Minnesota DMV Address Change


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    Planning to shift to Minnesota this year? With a cost of living in Minnesota of 1% less than the national average, the North star state proudly ranks #2 as the best state to raise a family, according to WalletHub. And this is probably the reason behind people becoming Minnesotans. 

    But can you become a Minnesotan this easily? No, you just need to update your address with the Minnesota Department Of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services within 30 days of making a move to mn.

    To know more about the process, read the article below!

    How long do you have to change the address on your license in Minnesota?

    You only have 30 days to apply for a new driving license after having established residency in Minnesota. 

    Does it cost to change the Minnesota DMV address on your driving license?

    The cost of changing the Minnesota DVS address on the driver’s license is about $17. 

    How to Change the Address on Your Minnesota DMV

    MN change of address can be done with one and only procedure i.e. in person. But you are able to do almost all the pre-application paperwork through online mode. Online, phone, and mail options are not available for a change of address in MN.


    Though the process might get hectic in searching the nearest DMV office for the entire process, you have to change your address within 30 days of establishing residency in Minnesota. 

    If You’re Moving to Minnesota from Another State

    People moving to Minnesota from another state must apply for a new driver’s license and vehicle registration within 60 days of residency in Minnesota. This is possible if you have an unexpired, valid driving license from another US state. 

    Note: For a new resident in Minnesota, a new driving license is available for those who don’t have suspensions, cancellations, or annulment of the previous state’s license. 

    In-Person change of address

    For Minnesota DMV address change you have to visit the department of vehicle services in person within 60 days to apply for a new driving license.

    But before moving to the office, you have to use the pre-application option and gather some documents and follow the steps for faster service. 

    Documents Required

    • Minnesota ID proof/driver’s license for signature proof
    • Social security number 
    • Proof of date of birth
    • Odometer disclosure statement
    • Bank statement/rent agreement/lease agreement/deed for residency proof

    Step-by-Step Process

    The steps to follow for achieving a valid driving license from the Minnesota DMV office are stated below:

    • Locate the local Minnesota DMV office.
    • Surrender the valid other state’s license.
    • Ask for a change of address form MN for title and license.
    • You can also use the online pre-application option to schedule a visit to the DMV office. 
    • Provide original copies of your ID number, SSN, and date of birth as document proofs as xerox copies will not be accepted.
    • Qualify for the vision test and deposit the fees.
    • You will also have to qualify for the knowledge test about the driving rules and regulations of Minnesota. For that, you need to score 80% to qualify for the test. 
    • If you possess a valid driving license you are given a written test and driving tests will be omitted.


    Below mentioned are the major Minnesota DMV offices along with their addresses.

    • Department of Public Safety, Driver and Vehicle Safety, 445 Minnesota Street, Saint Paul, MN 55101-5187
    • Department of Motor Vehicles, 300 S 6th St., Minneapolis, MN
    • Department of Motor Vehicles, 623 NW 4th St, Brainerd, MN
    • Department of Motor Vehicles, 12601 Ridgedale Dr Ste 108, Minnetonka, MN


    New driver’s license: $32

    Registration fees: $30

    If You’re Moving within Minnesota

    If you are relocating within Minnesota, you can change and update your driver’s license and vehicle registration with DMV Minnesota within 30 days of your move.


    Every US state has its own timelines, rules, and policies for address change and vehicle registration with the DMV. If you miss the time, eventually fail to update the documents resulting in crime or penalties. 

    In-person change of address When moving within Minnesota

    Change Minnesota driver’s license and vehicle registration is only possible by visiting the Minnesota DMV in person. Although online procedures are quite convenient and effortless, the state has not yet introduced this option now. But before visiting the nearest office you can undergo the free application option for faster service at the office.

    Documents Required

    • Minnesota ID proof or driver’s license for signature proof
    • Bank statement or mortgage or rent agreement or lease agreement or deed for residency proof
    • Social Security Number proof
    • Date of birth proof
    • Full name
    • Previous and recent residential address
    • License plate number (vehicle registration)
    • Last 3 digits of the vehicle ID number (vehicle registration)

    Step-by-Step Process

    • Locate the DMV office present at your location.
    • Use the pre-application option online before scheduling a visit (optional).
    • Ask them for the change of address form for updating the address in both driver’s license and vehicle registration.
    • Fill in the requested information.
    • Attach the required documents stated above on the form.


    Updated license: $17

    If You’re Moving from another State to Minnesota

    Moving from Minnesota to another US state doesn’t require changing the Minnesota DMV. The vehicle registration and driving license of Minnesota will automatically get canceled and you will be allocated a new license from the state you are relocating to.


    Also, you need to surrender the license plates to the Minnesota DMV. 

    Documents Required

    The following documents are required during the change and updation of address with the Minnesota DMV:

    • US citizenship proof/proof of lawful presence
    • Minnesota Title And License Application (Form 108)
    • New And Old Residency Addresses
    • License Plate Number
    • Last Four Digits Of SSN and VIN
    • SSN and ID Proof
    • Minnesota Residency Proof 
    • Current Vehicle Registration 
    • Liability Insurance Proof 
    • Inspection Proof 
    • Ownership Proof

    Step-by-Step Process

    Step-by-step procedures to follow while moving out of Minnesota to another US state are mentioned below:

    • Apply for a new driving license and vehicle registration in the US state you are relocating to. The time period for the change of address procedure changes from state to state but most should get completed within 30 to 90 days of establishing residency.
    • Apply for the change of address of driving license and vehicle registration in Minnesota by visiting the nearest DMV office you have shifted to. Don’t forget that the document requirements are different for different US states.

    How do I contact the Minnesota DMV?

    You can call the Minnesota DMV for driver services at the below contact details:

    • Driver compliance: (651) 296-2925 and (651) 296-2948.
    • Commercial driver’s license: (651) 297-5029
    • Road or class-D knowledge test: (651) 284-1000 or (651) 284-1234
    • DL/ID issue: (651) 297-3298

    And for vehicle services, you can contact the following numbers:

    • Vehicle registration/ ownership transfer/ titles: (651) 297-2126
    • Motor vehicles special plates: (651) 297-3166
    • License plates/ disability parking certificate: (651) 297-3377
    • Motor vehicles lien holders: (651) 296-5436

    What documents are needed to change the address on the driver’s license in MN?

    To change the address on the driver’s license in Minnesota, you will need the following documents stated below:

    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Last 4 digits of your social security number
    • Current and previous residential address
    • Phone number

    Minnesota DMV address change FAQs

    Do I have to get a new license when I move to Minnesota?

    You have to apply for a new Minnesota driver’s license and get vehicle registration done under the Minnesota DVS office within 60 days of your move. 

    Do you need an appointment with the Minnesota DMV?

    Yes, you need to schedule an appointment for a driver’s license exam (skill test) on the contact (651) 284-1000 or online at drive.mn.gov.

    Can I change my driver’s license address online in Minnesota?

    No, you cannot change driver’s license addresses online in Minnesota as the services are unavailable now. 

    What form do I need to change the address on my driving License?

    To change the address on MV driving’s license, you will need Application Form 33. 


    Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, has a lot to offer. From home to the largest malls in the US to spots for the best hiking in Minnesota, there are various lesser-known things and notable attractions which make the state unique.

    But before exploring from top to toe, you must have a valid driving license and vehicle registration to claim yourself as a resident of the state. So, without wasting time, go for a change of address as soon as possible before the time ends!

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    There are over 140 waterfalls in Minnesota along with nearby places with beautiful scenery and outdoor areas for hiking, camping, fishing, and more. Do check out some of them on a quick day trip!