Hikes in Flagstaff

Flagstaff is all about the world-class outdoors, climbing, skiing, and those unexplored Flagstaff hiking trails. So, in this blog, we are going to explore all those hikes in Flagstaff that you must visit once.

Flagstaff is one of the best places to live in Arizona and has some of the best Hiking trails, including Fatman’s Loop Trail, Campbell Mesa Loop Trails, and many other breathtaking hikes in the southwest. 

Flagstaff is a haven for hiking lovers as it comes with endless hiking choices whether you want to meet with mesmerizing nature, rock mountains, or the stunning outdoors. It offers everything that would make your hiking memorable. 

So, let’s delve into the details of hiking from high alpine meadows to ancient lava fields!  

Best Time to Visit Flagstaff

If you want to see the real magic of Flagstaff trails, you must visit here from September to November, as these are the best times.

September is the summertime that shows clear skies, which leads to no natural hurdle. However, if you are not a big fan of summer vacations, you can go with the fall season.

Colour-changing leaves and moisture on elevations of trails make you fall in love with these hiking trails. 

The fall season shows the other magical side of Flagstaff despite the summer. Even the late spring is a great season to visit this wonderful town and enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and walkable trails. 

Safety Tips for Hiking in Flagstaff

To safely hike in Flagstaff, we have a list of tips to consider below.

  • Check the weather before you leave to hike.
  • Get your essentials.
  • Pack appropriate food items and enough water.
  • Get rocky shoes to survive in challenging hiking.
  • Take a fully charged phone.
  • First aid kit.

10 Best Flagstaff Hiking Trails

Exploring natural trails and a complete scenic beauty is no less than a blessing to you if you are in Arizona. 

You can especially explore the nature-oriented trails in Flagstaff and campgrounds near Bisbee, AZ. To help you here, the top ten hiking trails in Flagstaff are waiting for you below.

Hikes in FlagstaffTrail lengthTrail Difficulty Elevation Best Season to visitPets PolicyTime to complete
Humphreys Peak Trail 10.7 milesEasy to difficult12,637 ft. summer, fall, springLeashed dogs 5 – 8 hrs
West Fork Trail 6.6 milesEasy300 ft. Spring & fall Leashed dogsMore than 3 hrs
Red Mountain Trail 2.7 miles Easy7698 ft. Summer & winter Leashed dogs1 hr 15 minutes
Wet Beaver Creek Trail 7.61 milesEasy 500 ft Spring, fall, and winterLeashed dogs50 minutes
Fatman’s Loop Trail 2.4 milesEasy to moderate550 ft. Fall Leashed dogs1 hr 20 minutes
Lava Flow Trail0.9 milesEasy 90 ftAll four Leashed pets1 hr 40 minutes
Kachina Trail 10.2 milesModerately challenging3,000+ ftFall Leashed pets4 hr 30 minutes
Mars Hill Trail 3.5 miles Moderately challenging450 ft. Summer & monsoon Leashed dogs1 hr 25 minutes
Lockett Hill Trail 5.5 milesModerately challenging256 meters fallLeashed pets1 hr 51 minutes
Inner Basin Trail 5.5 milesModerately difficult 236 metersCold & fallLeashed pets1 hr 47 minutes 

1. Humphreys Peak Trail – Tallest Trail in Arizona

You will need around five to eight hours to hike and explore this entire trail. Plan your trip from late spring to early fall, as these are the best times to have fun.

Humphreys Peak Trail

Once you reach here, get a permit from the concerned authorities to get in. The trail starts from Arizona Snowbowl ski resort, about a 5.5-mile long trail to dig. The best part is that the trail is open year-round.

Undoubtedly, Humphreys Peak Trail is a  gem for hiking, showcasing the incredible views of the Grand Canyon. Also, the trail is ranked 48th by North America Isolated Peaks. 

Humphreys Peak Trail is located in Coconino County, and you can take a short drive to get there. According to historical fact, it was known as San Francisco Peaks, and later, the name changed.

Precautions: Ensure that you are physically fit to climb or hike in summer. Or check whether your body gives you the signs of critical mountain ailment. If yes, cancel the hike then and there.

2. West Fork Trail – Best Scenic Trails

With 6.6 miles of the out-and-back hike, the West Fork is easy. But you have to take necessary precautions while walking on the watercourse. This hike of around 3.5 hours will help you get close to nature. 

On top of that, you can bring your leashed dog friend with you to hike.

Located at Sedona, West Fork is the best option to hike and get some pollution-free fresh air. 

You can drive to the starting point of this trail from Phoenix, Az, to reach this amazing hiking trail. You will see the rock formation, canyon floor, and much more on this hiking journey.

Precaution: Bring waterproof shoes or sandals as the water stream presents on the trail that could make your hiking experience bitter. 

3. Red Mountain Trail – For All Kinds of Hikers

Red Mountain Trail covers the longest distance of 4 miles and is good for beginners, intermediates, advanced, and experts. 

Red Mountain Trail

You can also explore the Red Mountain Pass of 25 miles to roam on an unforgettable scenic route. The trail is located in Coconino National Forest and is excellent for novice hikers.

 Red Mountain Trail is a moderately easy trail that you can visit with your kids, friends, family, and dogs. The trail is located at Ivins, and you can drive there. 

If you open the pages of history, you will find that this mountain has survived for around 740,000 years.

Precautions: Put sunscreen on your body and face, as summertime could cause sunburns. 

4. Wet Beaver Creek Trail – Unique Wildlife 

Talking about the length, Wet Beaver Creek Trail is only a 7.61-mile out-and-back trail that needs less than an hour to complete. 

