Hot Springs Near Boise


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    Going on a day trip to hot springs is the best option to spend a holiday as well as explore Idaho’s countryside.

    A soothing soak in a warm water tub or hot springs becomes necessary after a tiring weekday or a vacation end.

    Fortunately, there are around 130 hot springs near Boise Idaho that are located a few kilometers away from each other.

    Come dive into Idaho’s majestic mountains, lusty nature, and running rivers while unreeling in the therapeutic waters.

    How many Hot Springs are in Idaho?

    Idaho is known for its abundant natural hot springs, with over 130 active hot springs out of 340 spread throughout the state.

    But Boise hot springs are popular among locals and tourists, offering relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

    What is the best time to visit Idaho Hot Springs?

    The best time to visit Idaho hot springs is during the spring and fall when the weather is moderate, and the crowds are thinner.

    Winter can also be an excellent time to visit but be prepared for colder temperatures and snow-covered roads.

    Summertime can be crowded and hot, so be prepared for larger crowds and higher temperatures.

    What is the best time to visit Boise?

    Spring and fall seasons are the best times to visit Boise because of the pleasant temperatures and outdoor activities are at their peak.

    During these seasons, the city offers a range of outdoor events and festivals, including the Boise Farmers Market, Boise River Festival, and Hyde Park Street Fair.

    Summer is also a great season to visit but be prepared for higher temperatures and larger crowds.

    9 Best Natural Hot Springs near Boise, Idaho

    Idaho is home to several natural soakable hot springs. And Boise probably has the most ones with various adventures and exploration alternatives and stunning countryside views.


    Here are the 9 best natural hot springs in Boise Idaho for a healing and scenic experience.

    1. Kirkham Hot Springs

    Situated in Lowman’s campground, Kirkham hot springs are one of the popular hot springs in Boise.

    This is because it has the best hikes in Idaho, the best places for camping in Idaho, and boasts several medium and small-sized multi-tiered geothermal pools for every age group and people.

    The place surrounds the South Fork of the Payette River and a breathtaking landscape.

    Kirkham Springs remain open daily from 7 AM to 9 PM and are easy to access and enjoy, but don’t forget to pack your stuff like food, water, and clothes.

    Why is Kirkham Hot Springs closed?

    Kirkham Hot Springs has been closed temporarily due to the damage caused by a wildfire.

    How much does Kirkham Hot Springs cost?

    Kirkham Hot Springs is located on public land and does not charge an entry or admission fee. It is a free natural attraction open to the public year-round, weather permitting.

    Is Kirkham Hot Springs accessible?

    Kirkham Hot Springs is accessible by car or foot, although the road leading to the hot springs can be rough and bumpy, especially in the winter.

    The hot springs area has a short hike from the parking area and can be challenging for people with mobility issues.

    Coordinates GPS44.0822° N, 115.5242° W
    Best Season to visitSpring and fall
    HikingThe hike is moderate and suitable for people of all ages.
    CampingCamping is available at Kirkham Campground.
    Distance128 km, 1 hour
    PoolsMultiple pools of varying sizes
    Seasonal Information During the summer months, the hot springs can get quite crowded. It is excellent to arrive early to secure parking. Reservations are not required. The hot springs are family-friendly.
    Direction / Getting thereTo reach Kirkham Hot Springs, take Highway 21 north of Boise for approximately 128 km. The hot springs are located just off the highway and are well-marked.

    2. Trail Creek Hot Springs

    Trail Creek Hot Springs, also called Samuel’s hot springs is located 40 minutes east of cascade town just off the warm lake road, in Boise national forest, Idaho.


    It is a wonderful soaking spot throughout the year that boasts two rock-walled cement pools with a channel of colder river water to neutralize the naturally heated mineralized water’s temperature.

    This provides visitors with the opportunity to take a relaxing and rejuvenating soak while adoring the stunning snow and mountain views.

    Coordinates GPS44.5083° N, 115.7846° W
    Best Season to visitSpring, fall, and winter
    HikingThe hiking trail is moderate and approximately 2.4 km long.
    CampingCamping is allowed at a nearby campground.
    Distance146 km, 2 hours and 15 minutes
    PoolsTwo pools of varying sizes
    Seasonal InformationDuring the summer months, the hot springs can get quite crowded. The parking is free. Booking is not required, and the hot spring is also family-friendly.
    Direction / Getting thereTake Highway 55 north from Boise for approximately 112 km to get there. Turn right onto Forest Road 22, just before Cascade, and follow the road for about 11 km.

