How to become an Australian citizen?

How to become an Australian citizen?

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    Apart from the beaches and open environment, Australia has something special in its food that grabs the attention of individuals across the country. You will be surprised that most people can effortlessly spend their whole holidays in the best possible manner.

    Furthermore, you can see the beauty of Australia in the various artificial architectures. It will make you more comfortable to shoot the best moments of your valuable time in Australia. Likewise, you can enjoy the best snowy alps better than the Swiss alps here in Australia.

    A few times, people get enticed by the culture of Australia, and they want to live here forever. But, it’s not that easy to grab Australian citizenship. You have to go through some utmost requirements to get Australian citizenship and a Permanent Residency.

    Well, no worries! All your questions have been answered in this article. Find out how to become an Australian citizen from the US and another country in the upcoming segments. Stay tuned!

    How to become an Australian citizen?

    Is it hard to become an Australian citizen?

    Australia is one of the best destinations to live a happy life. But, after changing the visa rules, it becomes onerous to be an Australian citizen. Applicants must be permanent residents for at least four years at odds with the current one-year duration.

    In addition to this, people must show their working record and how they are unified with the locals together with their society. However, US citizens who are 18+ can apply to become Australian citizens. Such people must pass the citizenship test.

    Can you buy Australian citizenship?

    Most individuals don’t have an idea about buying citizenship. However, a few countries allow people to buy their citizenship. Therefore, taking citizenship of different regions is a legal and governmental process. Most people are purchasing the citizenship of Australia through attaining the Permanent Residency using selected visa grades.

    Not long ago, Australia is going through an inflow of well-to-do investors below subclass 188. It also includes the permanent subclass 888 visa permission that helps to lead the citizenship. The immigration lawyers, and migration agents/workers, can aid you here from the starting to the end of the process. Besides that, they will help you to make accurate paperwork and submission along with the documentation.

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    Permanent Residency visa in Australia for foreigners

    How do I become a permanent resident of Australia?

    The holder of the permanent residency of Australia possesses permanent authorization but is not an Australian citizen. Also, holders of permanent visas have the right to live, work, and get an education without any issues.

    Similarly, you can get permanent residency by applying for the PR and then receive a permanent visa. Further, it permits you to persist in Australia evermore. In addition to this, the usual enduring permits involve a few masterly job and family visas. 

    Applying for a permanent visa

    • There are some visa options available. Thus, search for the correct visa according to your needs.
    • Ensure that you are fulfilling all the visa needs.
    • Now, you can apply for PR in Australia through online processes.
    • After requesting, it will take a few weeks or a couple of months to make decisions on your PR approval.
    • Once the decision is made, you will be the PR in Australia.

    How can I apply for PR in Australia?

    Permanent residents (PR) are known as Australian Migrants. Additionally, they possess migrant or permanent residency and can effortlessly reside and work in Australia. But, PR or migrants are not citizens – they have a choice to become a citizen after completing the residency needs.

    What is the easiest way to get the PR in Australia?

    If you are planning to get the PR in Australia, you must know the steps of applying. But, it depends on several immigration programs that have a separate procedure. However, the following information might be obliging to you.

    In Australia, they run a Global Talent Programme – it is one of the easiest and fastest ways of getting PR in Australia. It is because it helps the topmost skilled executives to live and work permanently in Australia.

    The residence requirement for Australia

    An individual that has the permanent resident status from 01st July 2007 should have been occupying by-law for four years in Australia in advance of requesting Australian citizenship. Furthermore, the Australian migrants are the actual permanent residents of Australia. Along with this, they can get residency through various ways like family, employment, and much more.

    What are the requirements for residency in Australia?

    • Twelve months or one year of constant local.
    • Absenteeism from Australia of less than 12 months or one year.
    • Australia’s truant of 3 months or not more than three months in the 12 months prior requesting.

    Citizenship in Australia

    General eligibility criteria for citizenship

    Individuals who are 18 or more than 18 of their age can apply for citizenship in Australia. But, they have to fulfill a few criteria as below.

    • People should have processed the Citizenship Test. But, they can’t appear for the test after the age of 60.
    • In the span of applying to a settlement, an individual should be a permanent resident in Australia.
    • A person should complete and fulfill the residence needs.
    • He should be able to live and consistently occupy Australia. Or he should make a direct and ongoing alliance with Australia.
    • And last but not least, a person should be decent.

    How do I know if I am eligible for citizenship?

    If you are qualifying the following criteria, you are eligible for citizenship in Australia.

    • If you are a resident of Australia and living here for one year, you are eligible for citizenship. Moreover, living in Australia for at least nine months out of one year (12months) makes you qualified.
    • An individual should be a resident of Australia for at least four years before applying for citizenship.
    • Ensure that you are not out of Australia for more than one year in the last four years before requesting.
    • Also, you should have the best or decent personality to apply for citizenship in Australia.

    Australian citizenship test

    How many questions are on the Australian Citizenship Test?

    You will be surprised to know that only 20 multiple choice questions are there in the Australian Citizenship test as it is an online computer-formed exam. You can have the test booklet that is beneficial to pass the test. Most questions are based on this book.

    How many times you can fail the citizenship test in Australia?

    As per the new rule employed on 01st July 2018, the candidates can apply three times for this test. But, after failing 3 times, an applicant must wait for two years to apply for the test again.

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    Responsibilities of Australian citizens

    What are the responsibilities of a citizen in Australia?

    If you are an Australian citizen, you have to follow a few rules or responsibilities according to the following.

    • Responsibility for paying the Australian taxes.
    • The Australian citizen has to obey the rules.
    • To protect Australia, must arise.
    • Give out on a tribunal if called to do so.
    • Vote in elections. Etc.

    Pros and cons

    Pros –

    • Possibilities of higher earnings in Australia.
    • You can experience the well-equipped hospitals and healthcare arrangements.
    • Decent surroundings.
    • Better quality living and fresh air.
    • Australian citizenship allows you to hustle free travel and re-enter.

    Cons –

    • Expensive housing rates can make your decision to live incorrectly.
    • The food and essentials can be costlier than in your home country.


    How long does it take to become an Australian citizen?

    Australia is issuing permanent residency visas to ex-pats or migrants to live. But, PR has only the rationality of not more than five years. Moreover, you can go to Australia with your family on a permanent residence visa. And after living for three years in Australia, you are eligible to apply to become a citizen of Australia.

    How hard is it to become an Australian citizen?

    You are not a citizen of Australia if you have a PR visa. You will have to face three more steps to get your Australian citizenship. The steps involve Naturalization, filling citizenship applications, and accomplishing the Australian citizenship test. Therefore, it is a bit difficult for the people. Also, the DHA needs 10 to 14 months for further processing after filling the citizenship application form.

    How much does it cost to become an Australian citizen?

    You can see the several options of DHA government forms available for the Australian citizenship process. Thus, the fee ranges from $300 to $490. But, it turns on the form filling for the citizenship application form in Australia. Also, you have to pay the additional charges of $185 as a direct immigration fee.


    Australia is one of the best places to spend your holidays, vacations, or aggregate life. Many people enjoy the winter atmosphere in Australia enchantingly. Also, fairy bread, fish & chips, lamingtons, etc., are the best food in Australia.

    Moreover, taking citizenship of Australia becomes quite different for the people. Therefore, we have mentioned all valuable and related information of PR along with the Citizenship in Australia. The US people can also take on this blog to get more information if they want to take citizenship in Australia.

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