How Far is Cuba From Florida?

How far is cuba from florida

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    Are you looking forward to the closest international destination from Florida? Turn your heads to Cuba, which is located very close to the Sunshine State. This Caribbean country is famous for its cigars, rum, and salsa. 

    However, since Cuba and the US have had strained political relations, there had been no direct transport route from Cuba to Florida for many years despite having the shortest distance. 

    Have you ever wondered about the shortest distance from Florida to Cuba? Continue reading the guide and eliminate all your queries regarding the distance between the Sunshine State and a little country in the Caribbean. Without further delay, let’s get into it.  

    How Far is Cuba From Florida?

    Thinking about how far is Cuba from Florida?

    The closest distance between these two destinations is 103 miles. The Strait of Florida is common between Cuba and Florida. It runs between the Atlantic Ocean, The Gulf of Mexico, and between Florida Keys and Cuba. 

    The water distance across the Strait of Florida is given in nautical miles and it claims that Cuba is about 90 miles south of the Sunshine State. It is the shortest distance between Cuba’s capital city Havana and Florida’s Key West. 

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    Where is Cuba?

    Before searching about how far is Cuba from Florida in hours, it is essential to know the country profile first. Cuba is located at the point where the Gulf of Mexico, northern Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean meet. This island nation shares the maritime borders with the Bahamas, Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, and the US. 

    Cuba is situated in the northern part of the Caribbean and is flanked by the Atlantic ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf Of Mexico. It is mainly an island, comprising a mainland, one smaller island, and a few archipelagos. Cuba has the greatest total area compared to the other 26 countries in the Caribbean.  

    Is Cuba really 90 miles from Florida?

    A majority of people claim that Cuba is just 90 miles south of Florida’s southernmost point, Key West. However, this 90-mile distance is a nautical measurement in statue miles used only by large ships at sea. If the actual distance is to be considered, Cuba is around 103 miles away from the Sunshine State. 

    The shortest distance between these two destinations is calculated from Florida’s southernmost tip and Cuba’s capital. In short, a 90-mile measurement is only used for the purpose of sea navigation and has nothing to do with the actual distance. 

    If you are looking forward to enjoying such close proximity to Cuba, check the cost of living in Florida and make a move accordingly. 

    Can you see Cuba from Florida?

    Although Cuba is located opposite Florida across the Strait of Florida, you cannot see it from the Sunshine State. In terms of distance, Cuba is 90 miles from Florida, which is too long for the human eye to see at sea level.

    You need to be over 5000ft or 1524m high to see that far and this elevation is not possible even with the tallest skyscraper. So, all and all, you cannot see Cuba from Florida but you can reach there in the least time either by taking a flight or the sea route. 

    How far is Cuba from Florida by plane?

    Moving to Florida and thinking about how to visit Cuba from Florida by plane? The total straight line flight distance from Florida to Cuba is 449 miles, which is equivalent to 723 km or 390 nautical miles. Your flight trip will begin in the state of Florida and ends in Cuba. 

    how far is cuba by plane

    Wondering how far is Cuba from Florida in hours?

    The total flight duration from Florida to Cuba is 1 hour 24 minutes. However, the exact flight time varies depending on the wind speeds. While direct flights from Florida to Cuba take less time to complete the journey, indirect flights will take a bit longer than expected.

    Can you swim from Cuba to Florida?

    Yes, absolutely. While you can swim from Cuba to Florida, it is strictly not recommended owing to the extreme water depth. The maximum water height between the Caribbean country and the Sunshine State is about 6000ft. It is too deep for an ordinary as well as a professional swimmer to complete the distance. 

    Additionally, it takes more than two days to swim from Cuba to Florida, adding more difficulties along the way. When Diana Nyad completed the water distance between these two destinations, she took 53 hours to complete the journey. 

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    Closest US City to Cuba?

    The closest US city to Cuba is Florida’s Key West. The nautical measurement of 90 miles is basically measured from this specific city in the sunshine state. The southernmost Point Buoy in the Key West even has a slogan of “90 miles to Cuba,” which further proves its closest proximity to this Caribbean country.  

    To be more accurate, Cuba is around 94 miles away from the Key West, but “90 miles to Cuba” has a much nicer ring to it. Are you moving to Jacksonville and thinking about the distance between these two destinations? Cuba is around 654 miles away from Jacksonville. Find the best areas to live in Jacksonville Fl and enjoy decent proximity to the Caribbean country. 

    Can you drive your boat to Cuba?

    No, not at all. Since the political relations between US and Cuba are not that good, it is illegal to enter Cuban waters without permission. Coast guards strictly warn South Florida boaters not to violate the rules by crossing the Cuban territorial water border that stretches 12 miles from the coast of the island nation. 

    If anybody is found driving his boat to Cuba without a required permit, he or she may be subject to the civil and criminal penalties of up to $25,000 per day, and 10 years in prison, along with the seizure of their boat or yacht.   

    Moving to the sunshine state from Cuba and thinking Are edibles legal in Florida? Always take a flight route and take your essentials to Florida safely. 

    Distance Between Cancun to Cuba

    The island nation of Cuba is located south of Cancun. The total distance between Cancun in Mexico and Havana in Cuba is around 510 km. It is equivalent to 317 miles or 275 nautical miles. The air travel distance between these two destinations is equivalent to 585 miles.

    If you travel to Cuba from Cancun by plane, it will take 1 hour 4 minutes to complete the journey. Your flight direction from Cancun to Havana is Northeast and your trip begins from Cancun and ends in Havana.  

    Miami to Cuba Distance

    The shortest distance between Miami to Cuba is 531km, which is equivalent to 330 miles. The travelers can take a boat ride from Miami to Cuba and it will take around 10 hours to complete the journey. 

    The flight between Miami and Cuba takes around 1 hour and 5 minutes to reach the destination; however, the time varies with the wind speed and type of the flight (direct or indirect). Your flight direction from Miami to Cuba is South. 

    Check the cost of living in miami and stay in this beautiful city while enjoying close proximity to Cuba. 

    Is Cuba close to Mexico?

    Cuba is located around 1800km away from Mexico, so if you travel at the constant speed of 50km/ per hour, you can cover the distance in around 36 hours. The air travel distance between these two countries is approximately 1588 miles.


    If you travel to Havana in Cuba from Mexico City in Mexico by plane, it takes around 2 hours and 45 minutes to cover the distance. However, the flight time might extend if you opt for indirect flights or if the wind speed is not favorable.  


    That’s all about how far is Cuba from Florida. We hope our guide will help you know about the total distance between these two destinations so you can make your plans accordingly. Cuba and Florida share the common Strait of Florida, owing to which the distance between the two is quite small. 

    The visitors can easily cover the 90-mile distance from the island nation of Cuba to the Sunshine state in just a few hours. However, despite having the shortest distance, there’s no direct route to visit the Caribbean country from the Sunshine State. 

    Additionally, no one can enter the Cuban waters without a required permit as it is completely illegal owing to a dispute between these two nations. So, you are now already aware of how far is Cuba from USA, plan your trip to this beautiful island nation from Florida to explore its scenic beauty.

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