Best Hikes in West Virginia

Best hikes in west virginia

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    For adventure lovers, West Virginia is nothing less than heaven. Many hikes in West Virginia will pump your adrenaline rush, and the lush surrounding beauty will leave you stunned.  

    No matter what you’re expecting, you’ll get the best hiking trails here. So, why not explore more and pick the most scenic and stunning trails? 

    Behold, You’re One Step Away From The Best Hike Of Your Life!

    10 Best Hikes in West Virginia For To Experience Life At Fullest!

    I am not going to bore you with the journey. But when you’re hiking in the spruce knob or blackwaters fall, you’ll experience thrill, solitude, and happiness at once.


    The lush greenery and nature’s talk are too amazing to explain with words.

    There are a total of 417+ hiking trails in West Virginia, but here are my top 10 that are too good to miss.

    (Out & Back)
    Pet FriendlyKid FriendlyDifficulty LevelBest Time To Visit
    Blackwater Falls0.4 milesYes YesEasyApril to November
    Maryland Heights4.5 milesYes Yes ModerateMarch to October
    Long Point Trail3 milesYesYesModerateApril to November
    Spruce Knob Hiking0.6-mile loopYesYesEasyJuly to September
    Endless Wall Trail2 milesYesYesEasyNovember to March
    Kaymoor Miners Trail1.6 milesNoNoHardMarch to November
    Falls of Hills Creek1.4 milesNoYesModerateDecember to April
    Canyon Rim Overlook0.6-mileNoYesEasyMarch to May
    Grandview State Park3.2 milesYesYesModerateApril to October
    Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory2.1 milesYesYesModerateSeptember to November

    1. Blackwater Falls – Lush, Mossy Forest

    A unique combination of rock formations with green grass that looks like a tree standing makes Beartown State Park an enchanting point of attraction.


    You have to travel down 214 steps to see waterfalls. It can be a little hectic to deal with stairs if you’re hiking with kids.

    Well, a handicap trail is also available. Also, a 1400-foot-long conveyor is used to bring you back up; isn’t it amazing?

    Though you can explore it around the year, if you want scenic views, then the best time is the fall season. Well, in summer, you can also catch fish while hiking.

    2. Maryland Heights – Aggressive Uphill Climb

    Here comes the real challenge for you. Maryland hiking is not suitable for beginners. The path is rugged, messy, and difficult.


    Don’t worry; the incredible view of downtown Harpers Ferry is worth all the difficulties.

    The one thing that I really hate is the parking situation. It’s worse, and the bottleneck leading to the road makes it worse.

    Well, this is something that can be ignored for Harpers Ferry hiking and breathtaking views of Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers.

    I recommend you explore the nearby museum once you’re done with your adventure. You’ll see the remnants of the civil war there.

    It might be a surprising factor for you, but this tiny town has centuries-old history.

    3. Long Point Trail – Suitable Hike In WV For Beginners

    It is an easy yet sloppy hike in West Virginia that can provide you with a New River Gorge Bridge’s quintessential view. You need at least 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete the route.


    The Long Point Trail is also famous for mountain biking. Thus, most adventure lovers and tourists visit here from April to November. You can take your dogs here, but they must be leashed.

    Remember, network coverage issues can be a problem there. So, it is best to download the offline maps to avoid any fuss.

    4. Spruce Knob Hiking – Highest Point In West Virginia

    We can argue that it is technically not a hike but merely a more of a nature walk. But the dense forest and heavenly views are exceptional and straight out of a fairy world. 


    The trail is straight, and the difficulty level is moderate. Exploring Spruce Knob must be on your bucket list for things to do in West Virginia with kids.

    The plus point is you can also explore the nearby Seneca Creek trail to boost your adrenaline rush. 

    I enjoyed camping there with my better half and don’t forget to enjoy the singing of migratory birds.

    I recommend you pack water and quick snacks with you. Once you reach the top, it is best to read a novella. 

