Mitad Del Mundo Ecuador


Excited to see the place where exactly the equator passes? At San Antonio Parish, just 26 km north of Quito, you will see the Mitad Del Mundo Monument, which is placed exactly where the equator passes through in South America.

The monument got its name in Spanish which means Middle of the Earth.

Also, Ecuador, the city where it’s placed, got its Spanish name from the word equator as it’s placed on the imaginary line. 

Visiting Mitad Del Mundo, Ecuador Monument on a day trip will become a fun-filled and memorable trip as you will get to see the Quito equator line along with various museums, get to stand once at a time in two hemispheres and several monuments paving the way to the main prominent monument. Read out the post below to know more!

1. What is Mitad Del Mundo? Why is it special?

The equator crosses through 3 countries in South America – Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador.


To prominently define the spot where the imaginary line of the equator passes through the country Ecuador, the Mitad Del Mundo Monument (Spanish – Middle of the Earth) was built. 

Unlike Ecuador, no other 13 countries across the globe, through which the equator has been passed, manifested this much pride in its unique location by creating such memories as Mitad Del Mundo.

This is because the capital city of Ecuador, Quito, is situated adjacent to the Equatorial line, which practically urged people to create a memorial and massive following for it. 

The line created from the monument is the benchmark (0°) from which the latitude is measured and lies perpendicular to the axis of the earth.

It’s also the place where unusual climatic conditions, the sun’s flexibility, and the globe’s position from the core of the earth are characterized.

It also features two important phenomena across the globe: a weaker gravitational pull, and the Equatorial surge. 

What is in the Mitad del Mundo?

Mitad Del Mundo has a small museum that contains native items of Ecuadorian culture, clothing, objects, details of different ethnic groups and their activities, and attractions like restaurants, a Quito miniature model, and a planetarium.

What is special about Ecuador?

Ecuador is well-known for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural legacy, and delectable Ecuadorian cuisine. The Galapagos Islands, located off the coast of Ecuador, entice travellers with their diverse species and natural splendour.

Where exactly is the middle of the world?

The Middle of the World is present exactly where the Mitad del Mundo monument is placed at latitude 0-0-0, near the village of San Antonio de Pichincha, Quito, Ecuador. 

2. Where is La Mitad Del Mundo?

La Mitad Del Mundo is situated 20 minutes north of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, at San Antonio de Pichincha.

It is exactly where the equator in Ecuador passes through at a latitude of 0° 0 ‘0″. 

La Mitad Del Mundo has a 98-foot-tall monument to the equator that points out the exact location of the equator.

This place became famous as it is said that the measurements taken during the 1700s were the correct spot where the imaginary line of the equator runs through the nation. 

Which city is in the middle of the world?

The middle of the world is in the city of Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

3. How to get to Mitad Del Mundo from Quito?

Mitad Del Mundo is an hour’s drive from Quito. Americans moving to Ecuador can book Quito tour packages from travel operators which include a visit to Mitad Del Mundo.


If you’re travelling independently, then you have to opt for Quito public transport i.e. a bus or private transport such as Uber, a private car, or a taxi.

Go for a travel option that best suits your schedule, needs, and pocket!

Also, keep some US dollars as it is the currency of Ecuador. 

How Far From Quito Is The Equator Line?

The Equator line is roughly 26 kilometres north of Ecuador’s capital, Quito.

By Public Transport

The only public transportation system that works in the capital city of Ecuador is a metro bus. You can take a bus to La Ofelia bus terminal ($0.25) and then take a bus to Mitad Del Mundo ($0.15).

The journey might be time-consuming i.e. 1 hr 50 minutes to reach the destination but is cost-friendly. 

There is also a direct bus that starts from Quito and reaches the destination that operates every day and departs hourly till working hours.

The journey can be quite lengthy and hectic for about 3h 30m. 

Be aware of pickpocketing, and unavailability of seats, and be ready to face heavy traffic jams.

By Private Vehicle

There are two ways to reach Mitad Del Mundo private transportation options, which are quite cheap (as per US and European visitors) and less time-consuming. 

  1. Uber/taxi- Opting for a taxi or Uber is undoubtedly the most suitable option to travel from Equador Quito to Mitad Del Mundo. It’s quite a convenient, enjoyable, and stress-free option and the cost ranges from $10-$20 for a 15-minute ride.
  2. Car- Personal Car is the cheapest and easiest way to travel from Quito to Mitad Del Mundo. It takes only 14 minutes to reach the destination at a rate of $1.50.
  3. Tour trips- Visitors who are on vacation trips to Ecuador usually opt for this option as they can travel to a lot of places along with Mitad Del Mundo as their package deals. They will also get a Spanish / English-speaking tour guide along with the package. This is quite an expensive option but saves time.

