How Much Does it Cost to Move to North Carolina?


North Carolina is an extremely mesmerizing Southeastern state in the United Nations.

It is the ninth largest state in the US with a reasonable cost of living, booming business industry, and beautiful landscapes, which makes it worth relocating to North Carolina

The average cost to move to North Carolina is about $1,102.

This is made up of the location of the new domicile, the timing when you decide to move, and the cost of various additional important services such as; equipment rental, special handling, packing, etc. 

If you are also planning to move to this ‘Tar Heel State’, then you should contact some of the best people who are in the packing & moving business.

To gather an estimated idea about the total moving cost and expenses to include in the budget.

If you are Looking for a viable answer to how much it costs to move to North Carolina, then you have landed at the absolute right place.


Here we will update you about the latest costs of moving to NC along with giving you insights about some additional information that can be of your use.

Thus, without any delay, let’s just dig into the details. 

What to Know Before Moving to NC?  

A few of the things you must know before moving a house to North Carolina are given below: 

  • People living in North Carolina are big fans of basketball.
  • The state offers plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy and appreciate.
  • Barbeque is one of the finest culinary options that you can enjoy in this Tar Heel State. 
  • Due to the presence of three geographical areas, the weather in this state is relatively mild, pleasing, and perfect to live in. 
  • North Carolina is a Tech Hub that offers various job opportunities to young job seekers.
  • The economy and the diversity of the state are constantly rising in the graph after every passing year.
  • The state has some of the best colleges and universities where you can enroll yourself and get the valuable degrees that could land you a great job. 

Is moving to NC worth it?  

Yes, moving to North Carolina is worth it. The state of North Carolina is an exceptionally beautiful and affordable place to reside in.

According to research, the cost of living index in North Carolina is 90.5, which is a little less than the national average. 

You should move to North Carolina, because of the mild temperatures, scenic landscapes, plenty of outdoor activities, and excellent opportunities whether it be jobs or education. 

Moving to North Carolina 

If you have completely planned to make the state of North Carolina, your new home. Then you must surely do so, without a second thought. 

North Carolina is one of the fastest-growing places in the United States, with beautiful scenery, a thriving economy, and affordable living costs. 

Moreover, the average cost to build a house in North Carolina is also quite reasonable.

Thus, keep moving further in this article to discover the details related to the moving costs in the state of North Carolina. 

What is the average cost to hire a moving company in NC?  

According to, the average hourly rate of manpower of the movers per hour is $25-$50 in North Carolina.


The remaining are situational costs, which you will only get to know once you get in contact with the best packers and movers company. 

The average cost of hiring packers & movers in North Carolina might include costs such as; manpower costs, the average weight of the total belongings that are to be transported, the distance between the two places, the cost of gasoline, insurance costs, etc. 

What is the average cost For different types of Movers?

If you are thinking about relocating to North Carolina from New York, you must be aware of the mover’s cost as well.

So, the average costs charged by different types of movers vary depending upon various factors like services required, weight of belongings, distance of house, and the company you choose.

1. Local Moves Cost  

If you are planning to move interstate from one city to another in North Carolina, or a distance in the state that is about 100 miles, then you may need a local movers company. 

The costs of moving might vary from one company to another, but taking a pre-estimate about the costs is something that you should do for sure.

For the local moves inside the state, most of the mover companies provide the companies with a truck and 2 people who can perform the labor work.

Thus, budgeting beforehand is extremely useful. But before doing so, book them 4 weeks in advance at minimum. 

Booking movers for interstate does not mean that you book or schedule your travel at the last minute. The sooner you do so, the better moving options you will get. 

The average cost to move in North Carolina is $1,102, which typically amounts between $$601 to $1,648. 

To break down the costs further, we have mentioned a table below that states the total time taken and the estimated amount required to move the goods according to the size of the house, mentioned in the form of bedrooms.