    5. Endless Wall Trail – Explore The Easiest Hiking Trail Of WV

    An appealing trail route rich with forest appearance where nature thrives at its finest. The cherry on top is that it is dog friendly. There are two trails: Fern Creek and Nuttall. 


    You can explore both trails, but it is best to park at Fern Creek and start your hiking from there.

    Endless wall trail is world-renowned, and many tourist flocks here. So, for the best views, you better start early.

    The pro tip suggestion is planning a daybreak hike. Choose any season to hike in these beautiful trails. Don’t forget to capture a priceless moment from Diamond Point as well.

    6. Kaymoor Miners Trail – 821 Wooden Steps Awaits!

    Kaymoor Miners trail has a view of cliffs and waterfalls that can make your vacation more meaningful and add exceptional value.


    Known as the ghost town of WV, the Kaymoor still has many attractions. 

    Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated as you have to conquer 821 wooden steps; not an easy game.

    Going down the hill is a relatively easy task, but climbing back is very rough. So, take a rest after a while.

    Though Kaymoor Miners Trail remains open year round, I recommend you to go there in winter.

    The ice on dense forests and the frozen river give chilly vibes, and you’ll feel like the view is straight out of Narnia.

    7. Falls of Hills Creek – Wild And Woolly West Virginia Hike

    Undoubtedly, it is one of the best hikes in West Virginia. Everything seems so glamorous here.


    The only thing that you must wish for is good weather. The 382 stair steps become slippery in wet weather.

    The one thing you must keep in mind is to wear rugged and tough shoes that can cause additional friction.

    Flip-flops or regular shoes won’t help you there. There are no benches along the stairs where you can relax.

    Overall, it is a nice place, and will take an hour to complete the trail. On the brighter side, this hike is the hidden gem of WV.

    You won’t see many people rushing there, making it the best place to find solitude and relax. 

    8. Canyon Rim Overlook – The Infamous Lindy’s Point

    It is short, sweet, and one of the most beautiful places to hike in West Virginia, guaranteeing mesmerizing views of the surroundings.


    Also, you can see the pictures of the New River Gorge Bridge, an advantage of visiting Canyon Rim Overlook.

    You can also take a ramp walk to a lower vantage point in the visitor center of Canyon Rim. This place is also renowned for its peaceful atmosphere during the daytime. 

    Pack your bag properly if you’re planning to hike here. You must place extra water, sunglasses, moisturizer, and quick snacks.

    Also, don’t forget to wear sports shoes for extra friction.

    9. Grandview State Park – Best For Families

    You can come to Grandview State Park with your kids because it is safe to enjoy with them here. No doubt, it is one of the best state parks in West Virginia for RV camping. 


    During Spring, nature thrives at its peak, and the extra sunlight hours will allow you to explore more.

    Furthermore, Grandview State Park is famous for many activities, like sightseeing and picnicking.

    You can also spend a night in the nearby cabins or hotels. They are inexpensive and provide a home-like feel. Food can be a problem here, so pack some snacks or canned food.

    10. Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory – Editor’s Choice

    If you asked me about my favorite hike in West Virginia, then the answer would be Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory. The panoramic mountain view is spectacular from here.


    Located on the border of WV and VA, it is an ideal spot for your day adventures. As they say, the journey matters more than the destination.

    Same way, while driving there, you’ll be seeing some of the best scenery of your life. 

    The observatory has benches there. Enjoy your quick snacks there and watch the birds flying freely in the clouds.

    If you want to have dinner or lunch, then nearby Harrisonburg town is affordable and has the best restaurants.

    Wrapping It Up!

    West Virginia is the best state for outdoor activities, especially from April to November, making it a paradise for adventure lovers.

    It is because you can explore many places for hiking and mountain biking. Visitors can also capture breathtaking moments and scenic views from these hiking trails on their cameras. 

    Don’t forget to drink plenty of water while on trial to stay hydrated. If you’re hiking with kids in WV, then keep some quick snacks and toys with you.