Moving From California To Arizona

Moving From California to Arizona

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    If you need to know how many Californians are moving to Arizona. It’s no secret that a large number of California residents are moving from California to Arizona. As per the Greater Phoenix Economic Council’s latest study, roughly 60,000 ex Californians relocated to Arizona over the season (GPEC).

    California and Arizona are two states that share a lot of similarities but also have a lot of distinctions. Weather, climate, culture, and expense of life change from place to place. The key question is: why move to Arizona? Although there are no hurdles in their way. However, considering California’s high cost of living and taxes, migrating to Arizona appears to be a plausible choice.

    There is a wide range of entertainment, bars, and clubs to select from in Arizona. The cities in Arizona are some of the world’s most livable cities. Rents, operational expenses, and housing expenses are all minimal. Moving from the West Coast to Arizona is a fantastic experience.

    Let’s get started on the details of moving from California to Arizona (such as moving costs, cost of living, taxes, housing, healthcare, and places to reside).

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    Moving Cost California to Arizona

    Long-distance travel can be costly, so working with a trustworthy, low-cost relocating service provider is essential. Moving from California to Arizona costs between $ 2,300 and $ 3,800, depending on the size, route, and travel time.

    Moving Cost California to Arizona
    Moving Cost California to Arizona

    However, a variety of things will influence the final cost (e.g. exact distance traveled, number of items transported, and other services such as packing and unpacking). 

    How far is Arizona from California?

    The bus ride from Arizona to California takes about 7 hours and 25 minutes and travels a distance of about 610 kilometers. The fastest bus generally takes 7 hours and 25 minutes.

    People often move from early spring through late summer as this has constantly become the moving season. Although moving in the fall and winter, though, can save you much more money.

    Is it worth moving to Arizona from California?

    Yes, it’s worth moving! The benefit of moving from California to Arizona is what makes the move worthwhile, it offers a plethora of work chances and other benefits. With a pace of job growth that is double the national average, the state is ranked third in the country.
    California’s job growth rate, while still ahead of the national average, is in 16th place. Financial services, technology, and healthcare have all seen significant growth in recent years, attracting talent from throughout the country.

    Below is a summary of the moving costs. 

    Type of Apartment Moving cost
    One-bedroom apartment $1,600 – $2,600
    2-3 bedroom apartment $2,300 – $3,700
    4 bedroom apartment and more$3,000 – $5,800

    Cost of Living in Arizona & California

    The cost of living is one of the advantages of relocating from California to Arizona, costs vary significantly depending on which section of the state you choose to relocate to. In major cities will be significantly higher than in smaller communities. California is, on average, 67.1% percent more expensive than Arizona.

    Cost of Living in Arizona & California
    Cost of Living in Arizona & California

    Median Home Cost is the biggest factor in the cost of living difference. The difference in the cost of living in Arizona vs California is tabled below. 

    Cost of living indexArizonaCaliforniaDifference
    Total cost103.7173.367.1% less
    Feeding cost97.3104.17.0% less
    Average home cost$240,000$690,000188.0% less
    Utilities101.893.78.0% more
    Transportation cost117.9165.340.2% less
    Healthcare cost92.289.43.0% more

    Is it cheaper to live in Arizona than California?

    Arizona is 18.9% less expensive than California. You’d pay 7.8% less for restaurants, 13.2% less for transportation, 23.2 percent less for groceries, 15.8% less for housing, 12.1 percent less for clothing, 18.2% less for entertainment & sports, and 41.8 percent less for childcare if you lived in Arizona instead of California.

    When compared to other states, California has some of the highest income tax rates in the country, nearly doubling Arizona’s state income tax.

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    Taxes in Arizona vs California

    One of the numerous factors to consider is the tax differences of Arizona vs California. The tax rates in these two states are vastly different. The state income tax is nearly twice as high for inhabitants of the coastal state. Individual income tax rates in Arizona are 4.54 percent, whereas Californians must pay 9.3 percent.

    Arizona’s state sales tax is considerably lower, at 6.60 percent compared to 7.25 percent in California. The property tax is the same: $1,043 vs $1,449.

