How to Become a New York Resident


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    You can easily start living in this exciting city, where everything is just magical, from its towering skyscrapers, tourist attractions, fests, and whatnot.

    So, if you want to live in this city, how to become a New York resident is all you need to collect all the latest updates. So, let’s jump into this.

    How to establish residency in New York?

    Buying or renting a home and staying there for the taxable year will help you establish your residency in New York.

    How long does it take to establish residency in NYC?

    If a person lives in NYC for at least 184 or more days, he or she will be counted as a NYC resident.

    1. New York State Residency

    According to NY State Vehicle & Traffic Law, if a person wants to make NY an enduring home address and get a residency, he or she must live here for at least 90 days.

    Moreover, acquiring voting rights, establishing a business, or getting an employment offer from an NYC employee qualifies you to become an NYC resident.

    Also, staying at this place for more than 184 days is the best way to establish your residency. This rule is accepted to become a resident of Texas as well.

    Mainly, proving your residency is easier because you can show your recent bank statement, NYC license, or non-driver ID card. This way, you can ascertain as an NYC resident to others.

    Commonly, how to establish residency in NY includes a stay for a specific duration and following the necessary steps mentioned above.

    2. New York Residency Requirements

    In the “How to get residency in New York” process, you must show your New York State Driving License with the existing address of your Adobe in NY.


    A divorce in NY may be filed if you or your partner lived in the state for at least two years before or till the date of filing a divorce.

    Further, you must provide ID proof and NYS residency proof to get a NY state ID card. How to become a NY resident also includes a few more requirements mentioned below.

    New York residency requirements for college

    Becoming a resident in NY for college is quite interesting. Students must migrate themselves to NYS and stay there for a year before their first day in college.

    In other words, if students establish their domicile in this state before the day of entering the class, they are counted as New York State residents.

    If a student lives in the state for 12 months before his first day in the college or universities of NY state, he is deemed to be a NY resident for its colleges and universities.

    That simply means students can determine their residency for college purposes in NY state if they live there for a year.

    In how to get Ohio residency for college purposes, you will find almost the same rules to be called a resident.

    Thus, it is clear that a candidate must spend at least 12 months before starting his college career in the US states.

    New York residency requirements for tax purposes

    The biggest difference between part-year residents is that these individuals meet all the requirements for a temporary period. But the actual resident lives in the state for a complete year.

    Similarly, whatever income an NYC resident earns from the state, he is liable to pay taxes on that, while a non-resident is liable to pay taxes on the income generated from New York sources.

    3. NYC resident tax rules

    According to the NYC govt., every resident pays several taxes, including a sales tax of 4.5% and a total sales and use tax of 8.875%.

    But the good news is that you don’t need to pay the tourist tax to explore outdoor activities NYC offers.

    Does New York City tax nonresidents?

    No! Non-residents feel relaxed in the case of tax-paying issues, as they don’t need to pay the income tax amounts to the NYC government.

    Along with them, people under the age of 18 and over the age of 65 are exempt from paying taxes. Students under the age of 25 are also safe from this burden.

    How to avoid NYC City tax?

    Just move yourself to New Jersey instead of New York City. You can travel to New York for work as it is not that far away. This way, you can easily avoid NYC city tax.

    4. How do I become a NYC permanent resident?

    If you search for how to become an NYC resident permanently, you’ll get a green card, the only straightforward option. Currently, three most common ways available to get an NYC green card.


    First, understand that a green card will be easy to acquire if you complete a certain period. For example, a family-based green card can be obtained between 7 to 33 months only.

    Getting a green card through a family member helps you get a green card as early as possible. But, the condition is that the family member must be a green card holder.

    Similarly, you can qualify to get a green card by acquiring a respectful job from a reputed employer in NYC.

    However, your job must be based on full-time or permanent services.

    Despite this, getting a green card by choosing a refugee status or asylum is the least used case for a green card in NYC.

    Besides this, you can think about opening a dispensary in NYC after getting a license from concerned authorities. And remember, the New York dispensary license cost is quite affordable.

    Once you start a dispensary business over there, your chances to become a permanent resident in NYC can be boosted, which helps you to get a green card quickly.

    How to become a New York resident FAQs

    What is the 11-month rule in NY?

    If you get a home in NYC and stay there for more than 11 months in a taxable year, you can make that place your permanent address in NYC.

    How do I avoid the NYS tax penalty?

    A taxpayer in NYS must reveal a valid reason for not paying taxes or paying taxes late to the government to avoid NYS tax penalties.

    Are you a resident of New York City?

    Yes! You are a resident of New York City if you have a permanent house address in NYC. Also, you will be a resident if you spend more than 184 days in NYC.

    What is the 183-day rule in NY?

    It points out to staying less than 184 days in NY if you don’t want to become a resident in this state. Also, it means you can buy or rent a home for less than 184 days to avoid getting eligible for NYC residency.

    What are the rules for New York City residency?

    You must possess a domicile in NYC or spend more than 184 days in this city to qualify for residency in NYC, according to the NYC government.


    How to become a New York resident? It is as easy as you get a residency in other US states.

    You just need to stay at least 184 days in NYC to get a residency in this beautiful place. But, the best way to get a NY residency is to get a rental house for a certain period.

    Nevertheless, whether you want to know about residency, its requirements for different purposes (tax and colleges), or permanent residency.

    We have covered all of them here in this one-stop article to clear several residential doubts.