How to get Argentina citizenship?

Are you a retired person now?

Or are you thinking of moving abroad in the nearer future? Or are you looking for the safest foreign country to live rest of your life? Then this article will prove obliging to you.

Have you heard about Argentina? If yes, you know that what a wonderful place it is! And if not, the following information is for you.

Are you a retired person now

Today, the place Argentina is counts as the third top-most country from the South-America. The natural climates and landscapes are dispensing a confound feel to you while roaming here.

It is not the end! The standard of living is so decent and bargain-basement. You will enjoy the grass-covered forests, snow-clad mountains, resorts, wine city, zonal salivary cuisines, and much more.

So, what are you looking for? Make your dream come true of having a house in a foreign country and being a responsible foreign citizen?

But, do you know how to move into Argentina? And How to get Argentina citizenship? Following is the information regarding these questions.

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How do you move to Argentina?

Most of the displaced people are living in the different cities and regions of Argentina. Similarly, the population is growing because locals and international people exist together with the same Argentinian nationality.

But, before settling, the big question arises, and is how to move to Argentina?


You can later check the house/place to live your life. However, visa & residency is mandatory before moving into an unknown country.

After that, you have to check the belongings and luggage. Movers & Packers charge their prices according to the weight, size, and number of your backpack.

So, the charges might be lesser if your luggage is not so big. However, please verify all the bank formalities before moving to the foreign. Later completing all those small things, you can move to Argentina.

Is it easy to get Citizenship in Argentina?   

Citizenship refers to the individual’s state, region, or country where he belongs. Every small state provides its nationality to every single person.

Furthermore, a person is known to be a citizen of a particular country if he possesses the Citizenship of a specified country. Therefore, citizenship is dominant for individuals.

There is no requirement for any unknown language, exam, or test to take Argentinian Citizenship. A lot of Visa and permissions are available to you.

But, on the condition that you have to live with these permits or visas for two years. Later on, you can apply for the citizenship of Argentina.

Afterward, you don’t have to forget about your passport. It is essential while moving to foreign countries.

How to get the powerful Passport of Argentina?

National Registry for People of Argentina issues the Argentine Passports to the citizens for making use of travel. The three letters and six numbers are there on the passport, and it is the paramount change of current policy.

According to Henley Passport Index, since May 2021, Argentine citizens can travel with visa-free access over the 171 countries. And it ranks Argentine passport on 17th rimes for carefree traveling. 

After discussing the passport, now Argentina allows for dual citizenships.

Does Argentina offer dual citizenship?

Yes, this is an advantage in that it allows you to possess dual citizenship in Argentina. But dual nationality holder is only identified as a citizen of Argentina in the other argentine territories.

And further, the individual should maintain an Argentinian passport while entering Argentina. Even so, the people of other countries have no right to dual citizenship, and therefore they reject dual citizenship.

Below are tips for you if you are worried about how to get your dual citizenship in Argentina? after knowing the above facts.

How do I apply for dual citizenship in Argentina?

  • If you are 18 or above, you can apply for dual citizenship.
  • The candidate should live in Argentina for at least two years.
  • Before a federal judge, apply for Argentine citizenship.
  • Your dual citizen application will be denied if you are in prison for three years or more than that in the previous five years. Please consider these things while applying.

Still, if you are in confusion, please read the following.

How to get Argentina Citizenship?

 How to get Argentina Citizenship
  • Citizenship by Birth – The person who was born in Argentina gets Argentines residency from birth. Except those who are working in the foreign government.
    And the same thing applies to Falkland Island, a debate location between UK and Argentina.
    Apart from this, if a person happens to be a parent from Argentina in the external territories of Argentina, such people can apply.
  • Citizenship by Descent – This citizenship is provided to the persons whose parents belong to Argentina. There are two ways of applying for citizenship.

Below 18 years candidates

  • A certified birth certificate copy of the Argentine parent.
  • The apostille birth certificate of a child.
  • It requires the national identity of both parents.
  • The consent of both parents for the citizenship.

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Above 18 years candidates

  • Parent’s certified copy of the birth certificate from Argentina’s civil registry.
  • Apostille birth certificate of the candidates.
  • And lastly, it requires the application and identification of the candidates.
  • Citizenship by parents born in Argentine – An individual has a right of the nationality of Argentina if one of their parents was born in Argentina. An Argentinian embassy or the civil registry office can make your applications.
  • Citizen through Marriage – You have a right to apply for Argentine citizenship if your mate is Argentine.
    But, you have to wait for at least two years to apply for citizenship.
  • Citizenship by Investment – Argentina does not provide straight citizenship by investment. Even so, the residency by Investment program is beneficial to get you an Argentine passport.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Argentina Citizenship.

Advantages –

  • Visa free-roaming -You can go to other countries with no visa requirements, this might be the best advantage of Argentina.

    However, the passport of Argentina allows you to ingress across more than 150 countries. The European Union, European Economic Area, and Shengen are the member states and require no visa to roam.
  • Dual nationality – You can get dual nationality, and this is another advantage. But you don’t have to prevent your current nationality or passports. You can enjoy the fruit fr both.
  • MERCOSUR membership – You can live and work in the MERCOSUR if your nationality is Argentinian. MERCOSUR stands for the South-American areas like Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and the rest.

Disadvantages –

  • Commitments – You can see the dual obligations/commitments after getting dual citizenship. Similarly, it applies to single citizenships. You have to follow those commitments.
  • Taxation – There is a possibility of paying double taxes because of the dual citizenship you hold.
  • Complicated/lengthy Process – The process of acquiring single and dual citizenship is a complex and lengthy procedure.

How to get Argentina citizenship (FAQs)

  1. Is Argentina a good place to live?

Argentina is one of the best places to live and work. You will see the cultural fests in the capital Buenos Aires and the desert in the north called Salta 7 Jujuy.

Apart from this, the retirees and the ex-pats live in just $1000 to $1300 a month. But, a couple needs $1500 to $1800 to live a happy life in this country. 

Furthermore, the resent is cheaper and affordable for the tenants. You can also buy a possession without any restrictions. But, the CDI (Tax IDI from the government is a must.

And lastly, if we talk about the people, they are friendly and supportive.

  1. Can I immigrate to Argentina?

Argentina is a globally famous country, and the cost-effective and political state attracts ex-pats or migrates more. Moreover, for 90 days, people can come and work without a visa.

But, if you are going to live and work for a longer, you have to apply for a visa first. Also, you can get a temporary visa by applying.

  1. How do I become a permanent residence in Argentina?

For getting permanent residency, an applicant should live in Argentina for at least two years. Further, he should possess a document from the National Immigration Office that he is living here. Also, the candidate should be above 18.

After this, the process becomes effortless, and you have to do a formality of a few paperwork and apply for permanent residency. You can work and live permanently after getting the Argentinian occupancy.


If you are looking to move into a foreign country, a lot of alternatives you will get. And Argentina is also the best destination to move, work, and live the rest of your life.

While moving to Argentina, you need to understand a few things about the country, people, lifestyle, and citizenship. In this informative blog, we are giving you a piece of information about the country and citizenship.

In addition to this, we are providing information about how to get the citizenship of Argentina.

Also, there are a few advantages and drawbacks of citizenship that are mentioned above. Take a look and feel free to contact us for any queries.

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