How much does it cost to go to Thailand?

How much does it cost to go to Thailand?

Do you know, how much on average does it cost to go to Thailand? It depends on several factors. Where should you stay? What should you see? Where should you spend? Where should you eat? etc. But, if you are a mountaineer or spend fewer days in a city, you will cost up to US $40 per day without a flight fare.

Apart from this, traveling to Thailand expenses also depends on you. You can afford a room for at least $3 and book a resort for almost US $1,000 for your family. In addition to this, people can manage the street foods and epicure dinings from a few pennies to hundred dollars. Exotic beaches, water activities, and inexpensive tourist spots are attention-grabbing points in Thailand. You should plan a trip to experience it at a low cost.

How much does it cost to go to Thailand?

Is it cheap to go to Thailand?

To be precise, Thailand is one of the cheapest countries to visit. You can especially afford to go to Thailand in low seasons and the Northside of the region. Further, you will meet the beautiful beaches with precisely tastier eatings, in the southside.

However, Thailand is an expensive country in Southeast Asia. But, the prices are lower than that of western countries. Also, many individuals find peace along with a relaxed vibe in Thailand. All these make Thailand a budget-free country on the globe.

How much do I need for 7 days in Thailand?

As mentioned above, Thailand has so much to offer to backpackers from all over the world. So, with everything that Thailand has to offer, it might be shocking to know the actual price to go to Thailand. It becomes inexpensive to roam in as compared to western countries.

So, it will take 40$ per day to enjoy the best things in Thailand. The US people also can make a trip to Thailand considering this price. It will be US $280 for a seven-day trip to Thailand with your entertainment. So, before planning an inappropriate trip to Thailand, read the following to get more ideas.


Whenever people attempt to plan a trip, flight rates create a massive burden on them. Therefore, Airfare is one of the crucial factors that individuals should not miss. As a result, we have cheap flight rates, returning flights fare, and one-way flight prices from some major cities to Thailand below.

  • Cheap Flight Cost –  September is the cheapest month to travel in Thailand. People can travel in this low season with their families and save on their flight rates. The cheapest flying fares start from USD 931 (THB 31,244.36).
  • Returning Flight Cost – If we consider a return flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Mumbai, India, the cost may differ. Several other airlines have provided different airfares. But, Emirates airways charges a reasonable price to travel from Thailand to India via Dubai. It will cost up to INR 47,262 (USD 627,13) (THB 21,045.54) per person.
  • One Way Flight Cost – We are taking into consideration one-way flights between Delhi, India, to Bangkok, Thailand. So, the cheapest flights fare starts from INR 35,552 (THB 15,836.62) per head.

So, you can enjoy your trips to Thailand by booking suitable flights according to you. But, keep in mind that the flight’s rates can differ from month to month.

How far in advance should I book a flight to Thailand? If you want to get the below-average price, book your flights before three weeks of departure in Thailand. But, consider that the high season is November, December, & January. But, the cheapest month to fly in Thailand is September, you can choose this month to book your tickets.

Local Transportation Cost

Most people explore the city with the local transportation system in Thailand. You will see the different kinds of transportations services available for people in Thailand and are as follows.

What types of transportation are in Thailand? Thailand offers affordable transportation for all people. Therefore, they can select from Taxis, Tuk-Tuks, Buses, Skytrains, Motorcycle taxis, etc., to complete their journey.

  • Taxi Cost – taxis are one of the best options to traverse in a short distance. Therefore, the taxi cost starts from USD 1.04 (THB 35) and increases from USD 0.15 (THB 5) per kilometer. Also, it falls to USD 0.060 (THB 2) when you get stuck in traffic.
  • Motorcycle Taxi Cost – If you want to explore each small portion of Thailand, then Motorcycles might be the best option for you. It costs between USD 0.59 – USD 2.98 (THB 20 to 100) for short distances.
  • Bus Cost – Some people love to travel by Bus. The cheapest bus fares start from USD 0.21 (THB 7) for those.
  • Trains Cost – Trains can provide you with a beautiful and comfortable travel experience in an affordable price range. It differs from station to station.

How much does it cost to ride the bus in Thailand? In Thailand, the usual bus costs up to USD 0.24 (TBH 8), and the expressway charges USD 0.30 (THB 10) to travel. The air-conditioned buses can take up to USD 0.36 (TBH 12), whereas the night buses are workable to ride at USD 0.28 (THB 9.50).

