scenery of SF

    SF is a beautiful city because it offers countless viewpoints. The jaw-dropping views are accessible to everybody, and they are also very well combined with the vibrancy of city life.


    Thus, the amazing city of San Francisco is very well packed with both natural scenic attractions as well as skyscrapers, which overall makes it an extremely fascinating and unique destination. 

    Mentioned below are some of the most beautiful scenic spots in the city, according to, that are worth visiting, before you plan about moving to LA from SF

    • Twin Peaks Summit
    • Coit Tower
    • Golden Gate Overlook
    • Hawk Hill
    • Lands End Park
    • Alcatraz Island
    • Bernal Heights Park
    • Alamo Square Park
    • Battery Spencer
    • Point Bonita Lighthouse

    What is the most scenic place in SF?

    Some of the most scenic places that are worth visiting in San Francisco are:

    • Alcatraz Island
    • Golden Gate Park
    • Coit Tower
    • Twin Peaks
    • California Academy of Sciences
    • Golden Gate Park
    • Palace of Fine Arts
    • Chinatown

    Does SF have more beautiful scenes than LA?

    Well, San Francisco is more beautiful than Los Angeles. It has more natural beauty, scenic views, and a lush green surrounding environment, that is not to be easily found in LA. Also, residents, as well as outsiders, can easily access all the magnificent sites that the marvelous city of SF has to offer them.

    9. Outdoor Activities in San Francisco

    The mild climate in the Californian city of San Francisco is the major reason why people love to settle down here.

    Also, because of this, they can enjoy the vibrant and enchanting outdoor activities that the city offers to you.

    On any bright and beautiful day, in SF, you can either go in for a cruise or stroll in the parks.

    Play an exciting baseball game or spend time soaking up the views of Twin Peaks and Golden Gate Bridges. 

    Read more in the points below to look for some amazing ideas for outdoor activities during your off days while being a San Franciscan resident.

    • Enjoy the SF Bay Cruises
    • Take part in the SF Giants Baseball
    • Visit the Golden Gate Bridge
    • Experience the beauty of the Twin Towers
    • Relax at the Japanese Tea garden
    • Visit the Botanical Gardens
    • Take up the Whale Watching Experience
    • Stroll down in the crazy Lombard Street
    • Spend a day in the Yosemite National Park 
    • Be a part of the Giant Sequoias Day Trip
    • Take a tour of the Muir Woods

    Apart from enjoying the above activities in the city of San Francisco, you can also look for the best time to visit California Redwood.

    It is also an extravagantly beautiful city located just 26 miles from SF, serving one of the best naturalistic views and experiences. 

    Which city has more outdoor activities SF or LA?

    The answer to this question right here is quite contradictory. As, according to what was concluded by the article ‘LA VS SF’, written by Cassie

    The city of LA has its weather on a little warmer and sunnier side, due to which it has pretty good landmarks, vibrant cultures, and great food options to enjoy. Whereas, SF, on the other hand, has an extremely chill kind of vibe, with pleasant weather all year round.

    Also, the people living here have a more sustainable way of living in an eco-friendly lifestyle, along with plenty of activities to do and enjoy, that can be easily accessed without driving. 

    What are outdoor and adventurous activities in San Francisco?

    According to The Lovers, the most adventurous outdoor activities in this city are, located in the places such as

    • Reyes National Seashore
    • Mt. Tamalpais State Park
    • Muir Woods National Monument
    • Golden Gate National Recreation Area
    • Big Sur
    • Point Lobos State Park

    10. Food in SF compared to LA

    As we have seen till now, both Californian cities are giving neck-to-neck competition to each other in every aspect of living in the state.


    It is now time to take a glance at the same in terms of food. According to an article in Bay Area and, the food found in SF is more based on Asian, Italian, and Seafood cuisines, whereas, the city of LA serves its residents with more Mexican and Korean cuisines, along with a Vegan variety of dishes. Whereas, eating food in SF is more costly than in LA.

    On one hand, where the food in LA costs about $15-$20, the food in SF would cost you about $20-25.

    Mentioned below are some iconic San Francisco foods and drinks that you should try after moving to SF from LA

    • Anchor Steam Beer in the Anchor Steam
    • Irish Coffee from Buena Vista Cafe
    • Sourdough Bread from Boudin Sourdough
    • Mission Burrito in the Mission District
    • Secret Breakfast from Humphry Slocombe
    • Seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf

    LA, on the other hand, is more known for its sandwiches, donuts, tacos, and a lot more delicious food options. Listed below are some of the must-try foods while you are in LA. 

    • French dipped sandwich in Philippe’s 
    • Birria Tacos in Birrieria San Marcos 
    •  Ice cream sandwich, Mashti Malone’s 
    • Strawberry donuts in The Donut Man 
    • Pizza in Elio’s Wood Fire Pizza
    • Ice cream in Wanderlust Creamery

    Which state has the best food Los Angeles or SF?

    Due to the abundance of different cultures in LA, this city has a clear edge over SF in terms of food offerings. Both the Californian cities have a diverse and vibrant food scene. On one hand, where LA is best known for its street food, Mexican cuisines, and Vegan food, SF serves Asian, seafood, and farm-to-table dishes. Now it is your personal preference, of what type of food you want to opt for. 

