Is Minnesota a Good Place to Live

Is Minnesota a Good Place to Live

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    Minnesota is a state in the Midwestern US and is the 12th largest in area. It is the 22nd most populous state and shares deep historical roots with ancient culture. Plus, it ranks as the third best state in the US.

    Have you ever been to Minnesota? Is Minnesota a good place to live in?

    Well, answers to these questions are explained in detail in the article below. Read on to learn more about Minnesota and its prime natural or cultural attractions.

    Is Minnesota a Good Place to Live

    Is moving to Minnesota a good idea?

    Minnesota is ranked as the third-best in the US and is known for its affordability, culture, residents, and festivals. The cities exhibit charming vibes and are quite clean. Most of the residents of Minnesota stay in cities like Minneapolis, St Paul, and “The Twin Cities”. The best part of moving to Minnesota is the access to the outdoors. There are about 5 national parks, 76 State Parks, and 10,000 lakes in Minnesota. Hiking, biking, climbing, swimming, fishing, and boating are popular outdoor activities here.

    Is Minnesota a good city to live in?

    Minnesota is a beautiful and charming city in the US. It has great accessibility to the outdoors and affobest towns to live in minnesotardability for living. The best part is it is one of the cleanest cities and is the third best state in the US to live in. Minnesota maintains high hygiene standards, and rural towns emit charming vibes. The best towns to live in Minnesota are Minneapolis, St Paul, and Twin Cities. Eden Prarie in the Minneapolis area is one of the best cities in Minnesota. Thus, Minnesota is indeed a charming and good place to live in.

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    Why Living in Minnesota is a great idea (Pros and Cons)

    Like every other city, there are pros and cons to living in Minnesota. The living costs and lifestyle factors depend on numerous factors listed below. Read on to learn more about these pros and cons in detail.

    1. The Beautiful State is Affordable

    Minnesota is one of the most beautiful, affordable, and charming cities in the US. There are numerous walking trails, headquarters, excellent public schools, and serene lakes. People from every socio-economic background can afford to live in the city.

    Beautiful State

    Groceries and healthcare facilities are cheaper in Minnesota than in other cities. The higher cost of living in MN is due to the real estate and property prices. Read the cost of living calculator, Minnesota, to understand the prices of other essential commodities.

    The educational infrastructure is excellent in Minnesota, and it comes under one of the most literate urban areas.

    What are affordable facilities in MN?

    Housing is affordable in MN, with a median house price of $225,000. The average rent in Minnesota is about $1500.

    What is the cost of livings in MN?

    The cost of living in Minnesota is slightly higher than the national average, with an index of 106.5 on a scale of 100.

    2. Great Job Opportunities

    There are plenty of job opportunities in Minnesota in all the metropolitan cities in Minnesota. A total of 17 Fortune 500 companies are operational in MN, like BestBuy 3M and United Health Group. Why move to Minnesota is a frequently asked question, and the answer is increased job opportunities.

    Great Job Opportunities

    The federal minimum wage in MN is higher than the national average, offering the best rates in the midwestern US. The federal wage is about $9.65 per hour. Therefore, the employment rate is around 3 % on par with the national average.

    Opportunities across all sectors like healthcare, marketing, administration, retail, and management are open in Minnesota.

    What are the top cities near Minnesota with open jobs?

    Minneapolis, Eagan, Eden Prairie, St Paul, and Bloomington are the top cities in Minnesota with open jobs.

    3. Land of Lakes

    Minnesota has over 10,000 lakes and is rightly known as the “Land of Lakes”. With an area encompassed by these lakes, boating is a popular activity in the US that helps one get to the house as well. Around 76 national parks surround these lakes, and one can access the western point of the Great Lakes if one heads to the north of Minnesota.

    Land of Lakes

    What is Land O’ Lakes known for?

    Land O’Lakes is known for its spectacular sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. It has an extensive ecosystem<!–td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}–>
    living in minnesota of lakes and communities. The Land O’Lakes in Arden Hills is known to host a dairy industry.

    Is Land O’ Lakes really farmer-owned?

    Yes, Land O’Lakes is an agriculture cooperative-owned enterprise in Arden Hills in Minnesota, focusing primarily on the dairy industry. The co-operative support the food and agriculture industries.

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    4. Diverse Festivals

    There is a festival for everything, and anything in Minnesota, as the state, has an intense cultural inclination. It is one of the traditions of the Midwest to celebrate the history and cultural legacy of every community throughout the year. 

    Diverse Festival

    To know more about other activities in this region, 10 must-do Minnesota hikes provide perfect insights.

    The St Paul Winter Carnival and Renaissance are always a big hit. Traversing through the small towns during these festive times gives a glimpse of the culture. Charm and legacy of communities residing there.

    What are the celebrating festivals in MN?