No.of BedroomsTime TakenCost of Moving
1-bedroom4  Hours$400
2-bedrooms6 Hours$900
3-bedrooms7 Hours$1400
4-bedrooms9 Hours$1800
5-bedrooms12 Hours$3,000


2. Out-Of-State And Cross-Country Moves Cost  

If you are planning to settle down in North Carolina, from any other part of the United Nations.


Then, the information specified under this heading would be extremely useful for you to read. 

As you know local moves are calculated by hour.

But the cost of inter-nation moves is calculated according to the distance between the two places and the weight of the baggage that needs to be transported. 

But the actual task lies in calculating the weight of the total items that need to be transported.

Hiring the best movers company would tell you the estimated cost to move a mobile home in North Carolina

The people associated with the mover’s company will take a look at everything.

And will calculate an estimated average based on the previously loaded goods for such similar types of house sizes. 

According to the average load of belongings of a 3-bedroom house is about 5,000 pounds. Whereas, that 4-bedroom house weighs about 20,500 pounds. 

So, we would advise you to be transparent while listing what items you want to get relocated.

On the day of the relocation, the company will first measure and note down the weight of the empty truck and then will repeat the process after loading the truck.

The standard rate set by the majority of movers companies per mile is .50 cents per pound of luggage packed in the truck. 

However, it is quite difficult to say what the actual cost will be, but according to the estimates, it can be calculated as $4,300, according to the American Moving and Storage Association. 

3. Seasonal Moves Cost  

Seasonal moves cost, keeps on changing, as the time of the year in which you are moving affects the overall cost.

Summers are considered the peak time when the majority of people plan to move to the state.

At this time there are high chances of the prices going up and delays, which leads to an increase in costs. However, you can try moving during the off months, i.e., October to April. 

During these months, you will have to pay less and get the mover company booked in advance for your preferred day and date. 

But do remember, that during this time, the weather will be cold and some parts of North Carolina may also experience snowfall.

These factors directly affect the process of relocation on time. 

So, if such scenarios happen to you, then be prepared to pay delay fees and extra charges asked.

Due to extra efforts made by the movers to protect your belongings and unload them to the said location. 

Additional Moving Fees Cost  

The primary costs to move a house in North Carolina include some basic costs like manpower, the weight of the goods transported, the cost of truck rentals, and the distance between the two places. 


But apart from this, there are various other add-ons that might be necessary to spend on.

Below mentioned are some of the additional costs that need to be rendered, to have a safe relocation process. 

  • Supplies Cost

 For the process of relocation, you might need some supplies such as; packing tape, moving boxes, box cutters, handcarts, dollies, bubble wrap, furniture pads, and more.

Buying items like these is extremely necessary for a hassle-free and smooth transition. And the money spent on buying them is referred to as the additional cost. 

  • Cost for packing and unpacking services 

Packing and unpacking are not everyone’s cup of tea. Thus, some of the mover’s companies offer these services and charge the customers at an hourly rate.

They pack the items in the box, wrap them carefully and make sure that it reaches the destination safely.

  • Costs for cleaning services 

Before actually moving into the new home, getting it all cleaned up is a must. Thus, hiring professional cleaners will make the job easy for you.

On average cleaning service providers charge $25 to $80 for an hour.

  • Tips to professional service providers

 Make sure to always tip any professional people booked by you for availing services. A tip is warranted if you are satisfied with their help and service during the relocation process.

A typical tip amounts between $70 to $140 for a three-people crew. 

  • Costs for moving fragile items

If you are taking some fragile items with you, then they do require some extra effort, for transporting the items.

Precious items need to be either wrapped in furniture pads or blankets. This process will surely not only take some extra time but also an extra cost. 

  • Cost of moving insurance

However, getting moving insurance is not substantially necessary.

But, paying some extra amount to keep your items safe from any casualties during the transit process, is always a smart move.

Thus, pay the moving insurance fees and be protected. 

  • Cost of renting a storage unit

During the transit process, there might be some emergency or casualty, due to which you may be supposed to use the rental storage unit.

Then, the cost of renting will be the additional moving cost. Storage sizes might vary from 5 feet by 5 feet or 10 feet by 30 feet.

