How To Get A Passport In Nebraska

Get A Passport In Nebraska

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    In terms of quality of life, employment growth, and housing costs, Nebraska is one of the greatest states to live in. Is this summer your first time visiting a country outside the United States? To expedite the process of a passport application in Nebraska, two local post offices will conduct a Passport Fair. Now you must concern about passport costs before improving your financial decisions by developing fintech applications that exude sophistication and elegance. Stay with us to know more about the Nebraska passport application process!

    Get A Passport In Nebraska

    How many passport offices are there in Nebraska?

    Some details to know if you plan on using a passport office in Nebraska it has around 90 passport offices. Visit Lincoln or Omaha, Nebraska, for more passport options if you want to apply for a passport in Nebraska. Most passport offices are located in county courthouses, post offices, and other government buildings that are heavily guarded by the government and aware of laws prohibiting firearms and hazardous substances. If you can’t find a passport office in your town, look around.

    How quickly can you get a passport in Nebraska?

    Controlled by processing Times for the State Department, it currently takes between 8 and 11 weeks from the time you apply for a passport to the time you receive it. For an extra $60, you can use the State Department’s Expedited Passport Processing Service. If you pay for expedited service, you can expect to obtain your passport in 5 to 7 weeks. Passport cards issued by the United States are not now eligible for Express Service.

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    Are you planning for a vacation outside the US?

    Few post offices in Nebraska are hosting a passport fair to make it a convenient option for you to get a passport in Nebraska easily. All you need to do is submit a passport application before you make your travel plans. The following post offices are holding passport fairs on may, 4th Saturday from 10:00 AM to 1 PM. During the Passport Fair hours, customers do not need to make an appointment.

    Vacation in US
    • Norfolk Post Office, 401 N 4th St, Norfolk, NE 68701
    • Blair Post Office, 201 N 16th St, Blair, NE 68008
    • Bellevue Post Office, 2609 Victoria Ave, Bellevue, NE 68005
    • Fremont Post Office, 348 E 6th St, Fremont, NE 68025
    • Scottsbluff, NE, 112 W 20th St, Scottsbluff, NE 69361
    • Columbus Post Office, 1555 24th Ave, Colombus, NE 68601

    Passport Book Cost:

    • For adults (16 years and above)
    • Passport book cost- $145
    • Processing fee: $35
    • passport application fees- $110

    Passport Card Cost:

    • For adults (16 years and above)
    • Passport card cost- $65
    • Processing fee: $35
    • Passport application fees- $30
    • For under 16 years of age-
    • Passport card cost- $50
    • Processing fee: $35
    • passport application fees- $15

    Original and photocopy documents required as US citizenship proof during passport verification are as follows:

    • Previously issued US passport
    • Citizenship certificate
    • Anyone current ID: Certificate of naturalization/ valid driver’s license/ military id/government ID
    • Birth certificate
    • Recent Passport Size Photograph – 2″ × 2″

    How to Get a Passport in Nebraska

    As you know that Nebraska’s minimum wage is going up but still it is worth moving to Nebraska. After finalizing a moving decision, you should realize that getting a US passport in Nebraska is like getting one in any other state. The state, a government department, oversees the entire procedure.

    How To Get A Passport In Nebraska

    Nebraskans can get passport photos and prove their citizenship and identity to complete the following steps:

    • Online Service Request Form: Select your passport service and the time frame in which you need your passport returned.
    • Organize Your Paperwork. Check out our step-by-step guide after placing your order.
    • Send your documents and paperwork.

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    Find a passport office near you

    To find the nearest passport office, in Nebraska online, first, visit the passport government’s official website and select Passport Offices from the main navigation bar. Then click Passport Offices in Nebraska from the list.

    Passport Offices in Nebraska

    There are nearly 90 passport officers in Nebraska. If you are planning to visit a passport office in Nebraska you should be aware of Nebraska state facts. To get a vast selection of passport facilities you need to visit the Omaha NE or Lincoln area. Most of them are situated at County court offices or post offices with strict security regulations.

