Hot Springs in Southern California


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    Southern California is home to several hot springs that add a highlight to the state.

    Along with a relaxing soak, it offers stunning waterfall views, natural scenery, hiking trails, campgrounds, and tons of outdoor activities to indulge in around there.

    After all, a hot water spa experience after a long tiring day or holiday in California’s hot spring will give you a relaxed and revitalized body and mind. 

    Listed below are 8 stunning southern California Hot springs to explore for a soothing soak.

    Are there hot springs in Southern California?

    Natural Hot springs in Southern California are found in huge numbers with their restorative and rejuvenating properties.

    They are found scattered throughout the area, from the forested mountain ranges of the San Jacinto, Los Padres, and San Bernardino to the desert regions of Anza Borrego and Mojave desert.

    8 Best Hot Springs in Southern California

    Southern California has no shortage of natural hot springs. Each provides a relaxing and rejuvenating soak with a privileged natural scenery.


    So, let’s check out the 8 best hot springs in Southern California for your next minibreak. 

    1. Deep Creek Hot Springs

    The Deep Creek Hot Springs are situated outside Apple Valley City in the Deep Creek drainage of the Mojave River.

    This unique yet ultimate hot spring has 7 lithium pools, from which temperatures in 5 pools vary from 100-105 degrees, and two pools have cold water.

    To reach the hot springs, you have to go through a hiking trail and witness conifer forests, diverse vegetation, and healthy wildlife habitats, and meet an endangered species on the sandy shore of Mojave River – the Arroyo Toad.

    How hot is the water at Deep Creek Hot Springs?

    The temperature of the hot pools at Deep Creek Hot Springs typically varies from 100-105 degrees Fahrenheit.

    What time does Deep Creek Hot Springs close?

    The entrance gate of Deep Creek Hot Springs remains open 24 hours every day. 

    Can you swim in Deep Creek?

    Yes, you can swim in Deep Creek Lake. For that, you have to pay $3 per person for residents of Maryland and $5 per person for other people. 

    Temperature100-105 degrees 
    HikingTake the easiest route, the Bowen Ranch road which has access to the place through private land. Hike the trail down for 4 kilometers to the springs. Or,Hike from arrowhead lake road to the Pacific Crest trail for 10 kilometers to reach the spring.
    Best time to visitSpring and summer 
    Distance98 kilometers; 
    Pools7 pools
    Directions / Getting ThereParking- $10 per person camping and hiking- $15 per person
    CostTake the easiest route, the Bowen Ranch road which has access to the place through private land. Hike the trail down for 4 kilometers to the springs. Or, Hike from arrowhead lake road to the Pacific Crest trail for 10 kilometers to reach the spring.

    2. Wild Willy’s Hot Springs

    Discovering at the end of a wooden boardwalk, Wild Willy’s Hot Springs, also called Crowley Hot Springs, is a popular hot spring destination in California that is surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.


    This hot spring has 2 warm spring pools – a hot creek and a heart-shaped pool, where the larger one is about 10ft W x 3ft D accommodating 30 people at a time, and the smaller one is 50ft allowing 3-4 people at once.

    The area has abundant wildlife, including deer, coyotes, and various bird species. 

    Where is Wild Willy’s Hot Spring?

    Wild Willy’s Hot Springs is situated in Mammoth Lakes, California, USA. 

    Can you camp at Wild Willy’s Hot Springs?

    You can’t camp at the Wild Willy’s Hot Springs areas but can camp for free at its parking lot. 

    How do I get to Wild Willy’s?

    To reach Wild Willy’s Hot Springs, you have to head north on HWY 395 from Bishop. Take a right turn at Benton crossing road for 5 kilometers until you cross the second cow grate and reach the dirt road.

    Take the dirt road and drive for 2.5 kilometers to reach the parking lot of the Wild Willy. 

    Temperature100-106 oF
    Optional ClothingOptional
    HikingVisitors can hike about 1.6 kilometers to reach the hot springs.
    CampingNo camping is allowed.
    Best time to visitSpring and Summer
    Distance8 kilometers, 15 minutes
    PoolsSeveral pools are located in different sizes and temperatures.
    Directions / Getting ThereTake Highway 395 to the Casa Diablo Road exit, then follow the dirt road for about 3.2 kilometers until you reach the parking area.

    3. Remington Hot Springs

    Remington Hot Springs are stunning man-made geothermal pools that are situated in the Los Padres National Forest along the bank of the Kern River.