    Which state has the best restaurants LA or SF?

    According to the California Restaurant Association, one-third of the state’s restaurants are in Los Angeles. Although SF has more Michelin-star restaurants and fine dining options. But, overall the food scene in LA is more creative with better and healthier options. 

    11. Compare Safety between SF & LA

    No matter where you live, you have to face malicious and criminal activities, at some point of time in life.

    Both the metropolitan cities of California SF and LA suffer from crime. But, the city of LA is safer out of the two. 

    SF is not so compelling in terms of safety. This Californian city has a crime rate of approximately 54 per thousand citizens, which is indeed one of the highest in the nation.

    Most of the crimes here take place in isolated or suburban areas, that are usually away from tourist spots.

    Whereas, the city of LA has a little better crime rate than that of SF, i.e., 32 per thousand residents.

    Thus, one point is clear from the above numbers, that neither LA nor SF are not the safest cities in California to live in. Below is the crime rate table for both SF and LA.

    HeadsSan FranciscoLos AngelesUnited States
    Violent Crimes39.6%29.1%22.7%
    Property Crimes79.2%35.1%35.4%

    Is it safer to live in SF or LA?

    It is safer to live in LA than in SF. This is because the crime rate in LA is 32 per thousand residents of the city. 

    12. Compare the Economy of LA vs. San Francisco

    Both LA and SF are the leading urban economies of the nation. On one hand, the Bay Area is a home for leading global tech companies such as; Intel, Google, Apple, Twitter, and Uber.


    Apart from tech, some other industries such as; manufacturing, tourism, textile, and food processing.

    The glorifying city of LA is a popular center for entertainment, pop culture, film, and fashion.

    But when it comes to salaries, wages, and the overall economy of the place, the city of SF, has performed better in every aspect.

    Listed below is a table that clearly states the difference in the economic sector in both LA and SF. 

    HeadsLos Angeles, CASan Francisco, CA
    GDP$950 Billion$577.35 Billion
    Unemployment Rate10.6%5.4%
    Recent Job Growth0.7%1.3%
    Future Job Growth34.6%39.1%
    Sales Tax9.5%8.5%
    Income Tax8.0%8.0%
    Income per Capita$39,378$77,267
    Household Income$69,778$126,187
    Family Median Income$79,950$147,176

    Does SF have a better economy than LA?

    As per the details, listed in the above table, it can be seen that the enormous city of San Francisco has a better economy than that of LA.

    Which is the main industry in LA & SF?

    Technology is one of the major industries in both LA and SF. In this sector, people can find jobs in both Californian cities. 

    13. LA vs. SF for Health Care

    The healthcare services in LA, are particularly quite advanced. This Californian city is the home to some of the best hospitals in the nation.

    Such high-quality healthcare services come with a hefty price tag. The services here are so expensive, that investing in health insurance and government-based schemes is necessary to take advantage of the same.

    Some of the excellent specialists in the state are also present in LA. As a resident of this city, people can choose from various healthcare providers and schemes, such as; Health Care LA, IPA (HCLA IPA), Medicaid Plan, and LA Care Health Plan. 

    Whereas, the city of SF also enjoys a good reputation, in terms of healthcare. This city also has medical centers, where the patients are provided with good access to treatments.

    To take advantage of all the medical facilities provided in the city, every individual should get themselves covered under healthcare insurance policies.

    This is major because the hospital bills and the non-emergency medical issues costs are extremely high, which is not possible to afford. The chain pharmacy system in this city is worth the praise. 

    Is it better Healthcare in SF or LA?

    The city of SF is the home to the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), which is one of the top medical schools with the best healthcare systems in not only the entire state but also one of the best in the nation.  

    Is SF Healthcare more affordable than LA?

    Good healthcare is one of the most important aspects of living a good life. According to a comparison article, curated by, the healthcare costs are more affordable in LA than in SF. 

    14. Weather in San Francisco vs. Los Angeles

    If you are thinking of moving to LA from SF, or vice versa. Both LA and SF experience different patterns of weather and temperatures based on their locations.


    The city of LA lies in the Southern Californian region in the state, due to which it experiences a dryer and warmer climate.

    On the other hand, SF has a more colder and wetter weather as compared to that of LA.

    So knowing the weather in both these places is extremely necessary for you. Let’s talk about both of them, one by one.

    SF, the technology hub of California experiences consistent summers all year round. The average summer temperatures here are usually lower than you expect.

    According to sources, the months of August, September, and October are usually the warmest in the city.

    The average highest temperature in August is about 21 degrees Celsius. The sun is here for most of the time of the year, the rainfall can be sparse, resulting in temperatures being quite ambient. 

    The weather in LA is highly influenced by the mountains and the coast surrounding the city.

    The sun shines above the head in this city for about 300 days a year, due to which the average high temperatures of this place reach about 75 degrees.

    Thus people living here have ample time in the year to go out and enjoy the sun. 

    Which state is hotter, Los Angeles or SF?