The cost of renting may range from $90-$300 a month, with an average of $190 every month. 

  • Costs for transporting a personal vehicle

Your vehicle will be the only item that would not fit in the moving truck. In such a case, you have to take the help of the experts in the industry of vehicle moving.

And the average money they would be charging from you to ship a car would be $1650.

Packing And Unpacking Cost  

We think that packing and unpacking the stuff is one of the most difficult and time taking procedures in the whole process of relocation. 


Many people prefer to do this stuff on their own, as they do not want any third party to invade their privacy. 

But we will recommend you hire professional packers, who are experts in this job.

Packing your stuff on your own will result in manhandling and it might be possible for the things inside to get broken. 

Whereas, the professionals use various packing items to wrap up your belongings and fragile items.

They have the right tactics to protect household items such as; crockery, furniture, electronics, art pieces, and any other awkward items if. 

So, we request you not to cut out the packing costs and hire experts for the packing. 

Furniture Disassembly/Reassembly Cost  

If you do not want to get into the tedious process of disassembling and reassembling the furniture.

Then, you could surely save your time and physical labor by hiring professionals who have the best tricks in this trade. 

Find such people who will do the job for you, or you could even ask the packers and movers, who have assisted you in the process of relocation, to do the job for you in exchange for some extra money. 

Equipment Rental  

For packing stuff, the mover’s company will need some basic supplies.

They may be items such as; dollies, moving blankets, renting straps, and more. Although these items do not cost much.  

Moreover, some of the moving companies have already added up these costs to their base prices. 

But if the house, in which you are planning to live in is on first or more levels with narrow stairs.

Then you might be needing some extra pieces of equipment and machinery to help your furniture reach your place.

That would definitely cost you a little extra. Also, some additional pieces of equipment might be needed in case you want to transport some intricate and delicate items. 

What is the average cost to rent a moving container in NC?

The average cost of renting a moving container ranges between $200 – $500 for a small container and $1000 or above for a larger container.


The cost depends upon various factors like the length of the container, distance, and the company you choose. 

A portable or moving container is one of the most viable options and a stationary type of storage unit, which you can rent at the storage facility.

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Insurance Cost  

Protecting your goods in transit is quite necessary to avoid any unforeseen conditions. By protection, we mean getting the items on the moving truck insured.

However, many of the mover’s companies provide basic insurance for the belongings that they are transporting. 

The basic standard coverage of the insurance is just .60 cents per pound. This would on average cost about $30.

Somewhat near the price of a 65-inch flat TV. Ask the company to provide you with the breakdown of the insurance policy or to expand the insurance coverage.

Expanding the insurance coverage still would have certain claws that are listed as follows:-

  • The company would not be held responsible for any item that is not packed by them.
  • Not more than $100 would be rendered for each damaged item. Until something is specified on the inventory list.
  • The company would have the right to decide, by which way they will be compensating the customer. 

We would like to suggest you take the insurance service for your belongings in transit from a third party. As they will be offering you great deals. 

Storage, Warehouse Handling, And Delivery  

Sometimes there might be a difference of a couple of days between the sale of your old house and getting the keys to the new one.

In such a case, the warehouse facility or a mobile container would be the best. 

As we have already read about the mobile container, let’s now talk about the storage and warehousing facility.

Sometimes, the moving company has an included warehousing facility in their package. For which you would have to pay some additional charges.

But, then you would surely get top-notch warehousing, storage, and delivery facilities. 

But if this is not possible, then you can contact some private warehouses or people who provide local storage space for similar services.

If you can get such contacts, make sure to question the type of services, what would be covered in the insurance, security, accessibility, and a lot more. 


Well, after gathering all the information related to how much it cost to move to North Carolina.

Are you now ready to choose the best moving company that can help you complete the transit process in a smooth and hassle-free way? Remember to request quotes from a couple of companies, and then decide what suits you the best. 

Also, do not forget to get your goods insured. So, do not wait any further and contact the best company in the business today and know the average cost to move a mobile home in North Carolina today.