    Housing Arizona vs California

    Most people only think about security while moving from California to Arizona. How many people take the time to cross-reference their housing? Houses in different cities or even states do differ. Therefore, the housing market in Arizona and California will not be an exception. The type of residence you obtain in Arizona is determined by your preferences.

    Housing Arizona vs California
    Housing Arizona vs California

    In Arizona, you may find everything from ancient homes to elegant downtown condos. Pueblo Revival, Ranch-style, and bungalows are all popular in Arizona. You can be certain of contemporary modernism houses as well. The words “elegance” and “sophistication” come to mind while thinking of these homes.

    Because of the cost differential, the cost of residence matters when you want to determine the cost of living in Arizona vs California.

     In Phoenix, AZ, for example, 

    • a 2000 square foot house may cost between $150000 and $435000. 
    • The average cost of constructing a home should be around $150 per square foot.
    • With this sum, you could easily build a house for $206,000 on average.
    •  You may spend roughly $296000 on a home if you decide to buy one. 

    Houses in California, on the other hand, are likely to cost more than half a million dollars. Whether you purchase one or construct one, the cost will most likely be the same.

    Healthcare Arizona vs California

    Even when the quality of the product is the same, the quality of health care in Arizona and California differs significantly. In Arizona, healthcare is substantially less expensive. What could be more incredible than the Grand Canyon of Arizona than having inexpensive health insurance? Many Arizona residents are eligible for financial aid to obtain private medical insurance.

    Healthcare Arizona vs California
    Healthcare Arizona vs California

    In Arizona, you may be able to acquire free or low-cost health insurance through government programs such as Medicaid.

    • One in every five Arizona citizens between the ages of 19 and 64 receives Medicaid assistance. 
    • Two out of every five children are covered by Medicaid. 
    • The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System is the name of the state’s Medicaid program (AHCCCS).
    • Childcare costs are also vastly different. 
    Cheapest Healthcare insurance per person$179$167
    Average Healthcare insurance per person$454$487
    Source health insurance

    Best Places to Live in Arizona

    Because Arizona is such a huge state with so many intriguing sites to see, it’s critical to pick a city or town where you’ll feel at ease. Of course, making the decision is difficult, as Arizona and its towns have a lot to offer.

    Best Places to Live in Arizona
    Best Places to Live in Arizona

    That’s why we compiled a list of the greatest places to live in Arizona, based on a range of variables such as cost of living, career opportunities, things to do, and family-friendly features.

    1. Phoenix, Arizona

    Phoenix, Arizona’s capital, is a metropolis brimming with culture, resources, scenery, and recreational activities. Residents may enjoy a variety of outdoor activities thanks to the clear skies, sunny weather, and pleasant temperatures. In addition, the city has a vibrant job market and a comparatively inexpensive cost of living.

    Downtown Phoenix residents can make use of large city advantages such as contemporary office buildings, professional sports teams, and premium shopping. Families, on the other hand, will appreciate the sense of community that suburban neighborhoods provide.

    Phoenix has an abundance of fantastic restaurants, golf courses, vibrant nightlife, historical museums, and parks.

    2. Tucson, Arizona

    What began as a little hamlet has grown into a huge city with a low cost of living and a globally recognized institution that attracts residents. This mid-sized city has a lot to offer yet still has a small-town feel to it. It also has breathtaking views and abundant natural beauty.

    It is surrounded by mountains, which provide residents with a breathtaking backdrop as well as hiking and rock climbing opportunities. Tucson also has a lot of open space, making it a great spot to go riding, running, hiking, and get some fresh air.

    3. Tempe, Arizona

    This community is booming as a result of an influx of tech firms looking for a less expensive alternative to Silicon Valley. The city’s economic boom has infused it with a young professional air, attracting a large number of college students. Families are also welcome, as new housing complexes provide space for all as part of the city’s development.

    Most downtown jobs have a short commute. Kayaking, hiking, and bicycling are just a few of the active living alternatives available in the beautiful natural surroundings. Housing costs are quite low. There are a lot of new IT jobs coming up.

