Kayaking in Sedona, AZ

Are you all set to experience the breathtaking thrill and unseen wild river views by kayaking and canoeing in Sedona? If yes, you hit the right spot! This article is for you to let you know about where to kayak in Sedona, AZ.

Undoubtedly, Sedona ranks at the top for kayaking tours and is one of the best places to live in Arizona. With uneven landscapes, thriving forests, and white water, this place is your cup of tea for experiencing unforgettable kayaking.

According to TripAdvisor, the Verde River is the best kayaking spot that lets you experience scenic views, rocky landforms, high-quality habitats, and everything you want to explore in your kayaking tours.

Best Spots For Kayaking in Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ, is known for having the best spots for Kayaking. However, if you want to experience different activities, Greer is your place. Know what to do in Greer, AZ, which is filled with eternal amusing activities.

Things You Should Carry

With the popularity of Kayaking, Sedona, AZ, is among the best outing places to watch amazing landscapes, sculptures, unique jewellery and many other experiences. 

Further, going on a kayak tour is not a bummer, as it has white and flatwater areas to kayak. But be sure to look at the below things before you go on your dream kayak tour.

  • Camp clothing includes fleece bottoms, dry t-shirts, jackets, rain gear, etc.
  • Kayak trip includes lighters, sharp knives, fire starters, and water containers
  • Boat gear includes paddles, flares, weather radio, compass, tow rope, lifejacket, whistle, etc.
  • You must have a repair kit with the essentials
  • Backpacks with extra pockets to store your eatables and drinkables.

1. Verde River

Verde is among the best lakes near Sedona to encounter magnificent wildlife, fishing, historical moments, and ancient culture. 

Verde River

  • Flatwater Section

If you want a flatwater kayaking experience in Arizona, this is the place you can think of. It offers dope paddling, which is good for novice and experienced paddlers.

  • Whitewater Section

The Whitewater Section is another destination in Verde, offering marvellous, wild, and scenic beauty. Also, here you get to encounter rapids that create water sounds fantastically. So, add it to your list if you want to experience kayaking without disturbance.

  • Greenway State Natural Area

Lastly, after kayaking, you can visit this natural wonder to see the wide range of wildlife. With ballad eagles, mule deers, and black hawks, this is a must-watch place in Sedona.

Despite that, you can kayak, canoe, and raft in this mesmerizing place. Launch your kayak from the access point. The best part is that you can kayak the entire river. However, Arizona is so hot and the best time to experience kayaking here is from January to April.

Opening Season/TimeJanuary to April
Minimum Age18 years
Water TemperatureBetween 60 to 80 degree F (summer time)
Weather of the Place0.54”(Average temperature in April)
Difficulty LevelChallenging
LocationCottonwood, AZ – 86326

How to get there:

You can easily book a cab via S Broadway and Tuzigoot Road to reach there silently. You get to encounter many activities here, from exploring the railroad, national monuments, fishing, canoeing, rafting, and more in this enchanting place. 

In terms of amenities, Verde River is famous because of its pool, spa, clubhouse, billiards, and pickleball, and the list is quite long.

2. Peck’s Lake

Kayaking near Sedona, AZ will take you to Peck’s Lake, an older reservoir. Tourists and locals were permitted from 2003 to enjoy various recreational activities after completing the lease period.

Along with kayaking, this is a famous spot for paddling. Here you get to learn the rich history of Peck’s lake. This fantabulous lake is situated at Clarkdale, Yavapai County, Arizona. Kayaking is absolutely safe here.

Opening Season/TimeDaily sunset and sunrise time
Minimum AgeAll ages
Water Temperature58 to 75 degree F
Weather of the Place76°F
Difficulty LevelEasy
LocationClarkdale, AZ – 86324

How to get there:

You can take a cab from Price Road to reach the destination within a few minutes. Once you reach here, you can enjoy Fort Peck Summer Theatre, Reservoir, Wildlife Refuge, and more. The amenities include a dance hall, clubhouses, and golf courses. 

