How Much Does It Cost To Move to Hawaii?

how much does it cost to move to hawaii

Hawaii is an archipelago of islands in the western United States located along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii has a tropical climate with scenic natural beauty and scintillating nightlife. Before moving to this tropical paradise, one needs to consider the lifestyle costs and packing charges. How much does it cost to move to Hawaii is a popularly asked question by everyone planning to make a move to paradise.

how much does it cost to move to hawaii

Is Hawaii expensive to travel to?

Hawaii is an expensive place to live in. The cost of living and real estate prices are high here. In addition to living costs, flight prices and travel costs to and fro from the city are also high. The prime reason for the high living costs in Hawaii is that the island is surrounded by water on all sides and goods have to be transported here via flights or ships. Hawaii is one of the most desirable places in the US that drives up housing costs. The average cost to move to Hawaii is high.

How much money do I need to vacation in Hawaii?

Hawaii is the ultimate holiday destination situated along the tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is the only state in the US comprising of small islands. With conducive weather conditions, pristine coastlines, and sunny skies, vacations in Hawaii cost a bomb. The expenses and living costs depend on the island you opt to stay in. 

Flight prices for a round trip are about $470k. The average price of accommodations comes to about $35-$165 per day. Transportation expenses are about $4-$80 per day. The cost of food in Hawaii is $15-$45 per day. Alcohol expenses are $5-$20 per day. The cost of attractions ranges from $0 to $30 per day.

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Factors that Affect Your Moving Cost

Moving costs depend on innumerable factors like supplies or packing fees and additional moving costs or utilities. The cost to move to Hawaii is high. Key factors that affect moving costs are listed below with detailed insights. Read on to learn more before making a move to Hawaii.

1. Travel Fees

How much to move to Hawaii is a question for all incoming settlers to this state of the US. Flight is a crucial mode of transportation to make it to the city of Hawaii. Flight prices vary based on city. There are three major international airports in Hawaii. Honolulu International Airport is the cheapest airport to fly into. June to August is the peak season for tourism in Hawaii. Tickets are priced extremely high during this season.

Travel Fees

Other airports in Hawaii are Kona International Airport and Kahului Airport. You can check the prices of each airport before booking tickets to get amazing deals on each travel.

Other modes of transportation to navigate in Hawaii include private steamships, ferries, buses, and taxi cabs.

Moving to Hawaii from California is about $475 per person via flight.

How much does an average trip to Hawaii cost?

The average trip cost to Hawaii is around $1919 for one person for a week, and it includes basic expenses. The rough expenditure from East Coast to Hawaii is $900 per person, from West Coast to Hawaii is $475 per person, and Midwest to Hawaii is $750 per person.

2. Packing Services Fee

Many leading packers and movers specialize in professional packing and transit of items or goods across Hawaii. These companies help in the easy transit of commercial or personal items. The journey from packing to unpacking at the destination is handled professionally by these companies.

Packing Service

Packing services depend on the materials used in packaging, the weight, and the size of the contents. The average packing specialist charges $60 per hour in Hawaii.

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How much does it cost to move all your stuff to Hawaii?

The average cost of moving stuff to Hawaii comes to around $4500 and takes about three weeks for delivery. 

How much does it cost to ship a container to Hawaii?

A cost of $4500 to $9000 is expected to ship household items or goods in a container to Hawaii. Factors like location, weight, size, and contents impact the transit of goods. A 20-foot container contains items for 2 room apartment, whereas a 40-foot container has items for a 3-room apartment.

3. Moving Supplies Fee

Packers and movers add to the convenience of shifting household goods or items from any city or state to Hawaii, and factors like location, weight, size, and type of goods influence the moving process and its supplies. A price range of $4000-$5000 is expected as transition costs for moving to Hawaii. One can opt for a premium range of services and offers based on affordability and budget

Moving Fee

How expensive is it to live in Hawaii? It is quite expensive due to high lifestyle costs or charges.

How much does it cost to move household goods to Hawaii?

A budget range of $4000 to $5000 is expected as transit charges to move household goods to Hawaii.

How much does it cost to ship a bed to Hawaii?

The average cost to ship a bed is 0.70 per mile for long transport and $2.50 per mile for shorter distances.

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4. Additional Moving Costs and Fees to Consider

Long-carry service, shuttle service, stairs, packing, large items, gratuity, and last-minute changes are included in the additional moving costs. These costs may seem trivial, but they have a great impact on the final moving charges. Make sure to check these additional costs and fees before hiring packers or movers.

Gratuity is a standard tip charge to the moving crew and is about $20-$40 per day per mover in Hawaii. The gratuity charges are based on the quality of service and time spent.

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Additional Moving Costs

Long carry a fee for Hawaii

If movers and packers have a long way to traverse from the house to the truck, long-carry fees are charged based on distance. One should always mention the distance of the house from the road to the movers in advance. An estimate is provided the basis on the specified distance.

Stair carry fee for Hawaii

The packers charge for the transit of goods via an extra flight of stairs. One flight of stairs is mostly included in the package. Make sure to check the charges as a stair fee before making a move.

Elevator fee for Hawaii

Packers and movers charge a specific fee for the transit of items as elevator fees. Make sure to check the elevator fees in advance with the movers to avoid last-minute charges.

Expedited delivery services for Hawaii

Delivery in Hawaii takes about 3 weeks for delivery. To expedite delivery services, extra charges are levied. The charges are based on the weight, location, and type of goods.

Cost to Move to Hawaii FAQs

What is the cheapest way to move to Hawaii?

The cheapest way to travel to Hawaii is via flights with two suitcases. One can book the cheapest one-way trip to Hawaii and carry items of urgent or personal use. One can buy other goods of usage on arrival. Hawaii is surrounded by water on all sides, and flights are the cheapest modes of transportation.


Hawaii is a tropical paradise with a scintillating nightlife. It is an archipelago of islands and is the only island state in the US. Hawaii is the most desirable place to live in, with high living costs, and the cost of moving into Hawaii is on the higher end of the circle. Packers and movers exclusively provide services for affordable transit to Hawaii. Flight is the cheapest mode of transportation. 

Research well on moving costs and packing services before moving to Hawaii, the tropical paradise of the US.

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