Best Hikes in West Virginia

If your passion is to explore the globe through the different hike and trail points, you should visit West Virginia, a blend of beautiful walks, lakes, scenic views, and trails. If you are Moving to WV, don’t forget to explore these beautiful hikes. 

The WV hiking trails are fantastic and offer unbelievable views of West Virginia, mainly from the Spruce Knob. This one place is not enough yet; there are many more to explore. So, are you ready to explore the best hikes in West Virginia? 

Best hikes in west virginia

Does West Virginia have Good Hiking? 

Yes! Country roads, history of the Civil War, and scenic views are just the trailers of West Virginia. However, it is also famous for its excellent hiking trails. These spots provide views of historic sites, scenic landscapes, and views of waterfalls. The natural beauty of West Virginia depends on its hiking points, mountain biking, climbing, and other outdoor landscape activities.

What is the hardest Hike in Virginia?

The best hikes in West Virginia include Old Rag Mountain Loop, one of the most difficult hikes in West Virginia. However, if you reach at 3,284 feet height above sea level, you can see the mesmerizing views, and it feels like you are on top of the world. This top exactly suits its nickname, “Old Rag Granite!” According to experts, it was around 900 million years old. 

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10 Iconic Hikes in West Virginia

No matter what your expectations are with West Virginia. But you will get the iconic hikes and trails for sure. West Virginia can be considered a paradise for exploring many activities, including the best hiking trails in West Virginia with waterfalls for tourists and adventure lovers. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, get your flights, reach this exciting place and make your backpacking trips more memorable. 

1. Canyon Rim Overlook

People are most welcome for kayaking; they can also bring their pet dogs to Canyon Rim Overlook. However, the dogs must be chained.

Canyon Rim Overlook

It is short, sweet, and one of the beautiful places to hike and see the mesmerizing views of the surroundings. Also, you can see the pictures of the New River Gorge Bridge, which is an advantage of visiting Canyon Rim Overlook.

Canyon Rim allows you to take a ramp walk taking you to a lower vantage point situated in the visitor center of Canyon Rim. 

Canyon Rim Overlook is a famous trail for walking, birding, hiking, and other activities. However, this place is also renowned for its peaceful atmosphere during the daytime. 

The pro tips are you should have hiking shoes, at least 1 liter of water, sunglasses, and a camera while visiting this hiking point.

This fascinating hike is at 162 Visitor Center Road, Lansing, West Virginia 25862, USA.

Can you hike to the bottom of New River Gorge?

No! The bottom of New River Gorge is very far to walk, and even the steps are sharp. Thus, it becomes hard to hike to the bottom of New River Gorge. However, an experienced hiker can try this hike. 

Can you backpack in the New River Gorge? 

Yes! You can easily make some overnight backpacking trips at New River Gorge National Park, including the Polls Plateau Trail, Glade Creek trail, and many others. 

2. Blackwater Falls State Park West Virginia

A unique combination of rock formation with green grass that looks like a tree standing makes Beartown State Park an enchanting point of attraction.

Blackwater Falls State Park West Virginia

Blackwater Falls State Park offers many things to do in West Virginia for couples, families, and kids. It comes with the 22 great trails best for hiking, running, biking, and other activities. 

Blackwater Falls State Park does not offer a challenging hike for all people. So, whatever your plans are made for a day, you can finish them on this beautiful trail. Also, you will get the experience to share with others. 

Blackwater Falls is situated in the Allegheny Mountains of Tucker County. Thus, it is famous for providing panoramic views of 62-foot mesmerizing waterfalls where the waterfalls from the rocky node to the sweetish pools. 

We want to give you some pro tips. You should book lodging before you reach, take a guide, and make your visit in October month. 

This stunning place is at 1584 Blackwater Lodge Road, Davis, West Virginia 26260, USA. 

How much does it cost to go to Blackwater Falls? 

The yearly passes are available at the State Park or State Forest gift shop in West Virginia. However, the entrance becomes free, and you have to pay $12 for parking only. 

How many waterfalls are at Blackwater Falls? 

If talking technically, the three separate waterfalls exist in the Blackwater Falls State Park. You can easily explore many water activities at these falls. 

3. Falls of Hills Creek

The handicapped people can access this trail of 1,700 feet long to explore the laurel canopy and rhododendron. 

Falls of Hills Creek

Best hikes in West Virginia include Falls of Hills Creek, the dirt, paved, and boardwalk trail showcasing the beauty of three waterfalls. You can experience the tremendous natural greenery, waterfalls, and pure nature sound with fresh, natural air. 

The trail’s surface is paved asphalt, natural dirt, and a wooden boardwalk with railings 5 feet wide. You can check out the first trail for about 0.3 miles. And the best part is that you can visit throughout the year. 

The Falls of Hills Creek is famous for many activities. From walking, hiking, and birding to exploring a few breathtaking views, it has become an appealing destination to visit anytime during the year. 

