Montana Car Registration

Montana Car Registration

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    Montana is a beautiful state in the US in terms of vast open prairies, stunning mountains, picturesque ranch towns, and open blue skies. But, do you know about the Montana car registration?

    The exciting fact about this registration is that you don’t need a Driver’s License to title and register your vehicle. However, you have to provide the residential status of the County you are trying to register a vehicle in.

    Montana Car Registration

    On top of that, you don’t need to pay a sales tax, and it doesn’t need a vehicle inspection. You can get an idea about the Montana car registration process. Surprisingly, the Montana car registration online process is not a hard nut to crack; we will discuss it in this article. But, before that, you must see the following.

    Why is everyone registering their car in Montana?

    Registering a vehicle is not like breaking a mountain in Montana. The process of registering vehicles is easy, simple, and can be done in less time.

    First, you should hire a Montana law firm, and they will make an LLC for you on a few changes. And then they will register your vehicle. But, you should do this?

    It saves your money, time, and energy since the Montana business goes to the DMV for you. This simple fact is boosting the willpower of every people, and they are registering their car in Montana.

    What is required to register a vehicle in Montana?

    You need to have a driver’s license to register a vehicle in Montana. If you don’t have it, you must provide one out of the following. Or a particular document, showing your current address in Gallatin County. (Lease agreement or Property tax statement)

    • Photo ID issued by Government
    • Driver license (out of state)
    • Passport
    • MSU card (if you are an MSU student)

    If you don’t have the address proof (lease agreement or property tax), you must need the following documents.

    • Bank statement
    • Verified court document
    • Insurance card or policy
    • Montana fishing or hunting license
    • Paystub
    • Phone bill
    • School transcript/report card
    • Voter registration card

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    Vehicle Title and Registration

    Vehicle title and registration are not a headache in Montana state. But, consider the transaction details once. You should note that the transactions are not regulated after 4:30 pm. Also, if any transaction does not process, it will be continued on the next working day.

    Motor vehicle titling and registration are operated by the Vehicles Services Bureau. Without a registration process, a vehicle cannot be titled. So, new buyers of vehicles should consider this before buying. They have to go through the two procedures one by one. Takeup campers are irregular; they should have a title but are not registered. So, what about the registration?

    Well, the state law says all motor vehicles should be registered under this law, including motorcycles and quadricycles, travel trailers, all-terrain vehicles, and more.

    Motor Vehicle Division

    The motor vehicle division runs a customer care center to make appointments for registration during regular business hours. It will help to experience the shorter waiting time by making a call on fewer call volume days, Wednesday and Thursday.


    Besides that, to fulfill Montana car registration loopholes, it provides a facility to renew their vehicles online, using the Motor Vehicle Division.

    Therefore, the Motor Vehicle Division is helpful to make registration fast and correct.

    Motor Vehicle Security Interests

    A motor vehicle security interest is interest on personal property that saves payings or responsibility performance.

    For example, if the person took a Title Loan on a motor vehicle and did not repay on the due time, the lender can collect its security by taking the vehicle back.

    The security interest filing fees for all motor vehicles and boats, trailers, and snowmobiles are $8.24 only. You can pay the amount of security interest on newly purchased vehicles at County Treasurer’s office.

    Commercial and Heavy Vehicle Registration and Fees

    The license of heavy vehicles over a ton expired at the end of the year and had to be recommenced by February 15th, before the following change.

    From January 2006, the registration of such heavy vehicles expires 12 months from the date of first registration, and you must renew it by the next month, shown on the rear license plate sticker.

    For example, if the heavy vehicle was first registered in Montana on June 15, 2006, it expired on May 15, 2007. But, you will get the grace days duration till May 31, 2007.

    After that, if we talk about the fees structures, it changes according to the manufacturer’s rated capacity. Fees are enforced on the commercial and heavy vehicle registration and fees under § 61-3-529, MCA.

    Fees for such heavy vehicles like truck buses, etc., based on model year reduced from the current year and rated capacity of the vehicle. In addition to this, you have to pay the following fees.

    • Fees of gross vehicle weight
    • Registration fees – $23.44
    • Fees for Montana highway patrol salary and retention – $10.30.

    Light Vehicle Registration and Fees

    Passenger cars, vans, sport utility vehicles, and trucks one-ton and less than that are the light vehicles. Montana offers two renewal periods – 12 months and 24 months. Also, the light vehicle owners can choose one from this Montana car registration renewal duration.

