Jobs in Australia for Americans

Jobs in Australia for Americans

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    The United States has plenty to offer, but it’s important to remember that there is a larger world out there. Awe-inspiring cities and breathtaking scenery may be found all over the world, as can mouth-watering cuisine. As a result, it’s not unexpected that many Americans are considering moving to Australia to find a job. Preparation is key when moving to a new country and starting a new life.

    Jobs in Australia for Americans

    As a result, you’ll realize how important it is to be attractive to Australian companies while doing so. Getting the hang of where to go and what to do is the difficult part. That’s why we’re writing this piece. You’ll find guidance on how to get a job in Australia, as well as some ideas you might not have considered before.

    Can I work in Australia as a US citizen?

    Yes! Citizens of the United States can work in Australia if they have the proper visa. To work in Australia as a US citizen, you must first apply for and be granted a valid Australian visa with work authorization.

    Australia work visa Requirements are 18-30 years of age, US passport holder, capability to prove sufficient funds of AUD 5,000 and ability to pay the visa application fee AUD 440. The applicant must have a good character with high qualifications and meet the health requirement.

    Is it hard to get a job in Australia?

    The work market in Australia is quite competitive. Particularly for foreigners, not all occupations and abilities are in equal demand. The most in-demand sectors for foreigners include hospitality, construction, and education.

    But don’t worry, it doesn’t imply you won’t be able to get work in other fields. There are several options if you want to stay. As a working holidaymaker in Australia, here are some amazing opportunities such as barista, bartender, waiter, deckhand, professional roles, Receptionist, Farmhand, sales assistant and call centre operator etc.

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    Types Of Jobs in Australia

    Job possibilities in Australia are highly diversified and working holidaymakers should be able to discover a selection of job postings to fit their skills. The employment prospects in Australia are very excellent, but that does not always guarantee fast employment. Different types of jobs in Australia for Americans are described below:


    According to the QS World University Rankings by Subject for 2018, Australian institutions excel in subjects such as civil, mineral, and mining engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, and mechanical engineering. Engineers Australia may have examined your skills if you’re an engineer relocating to Australia. With an Engineers Australia membership, you can start setting a direction for your career, expanding your Australian network, and gaining access to professional development tools.

    Building and Construction/ Laboring and Trades

    There are numerous opportunities and benefits to working in the construction business in Australia such as highway maintenance workers, roustabouts, cement masons, construction helpers and paving equipment operators etc. For starters, you can work in both the city and the rural. Finally, depending on the region, the work may be eligible for a second-year visa. Because of the huge need for labour, it’s also quite easy to find work. In Australia, the average construction labourer wage is $58,490 per year or $30 per hour.

     Town Planning/Architecture

    Urban planners are in high demand in Australia, as are professional architects. In Australia, a town planner earns $95,000 per year or $49.72 per hour. Starting salaries range from $82,465 to $118,050 annually. A year ago, the average architect income in Australia was $132,485. Starting salaries range from $110,743 to $179,517 for experienced individuals.


    You’re in luck if you’re thinking of pursuing a career in hospitality as a US citizen. The hospitality industry in Australia is growing in strength. Within the next three years, there are predicted to be over 970,000 people working in the hospitality sector, making it one of the top employing industries in Australia.

    Find a Job in Australia

    Thousands of migrants arriving in Australia expect to find rewarding work. However, as many migrants will attest, finding work in Australia is difficult, especially for young people from varied cultures.

    What is the best way to find a job in Australia?

    The best way to find a job in Australia is Australian job search engines such as Seek, Australia’s largest employment marketplace and Australian Government Job Search, the second leading resource for job seekers in Australia.

    How can a foreigner find a job in Australia?

    A foreigner can find out a job in Australia by researching the market. He should find out the roles and skills that are in high demand in Australia, and then sort out his visa.

    Applying Method

    There are many jobs for US citizens in Australia. The job application process for a foreigner includes the following steps:

    Research your market: Some occupations and abilities are in high demand in Australia, and others are less so. The more you search, the more likely you are to realize where you fit into the job market.