    Festival of the Voyager celebrates the history of Minnesota in the Pine City Area. The St Paul Winter Carnival and Renaissance are other celebrating festivals in MN. Minneapolis Aquatennial is a 10-day festival held every year in July and is one of the most significant festivals in Minneapolis.

    5. Clean Cities and Charming Towns

    Minnesota is known for its cleanliness and hygiene standards. The quality of life in Minnesota is great due to the inclusion of health or hygiene standards and the air quality index. It is one of the top 5 states to live in. Factors like environmental health, business landscape, and hygiene standards contribute to the city’s cleanliness.  

    Clean Cities

    To know more about landscapes and modern infrastructure, check out the article on indoor amusement parks in Minnesota

    What’s the best city to live in Minnesota?

    Chanhassen and Minnetonka are the best places to live in Minnesota. These cities have serene and conducive neighborhoods to raise a family with excellent public amenities and access to outdoor spaces.

    Where should I not live in Minnesota?

    As per the review, St Paul is not a good place to settle in Minnesota as it has high crime rates compared to other neighborhoods of Minnesota.

    6. Delicious Food

    Minnesota offers delectable dining opportunities in “Twin Cities” or other neighboring cities. The diversity of cuisines and local culinary touch with a hint of Swedish flare take the dining experiences of Minnesota a notch higher. Local Rye bread is an indispensable part of people residing in Minnesota.

    Delicious Food

    Dinners on the lakeside or harbors and a quiet experience with family in the winters of Minnesota are unforgettable experiences.

    What is Minnesota’s famous food?

    Hotdish, Wild Rice and Apple Crisp are famous foods in Minnesota. One must give these dishes a try.

    What is Minnesota’s famous vegetable?

    Tomatoes, zucchinis, and yellow squash are famous vegetables in Minnesota. The varieties of tomatoes are versatile and nutritious, giving a delectable palette to all dishes.

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    Cons of Living in Minnesota

    As much as there are pros to living in charming Minnesota, there are a few cons involved too. Some major cons are listed below.

    1. Harsh Winters

    Minnesota experiences extreme winter months, and total snowfalls are measured in feet instead of inches. The winters are so brutal that one cannot leave the house for days on a stretch. The temperatures drop to -20 degrees Fahrenheit regularly during the cold winters. 

    Harsh Winters

    Minnesota is the third coldest state in the US after Alaska and Dakota.

    Northern parts of the state experience the most snowfall and lowest temperatures. As a result, activities like biking and hiking are affected.

    Does Minnesota have the coldest winters?

    Northern parts of Minnesota experience intense cold air making the temperatures drop to below freezing points and heavy snowfall. The average monthly temperature of Minneapolis, Minnesota, ranges from -13 degrees to -11 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Does the Midwest have harsh winters?

    Midwest regions showcase the maximum variation in temperatures, from warmer winters to extremely cold winters. Temperatures in the midwestern US can drop below 0 degrees in many parts. Still, the winters are not brutal everywhere except few places like Minnesota and Dakota.

    2. Prevalent Mosquitoes in the Summer

    Minnesota has the largest number of lakes in the US, resulting in natural breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Summer temperatures are cooler encouraging more mosquitoes to come out in the open. It is the largest producer of beets in the country, and the bites by these creatures are also the highest.

    Prevalent Mosquitoes

    Mosquito repellants are a must when indulging in different outdoor activities.

    What month do mosquitoes come out in Minnesota?

    May to September is the season when mosquitoes come out in Minnesota. The cooler temperatures experienced lead to maximum mosquito breeding in these regions.

    Why are there so many mosquitoes in Minnesota?

    Summer is the slowest warming season in Minnesota. The lower temperatures coupled with extensive lakes in Minnesota lead to maximum mosquito breeding.

    3. Significant Traffic

    The northern regions of the state experience less traffic than most cities like St Paul, Twin Cities, and Bloomington. Almost 60 percent of the population is concentrated in major cities. I-94, I-394, and I-35 experience high traffic levels during peak hours. The traffic intensifies in the winter months; make sure to check the routes before commuting.

    Significant Traffic

    What is the busiest highway in Minnesota?

    MN 252 at 66th Ave N, Brooklyn Centre, is the busiest highway in Minnesota with a high traffic volume. The intersection is also the most dangerous, considering the high traffic volume and elevation.

    What time is rush hour in MN?

    Rush hours in MN typically range from 6 am to 9 am and 3 pm to 7 pm daily. The timings can vary depending on weather conditions and other factors.


    Minnesota is a beautiful and charming state of lakes and natural treasures. The housing in Minnesota is affordable compared to other cities, and the quality of life is excellent. Access to outdoor spaces and activities is a major advantage. Plus, one can experience a quality life here. 

    Now that you have learned about Minnesota and its lifestyle factors, what do you think of this state of Lakes? Would you be interested in moving here? Let us know in the comments below.

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