Moving From California to Ohio

Moving From California to Ohio

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    Ohio is best known for its warm, family-friendly culture and stress-free, self-paced lifestyle. This midwestern US state is highly affordable, which means that the life you dream of is within your reach financially.

    Are you excited about moving to Ohio from California? Here is a comprehensive guide covering all essential details about this midwestern state, including education, taxes, cost of living, ranking, and more. Scroll through the page and learn how to make an easy move to Ohio.

    Is Ohio a good state to move to?

    Yes, absolutely. Ohio is a beautiful midwestern US state with a low cost of living and friendly neighborhoods. Its cost of living is ranked 13th in the country, which means people can spend more on non-essentials. Its favorable job rates and low crime rate make it worth moving to. In addition, Ohio’s high quality of life also appeals to many people.

    Why should I move from California to Ohio?

    There are several reasons why you should move to Ohio from California. Firstly, Ohio is one of the most affordable places to live in. Secondly, it has world-class healthcare, low taxes, and a creative culinary experience that attracts several people around the country. Finally, this Buckeye state has a decent job rate, which means you can quickly get a job after moving here.

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    1. Calculate Your Moving Costs California to Ohio

    Before you start moving from California to Ohio, it is advised to check the overall relocation cost and plan accordingly. Moving out of state can feel overwhelming and what usually restricts people from settling into a different state is the high moving cost.

    Calculate Your Moving Costs California to Ohio
    Calculate Your Moving Costs California to Ohio

    Several factors affect the moving cost, including the total distance between source and destination, whether you hire a company or do it yourself, the time of the year, and the volume of stuff you are moving.

    How much is it to move from California to Ohio?

    The average cost to move from California to Ohio is about $2,041 to $7,643, based on your location and the amount of stuff being moved.

    2. Cost Of Living Between California And Ohio

    The Buckeye state is one of the most affordable places to settle in. According to Bestplaces, the cost of living index in Ohio is 82.7, way lower than the country’s average. Housing in Ohio is 23% lower than in the US market, while groceries are around 1% lower than in the rest of the country.

    Cost of Living in Ohio

    According to, the cost of living in Los Angeles, CA, is 52.5% higher than in Columbus, Ohio. Although a number of factors affect the cost of living in both California and Ohio, it goes without saying that living in the Buckeye state is dramatically cheaper.

    Is it cheaper to live in Ohio or California?

    Ohio is around 31.7% cheaper than Ohio, making it an affordable place to move from California to Ohio.

    Comparison Table of Living things Cost

    Here, we have compared the cost of living things between Ohio and California to give you a better idea.

    Cost of living one person$1800$2417
    Cost of living of a family$4305$5321
    Food Expenses$521$571
    Transport Expenses$79.3$103

    3. Best Way To Travel in Ohio & California

    Before you enlist things to do in Athens, Ohio, it is suggested to find the best way to commute in Ohio and California. Ohioans are served by 61 transit systems, out of which 27 are located in urban areas, and 34 are in rural areas.

    Best Way To Travel in Ohio & California
    Best Way To Travel in Ohio & California

    The Buckeye state is connected to an extensive public transportation network, so you can move from one place to another quickly.

    California, on the other hand, has slightly less effective public transportation as compared to Ohio. While the state is overall connected to a diverse transit system, its effectiveness varies.

    Which state has the best public transportation, Ohio or California?

    Ohio has a better public transportation facility. According to the US News, Ohio ranks #20 in Transportation Rankings, while California stands at # 45th out of 50 states.

    4. Climate & Weather Ohio Vs. California

    Ohio experiences a continental climate, most characterized by cold winters and humid summers. While winters are short, very snowy, and windy, summers are long, humid, and warm.

    Climate & Weather Ohio Vs. California
    Climate & Weather Ohio Vs. California

    On the contrary, California has a Mediterranean-like climate with warm, dry summers, and mild and wet winters. Freezing temperatures in California are rare, even in winter. California enjoys around 284 days of sunshine, which is way higher than Ohio’s average of 166 days.

    Does California have the best climate?

    Yes. California is synonymous with sunshine and great weather; hence boasts great climatic conditions than Ohio.

    Is Ohio more humid than California?

    Yes, absolutely. Ohio has dew points in the 60s, which is way more than California.

    Comparison Table Of Climate

    Scroll through the table mentioned below and compare the climate and weather between Ohio and California.

    Average Temperature22°F – 84°F29°F – 87°F
    Average RH71.5%61%
    Average Dew Point42.0°F44.2°F
    Average Rain (inches per year)37.9 inches15.5 inches
    Average Snow (inches per year)54 inches0 inches

    5. Education in California & Ohio

    Before you think about moving from California to Ohio, check and review the education system of both countries.