    Passport Office

    Nebraska applicants can use a regular passport service which takes 4 or 6 weeks or an advance passport service which takes 2 or 3 weeks. Advance passport services are for those who are traveling in less than 2 weeks. Have a look at a few of the Nebraska passport offices that are situated near your county.

    • Passport Office, Boone County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Brown County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Harlan County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Box Butte County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Custer County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Arthur County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Nemaha County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Hamilton County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Furnas County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Deuel County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Merrick County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Platte County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Fillmore County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Chase County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Kimball County, Nebraska
    • Passport Office, Grant County, Nebraska

    Passport Hours:

    Monday – Friday 8am-4pm.

    Please Pay Attention!

    Only checks or money orders are accepted for passport payments. Find out the application fee and additional costs that must be paid in cash or with a credit card. You must have all of your paperwork and application forms completed before you can move on. Please call 402-593-5957 for passport questions.

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    What You Will Need

    A new passport requires personal identification and an in-person application at a designated passport acceptance site. Also, the requirements are given below.

    Passport Application Form

    Visit the US Department of State’s passport forms page. The first one listed is “Form DS-11,” which stands for Department of State. Make a copy and sign it only after the passport agent has seen it. Present Form DS-11, along with verification of US citizenship and identification, to passport agent.

    Proof of Citizenship and Identity

    Passports can be used as proof of both citizenship and identification by non-citizens who have valid passports. For those without, an authentic birth certificate or consular report from overseas suffices. A valid driver’s license, government-issued ID, U.S. military ID, or foreign passport is necessary.

    Passport Photos for Nebraskans

    For a passport photo, you need to select a professional source. Your head must be 1 3/8 inches on a 2 by a 2-inch color photo. The agent will also reject it if the photo paper isn’t good enough quality, or if the background isn’t white or off-white enough.

    Passport Fees

    Nebraska passport fees vary with age. Are you wondering what is the legal age to move to Nebraska? Well, you must be at least 16 years old to have a legal passport.

    Passport Book Adult (Age 16 & Older)

    Delivery TimeFee
    Routine Service up 11 Weeks 
    $130 Check/Money Order 
    Expedited Service up to 7 Weeks
    $208.32 Check/Money Order 

    Passport Book Minor (Under Age 16) 

    Delivery Time Fee
    Routine Service up 11 Weeks 
    $100 Check/Money Order 
    Expedited Service up to 7 Weeks
    $178.32 Check/Money Order 

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    Passport Acceptance Facilities in Nebraska

    Nebraska has less than a hundred passport offices. Lincoln and Omaha have the most facilities. These agents can administer an oath and witness the signing of new passport applications for US citizens. The following table shows a few of the facilities in passport acceptance, Nebraska.

    Passport Acceptance
    USPO – ARNOLD214 S WALNUTARNOLDNE691203088482210

    Faster service requires an appointment at a regional office. If you need a passport immediately but can’t get to a regional agency, a qualified expediter can obtain you a passport in 24 to 48 hours.

    How to Get a Passport in Nebraska FAQs

    How much do passports cost in Nebraska?

    Passport cost in Nebraska is presently $145 for adults 16 and older to obtain a passport book, which includes a State Department application charge of $110 and a Postal Service processing fee of $35.

    How long does it take to get a passport during Covid?

    Postal delays hinder passport processing during the Covid situation. Not when you mail or apply at a local acceptance facility, but when the Department of State receives your application at one of their agencies or centers. Normal service takes 8-11 weeks. This excludes delivery time. Postal service times vary by region.

    If you need to travel internationally in the next 72 hours, regional passport agencies have limited in-person services available. Priority is given to those in life-threatening situations


    While supporting Nebraska tourism locations and local businesses, the Passport encourages residents and visitors to explore the state by collecting stamps. You should realize that getting a US passport in Nebraska is like getting one in any other state. The process is overseen by the government Department of State. Because passports are the ultimate form of identification for Americans, the procedures and rules must be universal, rigorous, and vigorously enforced. Getting a new passport requires personal documentation and an appointment at a passport acceptance facility.

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