4. Best Time to visit Mitad Del Mundo?

Mitad Del Mundo is open year-round. So, you don’t need to plan your arrival. The best time to visit Mitad Del Mundo is from 9 am to 6 pm, everyday.  

Usually, the tour trips, and bus travelers arrive late at the site after lunch, so it’s ideal to visit in the morning hours between 9 am to 12 pm to avoid crowds and get time to see the entire site. 

At an entrance fee of $5, you can get to see the monument, Ecuador equator line, planetarium, pavilion exhibitions, ancestral homes, restaurants, and old train stations. 

5. What to do at Mitad Del Mundo?


Visiting Mitad Del Mundo has not only the monument to witness but plenty more things to do and explore, which are mentioned below:

Solar Culture Museum

The Solar Culture Museum is located inside the monument in the middle of the site. Here you can get the information about equator landscape, culture, history, and indigenous people.

Try experimenting with gravity here, you can feel something unusual while doing it. You can also find a beer museum, cocoa museum, and geodesic museum. 

Equator Line

Technically, it’s not the exact line where the equator passes, but who wants to know the exact location when you see the monument and Equatorial line, right?

The monument’s entrance is the best side of the Mitad Del Mundo to click the pictures. Find the yellow equatorial line, stretch your legs one on each side of the line, and yay! You got the click. 

Afterwards go to the top of the monument through a lift or stairs to see the equatorial line from the top view, the entire site, and the Andes mountains surrounding it. 


Ecuador Pavilion is the name of the planetarium present here featuring the France pavilion and pre-Columbian art exhibition dedicated to the scientist who discovered the Ecuador equator line. 

Restaurants, Folk-Lore Shops, and other activities. 

There are many restaurants, cafes, chocolate, and ice cream shops present around the site. Visit any spot from these and enjoy a meal whenever you feel hungry roaming at the site.

You can also buy clothes, jewellery, mugs, magnets,  patches, and more from the folklore shops. 

In case you are interested in collecting stamps, get the middle of the equator passport stamp celebrating your visit to the Mitad Del Mundo. 

6. Visitor Tips to Mitad Del Mundo

The tips or instructions to follow while visiting the historic Mitad Del Mundo are as follows:

  • Check the weather forecast to know the weather conditions, then start packing things.
  • Get clear directions from your departure point.
  • Book or plan for a travel option beforehand.
  • Book online entrance fees if possible. Also, keep parking fees of $3 in your hand, if taking your private vehicle.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for a hassle-free trip.
  • Pack your bags with a water bottle, snacks, umbrella, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and camera. 
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye on your belongings to avoid theft or mishappenings. 

7. History of Mitad Del Mundo

The Ecuador equatorial line in Quito was mapped out by a French geographers group guided by Charles Marie de la Comdamine in 1736.


With the greatest structure created the monument stood out to be an extraordinary memento at that time but later it surveyed out to be about 250m off the reference point.

But, surprisingly the calculation error seems to have had no negative consequences on people.

The 98 ft tall monument standing in the middle of the Mitad Del Mundo square, along with the red-painted equatorial line, poles, and small monuments are regarded as the false equator but still drag people’s attention and provide an enjoyable sight. 

Who discovered the equator here at the Mitad and were they accurate?

In 1736, a French geophysical excursion team led by an explorer named Charles-Marie de La Comdamine found and mapped the Equator.

Mitad Del Mundo Ecuador FAQs

What country is in the Middle of the World?

The middle of the world is located in Ecuador, South America.

How is Ecuador considered the middle of the world?

Ecuador gets its name from the imaginary line that separates the northern and southern hemispheres.  Its geographical placement in “the middle of the world” or “Mitad Del Mundo” is unusual.

What is the name of the Middle of the World in Quito?

The name of the middle of the world in Quito is ‘The Ciudad Mitad del Mundo’(City in the Middle of the World). 


All in all, Mitad Del Mundo is not only about the monument that is placed on the equatorial line, but also has other attractions that reveal the history, culture, theories, mysteries, and more behind the scenes of finding the equator.

This place is a must-see to witness the Equator in Ecuador and feel proud of the ancestors who had taken a great step then for making such a stunning memorial to cherish. 

The best time to visit Ecuador is from December to April and also the right moment to visit the Mitad Del Mundo.

Take a handful of time to explore the monument and nearby sites and don’t forget to click a photo while standing on two hemispheres right away.