    These rock-cemented hot springs are known for their healing properties,  providing refreshed and renewed soak along with the beautiful scenery of the wildflower patches, background wilderness, and the river.

    Like Ecotopia hot spring, Remington Hot Spring also offers an easy and short hike in the Los Padres National Forest.

    Its location is well-suitable for having nighttime stargazing and the several hideouts offer camping opportunities.

    Is Remington Hot Springs free?

    Remington Hot Springs are free to access.

    How hot is the water at Remington Hot Springs?

    The temperature of Remington Hot Springs lies at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    Is Remington Hot Springs Clothing Optional?

    Yes, Remington Hot Springs are clothing optional. 

    Where is Remington Hot Springs located?

    The Remington Hot Springs is situated in Kern County, California. 

    HikingThe hike is about 4 kilometers to reach the hot springs.
    CampingNot allowed.
    Best time to visitSpring and Fall
    Distance130 kilometers, 1 hour and 45 minutes
    Pools4 pools.
    Directions / Getting ThereTo get to Remington Hot Springs, take Highway 33 to the turnoff for Rose Valley Road, then follow the road for about 10 kilometers until you reach the parking area.

    4. Saline Valley Warm Springs

    Saline Valley Warm Springs is a secluded oasis in the desert, offering natural hot springs and primitive camping (overnight) options in a remote location.


    The area is home to unique and rare wildlife, including the endangered Saline Valley pupfish as well as wilderness vegetation similar to Hot Spring Canyon Trailhead.

    Here you will get a chance to soak in 3 different soaking tubs – Upper and lower warm spring and palm spring, each surrounded by palm trees, rock walls, boulders seats, and stump seats.

    The largest pool is the volcano pool (15 ft wide) fits 30+ people at a time and the hottest pool is the wizard pool having a water temperature of about 112°F. 

    How to get to Saline Valley Hot Springs?

    To reach Saline Valley Hot Springs you have to take HWY 168 for 5 kilometers towards Death Valley and take Death Valley Road on the right. In 22.5 kilometers, you will arrive on Woucoba Saline Valley road by crossing the Marble Canyon to reach Saline Valley.

    Is Saline Valley Road open?

    Saline Valley Road is temporarily closed due to heavy snowfall, rockfall, and flooding on the road and in the parking lot of Saline Valley Hot Springs. 

    HikingThe hot springs are a 0.4 kilometers trek from the parking lot.
    CampingCamping is allowed.
    Best time to visitWinter
    Distance97 kilometers, 1 hour and 30 minutes
    Pools3 pools
    Directions / Getting ThereFrom Lone Pine, take Highway 136 east to Highway 190, then follow Highway 190 for about 145 kilometers to the Saline Valley Road turnoff.

    From there, follow the Saline Valley Road for approximately 80 kilometers to reach the hot springs.
    Cost Free

    5. Holtville Hot Springs

    The Holtville hot springs, also known as Highline Hot Tub and Old Forget Hot Springs, is a pristine oasis in the dead desert land of Imperial Valley.

    This incredible natural hot spring is for those who want the relaxed and soothing benefits of a mineralized hot water bath in the center of the desert.

    The two cemented pools receive water from a 5 ft deep artesian well at 125° and normalize to 104-110°F.

    Visitors can camp anytime from 15 September to 15 April, while the rest of the months are restricted for camping. 

    Is Holtville Hot Springs good for kids?

    Holtville Hot Springs is kids-friendly as it has water temperatures less warm than normal. 

    HikingMany hiking trails but not well-maintained.
    CampingAllowed on-site.
    Best time to visitWinter
    Distance225 kilometers, 3 hours and 5 minutes
    PoolsA large swimming pool and several soaking tubs
    Directions / Getting ThereTake Interstate 8 to Holtville, California, and exit at Holtville Hot Springs. Turn right into the frontage road for 2.4 kilometers, then turn left onto the gravel road to the hot springs entrance.
    Cost $10 per person per day for daily use

    6. Whitmore Hot Springs

    The Whitemore Hot Springs is located in the Inyo National Forest near Mammoth Lakes, California.


    It is one such hot spring near Lake Tahoe which is only 188 kilometers away from Whitmore.

    The Whitmore Hot Springs is the origin of all geothermal mineralized water in the Mammoth Lakes region that is rich in minerals like calcium, and magnesium.