What is the Cheapest transportation in Thailand? Don’t hesitate to go with the alternative of Motorcycle taxis as it is the cheapest transportation in Thailand. You can get it even from the small-towns.

Foods cost in Thailand

You can experience a Thai meal in a restaurant between USD 2.68 – 4.46 (THB 90 – 150). Even the noodles can cost up to USD 2.98 (THB 100).

How expensive is the food in Bangkok? An average price of a repast in Bangkok is USD 15.35 (THB 516) per day.

Best Restaurants and Cost

Here we have the top 5 best restaurants and the types of tables in Bangkok. There are various restaurants like Baan Kanitha by The River, Goji Kitchen + Bar, Market Cafe, and The Berkeley Dining Room provides different facilities for tables. The variety of tables is Formal Table Settings, Casual Table Settings, Buffet Table Settings, Breakfast Table Settings, Pizzeria (center) Settings. But, the price range differs from restaurant to restaurant and tables to tables.

Food cost

Prices in Bangkok restaurantsCost in USD & RangeCost in THB & Range
Cheap meal2.00 USD (1.50 – 5.10)69 THB (50-170)
McMeal at McDonald’s (or similar Combo Meal)5.80 USD (4.50 – 7.10)195 THB (150-240)
Household Beer (0.5-liter breeze)2.10 USD (1.50-3.60)70 THB (50 – 120)
Imported Beer (0.33-liter bottle)3.90 USD (3.00-6.00)130 THB (100 – 200)
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle)0.55 USD (0.45-0.89)19 THB (15 -30)
Water (0.33 liter bottle)0.27 USD (0.21-0.45)9.00 THB (7.00 – 15)
Cappuccino (regular)2.10 USD (1.00-3.60)70 THB (35 – 120)
Espresso Coffee1.50 USD (0.73-2.50)49 THB (25 – 84)
Cheeseburger (fastfood)1.70 USD (1.30-2.10)58 THB (45 – 72)

What is the famous food in Thailand? If you can taste Pad Thai, you will understand why it is the most famous dish in Thailand. It is known as the Thai Style Stir-Fried Noodles too. You can easily have the best start of Thai dishes by eating this mouth lingering food. The ingredients that are included in this dish are egg, tofu, peanuts, and bean sprouts.

Random Spending in Thailand

Thailand has so much to offer in terms of shopping. It has local markets with exciting shopping malls where people can go shopping. So, because of these spots, Thailand is one of the best shopping destinations for tourists. Apart from this, random spending involves the following things.

Are things expensive in Thailand? Thailand is known as the cheapest for things. Whether it is food, traveling, roaming, shopping, or others, you can get at reasonable rates. Therefore, people can choose to experience many things at inexpensive rates. But, don’t worry, you will get decent quality at cheap rates.

Thailand Accommodation Cost

When do the US people ask how much is a trip to Thailand in US dollars? It depends mainly on the flights and accommodations. We have given flight rates in the above Airfare section. Here we are providing accommodation information.

What is the average cost of a hotel in Thailand? Choose the low season to plan a trip in Thailand. As a result, it can be proved as a money saver season for you. You can enjoy the weekend’s night at just USD 91 (THB 3,050.73) on average. The following are some of the best hotels with their cost.

Hotels Cost

  • Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villa resort & Spa USD 259.83 (THB 8,707.16)
  • Hotel ICON Phuket USD 25.27 (THB 846.82).
  • Banana Fan Sea Resort USD 90.69 (THB 3,040.52).
  • The Racha USD 141.80 (THB 4,754.06).

How much is rent in Thailand? The rent in Thailand depends on a variety of factors like localities, type of housing, provided facilities, etc. However, you can pay less than USD 149.14 (THB 5,000) per month as rent.

Houses Rents – The housing rents in Thailand differ from one city to another. However, we can consider an average price between USD 150,000 to 700,000 (THB 50,28,600 – 2,34,66,800) a month. But, the prices are low in Rayong, Hua Hin, and Chonburi.


If you are searching for a reasonable country to visit, Thailand should be your first preference. Thailand has some exceptionally comfortable and luxurious options to stay, eat, and shop. People can make their memories into the famous Thai beaches as it offers a wide range of beaches.

Apart from this, you can take the comfortable rides of Tuk-Tuk, Motorcycle rides, taxis, trains, and much more. But, don’t forget to look up the budget for your trip! We have the proper guidance about the different costs like random spendings, airfares, accommodations, foods, transportations, and more to give you accurate information to form a budget. We hope you will find your cost and plan a trip according to your time, but remember September is the best month to travel from fights.

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