How To Move A Peloton Bike


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    Peloton has been around for almost ten years, so the bike market has begun to heat up significantly. Buying a used Peloton will save you a ton of money.

    A Peloton bike isn’t too difficult to move. The frame itself is bulky and heavy, but with a friend’s assistance, it can be put together quickly and easily. 


    Bravo if you recently purchased a Peloton! You may be wondering how easy it is to move a peloton home at this point. Continue reading to know the way to move it.

    Is a peloton easy to transport?

    Peloton bikes are easy to move and transport with the help of two capable movers. You can take the help of container moving companies to haul such heavy bikes.

    What To Do Before Moving The Peloton bike?

    Before moving the peloton bike you are advised to

    • Remove the touch screen, pedals, weight and bottle holder, seat post, and handlebars to prevent damage.
    • Position yourself at the front and back of the bike
    • Push, pull, or lift the bike to another location.

    How To Move Peloton Bike Without Damaging

    The riders are heavy, but two strong movers can lift them even downstairs. Since the screen contains the majority of the bike’s value and is relatively easy to remove,

    the owner can take it off before moving to protect it from harm in the instance of an accident.

    Next, take a position while behind the bike then cautiously push the bike into place.

    How To Move A Peloton Bike When Relocating

    Moving costs are very high from place to place with a huge mover’s average cost. You can use a peloton bike to reduce such expenses.


    Your Peloton should be disassembled for simpler, safer transportation; simply put it back together once you get there.

    If you’re unsure of what to do, the process can seem a little overwhelming, but we assure you that it’s simple.

    1. Remove The Touchscreen

    The bike can be transported using a shoulder dolly and moving truck if you’re moving from one house to another. First, remove the touchscreen before moving a Peloton by following the steps.

    • Remove the power and data cables (3.5 mm adapters) from the bike’s touchscreen.
    • From the rear stabilizer, unplug the power cable.
    • The display’s back, and then take off the plastic mount cover there.
    • The four screws must be removed from the mount using a Phillips screwdriver to free the screen.

    Should I turn off the Peloton screen while moving?

    Yes, you need to turn off and remove the peloton touch screen while moving to prevent damage. 

    2. Remove The Pedals

    It’s a little bit difficult to move a peloton bike in a car. But the bike is simple to tilt and move around your home if you’re only moving it from one room to another.

    Use a 15mm wrench to remove the pedals next. Then turn the wrench in the opposite direction for the right pedal. Finally, turn the left pedal in a clockwise direction.

    Which way do you turn the bike pedals to remove them?

    To remove the bike pedals you need to turn them counterclockwise to loosen them from the bike. 

    How do you unlock the pedals on the Peloton?

    You can unlock the pedals by turning the screw on the pedal to the (-) side using the 3mm Allen key present in the kit.

    3. Remove The Water Bottle Holder

    Users need to detach the water bottle holder to use the bike simply. The magnetic brake should first be lowered by first fully turning the resistance knob to the right. Maintain the following steps to do it.

    • Take out the two screws carrying the water bottle holder to use a Philips ratchet wrench. 
    • Pull out now and down the water bottle holder with both fingers.

    How do bike bottle holders attach?

    You can attach the bottle holder anywhere in the bike frame with the help of zip ties to position the bottle holders. 

    4. Remove The Weight Holders

    Take out the two lug nuts on the right side of the weight pan with a 4mm Allen wrench.

    Then take out the two nuts on the weight holder’s left side. You will get the bike to come apart into two distinct pieces.

    Can you remove the Peloton handlebars?

    Yes, you can remove the peloton handlebars by removing the small bolt at the bottom of the bars and lifting it up after loosening the screws using a screwdriver. 

    5. Put Down The Handlebars And The Seat

    To guarantee a comfortable ride, you must know how to move a peloton bike seat. Relocate the knob to the left of the seat to change the height of your seat. 

    Set the seat’s height as desired. Pull down the latch under your seat to release it. After positioning the seat as desired, shut it in place by closing the latch. You can also change the handlebar height to ensure a perfect fit.

    First, loosen the handle located on the front of the Bike before adjusting the handlebars.

    Put your arms beneath the handlebars while standing in front of the seat. Lift them slowly and secure them in position. Finally, pull the lever tight.

    How do I get my peloton seat to go down?

    You can lower the peloton seat by loosening the lever anticlockwise enough to push the seat pole down to your required height. 

    Move The Bike From The Truck

    Now, you can transport the bike from the truck. Users might be capable of transporting a peloton standing extended without disassembling it if they drive a truck or another vehicle with a flatbed.

    After all, disassembling your bike in pieces and reassembling it later can take some time while moving.

    Move A Peloton Bike From One Room To Another

    Although moving a peloton is not particularly challenging, you will need at least one additional person to assist. The most difficult parts are carrying it and loading it into your car after disassembling it. 


    1. Remove The Bike Touchscreen

    To start with, to protect it from harm in the scenario of an accident, we advise removing the touchscreen from the Bike. 

    2. Move The Bike

    After that, stand behind the wheel’s back. As you raise the back of the bike to tilt it onto the front or wheels, grab the back stabilizers with both hands.

    Move the bike to its new spot with caution by pushing or pulling.

    3. Re-Install The Screen

    After moving the truck to its expected location, the owner should carefully re-connect all of its parts.

    How do you pack a Peloton to move?

    The process of moving a peloton bike can be an important question for movers if they are involved but can be done by 2 people in the following steps:

    • With the help of a shoulder dolly, wrench, and screwdriver driver, remove the parts and attachments on the bike.
    • Pack the bike with plastic or bubble wrap and secure them with tape. 
    • Lift, push, or pull the bike carefully into the truck.

    How to Move a Peloton Bike FAQs

    How heavy is a Peloton?

    The overall weight of a Peloton bike averages 61 kg. The frame of the bike weighs 57 kg and the touch screen weighs 4.5 kg. 

    Does moving your Peloton void the warranty?

    Peloton’s warranty doesn’t cover damage resulting from moving, reassembling, or disassembling the bike. 


    Using a peloton bike will make your workouts easier and more comfortable.

    To prevent any equipment failure caused by taking apart, putting back together, or relocating the Peloton Bike also isn’t covered by Peloton’s warranties.

    The owner can raise or lower the seat position to secure it. You can choose to disassemble your stationary bike first and reassemble it later,

    or you can simply use the transit wheels to keep moving it to a different room or to ship boxes to another state!