    According to the reports of, the summers in LA are high, and are the hottest time of the year, with temperatures of 85 degrees, whereas the temperatures in SF are 72 degrees. 

    Is it colder in SF or LA?

    SF is about 350 miles north of LA, thus, SF has cooler weather and temperatures than in LA. 

    15. Beaches in San Francisco

    The city of San Francisco might not be a beach destination. But, due to its privileged location on the western coast of the US nation, stretching from the northern end of the San Franciscan peninsula, this city includes the SF Bay and Pacific Ocean in its extended stretch.

    Thus, forming a craggy and dramatic coastline. Hence, this acts as a glorious setting for those, who are interested in seeking the soothing effects of the ocean. 

    The beaches here have dangerous riptides and thus are not suitable for swimming.

    But are perfect for other outdoor beach activities such as; bird-watching, picnicking, scenic walks, and enjoying the surrounding breathtaking views.

    Visiting these beaches is entirely your choice, as they would help you indulge in the mesmerizing views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Also, the beaches here have the ideal conditions for both windsurfing and kiteboarding.

    Thus, mentioned below is a list of top beaches in SF that are worth visiting if you are planning to move to LA from SF. They are:

    • Baker Beach
    • Ocean Beach
    • Crissy Field Beach
    • Pescadero State Beach
    • Aquatic Park Cove
    • Muir Beach
    • Mile Rock Beach
    • China Beach
    • Lands End

    Are SF beaches better than LA beaches?

    If we make an honest comparison between the beaches of both LA and SF. Then, the obvious answer would be that the beaches in San Francisco are better looking than those in LA. 

    What is the most excellent beach to visit in San Francisco?

    Ocean Beach is one of the excellent beaches in SF, located on the westernmost border of the city adjacent to Golden Gate Park. 

    16. Los Angeles and San Francisco Pros And Cons

    Listed below are tables stating the pros and cons of living in both Los Angeles and San Francisco.

    It is a piece of much-needed information that is necessary for you to know if you are moving from LA to SF

    Pros and Cons of Living in Los Angeles

    LA experiences hot summers with dry heat and very little humidity, with temperatures ranging around 27-30 degrees Celsius. And in winter temperatures drop at night with temperatures dropping to 20 degrees Celsius. The city only experiences two seasons, i.e., summers and winters, with about no or very little rainfall. Almost 284 days are spent in bright and warm sunshine, which makes it a little uncomfortable for those who do not like too much sun.
    This city does not experience any natural calamities, such as; hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards. But if you are living here, then you might experience frequent earthquakes, drought, and wildfires due to climate change. 
    This city has lots of friendly neighborhoods where people can settle down, along with many outdoor activities to perform and enjoy and good healthcare facilities. The cost of living in LA is quite expensive and sprawling. 
    The residents living here will have quick access to the LAX International Airport. This is indeed the second-largest airport in the nation. The city of LA is ranked as the 5th worst city to drive in, due to the enormous amount of traffic that the city faces daily. Also, this city lacks good commutable public transport, and using a personal vehicle for the same results in not only a waste of time in traffic but also expenses in terms of gas prices, insurance, etc. 
    LA has a lot of high-paying jobs in different companies. It is also known as the nation’s tech and business hub. With such high-paying jobs and a good amount of wages, people living here have to pay a high amount in taxes. 

    Pros and Cons of Living in San Francisco

    SF is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with some iconic and mesmerizing places to visit and outdoor activities to enjoy. Along with just being beautiful, this Californian city is getting congested and suffocated with every passing day. With an increasing number of workplaces and homes, there is hardly any outdoor space left for people to sit down and relax in some areas.
    It is a diverse Californian city, with lots of job opportunities. The housing prices and the rent here are indeed some of the highest in the country, thus, making it the most expensive place to live in. 
    The mild weather present here is one of the biggest pros of this place. The cool summers and mild winters make this city an entirely fantastic place to live and enjoy. The city of San Francisco has an exciting & topography. The treacherous hills present here present various challenges and difficulties for the drivers and visitors alike. Also, the steep inclines might cause problems for those, exploring the city on foot. 
    Not only is SF a technology and innovation hub but also has a thriving food scene. The cost of living here is too high, and because of this people may have to do odd jobs to make ends meet and live a comfortable life in SF. 
    One of the biggest perks of living in SF is the efficient public transportation. The system of public transport here is considered one of the best in the country. The city faces heavy parking and traffic congestion issues. The streets of this city are quite narrow with limited parking space, and high parking costs. 


    Many people these days are thinking about moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and the reasons for the same may be different for everybody.

    On the one hand, while living in LA, you can enjoy and admire stunning scenery and abundant sunlight.

    Well, on the other hand, in SF you would enjoy the enchanting charm and appeal of the city.

    Some prefer relocating from LA to SF, in a change of environment from the bustling metropolis to a smaller, yet focused city of SF, due to its bustling economy and better job opportunities.

    Overall, the city of San Francisco is unique with a vibrant culture, attractive natural destinations, lifestyle, and great career prospects. 

    In other words, the Californian city of San Francisco is a perfect place to call home.

    So, wait no further and read the above-curated article carefully to know some useful information and practical tips that are must know before actually relocating to this city.