    Education in California & Ohio
    Education in California & Ohio

    According to the US News, Ohio is ranked #35 out of 50 in terms of higher education and #20 for Pre-K-12. On the other hand, California sits at the #3rd position in Higher Education and #40th position in Pre-K-12.

    Which state has the best Education, Ohio or California?

    California ranks high for higher education, while Ohio earns a better position for Pre-K-12. Also, both states are packed with best-in-class public schools and famous universities to attract students from far and wide. 

    Does Ohio have teacher reciprocity?

    Yes. Ohio shares a reciprocity agreement with the five bordering states, including Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky. According to this agreement, Ohio will not impose any state income tax on salaries, wages, and commissions of residents of these five states.

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    6. California Vs. Ohio – State Tax Comparison

    It’s no secret that Ohio is far more tax-friendly than California. It has a 5.75 percent state sales tax rate, and its tax system ranks 37th overall on the State Business Tax Climate Index. The state of Ohio requires you to pay tax, whether you are a resident or a non-resident that receives income from an Ohio source.

    California Vs. Ohio - State Tax Comparison
    California Vs. Ohio – State Tax Comparison

    California, on the other hand, has an average combined local and state sales tax rate of 8.82%, and its tax system sits at #48th position overall, according to the State Business Tax Climate Index.

    Which state is tax-friendly, California or Ohio?

    California is a high-tax state in the country, with some of the steepest sales tax rates of 7.25%. It also has a high income tax and corporate tax rates in the United States.

    Comparison Table Of Taxes 

    Find a quick comparison between Ohio and California tax rates in the table mentioned below.

    Sales Tax5.25%7.25%
    Property Tax1.48%0.73%
    Corporate TaxNA8.84%
    Personal Income Tax2.76 – 3.99%1 – 13.3%

    7. California Vs. Ohio Population

    Before you figure out the cost to renew Ohio drivers license, let’s compare the population between these two US states. According to the World Population Review, the population density in Ohio is 282.3 people per square mile, ranking 10th in the country. It is the 34th largest state by area and the seventh-most populated state in the country.

    California Vs. Ohio Population
    California Vs. Ohio Population

    California is the largest population in the United States, with nearly 39.2 million residents. Los Angeles is the most densely populated city in California, followed by San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisco.

    How many Ohios fit in California?

    Considering the size difference between California and Ohio, around 3.8 times the current Ohio population can easily fit into California.

    Is California the same size as Ohio?

    No. California is about 3.8 times bigger than Ohio, with an approximate size of 403,882 sq km.

    Comparison Table Of Population

    Population25.7 million39.2 million
    Size106,056 sq km403,882

    8. Food in Ohio Compared To California

    The food in Ohio is influenced by the Polish, Serbian, Italian, and German communities. This state is famous for its Buckeyes, a quintessential Ohio candy. You can find them throughout the state, at restaurants, potlucks, gas stations, etc. Traditional Ohio foods include Cincinnati chili, Cleveland-style Polish boy sandwiches, and Columbus-style pizza.

    Food in Ohio Compared To California
    Food in Ohio Compared To California

    California is also home to some of the best produce in the country, thanks to its diverse climate and geography. From fresh fruits and vegetables to seafood straight from the Pacific, Californians enjoy access to a wide variety of healthy and delicious ingredients.

    Which state has the best food – Ohio or California?

    While both states have a lot to offer regarding delicious eats, California has a slight edge because of the fresh seafood and farm-to-table cuisines. According to Thrillist, California ranks #2 in terms of food while Ohio sits at #24th position.

    Which state has the best restaurants – California or Ohio?

    California is home to the best and world-famous restaurants, including Chez Panisse, Thai Inter, and Mission BBQ.

    9. Housing Comparison Between California Vs. Ohio

    Are you planning to move to California to Ohio? Well, it is advised to check the housing market first and then move accordingly. Home prices in Ohio are about 7.1% higher in September 2022 as compared to last year. As more markets are shifting toward favoring buyers, the median home price is expected to bottom out in January 2023 at over $385,000.

    Housing Comparison Between California Vs. Ohio
    Housing Comparison Between California Vs. Ohio

    California, on the other hand, continues to have one of the most competitive housing marketing in the country. The home price in the Golden State is forecast to rise 5.2% to $834,400 in 2022.

    Is housing more expensive in Ohio than in California?

    No. Housing in Ohio is about 23% lower than the national average and 31.7% lower than in California.

    What state has the lowest cost of housing – California or Ohio?

    Ohio has the lowest cost of housing, with a median home value of about $213,746.

    Comparison Table Of Housing Cost

    Our experts have drawn a clear comparison between California and Ohio housing costs in the table mentioned below.