3. Mormon Lake

Mormon Lake is one of the best lakes in  Arizona and offers 600 acres of surface area for your convenience. The lake is 10 feet deep with an unstable surface. But it welcomes disabled people.

Mormon Lake

If you want to enjoy swimming and kayaking in one place, try this unimaginable place with its great swim beaches. It is open to everyone!

Thus, you can easily visit Mormon Lake to kayak and enjoy other outdoor activities during your free time.

Opening Season/TimeMay through October
Minimum AgeAbove 6
Water Temperature39°F
Weather of the Place41°F(Till 16 April 2023)
Difficulty LevelVery hard
LocationPleasant Valley, AZ – 86038

How to get there:

Just take a car drive from Price Road to Mormon Lake and reach here. After that, you can enjoy fishing, boating, and windsurfing. Also, cabins, restrooms, laundry, and other facilities are available in this place.

4. Tonto National Forest

Tonto is great for offering several recreational activities, including a hike, bike, and kayak tour on the beautiful and best lakes near Phoenix. On top of that, this 2.9 million acres of land is famous for its undying magical ambience of scenic beauty.

Tonto National Forest is best to have fun with your family, where you can explore several activities, like Goldfield Ghost Town, Canyon Lake, Camp, and lots more.

 Watching wild horses is a famous activity at Tonto Forest. Swimming areas are also available for swimmers despite the best kayaking in Sedona spots.

Opening Season/TimeOctober Month & Spring Season
Minimum Age18 years
Water Temperature71”(April)
Weather of the Place22.07”(Annual average of precipitation)
Difficulty LevelModerate
LocationPhoenix, AZ – 85006

How to get there:

Book a cab from Sedona to reach this place within one and a half hours and enjoy canyon lake, tonto forest hike, wild horses, etc. Regarding amenities, they have power-boating, rafting, tubing, sailing, swimming, and water skiing.

5. Dead Horse Ranch State Park

Despite the thrill of kayaking, you can enjoy a laid-back vibe in Dead Horse Ranch state park because it has one of the best lakes near Sedona. Here, wild mustangs (Horses) used to gather once upon a time.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park

Your kayaking and canoeing journey becomes worthwhile because of its two lagoons. Also, you can go kayaking and canoeing at your own risk in Page, the nearest city.

However, you will find a moderate difficulty level for kayaking there. It will take 6 to 9 hours to kayak horseshoe bends a day. The backhaul services at $75. See the complete details on its official website

Opening Season/TimeSpring and Fall
Minimum Age6 – 12 years
Water TemperatureThe weather of the Place
Weather of the Place74 F
Difficulty LevelModerate
LocationCottonwood, AZ – 86326

How to get there:

Taking a cab from Sedona to reach this destination is a good option. Once you reach here, you get to relish several activities, including birdwatching, canoeing, hiking, camping, and horseback riding. 

Also, they offer luxurious amenities, like separate cabins, restrooms, RV sites,  and campgrounds in Arizona. 

Kayaking in Sedona FAQs

What are the best Kayaking Tours in Sedona?

Kayaking tours on Verde River, Peck’s Lake, Mormon Lake, and Tonto National Park are ideal for every kayak lover, from novice to experience. Thus, you can plan on these locations to kayak.

What Kayaking spots in Sedona are good for avoiding crowds?

With limited crowds and exhilarating tours, Verde River, Boynton Canyon Trolley, etc., are the best spots to avoid crowds for kayaking.

Is Kayaking in Sedona hard?

No! You can easily kayak in Sedona. It offers several kayaking spots for everyone, from beginners to experience.


So, these are the best places for kayaking in Sedona, AZ.

If kayaking is your hobby and you want to kayak, Arizona is the best one. However, finding the best places from Arizona to kayak is quite challenging, and you will need to research a lot. So, we have curated this blog to let you know about the best kayaking in Sedona, AZ.

With a thrill, exciting tours, waterways to explore, and stunning scenic views, you get to experience kayaking in lakes and springs of Arizona. 

In addition, you can start to hike, bike, and fish in these amazing places. So, pack your bags and start your journey to gather magical moments for a lifetime.