Living in Scotland


Are you moving to Scotland or wondering if Scotland is a good place to live? Well, you have come to the right place. Scotland is an excellent place to live, to raise a family, or for couples and professionals. 

Scotland is located in the North of England. Scotland is a separate country and together with Whales, England, and Northern Ireland, these countries form the United Kingdom. 

Life in Scotland is unique with its rich history, cultural heritage, ancient castles, stunning landscapes, and affordable living costs.

So, if you are living in Scotland as an American or an expat in Scotland, you will never be disappointed. See Americans moving to Scotland

Scotland is no less than a paradise and has something for everyone. We will discuss life in Scotland, and the pros and cons of living in Scotland in detail in the given article. Let’s get started. 

Is Scotland Safe?

Scotland is really a safe place to live in. The crime rate in Scotland is relatively low and it is safe to live in or raise a family in Scotland. 

Scotland is also a safe place for tourists, solo travelers, and females. If you are looking for a safe place to travel, Scotland is a place worth visiting with breathtaking natural beauty, royal history, and vibrant lifestyle. 

Scotland as a whole is a safe country to live but, but according to recent data, Orkney Islands, Aberdeenshire, and East Dunbartonshire are among the safest places to live in. 

Pros and Cons of living in Scotland

Everything has its own advantages and drawbacks. Likewise, Scotland also has some pros and cons.

So, if you are considering relocating to Scotland, here are the pros and cons you must know before moving. 

Pros of Living in Scotland


1. Excellent Higher Education 

Scotland is a country with various universities offering quality education. Scotland also offers free education programs where the tuition fee is free for EU students.

The fee is paid by the student’s award agency in Scotland.  

However, for international students, the education is not free, you might have to pay tuition fees. World-famous universities like St.

Andrews, Edinburgh, and Glasgow universities offer various educational programs and graduate students have higher employment rates anywhere in the country.  

2. Beautiful Beaches 

Scotland is home to a wide number of magnificent beaches with great scenery and recreational activities.

Luskentyre Beach, Ayr Beach, Camusdarach Beach, Sandwood Bay, Coldingham Beach, and SeileBost Beach are among the popular Beaches of Scotland. 

These pristine beaches offer stunning scenery, turquoise waters, white-sandy shores, and activities like beachcombing, picnicking, swimming, snorkeling, and a relaxing environment away from the hustle of the city. Learn about things to do in Scotland for couples

3. Scenic beauty 

The scenic beauty of Scotland attracts a great number of tourists every year. Scotland offers jaw-dropping scenery of rugged mountain peaks, majestic landscapes, islands, and Lochs. 

From the iconic peaks Glencoe, Ben Nevis of Highlands to the stunning Loch Lomond, and the Cairngorm National Park to the dramatic Isle of Skye.

Every place is worth visiting. Moreover, a scenic ride on the Jacobite Train in Glenfinnan gives you everlasting memories.

For mesmerizing views of the landscapes and an outstanding experience a road trip of the North Coast 500 is a must-to-do in Scotland. Check the hiking in northern scotland.

4. Vast Job Market 

The booming economy of Scotland provides great job opportunities. But, finding a job in Scotland is a bit competitive and requires persistence and effort. 

The fast-growing industries like tech, agriculture, fishing, and manufacturing provide various jobs.

Moreover, other small-scale jobs are also high in demand including Project manager, assistant, security officer, Data manager, Research associate, and Digital assistant. 

5. High Quality of life 

Scotland offers a high quality of life with high-end amenities required for a comfortable lifestyle.

Scotland offers an excellent healthcare system with all the medical services, and education in Scotland is also worth praising.

The higher universities offer free education to the residents of Scotland. 

Furthermore, a fast-growing economy, low crime rates, easy access to the markets, and natural landscapes make Scotland a living place. 

6. Low crime rate

The crime rate in Scotland is lower than the national average. Scotland is a safe place to live in. 

7. A Lot of Historic landmarks 

Scotland is popular due to its historic landmarks. A wide number of old buildings, monuments, and Roman ruins display the great history of Scotland.

History enthusiasts can visit Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle, Dunnottar Castle, Inverness Castle, Antonine Wall, Croy Hill, and Ardoch Roman Fort. 

Besides the castles, you can also catch a glimpse at historic monuments like Scott Monument, Burns Monument, David Stirling Memorial, William Wallace Statue, Nelson Monument, and Robert the Bruce Statue. 

8. Scots are Very friendly 

The people of Scotland are warm and welcoming. The friendliness and strong sense of community are among the culture of the Scotts.

The residents also engage actively in community events and festivals. Know what country is Scotland in.

9. Great Public Transportation

Scotland has an excellent public transport system. The reliable and cost-effective transport of Scotland makes it very convenient to travel between the cities alongside the stunning scenery of the natural landscapes. 

Scotland has a diverse rail system, ferries, and buses. Moreover, Scotland is also bike-friendly and walk-friendly.  

10. Delicious food & Whiskey 

Scottish food is a blend of traditional flavors and culinary influences from around the world.

You can enjoy from local foods to mouthwatering seafood offering a diverse range of dishes in Scotland. 

Haggis is the iconic traditional dish of Scotland. Other popular dishes are Neeps & Tatties, Scotch Pies, Deep-fried Mars Bars, Scottish Porridge, and Cullen Skink. 

Besides the delicious cuisines, Scotland is home to many Whiskey Distilleries that have the best drinks in the world. 

Cons of Scotland 


1. Unpredictable Weather

The weather in Scotland is extremely unpredictable. You can experience four seasons only in a single day in Scotland.

So, the weather in Scotland can greatly affect your outdoor plans. As you can enjoy a sunny morning and a stormy afternoon any time in Scotland. 

2. High Taxes 

High tax rates are another big drawback in Scotland. You have to pay high-income tax in Scotland as compared to the other states. 

Tax rates in Scotland are high and the tax is used to fund the healthcare, education, and other public sectors. 

3. Limited daylight in Winter 

Scotland has limited daylight as the sun dips low on the horizon which shortens the day hours and results in long nights and lower outdoor activities.  

4. Midges and Insects 

A huge number of Midges and insects are present in Scotland. The midges are high in warm months causing discomfort for visitors and locals alike. 

You can avoid these midges and insects by using an insect repellent, wearing long sleeves, and avoiding wetlands and water bodies. Learn what are midges in Scotland.

5. Potential for crowded tourist areas

Huge crowds gather in the peak tourist seasons. Thus, causing the worst traffic jams.  

6. Challenging Driving Conditions

Scotts can often face challenging driving conditions due to the unpredictable weather, and narrow and winding roads.

Moreover, huge crowds in peak months, rainfall, or strong winds in the western and northern regions can make driving challenging in Scotland. 

Living in Scotland FAQs

Is living in Scotland better than England?

Both Scotland and England have their own unique charm. If you are looking for a place with low living costs, delicious cuisines, and natural scenery You must go to Scotland.

However, if you can afford high living costs and a place with huge cities and rich historic sites you must choose England. 

What is it like living in Scotland?

Living in Scotland is like a paradise on earth. The stunning landscapes, rich culture, ancient castles, parks, Islands, and Lochs make Scotland a great place to live in. 

How many Black people are living in Scotland?

0.7% of the total population represents the Black people in Scotland. 


Living in Scotland is really a great decision. The country offers a wide range of amenities, affordable living costs, various job opportunities, quality education, and a growing economy. 

Scotland also has countless historic sites, castles, and natural landscapes with outstanding scenery. 

Keeping in view the pros and cons of living in Scotland, we concluded that living in Scotland is not bad at all. Actually, you can really enjoy a wonderful lifestyle in Scotland.