    Median Home Value$213,746$769,405
    Rent of an Apartment in Ohio$1,350$2,915

    10. Safety Between Ohio Vs. California

    Safety should be the topmost concern when you plan to relocate from one state to another. Although Ohio has a relatively low crime rate compared to most states, it had a small increase from 3.0 crimes per 1,000 people to 3.1 in 2022. Maumee is the safest city in Ohio to live in, with a safety index of 0.98.

    Safety Between Ohio Vs. California
    Safety Between Ohio Vs. California

    California’s violent crime rate increased by 6.0% in 2021, and it ranks in the middle among the safest states in the country. Rancho Santa Margarita is one of the top safest cities in California, with a violent crime rate of 0.62%.

    Is Ohio safer than California?

    Yes, definitely. Ohio’s average violent crime rate is 3.1%, which is way more than California’s 6.0%.

    Which state has the most crime – Ohio Vs. California?

    California has a high crime rate than Ohio. According to the Public Safety Rankings of the US News, California ranks #36 in terms of the safest cities while Ohio sits at the #22nd position.

    Comparison Table Of Crime Rates

    Violent Crime Rate3.1%6.0%
    Property Crime Rate18.5%21.4%
    Safety Rankings2236

    11. Jobs California Vs Ohio

    Both Ohio and California are applauded for their progressive job markets. While Ohio offers a welcoming business climate that attracts global investments, California mainly focuses on non-farm jobs.

    However, California’s job market is quite a competitive place to seek work, making it a tough place to get hired. The unemployment rate in California is 11%, way higher than Ohio’s 4.7%.

    What state is easiest to find a job in?

    Ohio, as a whole, is the easiest to find a job in as compared to California. The most demanded jobs in the Buckeye state are laborers and material movers, office clerks, truck drivers, customer service representatives, etc.

    Comparison Table Of Jobs

    Here’s a quick comparison of the job market between California and Ohio.

    Recent job growth1.5%9%
    Unemployment Rate4.7%11%

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    12. Economy California Vs Ohio

    Before you plan to move from California to Ohio, learn about the economy of both states and pick the best destination to settle in. Ohio’s GSP reached $620.7 billion in 2022, with growth rate of 1.0% over the 5 years.

    Economy California Vs Ohio
    Economy California Vs Ohio

    The state’s economy was the 7th largest in the US in 2019 and ranks third among the 50 states in manufacturing the gross domestic product. Ohio ranks #28, in terms of the richest states in the country, with a real capital personal income of about $49,724.

    Is Ohio has a better economy than California?

    No. California’s economy is the largest in the United States, with a GSP of $3.4 trillion, as of 2021. It is also the largest sub-national economy in the world. However, with a low unemployment rate of 4.7%, Ohio’s economy is a bit more stable than the Golden state.

    Which is the main industry in Ohio?

    Manufacturing is the main industry in Ohio. It is the third-largest manufacturing state in the US, with a total output approaching billions.

    13. Pros and Cons California to Ohio

    Now that you know everything about moving to Ohio from California, it’s time to enlist some pros and cons of living in the state so you can make the right choice.

    Excellent-quality healthcare systemUnpredictable weather conditions
    Ohioans are warm and friendly peopleCrime rate is a bit higher in bigger cities
    It has a high job growth rate.Certain areas in the state are poverty-ridden
    You’ll get to enjoy tons of outdoor activities in Ohio, such as hiking, rafting, etc.Segregation is a noticeable problem in Ohio.
    Well-built highway system 
    Low cost of living 

    14. Ranking

    Tax System3748
    Fiscal Stability2436

    Moving From California to Ohio FAQs

    What should I know before moving to Ohio from California?

    There are plenty of things you need to know when moving from California to Ohio. For example, you can enjoy plenty of scenery in the Buckeye state.

    Also, no permits are required to move to Ohio, making it the most accessible US state to relocate to. Weather is pretty much unpredictable in Ohio, as summer temperatures can be suffocating while winters are freezing.

    Is Ohio a depressing state?

    Yes. According to the 24/7 Wall St. Annual Study, Ohio has ranked the 7th most miserable state in the country. What makes this state depressing is its flat topography, except for the southeastern region. It is sometimes referred to as the dying state owing to its stubborn locale and nearly flat geography.


    So, that’s all about moving from California to Ohio. We hope our research will help you make a stress-free relocation. The Buckeye state appeals to many millennials from every nook and corner of the country, owing to its low cost of living and the booming job market.

    In addition, Ohioans are famous for their warm and welcoming nature, making it a friendly place to live in. The state is home to a plethora of parks that keep the natives engaged and let them savor some scenic views in the lap of nature.

    So, think no more and pen down the relocating to Ohio checklist to begin a relocation process.

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