    It is due to the result of a volcanic eruption that happened 760,000 years ago.

    The region contains 5 hot tubs that restore the organic warm water flowing from Whitmore Spring.

    Can you swim in Whitmore Hot Springs?

    Yes, you can swim and soak in Whitmore Hot Springs for free. 

    How do you get to Whitmore Hot Springs?

    To reach Whitmore Hot Springs you have to start your journey from Mammoth Lakes on HWY 395 S onto Benton Crossing Road at the right.

    Drive for 1.7 kilometers to take Whitmore Hot Springs on the left. Then continue for again 1.7 kilometers until you reach the unnamed dirt road, that leads to the parking lot of the hot springs.

    HikingThe hike is approximately a 2.4 kilometers round trip.
    CampingNot allowed.
    Best time to visitSpring, Fall, and Winter
    Distance9.6 kilometers, 30 minutes
    PoolsThere are several pools.
    Directions / Getting ThereTo get there, take US-395 South to Benton Crossing Road, turn right onto the dirt road, and follow it to the trailhead.

    7. Tecopa Hot Springs

    Tecopa Hot Springs is a famous hot spring destination located alongside Death Valley National Park in California.

    With over 1000 million visitors visiting every year, Tecopa provides them an unmatched opportunity to soak themselves for promoting comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation of their minds and bodies.

    The geothermal tubs at Tecopa offer mineralized water with temperatures ranging from 95 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which are known for their healing capabilities including joint pain, skin moisturization, and respiratory ailments.

    Other than hot springs it offers various amenities like hot springs cabins with hot tubs, a community center general store, and a 12-room motel. 

    Is Tecopa Hot Springs free?

    Tecopa Hot Springs is free of cost. 

    Is Tecopa in California or Nevada?

    Tecopa or former Brownsville is situated in Inyo County, California, USA.

    HikingAmargosa trail (15 kilometers long)  
    Best time to visitOctober- May 
    Distance85 kilometers  
    Pools4 pools
    Directions / Getting ThereTake state Highway 127 via Furnace Creek Road from Las Vegas. The hot spring will come at the end of the SH 127 dirt road. 

    8. Delonegha Hot Springs

    Delonegha Hot Springs located just off HWY 178 northeast of Bakersfield, CA is a geothermal hot spring with stone-setted pools and natural bathtubs surrounded by redwood tree ranges.


    It offers a unique, and secluded warm soak experience fed by a naturally mineralized water source, believed to have healing properties for relaxing skin and body.

    This place doesn’t have any shops restaurants crowds or parking costs which makes you truly disconnected from everything in your life and pay attention to your peace and tranquility. 

    HikingNot allowed 
    CampingNot allowed
    Best time to visitWinter
    Distance32 km, 45 minutes
    Pools5 pools.
    Directions / Getting ThereFollow Highway 6 East for approximately 24 km. Turn right onto Chalk Bluff Road and continue for about 4.8 km. Turn right onto a dirt road marked by a “Rock Creek” sign and continue for about 3.2 km. Turn left at the junction, and follow the dirt road to reach the hot springs.

    Hot Springs in Southern California FAQs

    How hot are Hot Springs in California?

    Southern California Hot Springs have warm mineralized water with temperatures varying from 85 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Is the water warm anywhere in California?

    California has the warmest water in the Newport Beach ocean and at Avalon, Santa Catalina Island. The water typically gets heated to around 65 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit during August. 

    How many Hot Springs are in Death Valley?

    The 7 hot spring present in and around Death Valley are as follows:

    • The Oasis –  17.7 kilometers
    • Travertine Hot Springs – 50 kilometers
    • Delight’s Hot Springs – 84 kilometers
    • Tecopa Hot Springs – 85 kilometers
    • Saratoga Springs – 88.5 kilometers
    • Scootty’s Hot Springs – 88.5 kilometers
    • Saline Valley Warm Springs – 111 kilometers


    Hot springs in Southern California are nature’s underrated divine gift that many people don’t have any knowledge about.

    If you are looking to take a break from your workload and want to relax in a peaceful place, these places are a must to consider.

    It will also help you in recovering from alignments like rheumatism arthritis joint and muscle pain, skin rejuvenation relieves stress, and combat insomnia symptoms, the hot springs can help you recover from this.

    It’s a great place to spend some time with family and friends, so go ahead and have fun!