    3. Bonneville Hot Springs

    Bonneville Hot Springs is located just 20 minutes away from Kirkham and Pine Flat Hot Springs, inside the Boise national forest at an elevation of 4700 feet.

    It has a warm spring creek across its campground and the South Fork Payette River alongside the highway.

    It contains several piping-hot pools that run down from the source into several rock-walled warm tubs that are placed at the river’s edge.

    Bonneville offers captive, private, and wilder soaks more than any other Hot Springs in that area.

    It also provides many free things to do in Idaho that other hot springs rarely offer, which includes grafting, fishing, and kayaking in the Payette and Deadwood rivers.

    Are the Bonneville Hot Springs open?

    Bonneville Hot Springs remain open from May to September. The Hot spring along with the campground remains closed in October and November due to the rough roads and snow level in winter.

    Is Bonneville Hot Springs Clothing Optional?

    Yes, clothing is optional in Bonneville Hot Springs, but keeping yourself appropriately covered is better. 

    Where is Bonneville Hot Springs?

    Bonneville Hot Springs is located in eastern Idaho, about 30.5 kilometers east of Lowman and about 177 kilometers northeast of Boise. It is situated at the end of HWY 21 near Bonneville Campground, at a height of around 4,700 feet.

    How much does it cost to go to Bonneville Salt Flats?

    Visiting the Bonneville Salt Flats is free, as it is public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. However, some occasions on the Flats might require tickets, such as the annual Speed Week racing event.

    Can I swim in the Bonneville Salt Flats?

    Swimming is prohibited in the Bonneville Salt Flats due to the high salt concentration and environmental protection. 

    Coordinates GPS45.6503° N, 121.9423° W
    Best Season to visitSpring, fall, and winter
    HikingSeveral hiking trails near Bonneville Hot Springs, including the Gorge Trail #400
    CampingCamping is not allowed.
    Distance643.7 km, 6 hours and 30 minutes
    PoolsSeveral small, rock-lined pools of varying sizes
    Seasonal InformationThe ideal time to go is during the less crowded, and the temperature is more relaxed. Parking is free, and no reservations are required. It is family-friendly too.
    Direction / Getting thereFrom Boise, follow Interstate 84 West to Portland, Oregon, to reach Bonneville Hot Springs. You’ll reach Cascade Locks, Oregon, after 563 km on I-84. From there, take exit 44 and follow the Bonneville Dam signage. Hot springs are near Bonneville Dam’s parking lot.

    4. Boat Box Hot Springs (Elkhart Hot Springs)

    Just a few kilometers away from the Stanley, Boat Box Hot Springs, also known as Elkhart Hot Springs, is one of the most unusual hot Springs of Idaho present along the Salmon River.


    As the name says, this hot spring has a tiny metal box or tub, fitting only 1-2 people creating an ideal water temperature to relax and revitalize the entire body in cold weather.

    To fill the box with hot water start filling it up with the white pipe placed next to the box and to balance the hotness add cold water from the river or wait for the natural air to balance it out.  

    How do you get to Boat Box Hot Springs?

    To reach Boat Box Hot Springs, take Idaho SH 75 and turn towards Elk Creek Road. Drive on this road for 10.5 kilometers to a parking area over the Salmon River, then hike upstream along the river to reach the hot springs.

    Where is the Boat Box hot spring?

    Boat Box Hot Spring is located in Idaho in the Sawtooth National Forest on Idaho State Highway 75, near Stanley.

    How hot is Boat Box Hot Springs?

    The average temperature of Boat Box Hot Springs ranges between 100-105°F.

    Coordinates GPS45.1314° N, 112.9423° W
    Best season to visitYear-round
    HikingSeveral hiking trails near the hot Springs, including the Elkhorn Creek Trail and the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway
    CampingCamping is available.
    Distance418 km, 4 hours and 30 minutes
    PoolsThere are many pools.
    Seasonal InformationThe best time to visit Boat Box Hot Springs is in fall, winter, and spring. Reservations are recommended. Parking has no charge. Moreover, it is considered family-friendly.
    Direction / Getting thereTake Interstate 84 East towards Mountain Home, Idaho. From there, you would take US-20 East towards Idaho Falls, Idaho, and then I-15 North towards Dillon, Montana. From Dillon, you would take Montana Highway 278 West for approximately 30 km until you reach Elkhorn Hot Springs.

    5. Pine Flats Hot Springs

    Pine Flats Hot Springs is a phenomenal hot tub in central Idaho. It is Placed alongside the Payette River on the edge of the ridges.

