Change Of Address Missouri


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    Thinking about moving to Missouri this year? The overall cost of living in Missouri might be the reason as it is 10% less than the national average. But before moving, we want you to know one of the most important things i.e. addresses updation under Missouri DMV. 

    The state-level government agency, Missouri DMV takes care of everything related to the licenses and vehicles of its residents. If you are making a move to Missouri then you have to apply for Missouri’s driving license before 30 days of your move.

    And if you are moving from one city to another within Missouri, no time is provided for the completion of a change of address.


    So, without wasting any time, read the article below to get elaborated information about the change of address Missouri.

    How do I notify Missouri of a new address?

    Change your address in Missouri by submitting an online form to the DMV. Visit a location in person if you need help with your tax returns in Missouri. A Missouri DMV change of address form can be filled out and submitted online or in person at any of their offices.

    What do I need to change my name in Missouri?

    In some cases, you may need to provide documentation showing your identity (name, DOB, and birthplace), social security number, and current Missouri address. The first step is to submit a petition to change one’s name.

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    How to Change the Address on Your Missouri DMV

    Well, it doesn’t matter whether you go with the best places to live in Missouri for retirement, Springfield or move downtown to the best city in Missouri, Richmond heights, you must go through the change of address process promptly.

    Change of address Missouri comes up with various options as per your requirements – online, mail, and in-person. Choosing the offline or in-person mode is a quick and unfailing way of changing the address.

    Though it might get hectic as you need to search and go to the nearest DMV office for the entire process, which on the contrary, can be done easily by filling out a form online. 

    If You’re Moving to Missouri from Another State

    Before relocating to Missouri from another state you must know that you have to immediately apply for a new driving license to drive in Missouri.


    With a valid driving license from any US state in hand, you have to apply for a new driver’s license within 30 days and register your vehicle within 30 days after getting a new home in Missouri.

    Change of address In-Person, If You’re Moving to Missouri from Another State

    If you are making a move to Missouri from another state you need to visit the Missouri DMV office in person to get a new driving license. This is because the change of address through online, phone, mailing, and email options for out-of-state residents is not possible.

    Or you can say that these options had not yet started. The procedure, requirements, and address of the office are mentioned below:


    • Missouri ID proof/Missouri driver’s license for signature proof
    • Social security number proof
    • Proof of date of birth
    • Bank statement/rent agreement/lease agreement/deed for residency proof

    Note: If your name on the identity proof does not match the name on the current driving license, you will have to produce a name change proof like a court order of a legal name change, marriage certificate, or divorce decree.


    The steps to follow for achieving a valid driving license from the Missouri DMV office are stated below:

    • Locate the local Missouri DMV office.
    • Surrender the valid other state’s license.
    • Ask for a “Form 18” application form for Missouri’s title and license.
    • Provide ID number SSN and date of birth as document proofs.
    • Qualify for the vision test and deposit the fees.
    • If you possess a valid driving license you are given a written test and driving tests will be omitted.


    Driving license: $10

    If You’re Moving Within Missouri


    If you are relocating within Missouri, you have to change and update your driving license immediately within 30 days with DMV Missouri. And if you fail to do so, it can put you in trouble with state-related documents and car insurance, which eventually leads to crime.

    So to update and change of address Missouri driver’s license and other identity documents you need to go through the following steps.  

    Online address change If You’re Moving within Missouri

    DMV change of address Missouri can be done by filling out a Missouri DMV change of address form online conveniently rather than visiting the office in person. You can also change the address by simply sending a request for address updation through the mail. 

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    The process of online change of address is considerable if you have certain documents that are listed below:

    • Valid Missouri driving license, 
    • Date of birth, 
    • ID proof,
    • Social Security Number (SSN)
    • Vehicle information
    • Email address (optional)
    • Previous address and new address.


    • Check out the website of the Department Of Revenue Missouri.
    • Choose the online “change of address request for driver’s license records” option.
    • Complete the requested credentials and go through the process.
    • Don’t forget to double-check the application for any errors
    • Along with the required documents stated above you might need to add some additional documents, scan and upload them.
    • After completing the process choose if you want a replacement license.
    • Pay the online fee through a credit card.


    Replacement ID with the new address – $13.70 (3 years) and $19.50 (6 years)

    Change your address by Mail, If You’re Moving Within Missouri


    Missouri allows you to change your address by mail. The Missouri DMV ask you to complete the change of address application form (Form 5805) and send it to their mailing address. It’s quite a hassle-free process and can be done effortlessly without any issues. 