    4. Mesa, Arizona

    Mesa has a wide range of housing options, from condos to enormous estates. At the proper price, everyone can find a perfect home. Mesa has a similar feel to Phoenix in terms of a big city ambiance, but it is smaller. The distinction allows newcomers to choose between two vibrant cosmopolitan districts.

    The low cost of living allows you to spend more money on fun and activities. Mesa has a cost of living index of 93 out of 100. This is 6 points less than the country’s national average cost of living. You’ll get more bang for your buck with this home.

    Mesa houses are 10.6 percent less expensive than the national average, with a median property value of 162,000 dollars. Diverse neighborhoods cater to a wide range of lifestyles. Commuting time to the city is under 30 minutes.

    5. Paradise Valley, Arizona

    There is no greater place for nature enthusiasts than Paradise Valley. The desert may appear dry and desolate to some, but once you see these magnificent mountain ranges, you will reconsider. However, beauty comes at a price. This is the ideal spot to settle down if you can afford the higher-priced property.

    Professional-grade golf courses, Piestewa Peak Park, and the Phoenix Mountains are among the additional side attractions. Condos and single-family residences in the modern design are available. It is also one of Arizona’s wealthiest cities, with enough clout to back up that claim.

    6. Scottsdale, Arizona

    Since 2010, this Phoenix neighbor has grown by more than 13%. Today, Scottsdale is home to about 250 thousand people. This city has everything, from the harsh mountains to the great amenities. Scottsdale is a nature lover’s delight, with premium cuisine, a plethora of nightlife, beautiful golf courses, and distinctive shopping.

    This town is known as “The West’s Most Western Town,” and its economy is mostly focused on tourism, with about 40% of the inhabitants employed in this industry. There are also a lot of high-tech companies and well-developed aviation sectors there. In addition, the city is well-known for its shopping and art districts.

    7. Gilbert, Arizona

    Gilbert was formerly designated Arizona’s safest city, and it is well-known for its excellent public school system. This family-friendly neighborhood has several walking and bicycling lanes, wonderful restaurants, charming shops, and a variety of outdoor festivals and activities.

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    Where should I not live in Arizona?

    If you’ve ever visited Arizona, you know it’s a breathtakingly beautiful state. The desert landscapes are some of the most beautiful in the country, and the mountain ranges offer some of the most exciting outdoor activities in the Southwest. Is everything perfect in the Copper State, though? Not.

    Arizona, like every other state, has its share of problems. Guadalupe is the worst area in Arizona to reside. Guadalupe is located just outside of Phoenix, roughly 20 minutes from the state’s most populous city. Meanwhile, it’s on the outskirts of the South Mountain Park and Reserve, which offers a wealth of outdoor activities.

    Unfortunately, this fantastic position is not without its drawbacks. Guadalupe is also ranked as Arizona’s most unappealing town. The economy is the most pressing concern for Guadalupe’s 6,482 citizens. They make up 35.3 percent of the population, and 35.3 percent of them are poor.

    The median household income is $38,125, while the unemployment rate is 9.0%. Guadalupe also has poor schools because of its small tax base. On Great Schools, they have a 4/10 rating.

    What is the safest town in Arizona?

    In all we do safety is very important. The safest town in Arizona is the flourishing town of Florence. Florence, Arizona’s safest city is a memorable town that is one of the state’s oldest. While Florence has a long and illustrious past, it stands out in current times for its superb safety record.

    The statewide crime rate is an essential component that was taken into account. The total crime rate of Florence is 6.20 per 1,000, which is less than half that of any other Arizona municipality.


    Starting a new life after moving from California to Arizona is a jackpot deal if you can handle a little summer heat, don’t mind giving up snow in the winters, don’t mind keeping an eye out for the occasional rattlesnake, and want to be part of a growing tech environment.

    Depending on your budget, living in Arizona vs California appears to be more appealing. There is a huge contrast between these two states. As a result, if you had to choose, you should prioritize your preferences.

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