    It has a series of ridgeside pools, of different sizes and temperatures, like no other pool in the heart of Idaho.

    It has the biggest waterfall in Idaho, which is about a one-half kilometers hike from the hot springs. Besides soaking, it offers kayaking, camping, hiking, swimming, and more.

    Where are Pine Flats, and Hot Springs?

    Pine Flats Hot Springs is in the Boise National Forest, about 24 kilometers northeast of Garden Valley. It can be accessed via a short hike from the parking area.

    Can you swim in Pine Flat Lake?

    Yes, Pine Flat Lake allows swimming, boating, and kayaking.

    Is Penny Hot Springs Clothing Optional?

    Yes, clothing is optional in Penny Hot Spring. However, visitors should wear swimsuits if they want to.

    Does Pine Flat have showers?

    Pine Flat Lake in California has public showers at some campgrounds.

    Coordinates GPS44.4864° N, 116.0324° W
    Best season to visitSpring, fall, and winter seasons
    HikingVarious hiking paths, including the Ridge to Rivers Trail System.
    CampingCampgrounds are available.
    Distance170 km, 2 hours and 15 minutes
    PoolsFeatures several pools of varying temperature
    Seasonal InformationParking is free, and a designated parking area is near the trailhead. No reservations. During summer, the hot springs can get crowded. Pine Flats Hot Springs is generally considered family-friendly.
    Direction / Getting thereDrive State Highway 55 North from Boise to McCall, Idaho, for Pine Flats Hot Springs. From McCall, take Highway 55 North to Cascade, Idaho. Turn right onto Warm Lake Road before Cascade and continue for about 9 km until Forest Service Road 474. Follow Pine Flats Hot Springs signs for about 9 km to the parking area.

    6. Rocky Canyon Hot Springs

    Rocky Canyon Hot Springs is one of the most beautiful gems of Idaho’s hot spring family. It is situated alongside the Middle Fork Payette River within the Boise national forest.


    It has 10 tiers of rustic rock pools with cooler water as the hot spring water flows down the river.

    So, it’s advised to visit the spot in late spring or summer when the temperature rises and the water level goes down. You can also find steaming hot pools the more ahead you travel. 

    Is camping allowed at Rocky Canyon Hot Springs?

    Rocky Canyon Hot Springs in Idaho allows camping, but it has only a campground with no amenities.

    Coordinates GPS44.2523° N, 115.8912° W
    Best season to visitSpring, summer, and fall
    HikingThe trail is a 5 km round trip hike.
    CampingCamping is not allowed in the area.
    Distance80 km, 1 hour and 30 minutes
    PoolsThere are several pools at the hot springs.
    Seasonal InformationThe area can be crowded during peak times. There is limited parking available. No advance reservations are required to go to the hot springs, which are generally family-friendly.
    Direction / Getting thereTake W State St to ID-55 N in Eagle, turn right onto ID-55 N, follow Banks Lowman Rd to Middlefork Rd in Valley County, and follow the signs to the trailhead.

    7. Sunbeam Hot Springs

    Sunbeam Hot Springs is an easily accessible and popular soaking spring in Boise Idaho.

    It consists of a series of man-made rock-bottomed pools alongside the Salmon River in the Salman-challis National Forest.

    Besides that, it offers perfect hiking trails, rafting experiences, mixed-temperature hot springs, and more.

    The best part is you can build your tub with the river boulders and witness the stunning views of pine tree forests, sloping grass hills, and rigid mountain hills. 

    Where is Sunbeam Hot Springs?

    Sunbeam Hot Springs is near the Sunbeam Dam in the Sawtooth National Forest of Idaho.

    What are the coordinates of Sunbeam Hot Springs?

    The coordinates for Sunbeam Hot Springs are approximately 44.1785° N and 114.8445° W.

    Coordinates GPS44.2168° N, 114.9111° W
    Best season to visitYear-round
    HikingThe famous Iron Creek Trail offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.
    CampingCamping is allowed.
    Distance193 km, 2 hours and 15 minutes
    PoolsMany pools with different temperature
    Seasonal InformationThe best time to visit is fall, winter, and early spring. There is limited parking available. No advance reservation is required. While families are welcome, visitors should know that clothing is optional in the hot spring.
    Direction / Getting thereFrom Boise, take ID-21 north for approximately 148 km until you reach Stanley, ID. Take ID-75 north for about 24 km until you get to the hot spring.

    8. Loftus Hot Springs

    Loftus hot springs are a closed little area situated alongside the Boise River of the middle fork tributary.


