Moving From Connecticut to New York

Moving From Connecticut to New York

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    Moving out of the state can feel overwhelming and you might find yourself hesitating between moving and staying. The moving process is never fun and the confusion multiplies by manifolds when the new destination is no other than New York, often deemed as the “best city on the Earth”.

    So, have you decided to make a move and are trying to figure out the moving cost from Connecticut to Buffalo New York? Well, then you are in luck. Here, we’ll cover everything you should know to relocate to a new home.

    Moving From Connecticut to New York

    How much money do you need to move from Connecticut to New York?

    The average cost to move from Connecticut to New York ranges from $1,107 to $7,250. It depends on various factors, like the time of year, the amount of stuff being moved, and whether you are arranging everything by yourself or hiring a professional moving company.

    In addition, there are some other factors that affect the final cost of your moves, such as truck parking access, market conditions, and the availability of your desired moving company.

    Is it worth moving to New York State?

    Yes, definitely. If you are someone who prefers pulsating nightlife, high employment opportunities, and an on-the-toes lifestyle, then moving from Connecticut to New York might be the best bet.

    However, if you love peace and a calm ambiance with an incredible quality of life, then Connecticut is a great option to settle in. Additionally, it depends on your financial conditions as well as New York is widely known for its higher cost of living.

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    Things you Should Know Before Moving From Connecticut to NYC

    Have you made up your mind about relocating to NYC? Before you check the moving to Connecticut to New York Distance, it’s suggested to take the below-mentioned consideration into mind and make a successful move.

    • New York is an expensive place to live in and you will require an average income of $42,333 to handle all your expenses.
    • NY is full of nightlight and entertainment options, making it an ideal place for party lovers.
    • Since New York is a northeastern city, winters here are cold and windy.

    Connecticut to NYC Moving Company

    Moving to another city or state can be a strenuous task; hence it is always advised to hire a professional moving company to get it done. Be sure to check out the list of the top movers and choose the one that caters to your demands without breaking the bank.

    Moving Company

    Keep in mind the following factors and make a choice accordingly.

    1. Fast Service

    Choose the company that completes the task of moving from Connecticut to New York quickly and hassle-free, without unnecessary delays.

    How long does it take to get to New York to Connecticut?

    Since the driving distance between Connecticut and New York is 59 miles, it takes around 1 hour and 14 minutes approximately to get to NYC from Connecticut.

    How long is a flight from Connecticut to New York?

    The flying time from Connecticut to New York is around 44 minutes.

    2. Expert Team

    The second-most important thing to consider when hiring a professional moving company from CT to NYC is the expert and professional team, who understand their role in relocation and get it done effortlessly.

    Reach People where they live in New York

    Before you check the moving cost from Connecticut to Buffalo New York, it is advised to choose a company that can drop you at the exact location in NYC. It must be well-versed with all the routes and traffic patterns to make your move stress-free.

    3. Affordable Prices

    Always opt for the moving company that offers premium-quality services while being easy on your pocket.

    4. Award-Winning

    While the market is decked-up with tons of moving companies, you should pick an award-winning option whose work is widely applauded by customers.

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    5.    Modern Technology

    The right company to choose while moving from Connecticut to New York is the one equipped with modern technology, such as a GPS tracking system, online quote management, etc.

    How much does it cost to move from Connecticut to NYC?

    Before you check the minimum wage in CT for waitress, let’s find out the final moving cost from CT to NYC so you can schedule your move accordingly. The average cost of relocating to New York is between $1,107 and $4,100. However, it can rise up to $7,250 and beyond, depending on various statistics involved.

    The major deciding factors that greatly influence the final cost include the size of your size (the apartment type and size), the amount of stuff being moved, and the time of the year. To get the best quote, you are advised to compare different moving services and make a wise choice.

    Long Distance Moving Services For Your Connecticut to NYC Move

    The next important thing you should consider while moving from Connecticut to New York is to find a company that is an expert in offering long-distance moving services. Such moving companies boast a team of professionals who went through thorough training to handle long-distance movements.

    Long Distance Moving Services

    Moreover, they always pick the appropriate packing and moving methods to avoid any last-minute troubles.

    Why are we the best long-distance movers?

    While the internet is packed with tons of moving companies claiming quality services, we are ready to go the extra mile to live up to our words. Our company includes a team of experts who have been serving this domain for a long while; thus know how to handle the relocation process without any hassle.

    In addition, we are equipped with several modern techniques that stand us apart from the crowd, be it online record management, instant quotes, and many more.

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    Book Your Move in 3 Easy Steps

    So, have you finally decided to make a move from Connecticut to New York? Look no further and get the bookings done in just three simple steps. You are suggested to use the moving cost calculator to get an overall idea of the final cost.

    Book Your Move

    Follow these steps and schedule your relocation hassle-free.

    1.    Request

    To initiate a booking, you first have to submit a request form available on the website. Fill in the information as asked and be sure to check the added details before finally submitting it. Additionally, you can also call our customer representatives and talk to them in person for more quick results.

    2.    Inventory

    Once you have submitted the request form, provide us with the detailed inventory list so we can start preparing your move accordingly. You can either pen down the list or capture the same using your phone. Whatever method you’ll choose, make sure the content mentioned on the list is clear.

    3.    Estimate

    Your work is over with sending us your inventory list. Just wait for a while as we’ll send you the final quote price, depending on your inventory and other requirements as mentioned in the form. Our experts are sure to make your move stress-free and affordable

    Moving From Connecticut to New York FAQs

    What should I do before moving to Connecticut from NYC?

     If you are looking forward to moving to Connecticut from New York License, you can expect to spend less on your living expenses. While the cost of living is low and the quality of life is high in CT, you should be seriously concerned about the weather swings. The weather in Connecticut swings between extremes with hot and humid summers and chilling winters.

    Is it cheaper to move to Connecticut or New York?

     Unarguably, moving to Connecticut is cheaper than in New York. According to, the cost of living in Hartford, CT is 36.4% lower than in New York. Moreover, CT offers the highest per capita income and wide employment opportunities.
    However, what might bother you is the high tax rate in Connecticut. CT is ranked as the state with the second-highest tax rate while New York stands at third place.

    What are the benefits of moving to Connecticut from New York?

    There are several benefits of moving to CT from New York, such as:

    • The crime rate in Connecticut is lower than the national average. So, if you are thinking – Is Connectiict a safe place to live, then the answer is absolute yes.
    • It offers a more affordable way of living, with generous housing and grocery cost.
    • It is easy to get to NYC for work and play from CT, owing to its close proximity.
    • It has the highest per-capita income.

    However, pay attention to relocating to Connecticut Drivers License when relocating to this state as you won’t be allowed to drive without having this essential document.


    That’s it, folks. Moving From Connecticut to New York is no big hassle. All you have to do is to find the best and most professional moving company and schedule your move in no time.

    There are plenty of movers and packers available on the market, but you should opt for the reliable option that offers genuine quotes, easy handling of your valuables, and a professional team to manage your relocation.

    So, what keeps you waiting? Submit your request form, get the quote, and hire the company to relocate to the most vibrant city in the US.

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