    Sort out your visa: Expect to see mention of the “right to work” in Australian job adverts. Employers will fund high-level candidates if they can’t obtain someone locally, says Carradice. But it’s the exception, not the rule. Only extremely experienced candidates in talent short industries should expect an all-expenses-paid transfer.

    Speak the lingo and learn about the culture: When Lindsey Monroe-Ruth went from the United States to Australia to work for Adecco, she had to learn the basics of the Australian vernacular. When she told an Australian acquaintance that she was “off to the races,” she meant she had tons of work to do, fast. The contact thought Monroe-Ruth was heading to the races for the afternoon!

    Customize your CV and cover letter: Remember that an employer wants the best applicant for the job, so focus on your qualifications for the work rather than where you live when drafting your resume and cover letter for overseas employment.

    Know your technologies: Interviews via the phone, Skype, or other digital platforms are becoming increasingly frequent, but don’t expect employers or recruiters to use technology that you like.

    Prepare to step back: Carradice advises against taking your first job in Australia. Accept that you may need to backtrack to get valuable Australian experience.

    Know how to apply: Learn how to apply for jobs. It’s easy! Build up a SEEK profile, you can apply for jobs faster, know that only respectable employers will see your information, and set up alerts to never miss an opportunity.

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    Requirements For Jobs

    The Department of Immigration and Citizenship allows US nationals to apply for an Australian Work and Holiday visa online. The following requirements are necessary to get a job in Australia.

    • Age 18-30
    • US passport holder
    • Proof of finances (AUD 5,000).
    • Payable visa application fee of AUD 440
    • Be of good character and health.
    • High school diploma or comparable qualification
    • No dependent children
    • A Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462) or a Working Holiday Visa (subclass 463) (subclass 417)

    Useful Resources

    What jobs are most needed in Australia?

    However, hundreds of people do successfully relocate from the US to Australia every year and there are still numerous places available for persons with the proper qualifications. You may be curious to know which jobs are most in need in Australia for migrant workers. Have a look at the list of job categories given here:

    Rank  Job CategoryOccupation Ceiling 2021  
    1Registered Nurses17,859
    2Secondary School Teachers8,716
    3Software and Applications Programmers8,405
    5Construction Managers7,145
    6Carpenters and Joiners6,812
    7Metal Fitters and Machinists6,335
    9Motor Mechanics5,205
    10University Lecturers and Tutors5,042

    Pros & Cons of doing job in Australia vs the US

    There are some advantages of job sector in Australia than US job. Similarly, you may find some difficulty and inconvenience in Australia.


    • High income as living cost is lower here than in the US.
    • Health insurance and flexible working arrangements.
    • Stable economy expanding at 2.5 per cent every year on average
    • Job possibilities in multiple sectors
    • High minimum pay & significant savings potential


    • Hard to find jobs.
    • Inbound tour operators and online travel bookings in Australia etc. industry sectors are declining gradually.
    • Payment isn’t enough in several sectors in comparison to the US.


    How can I legally work in Australia?

    When you work in Australia, you will have fundamental rights and the same workplace protection rule as other local employees. To legally work in Australia, you must apply for a work visa. You’ll need proof of your right to work in Australia to work lawfully. A visa, proof of permanent resident status, an Australian passport or a certificate of Australian citizenship are all examples of acceptable documents.

    Can you work in Australia without citizenship?

    Yes. A non-citizen can work in Australia with a valid work visa: proof of eligibility is a current passport with the visa.

    How can I move to Australia for work?

    The resettling process is rather simple if you already have a work offer or an employment contract in this country. The temporary skilled visa (457 visas) allows employers to sponsor foreign workers for up to four years if their talents are in demand.


    If you have the necessary skills and experience and know where to seek, there are plenty of jobs for Americans in Australia. Due to the unwelcoming immigration and work visa policies in the United States, many Americans may assume that living in Australia will be comparable. However, once you step foot on Australian soil, you’ll be shocked at how nice and welcoming Australians are to their American counterparts over the ocean!

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