    Fed by a hot mineral shower, it encloses two rock-walled bottom pools along with a sand lining making it a top-notch spring option to consider.

    Loftus is a perfect place to soak and relax while grasping the scenic beauty of forest woods and rivers. But try to avoid the poison ivy plants surrounding it. 

    N.B-  Lotus Hot Springs has been closed for years as some portions of the overhanging got destroyed.

    What are the amenities available at Loftus Hot Springs Campground, Idaho?

    Loftus Hot Springs Campground offers various amenities, including picnic tables, vault toilets, and potable water. The campground also features natural hot springs, accessed via a short trail.

    What is the weather like at Loftus Hot Springs in Idaho?

    The weather at Loftus Hot Springs in Idaho varies depending on the season. Summers are warm, with average temperatures ranging from 70-80°F, and winters are cold, with average temperatures varying from20-30°F. Snowfall is expected during the winter months, impacting accessibility to the hot springs.

    What are the operating hours for Loftus Hot Springs in Idaho?

    Loftus Hot Springs in Idaho does not have specific operating hours as it is a natural hot spring. However, the nearby campground may have specific camping and day-use hours. 

    Coordinates GPS44.0575° N, 115.0547° W
    Best season to visitSpring, summer, and fall
    HikingThe trail is easy to moderate and suitable for families with children.
    CampingNo camping is allowed in the hot spring.
    Distance209 km,
    PoolsThe hot spring features several pools of varying sizes and temperatures
    Seasonal Information Off-season is the best time to visit the hot spring. Parking is limited, so it’s best to arrive early. No reservations are required. Visitors should be aware of the moderate hike and bring appropriate gear for children.
    Direction / Getting thereTake ID-21 N from Boise and continue for about 101 km. Turn right onto Forest Service Rd 579 and continue for about 8 km. Turn left onto Forest Service Rd 474 and drive for about 3 km until you reach the parking lot.

    9. Frenchman’s Bend Hot Springs

    Frenchman’s Bend Hot Springs is a primitive soaking paradise alongside warm springs creek near Ketchum Idaho.

    Boasting 3 pools of varied water temperatures, the place provides a mystical warmth and solitude to the soakers and enjoy the snow-blanketed nature.

    You reach the place you have to hike down from the parking lot along the snow-filled landscape. 

    How to reach Frenchman’s Bend Hot Springs in Idaho?

    To get to Frenchman’s Bend Hot Springs in Idaho, take US-95 North from Boise and turn left towards Grangeville-Salmon Road. Follow the road for about 19 km and turn left onto Frenchman’s Bend Road. Continue on the road for about 11 km until you reach the hot springs. 

    Coordinates GPS44.4549° N, 116.1342° W
    Best season to visitFall to spring
    HikingThe hot springs are a short hike from the parking lot.
    CampingThere is no camping allowed at Frenchman’s Bend Hot Springs.
    Distance88 km, 1 hour and 20 minutes
    PoolsThere are several natural pools at the hot springs.
    Seasonal Information The hot springs can be crowded during weekends and holidays. Parking is limited and may require a short walk from the nearest available spot. The hot spring is not family-friendly.
    Direction / Getting thereTake ID-55 North towards McCall, then turn right onto Warren Wagon Rd. After about 10 km, turn right onto Warm Lake Rd and continue for approximately 32 km. Turn right onto Forest Service Rd 498 and drive for about 5 km until you reach the parking area.

    Hot Springs Near Boise FAQs

    How hot are Hot Springs in Idaho?

    The temperature of hot springs in Idaho can vary widely, ranging from around 100°F to over 200°F, depending on the specific location.

    Can you swim in Idaho Hot Springs?

    Yes, swimming is generally allowed in most natural hot springs in Idaho, but the knowledge of potential hazards or restrictions at each location is essential.

    How many natural Hot Springs are in Idaho?

    There are around 130 soakable natural hot springs in Idaho. 

    What Hot Springs are closest to Boise?

    The hot springs near Boise, Idaho, including 

    • Kirkham Hot Springs
    • Gold Fork Hot Springs
    • Silver Creek Plunge. 


    Idaho has a lot of hot springs near Boise that offer the warmth and feelings of mother earth.

    While some are small, others have enough space to have all, while some are naturally born, others might have been made by humans and are restored.

    But whichever spot you choose, the satisfying aura of hot springs along with the breathtaking scenes of nature will make your trip worthwhile. 

    Hot springs are nature’s gift to us and they should be properly taken care of. So, don’t exploit them and enjoy them to the fullest until the time calls up!

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