    • Valid Missouri driving license, 
    • Date of birth, 
    • ID proof,
    • Social Security Number (SSN)


    Change and updation of address in Missouri via male can be done to the following process: 

    • Complete the change of address form.
    • Mail the completed form 5805 to: 

    Department of Revenue Missouri

    P.O. Box 100,

    Jefferson City, MO 65105-0100


    Free of cost

    Change of address in person, If You’re Moving Within Missouri


    If you want to change the address in person and don’t want to do it online or through the mail, you can take an appointment at any Missouri DMV office and submit the change of application form by yourself. 

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    Requirements for Online Address Change

    For updating an address in person you need to know the nearest Missouri DMV office addresses and require the following documents that are stated below:


    • Department of Motor Vehicles, 6138 Raytown Trfy, Kansas City, MO
    • Department of Motor Vehicles, 4628 S Kingshighway, Saint Louis, MO
    • Department of Motor Vehicles, 1038 S Bishop Ave, Rolla, MO

    Documents required

    • Missouri ID proof for driver’s license for signature proof
    • Bank statement or mortgage or rent agreement or lease agreement or deed for residency proof
    • Social Security Number proof
    • Date of birth proof


    • Locate the DMV office present situated at your location.
    • Ask them for the change of address form.
    • Mention the requested information.
    • Attach the required documents stated above on the form.


    Change of address with DMV Missouri is free of cost. In case of a replacement license with an updated address, you have to pay $13.70 for 3 years and $19.50 for 6 years.

    Change your address by E-mail, If You’re Moving Within Missouri


    For vehicle registration and applying for a license plate number, you need to provide a complete change of address paperwork to Missouri DMV. 


    Vehicle registration and change in address on the driving license can also be done through email to the Missouri DMV email address.


    • Fill up the change in address form 5805.
    • For vehicle registration, attach change in address documents
    • Mail it to


    Free of cost

    If You’re Moving From Missouri to Another State

    If you are moving from Missouri to some other us state you don’t need to change the Missouri DMV.


    The vehicle registration and driving license of Missouri will automatically get canceled and you will be allocated a new updated license from the state you are relocating to. Also surrendering the license plates is not required. 


    The following documents are required during the change and updation of address with the Missouri DMV:

    • Change Of Address Form (Form 5805)
    • Missouri Title And License Application (Form 108)
    • New And Old Residency Addresses
    • License Plate Number
    • Last Four Digits Of SSN and VIN
    • SSN and ID Proof
    • Missouri Residency Proof 
    • Current Vehicle Registration 
    • Liability Insurance Proof 
    • Inspection Proof 
    • Ownership Proof


    Steps to follow when moving out of Missouri to another US state are mentioned below:

    • Apply for a new driving license and register your vehicle in the state you are moving to. The time period for the change of address process differs from state to state. However, most US states allow the process to get finished within 30 to 90 days of establishing residency.
    • Apply for the change of address of driving license, vehicle registration, and other identity documents in Missouri by visiting the nearest DMV office you have shifted to. Don’t forget that the requirements will differ for different US states.


    As per another state’s change of address DMV regulations.

    Change of address Missouri FAQs

    What do I need to change the address on my ID in Missouri?

    In Missouri, updating your personal information requires your driver’s license number, date of birth, social security number, and both your old and new addresses. Please provide two forms of identification that attest to your current residence.

    Do I need a new driver’s license when I move to Missouri?

    After establishing residency in Missouri, you must visit a Missouri license office to apply for and purchase a change of address Missouri driver’s license. If you have a driver’s license from another U.S.

    State that is either currently valid or expires in 184 days or less, you can turn it in to the state of Missouri and skip the Missouri skills and written examinations.

    What is proof of residency in Missouri?

    A mortgage or rental agreement, credit card statement, lease, or utility bill can all serve as proof of residency. Applicants under the age of 18 can submit a document with the name and address of a parent or legal guardian, along with a statement that they live with that person.

    What do I need to transfer my driver’s license to Missouri?

    You will need to pass a vision, written, and driving test in addition to proving your name, date of birth, and place of residence. Furthermore, your driver’s license should arrive within 7–10 business days.


    So, this was all about the ways to change and update your addresses in Missouri. For your information, none of these changes in address procedures is difficult. So, go for a convenient option without any hesitation or questions. 

    If you are relocating to Missouri, remember that it snow in Branson, Missouri, every year from November to February, but at a very small amount of about 2 inches per year. And it is absolutely okay to relocate during those months. Book a reputed and licensed movers company for a safe move!

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