Jobs in Switzerland for the US citizens

Jobs in Switzerland for the US citizens

Switzerland is well-known for its mesmerizing mountains with scenic train paths. Apart from this, the branded and best watches are famous from Switzerland. In addition to this, the beautiful lakes and villages are the points of attraction of Switzerland. But, besides that, we are talking about the jobs in Switzerland for foreigners in this entire blog.

Jobs in Switzerland for the US citizens

Can an American get a job in Switzerland?

An American citizen can get a job but on a condition. An American citizen should have a job offer before moving to Switzerland for work. Moreover, the US nationals get a Swiss Work Visa for their working duration or running purpose. In short, an American should possess the employment offer from the Swiss government to work in Switzerland.

Is it easy for an American to get a job in Switzerland?

Searching for or getting jobs for US citizens in Switzerland is effortless and firm. The market of Swiss jobs gladly welcomes foreigners for their work vacancies. Especially they welcome foreigners for the elder leadership level positions. Moreover, the competition for a few spots is rigid. But, after all these situations, if an American wants to get a job in Switzerland, then freely go down in this article.

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How to Find a Job In Switzerland?

There are a lot of industries present here in Switzerland. It starts from finance, banking, audit, IT companies, machinery, mechanical, biotechnology, aerospace, and much more. Therefore, they need efficient workers, and the US workers are capable of this.

Furthermore, Switzerland’s working conditions are superior. They always prefer a guy who knows the English language very- well. 

Apart from that, a few educational certificates, a better CV, and offering or cover letters are mandatory for applying in Switzerland. You can find the best job updates in Swiss for English speakers and foreigners in many departments. The number of websites available for the Switzerland job opportunities. Many of the chances are present on the websites like jobs, jobscout24, jobup, monster, etc. Foreigners can apply on these websites to get a suitable task on their own.

Geneva is one of the best destinations to search for a job in international organizations. There is numerous availability of jobs for US citizens in Geneva Switzerland, at multinational companies. They can search online and send their CVs to the organization.

1. Job opportunities

What kind of jobs can I get in Switzerland?

Foreigners can get work in various departments such as engineering & technologies, pharmaceutical, consulting, banking & financing sectors, etc.

2. Self Employment

Can a foreigner be self-employed in Switzerland?

You need a few permits and permission from the Swiss government if you want to start your entrepreneurship in Switzerland. Likewise, you can begin a business with all the freedom, and the risk is not involved.

3. Freelancing

How do I become a freelancer in Switzerland?

A resident can do freelancing work in Switzerland. The individuals can become self-employed person by applying for B permits that are valid for five years. Further, through freelancing work, you can make optimum cash to survive on being self-employed.

4. Internship

Are internships in Switzerland paid?

Typically most internships are paid in Switzerland but ensure that it should be clear from the organization or internship provider. CHF 24,000 is the average salary per year in Switzerland.

5. Requirements for Swiss jobs

What skills are in demand in Switzerland?

You need to have various skills to acquire a job in Switzerland. Likewise, they need skilled workers like banking, insurance, IT departments, pharmaceuticals, engineers, consulting, etc.

In addition to this, they required financial analytics, business analytics, and system analytics in their organizations. Shockingly, 79,000 vacancies were present in September 2019 in Switzerland. Also, teachers, auditors, tax advisors, top management, and top public services advisors are in requirement in Switzerland.

Applying method

To apply for a job in Switzerland is not a headache nowadays.

  • You require only a few academic certificates along with a covering letter and your CV.
  • You are allowed to apply for a job in the company’s or job providers’ language.
  • You employ the German and French language for that purpose until and unless they do not mention the English language.

How do I write a CV in Switzerland?

You can follow the following checklist to write a CV in Switzerland.

  • You must apply the formal language.
  • There should be a page of your achievements and experiences.
  • Use appropriate bullet points where needed.
  • Add your training certifications.
  • Use the uncommon skill to fill the bottom of the CV.
  • Attach a passport photograph in the personal details if required.
  • Make sure that you are not doing a show-off as Swiss people search for the modesty of an individual.

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Useful resources

There are several websites available on the internet to find a job in Switzerland. They start from the monster, season workers-ski jobs, step stone, total jobs, and much more. Apart from this, there are mainly two obliging resources available and are as follows.

  1. EURES –  European Employment Services (EURES) stands for the residents and organization of the European Union countries. It was made in 1994 containing the European Commission, members, and partners of EU regions.
  2. Employment centers – The regional employment centers are one of the best destinations where you can search and apply for job vacancies. Further, you can get all job-related information on these spots.

Pros & Cons

Pros –

  • Working in Switzerland can give you a better standard of living with all the amenities you want.
  • Zurich & Geneva are amongst the top ten cities that offer you better working conditions.
  • Working in Switzerland’s company provides you with a feeling of working in international organizations.
  • The surroundings speak in the English language.
  • You can use public transportation for your traveling purpose and even at nighttime.

Cons –

  • It might be hard to start work in Switzerland.
  • You can’t move to Switzerland until you get an offer letter.
  • International companies do not hire inexperienced people for work. They always look up to those candidates who have experience of working in an organization.

Jobs in Switzerland FAQs

Can foreigners get a job in Switzerland?

A foreigner can get a job as the Swiss job markets openly welcome them for doing the job. Foreigners are mainly required for senior-level management posts. However, the candidate has to show their high efforts to get a job offer in Switzerland.

What jobs are needed in Switzerland?

There are several working requirements in Switzerland. The IT departments need the best employee to work, and a few financial institutions require auditors and tax advisors. In addition to this, they need a few doctors & nurses in the hospitality industry..

What is a good salary in Switzerland?

In 2021, the adequate salary of a month is considered from CHF 6,00o to CHF 9,000. Also, you can see a better annual salary from CHF 70,000 to CHF 72,000 for an active individual in Switzerland. 


Switzerland is famous for its scenic environments and best destinations in the entire world. Therefore, many places can mesmerize you. The nature and pleasant cool weather make this place an enchanting spot to visit.

Besides that, the working conditions are decent in Switzerland for the US and other international job searchers. Therefore, we have mentioned a few job opportunities, beneficial resources, applying methods, along the job requirements. Apart from this, we have provided the pros and cons to decide to work in Switzerland or not? Also, the blog states that Americans can find a job in Switzerland.

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