The pro-tips here include the length of falls is 0.8 miles, and you need an hour to reach its endpoint. Thus, it would help if you have prepared yourself to hike at an elevation of 260 ft.

Falls of Hills Creek is situated on Hills Creek Falls Road, Hillsboro, West Virginia 24946, USA.

How many steps are at the Falls of Hills Creek?

Almost 382 stairs are there in the Falls of Hills Creek to the lower falls. You may need an hour or more to complete these numbers. However, you can sit and enjoy the scenic beauty while on the stairs. 

Can you walk the Falls Creek Falls? 

Yes! Falls Creek Falls has a beautiful go-and-back hike of 3.4 miles where you can explore the highest waterfalls in Southern Washington.

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4. Endless Wall Trail

This is an appealing trail route rich with forest appearance, and you can explore it with your dogs. 

Endless Wall Trail

WV hiking trails also have an Endless Wall Trail. Tourists and adventure lovers can explore this 3.7 km point-to-point trail with many exciting activities with their partners. 

With the endless forest, Fem Creek, and zig zags cliff edge, Endless Wall Trail is a modest route to hike. You can see the memorable panoramas during the trail, making it more unique. 

The endless wall trail is famous for rock climbing and hiking. Thus, visitors from worldwide visit here to explore the advantages of seeing such activities with greenery, forest presence, and white water rafting.  

The pro tips suggestion is planning a daybreak hike. Choose any season to hike in these beautiful trails. Don’t forget to capture a priceless moment from the Diamond point as well. 

Endless Wall Trail is situated in West Virginia, USA.

How long is the Endless Wall Trail?

The Endless Wall Trail is about 2.4 miles long and covers the forest area, cliff edges, and many exciting things. 

5. Long Point Trail 

It is the most challenging hike in West Virginia that can provide you with a New River Gorge Bridge’s quintessential view. 

Long Point Trail 

You need at least 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete this challenging route, and however, you can do many activities on the Long Point Trail.

The trail completes Long Point’s magical view, where you can take a look at the New Gorge River Bridge. Also, you are allowed to do mountain biking for most places but not for all of the available trails. 

The Long Point Trail is famous for hiking, exploring hikes, and mountain biking. Thus, most adventure lovers and tourists visit here from April to November. You can take your dogs here, but they must be leashed.

Pro tips – There is no network coverage issue, so you can use your cell phones in case of an emergency. Also, you can complete this hike with your regular or casual shoes. 

The Long Point Trail is situated at the Parking lot, County Rte 9-8, Fayetteville, West Virginia 25840, USA.

How long is Long Point Trail West Virginia?

Long Point Trail is a 3.0-mile out-and-back trail situated in Fayetteville, West Virginia.

6. Maryland Heights 

This is another challenging route to explore in any season. Except for Harpers Ferry, this is the highest mountain in West Virginia and needs more than three hours to complete. 

Maryland Heights 

Here comes another challenging trail to complete, Maryland Heights. You can experience the most appealing fall when leaves change their colors.  

All the challenges and difficulties start from the very beginning, and this might be the perfect hike for an experienced one. Also, the walk is situated in the forest greenery to experience the purely natural environment from start to end. 

This Maryland Heights trail is famous for its stunning views, forest greenery, walking bridge, hiking sites, etc. Also, you can explore the historical museums, which are open to the general public, besides hiking. 

Maryland Heights offers many activities, including summer concerts, family movie nights, food truck fest, etc. Thus, if you are in Maryland Heights, don’t forget to enjoy these activities. 

Maryland Heights is situated at Harpers Ferry Road,  West Virginia, USA.

How long of a hike in Maryland Heights?

Maryland Heights Loop is a 6.6-mile trail near Harper’s town in Virginia. Lower Town to Maryland heights overlook 4.5 miles with an elevation of 1,154. 

How difficult are Maryland Heights Trails?

Maryland Heights is one of the most challenging trails in West Virginia. You will need more than three hours to reach the end. 

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7. Seneca Rocks Trail

To complete this trail, you can get more than 375 major mapped climbing routes. This is a unique opportunity to explore this exciting place, available only at the Seneca Rocks Trail. 

Seneca Rocks Trail

With stunning green forest settings, Seneca Rocks Trail increases the value of the Spruce Knob-Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area. You can take a hike of 3.2 miles which will provide you with magical views of iconic rocks. 

Seneca Rocks trail is an out-and-back trail that takes almost two hours to complete, and this is another challenging route for novice tourists. But, this is less challenging for the experience holders. 

Seneca Rocks trails are famous for hiking and climbing activities. Also, the climbers will get more than 300 climbing routes to complete their dream of climbing the rugged rocks. 

Seneca Rocks are the most petite and beautiful upcoming hiking and climbing destinations. The overnight climbing is restricted, but you can make all the fun during day hikes. 

The Seneca Rocks Trail is situated at the Spruce Knob-Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area, Riverton, West Virginia 26814, USA. 

How long does it take to hike to the top of Seneca Rocks?

