Moving from California to Florida 


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    There are plenty of reasons to make the move from California to Florida including the warm weather and beautiful beaches, the great job opportunities, and the low cost of living.

    Florida aka the sunshine state has a lot to offer to its residents, from beautiful beaches to world-class theme parks. And, of course, the weather is unbeatable. 

    Is it worth moving to Florida from California?

    Yes, it is worth moving to Florida from California if you want to escape the high cost of living, want to escape amazing sunny weather all year round, and live a laid-back life alone or with your family.

    Why move from California to Florida?

    Living in Florida vs California has several benefits. Some of these benefits are a lower cost of living than in California, pleasant weather, crystal clear beaches, no state income tax, and good job opportunities.

    1. Cost of Living in California vs Florida

    To compare the cost of living in California vs Florida, we must consider several factors.


    Housing costs, transportation expenses, and the overall cost of living can differ significantly between the two states.

    However, the cost of living in Florida overall is much cheaper than that in California.

    The average cost of living in California is $53082 annually whereas that of Florida is $50689 according to the Bureau of economic analysis. 

    Why is it cheaper to live in Florida than in California?

    According to the Cost of living index report of 2023, California has the third highest cost of living in the USA.

    As already mentioned above, the state has an average cost of living of $53082 per year whereas Florida’s cost of living is $50689 annually.

    The average cost to build a house in California is relatively high at $400 per square foot, whereas in Florida it is just $125.41 per square foot.

    A detailed comparison of the cost of living in both states has been given below:

    ExpensesAverage cost CaliforniaAverage cost Florida
    Transportation$5316 (one adult, no children)$5477 (one adult, no children)
    Grocery$3865 (this doesn’t include eating out in restaurants)$3886 (This doesn’t include eating out amount)
    Housing$718687 (average house value) $377706 (average house value)
    Gas and energy$1039$909
    Rent $2405 (2-bedroom apartment)$1790 (2-bedroom apartment)
    Health care$8501$7676
    Other personal expenditure$29704$28562

    Source- Zillow for Housing & Bureau of economic analysis

     Are taxes higher in Florida or California?

    Florida tax rates are much lower than that of California. This is primarily because, unlike California, Florida does not impose state income tax or vehicle tax. The state tax of California is 8% whereas that of Florida is only 6%.

     What is the average cost of living in Florida?

    As already mentioned above, according to the Bureau of economic analysis, the average cost of living in Florida is $50689 per year.

    2. Things to know before moving to Florida

    If you are considering moving from California to Florida, there are a few things that you must know about.


    While both states have a lot in common, there are some major differences you should know about including the lifestyle, tax rates, and job market.

    Is it better to live in FL or CA?

    If you want to move to Florida from California and are wondering if it’s a good choice, the simple answer is yes. While both states are beautiful and have their own sets of pros and cons, moving to Florida is more advantageous for people looking for affordable yet quality living conditions, pleasant sunny weather throughout the year, lower rent and housing cost, and reduced personal expenditure costs.

    Is it a good idea to move to Florida from California?

    Yes, it is a great idea to move to Florida from California as the benefits are plenty and more lucrative, including high standards of living, reduced cost of living expenses, and more rewarding job opportunities. 

    3. Fantastic Weather

    The weather of Florida is fantastic with warm, sunny weather throughout the year, albeit it can get too humid sometimes.

    However, in California, you will experience hot and humid summers and extremely cold winters. 

    SeasonsAverage temperature CaliforniaAverage temperature Florida
    Winter50 degrees F- 60 degrees F57 degrees F- 65 degrees F
    Summer100-130 Degrees F70-82 degrees F

    4. Education 

    While Different places to live in Florida provide different quality of education, there are many good quality public as well as private schools providing education services to children.


    Florida was ranked third highest state in terms of best states for education whereas California was ranked low at number 20.

    Florida is ranked this high in education due to several factors such as low dropout rates, more transparency, fewer regulations on schools and colleges, and better accountability.

    More Employment Opportunities

    Florida’s job market is more lucrative than California’s. The unemployment rate in California is 4.2% whereas in Florida it is just 3.8%.