    • Registration up to 12 months – The owner must pay the registration rate, county option tax, including other registration fees, and special plate fees for a year.
    • Registration up to 24 months – The owner must pay the registration rate except for the license fee for 12 months, county option tax, and other registration fees for 24 months period.
    • Permanent registration – A person owns a vehicle for 11 years or more, then he may choose the permanent registration option. Therefore, the fees for permanent registration are as per below.
    • Registration rate $87.50.
    • Montana highway patrol salary and retention fee $10.
    • If you want your existing plates kept on the vehicle, you have to pay the insurance verification fees of $5.
    • County tax $9 optional state parks support, a few special plate fees, including the gross vehicle weight fees for light trucks.

    Motor Home Registration and Fees

    According to the motor age home, motor-home owners must pay a charge on behalf of taxes, under § 61-3-321(7), MCA. The age is decided by reducing the model year from the current year.

    The registration of a motor home lapses 12 months from the registration date, and you have to recommence your registration by next month ending.

    Besides that, motor home-owners may register motor homes permanently after 11 years or more. When ownership changes, permanent registration does not provide the motor home.

    Apart from that, the motor homes have to pay the following fees.

    • Montana highway patrol salary and retention fee $10.30.
    • The new issue plate fee is $10.30.
    • Insurance verification fees are $5.15 (If you want to keep your existing plates on after permanently registering.)

    Motorcycle and Quadricycle Registration and Fees

    In Montana, motorcycles and quadricycles must be registered permanently with the § 61-3-321, MCA. You can register them for a highway or off-highway as per your choice.


    In addition to this, the driver drives motorcycles and quadricycles responsibly and prudently at all times. Also, these motorcycles are secured by Montana motorcycle law, which remises drivers responsible and answerable to Montana motorcycles. Now, if you are bothered by the prices, don’t be. You will get the registration prices below.

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    Contact the Motor Vehicle Division

    Motor vehicle division is available to sort the issues regarding registration, title, and other key matters.

    You can contact them at the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) headquarters, Vehicle Service Bureau, previously known as Title & Registration Bureau, and Operation and Customer Support.

    Street-legal Motorcycle and Quadricycle one-time fees

    Following are the fees for motorcycle and quadricycle registration, which need administration fees of 3% to conduct a transaction.

    • Flat fee – street-legal only – $53.25
    • Flat fee – street-legal/off-highway combination use – $114.50
    • Motorcycle/Quadricycle safety fee – $16
    • Montana Highway patrol salary and retention fee $10
    • Plate manufacturing fee – $10

    Off-Highway Motorcycle & Quadricycle one-time fees.

    • Flat fee – $16.25
    • Montana highway patrol salary and retention fee – $10

    In addition to this, white is the permanent sticker for off-highway, and it comes with a short form called “PERM.”

    Montana Car Registration FAQs

    How much will my car registration be in Montana?

    There is nothing to worry about car registration fees in Montana. Your fresh car can be registered for $87.50 only. However, you need to pay the Montana highway patrol salary and retention fees of $10, including optional state parks support, uncommon plate fees, and insurance verification fees of $5. The insurance fees are optional.

    Does Montana require two license plates?

    A single rear-mounted plate for motor vehicles, listed as a custom vehicle, and a disclaimer may be issued for vehicles that do not show a front plate, as per current law. The fresh law needs the disclaimer to be issued.

    Does Montana have front and back license plates?

    As per the 61-3-301 registration license plate required to display, all motorcycles should possess one license plate in the front, and the other license plate is shown on the rear side of the motor vehicles.

    Montana is commonly known for the best cities like Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, etc. But besides that, you can check our blog on the average cost of living in Montana to know more about this city, culture, and prices.


    You must have heard about the best places to roam in Montana. Also, a few people are planning to move to Montana, and it is good because Montana is one of the best cities in the US. But, if you drive a car, what about the license and other details?

    We assume you have less knowledge of that and are looking for more about this. As a result, we are coming up with this article – Montana Car Registration. You will see the entire information on the following points in this article.

    • Vehicle title and registration.
    • Motor vehicle division.
    • Motor vehicle security interests.
    • Commercial and heavy vehicle registration and fees.
    • Light vehicle registration and fees.
    • Motor home registration and fees.
    • Motorcycle and Quadricycle registration and fees.
    • Contact the motor vehicle division
    • Street-legal Motorcycle and Quadricycle one-time fees.
    • Off-highway Motorcycle and Quadricycle one-time fees.

    In addition to this, you will meet with random questions from people out there in the FAQ section. We hope that this information will prove helpful to you.

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