Is Switzerland a good place to live?


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    Switzerland is a European country offering you the best locations to explore, from Geneva city to Jungfraujoch (Top of Europe). The high standard of living, a decent education system, proper healthcare, etc., are the advantages to the people. Moreover, the country has the best honeymoon destinations for newly married couples. But, people get confused about Is Switzerland a good place to live?

     Why is Switzerland a good place to live?

    People often choose this country because of the low crime rates and higher safety reasons. Also, Switzerland is a safe country in Europe that offers the best living standard and working environments. Apart from this, the region holds the tag of top social security with the lowest rates of offense. So, you can freely go anywhere without much deliberation.

    Is Switzerland expensive to visit?

    Switzerland is the conventional and stable country in Europe as well as the world. Therefore, major cities of this region are famous by the name of expensive towns.  Geneva & Zurich are one of them. Public transportation, education, and tourist spots are extortionate making this county an expensive place to visit.

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    The standard of living is high in Switzerland, but the rate of unemployment is low. Therefore, employees can experience the satisfaction of good working conditions and better positions in the organizations to perform tasks. Further, the salaries of the employees are high, and the best working atmosphere is possible.

    Further, Geneva and Zurich are the most common places to live and work. Apart from that, you will get multicultural vibes and stunning sceneries around you. Besides, many multinational companies are issuing job offers to expats. Thus, it has become the most famous country for better working conditions and living. 

    Despite working conditions, the state has churches, bridges, clock towers, art galleries, restaurants, clubs, and bars that are better spots to visit once. You can enjoy your whole day at these locations.


    If you are moving with children

    There are three famous cities for moving to Switzerland with children are as follows.

    Sous-Gare-Ouchy – Switzerland’s most cities are safe and secure for children Sous-Gare-Ouchy is one of them. The spot offers you a refreshing, friendly aura and the best choice for both the parents to live and work.

    Montchoisi – The city has close locals, schools, parks, and stalls for busy families. Therefore, this city is acceptable for many families to live in.

    Lausanne –  It’s a small city having low crime rates and an easy search for a house or apartment. Finding effortless accommodation at a reasonable price is possible in this town.

    If you love an active lifestyle

    If you love action and adventure, then Interlaken city is best for you in Switzerland. It is because the town is known as the sports capital of this region. You can pamper the outdoor activities here without any doubt. The outdoor activities involve hiking, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, canoeing for the tourist and for the locals to enjoy.


    If you are a student

    The studies matter the most for each student. Keeping this in mind, if you are a student and moving abroad, Geneva University is best for you. The name of Geneva’s home university is Plaine de Plainpalais, and this is a great place to start your studies. It offers quality education in the English language for abroad students.

    There are various undergraduate courses conducted by the Plaine de Plainpalais, such as BBA, BA-IR, BA-DM, BA-IM, BSc-CS, etc. As well as it offers the best surroundings to hang out and relax your mind.

    Furthermore, Students can live their nightlife in the clubs, restaurants, bars, in addition to the flea markets. The local foods are cheap, and you can bargain here for the prices as well. However, you can roam the skate parks, circuses, and funfair that are held around the years. Also, there is a high percentage of foreigners who live here happily.

    Safe and pleasant

    Is Switzerland safe at night?

    The country is one of the safest towns in the world, with low crime rates. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the nightlife. You can go to several clubs, restaurants, street walking sites, etc. But, you have to be Lil aware if you are going in the darkest side of the streets or in inadequate areas.

    Which is the safest city in Switzerland?

    Zurich is the largest city and contains 81.33% of the safety index. Therefore, Zurich is the safest city in Switzerland for tourists or foreigners. It provides you a prototypical experience too. Apart from this, Zurich is famous for its fancy chocolates and shopping centers.

    What is the most beautiful village in Switzerland?

    Grindelwald, Wengen, Guarda, Morcote, Interlaken are the topmost villages of Switzerland. These places are famous for the Eiger & Wetterhorn hills, Ski Races, Lobsters, Arcade Buildings, and Summer Holiday Resorts, respectively.

    Economy & Business

    Is Switzerland’s economy good?

    Switzerland’s economy is considered the most stable economy in the world. The long-term fiscal policy and stability of politics are the reasons for investors to invest in trading. It helps create an economy that depends on an immovable trend of foreign investment. Therefore, the economy of Switzerland is good.

    If you are looking for a job

    There are many options to work in Switzerland, starting from international banking, art, and media. Many international and multinational companies are giving job opportunities to foreigners. Therefore, the country is getting popular among international job searchers.

    If you are Retiring

    A lot of people come to Switzerland for their vacations, summer holidays, or honeymoons. But, besides that, many expats tourists come here in search of the best destination to live in. Similarly, the retiring person has a clear vision in their mind to spend the rest of life in peace and natural environments. Thus, Switzerland offers both at the same time to live their retired life.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros –

    • Switzerland is the safest country to relocate your business. The economy is stable and that helps you in the occupation in several ways.
    • Switzerland charges the highest taxes to its people. But, these taxes are lower than in Germany and other countries.
    • A better lifestyle after retirement is a dream of many people. Switzerland offers you the best and happy lifestyle after your retirement.
    • Your neighbors can speak the English language. Therefore, it is easy to utter and build commercial relationships with them.

    Cons –

    • There are higher rates of properties in Switzerland. But, you will be the actual owner of the house to stay in a foreign country like Switzerland.
    • You can comfortably operate your banking, but they are expensive.
    • You can experience the higher expenses in the cities of Switzerland.

    After getting so much knowledge about Switzerland, there is nothing to doubt that this is one of the best countries. Still, if you are thinking about What it is like to live in Switzerland, the following statements are waiting for you.

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    1. What kind of activities can you do in Switzerland?

    A lot of activities are available to do in Switzerland. It starts from skiing, diving in the local culture, wine testing (Vaud city), tasting the Swiss chocolates, etc. It also includes learning their local languages, hiking on the highest Alps, and exploring the mesmerizing nature from the Swiss National Park.

    • What should I avoid in Switzerland?

    You should do the necessary shopping and avoid rubbish things while shopping. It is because the country is expensive. Avoid the wrong transportation as much as you can. Further, avoid sticking to only one place Switzerland has so much to show you. So, switch the places frequently.

    • How many days do I need to see Switzerland?

    You need only five to six days if you are going to traverse the highlights of Switzerland. But, your ten days are not enough to roam Switzerland. There is so much to explore in this country. Therefore, it depends on your vacations to rove perfectly in Switzerland.


    Switzerland offers the best spots to visit although it is not as big as other countries in the world. The best places are Zurich, Geneva, Zermatt, Basel, and the top of Europe Jungfrau.

    The economy of Switzerland is stable, and the taxes are reasonable. Further, you can see why it is the safest country on the earth in this blog. A student and a retired person can stay in Switzerland as it provides the best courses from Geneva University, and a pleasant atmosphere to live in.

    Moreover, it offers the best villages/cities for if you are moving with your children. In addition to this, the office and working environment are better in this region for foreigners. And gives you the best living standards.

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