    According to the popular website, 6 out of the 10 best cities to find jobs in the country were located in Florida.

    This high number is due to more employment opportunities, better working conditions, and a better wage rate.

    5. Taxes

    Florida is a way better place to move to than California if you want to lower your tax liability.

    While California has the highest state-level income tax in the nation, Florida’s state-level income tax is nil.

    Is Florida completely tax-free?

    No. people living in Florida do not pay any state-level income tax, but they do have to pay state-level sales tax at 6%

    Why are taxes so cheap in Florida?

    The main reason why taxes are low in Florida is that the state income tax on its residents is nil. This means that residents of Florida only have to pay federal income taxes. The state sales tax is also quite low at 6%.

    Why is Florida so tax-friendly?

    Residents of Florida can save a lot of tax money as the state’s income tax rate is nil, which means they don’t have to pay any tax on their social security, 401(k) income, and pension income, making Florida a tax haven for people.

    6. Transportation

    Florida’s public transportation system is robust, with trains from companies such as Amtrak and Brightline, and the public bus system is also quite reliable.


    Cabs can also be hired through ride-sharing apps such as Uber. The state has a well-developed bus and transit system, so getting from point A to point B is simple.  

    Is Florida a good place to live

    Yes, Florida is a great place to live and it is a good idea to move from California to Florida if you want to experience beautiful weather, pristine beaches, and a reduced cost of living.

    However, there are some downsides to living in Florida as well such as the frequent occurrence of hurricanes, humid weather, the influx of tourists all year round, and high home insurance.

    Cost to move from California to Florida

    The average cost to move from any of the major and best cities in California to Florida would range from somewhere between $5000-$8000.

    How much to transport from California to Florida moving stuff?

    The average cost to transport from California to Florida moving stuff would be somewhere around $2000-$5000.

    You can either move stuff yourself by hiring a moving container or hiring a rental truck or employing a moving company to do the work for you.

    Hiring a rental truck would be the most affordable option for you.

    SizeMoving company costMoving container costRental truck cost
    1 bedroom$1300-$5500$1400-$3600$1500-$3000
    2-3 bedroom$3900-$8000$2500-$5000$1691-$$3600
    4+ bedroom$7400-$12500$3500-$7300$2100-$4400


    The cheapest way to move from California to Florida

    The cheapest way to move from California to Florida is by hiring a rental truck. 

    Cost of Shipping car from Florida to California

    The cost to ship a cat from Florida to California would be around $1000. This price can go up depending on the size and weight of your car, peak time, and so on.

    How Far is Florida from California?

    The distance from Florida to California is 3000 miles.

    Can I live in Oregon and work in California?

    It takes 10 hours to reach California from Oregon, hence living in Oregon and working in California isn’t a feasible option.

    7. Pros and cons of moving to Florida from California 

    Like any other state, moving to Florida has its pros and cons.


    While the state is known for its laidback lifestyle and beautiful beaches, many might not prefer its humid climate and its touristy vibe.     

    What is the downside of Florida?

    The downside of Floridaise its scorching summer, being prone to hurricanes, limited public transportation, and high crime rate

    What are the 6 reasons not to move to Florida?

    1. tourists’ influx

    2. many bugs and pests can be found here

    3. summers can turn very humid

    4. the healthcare system is poor

    5. Florida man

    6. hurricanes frequently occur here

    Pros of moving to FloridaCons of moving to Florida
    Low tax rateCan get very touristy
    Low cost of livingIncreasing housing prices
    Better job marketBugs and insects
    Beautiful beachesHigh crime rate

    Moving from California to Florida FAQs

    Where do Californians move to in Florida?

    Californians move to Florida to cities like Orlando and Miami.

    How much is moving from California to Florida tax?

    There is no moving from California to Florida tax imposed on people planning to move to the sunshine state.

    Why are people from California moving to Florida?

    People from California are moving to Florida due to reasons like low tax rates, better job opportunities, and reduced cost of living.


    Florida is a great state to move from California- due to its high quality of life, better job market, and stunning weather.

    An increasing trend of people relocating from California to Florida has been witnessed in recent years. And it’s no wonder why – Florida has a lot to offer!