Seneca Rocks is a fantastic trail to explore with a sitting arrangement near the hike. However, it is challenging too. Thus, you need around two hours to reach the top of Seneca Rocks. 

Is Seneca Rocks a hard hike?

Yes! It is considered that the Seneca Rocks is a challenging hike, and it’s tough to complete. Thus, it would help if you were careful while hiking on this trail. 

8. Seneca Creek Trail Spruce-Knob

The Seneca Creek Trail Spruce-Knob offers many small waterfalls that provide exceptional views. 

Seneca Creek Trail Spruce-Knob

With 10.1 miles in length, Seneca Creek becomes a bit longer hike than your expectations. While hiking, you will see the beautiful noiseless streams and surrounding waterfalls at Seneca Creek Trail, making it more special to visit. 

Seneca Creek Trail is one of the best destinations and adventure-lover tight spots. Thus, once you visit Seneca Creek, you can be lost in its magnifying beauty from March to November.

Seneca Creek is famous as a hiking trail for many adventure lovers and tourists. It has an elevation of 757 feet; the out-and-back route is covered with greenery, which is the best part. 

The pro-tip here is that you can explore the Seneca Creek Visitor Center, which has a capacity of 140 people and costs $280 a day. And you don’t need to pay the full charge from November to March.

The Seneca Creek trail is situated in West Virginia 26814, USA. 

Can you hike Spruce-Knob?

Yes! Spruce Knob is the highest peak in West Virginia, offering many activities like backpacking and hiking opportunities for everyone, from locals to visitors. 

Is Spruce-Knob on the Appalachian Trail? 

Yes! Spruce-Knob offers backpacking trips with cool temperatures in winter and summer also. Thus, it has high mountain meadows, abundant berry bushes, waterfalls, etc., which are to explore. They make an excellent change of traverse from hiking the Appalachian Trail.  

9. Kaymoor Miners Trail

The Kaymoor name was made by combining the Kay from company personnel Low Moor and  James Kay in 1899. 

Kaymoor Miners Trail

Kaymoor’s name occurs in the West Virginia ghost towns. However, it also offers the miners trail, a small mile-and-a-half vertiginous downhill hiking trail. 

Kaymoor Miners trail has a view of cliffs and waterfalls that can make your vacation more meaningful and add exceptional value.  

This fantastic trail is famous for exploring the previous coal mining of New River Gorge. Also, you can feel that you are reliving the past of Kaymoor Mine in the present when you go deeper into it. 

The pro tip here is to explore the ghost town Kaymoor. It was a coal mine in the past, and a lot of coal was collected from this mine. However, it is an abandoned place presently. 

This history-telling trail is situated at Kaymoor, West Virginia 25840, USA. 

How long is Kaymoor Miners Trail?

Kaymoor Miners Trail is a 1.6-mile-long out-and-back trail near Fayetteville, West Virginia. You need almost one hour and thirty minutes to complete this trail.

How many stairs are in Kaymoor?

Kaymoor has 40 stone steps and 121 wooden steps placed before the staircase. Also, you have to face the 821 steps to go down near the bottom of Kaymoor.

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10. Grandview State Park

You can come to Grandview State Park with your kids because it is safe to enjoy with them here. 

Grandview State Park

The best state park in West Virginia for camping or relaxing includes Grandview State Park. West Virginia purchased 52 acres of land to develop a park for people. You can get some dramatic scenic views at Grandview State Park. 

Grandview is one of the best places to relax and breathe into natural environments by enjoying the New Gorge River views. Visitors can also take a breathtaking view from the 1,400 feet of the park. 

Furthermore, the Grandview State Park is famous for many activities, like hiking, sightseeing, and picnicking. Therefore, many tourists worldwide visit here and enjoy their vacations.

The pro tip here is to visit during springs. It will help you watch the spectacular showcase of Catawba Rhododendrons, which bloom during the year’s springtime. 

This stunning park is situated at Grandview Road, Beaver, West Virginia 25813, USA.

Is Grandview State Park good for kids?

Yes! Grandview State Park is an excellent place to visit with your friends, travel partners, families, and kids. It was also known as the most famous state park before converting into the National Park Service in 1990. 

What are the best cabins near Grandview? 

The best cabins near Grandview include private rooms, cottages, homes, etc. You can have them with a few payments and enjoy your home-like feel near Grandview. 


That’s all for now! 

West Virginia is one of the best towns for spending your vacations, especially from April to November. Despite the facilities and health amenities, this place is a paradise for adventure lovers. It is because you can explore many places for hiking and mountain biking. Visitors can also capture breathtaking moments and scenic views on their cameras from these hiking trails. 

We wanted to introduce you to the best hikes in West Virginia, so we have written this article. It comes with many walks, including the Canyon rim, Blackwater Falls, Endless Wall Trails, Seneca Creek Trail, Kaymoor Miners Trail, etc. 

So, read them and leave a comment if you need more information on any of them. We hope this blog will give you the information you want to collect.

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