You can hike here easily! But if the sun is at its peak, hiking becomes a bit challenging because of the hot rays. However, you can enjoy a swimming hole if you want to get cooled down during those hot sunny days.

With the beginning point of Bell Trail, it passes from several loops, like White Mesa Trail and Apache Maid Trail. 

Therefore, going to Wet Beaver Creek Trail is not an issue because it is situated in Coconino near the city of Lake Montezuma, AZ. 

A drive of almost an hour from Bellemont can take you directly to the trail. According to historical sources, the area was founded in 1984 and is managed by the US Forest Service.

Precautions: This trail can make you thirsty even after walking a few steps. So, bring a gallon of water in a bottle to refresh yourself consistently.

5. Fatman’s Loop Trail – Best For Nature Lovers 

Parking lots on this trail are generally busy. Thus, coming earlier can help you explore the trail with less crowd. It is another best option for hiking near Flagstaff, where you could find inner peace because of its dense forests and stunning rock formations.

Fatman’s Loop Trail

Fatman’s Loop trail is a blessing in disguise because of its 2.4 miles length offering the all-natural experiences a nature lover wants. 

You can walk over a main Mormon Trail to meet with Fatman’s. Also, this trail is open for everyone who wants to watch nature like a hawk. So, don’t miss the boat to explore this trail from April through November, as these months have the best views.

On Fatman’s Loop trail, you can go on a mountain bike and hike to experience the mesmerizing view of the east side of the town. Located at the East Flagstaff, Fatman’s Loop trail is easy to access from a cab to Highway 89. The history of the place tells us that the place has a few 500+ years old junipers living there.

Precautions: It is a kid-friendly trail. Still, you need to take care of them because the trail has moderate tracks to reach the top.

6. Lava Flow Trail – Volcanic History 

This Lava Flow is 500+ years old, situated at the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. Thus, you may see crowds on Saturdays. However, moving to Flagstaff and exploring this trial will never disappoint you.

The Lava Flow Trail length is about eight kilometres, which takes almost two hours of exploring time. This is open for everyone who wants to road bike, run, and walk.

Get your eyes ready to watch a natural conduit trail formed by lava in earlier days. It is situated on a loop trail, which you can reach by car drive from Sedona Price Road.

If we look towards the history of Fatman’s Loop trail, around 6 million years ago, an outbreak appeared here. Later, it became a loop for hiking lovers.

Precautions: A wooden bridge is available there. So, walk on it slowly. People in wheelchairs can access it but need support in a few areas.

7. Kachina Trail – Best For Adventures

If you are moving to Flagstaff or residing in Flagstaff you must enjoy Hiking at one of the best hiking trails including Kachina, which comes under the volcano that exploded a few million years ago.

Kachina Trail

Kachina Trail is open for everyone who wants to go on cross-country skiing, hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, hunting, and snowshoeing. 

Moreover, you will need more than four hours to complete this loop trail.

Kachina is a large trail where the most overlooked wildlife can be seen. It is situated in Coconino County, which takes a few minutes to reach from the nearest stay options you will choose. It is said that the Hopi Gods used to live here and fly from the highest point of the peak.

Precautions: The Kachina area is quite flooded. So, hike carefully.

8. Mars Hill Trail – Best Relaxing Point 

While exploring this trail, you will meet with Karen Cooper Trail, Thorpe Trail, and Tunnel Springs Trail.

Mars Hill trail length is 3.5 miles round trip, and you can explore it within one and a half hours only. 

Mars Hill Trail is famous for its super duper wide trail and relaxing places while reaching the top. 

The steep climbing is waiting for you at this trail in Flagstaff. You can reach downtown Flagstaff and walk almost five minutes to reach the trail’s starting point. 

The fact is that Mars Hill Trail ranked 9th position among the best trails in Flagstaff.

Precautions: Walk carefully because the climbing portions are steep.

9. Lockett Meadow Trail – Best For Camping 

It is one of the best hikes in Flagstaff that allows you to camp with your friends. Note that you need to pay the day-use fee of $8 for camping. However, the parking is free!

Lockett Meadow Trail

The length of Lockett Meadow Trail is 3.5 miles out-and-back and is open to everyone looking for a lay-back vibe after a stressed-out week. Lockett Meadow Trail has an elevation of 256 meters.

Lockett Meadow Trail is popular because of its lush greenery and two-sided hiking route. 

You can visit Meadow Road from your hotels or stay options and start to hike instantly. The fact is that this area of Lockett Meadow Trail is often considered a magical Autumn area among locals and tourists.

IMP Info: This trail stays open from May to October only because of the Pipeline Fire incident that happened a few years ago.

10. Inner Basin Trail – Best To Explore Nature

Managed by Forest Services, this trail is best to hike during the off-season as there is a heavy crowd during the fall weekend. Therefore, if you are looking for Flagstaff trails to explore near the town, you can select the Inner Basin Trail in the fall season.

Inner Basin Trail lasts up to 3.5 miles and is a loop trail with a challenging route to complete. 

You can book a cab from your accommodation or downtown Flagstaff to reach here. Inner Basin Trail is open to every peace and adventure lover. So, just explore it when in Flagstaff.

Situated on Highway 89, this Inner Basin is completely a must-hike destination for beginners and experts because of its narrow challenging routes.

If you are a tourist living in Basecamp at Snowbowl, it will take less than an hour of a car drive to reach the trail’s parking lot. Talking about the fact, you will see a primitive track that joins Lockett Meadow to the Inner Basin.

IMP Info: You cannot camp and horseback ride on this trail.

Hikes in Flagstaff FAQs

How long does it take to hike the Lava Tubes in Flagstaff?

You can complete the hike in less than 10 minutes, even if it is considered a challenging hike.

Are there any hikes that lead to waterfalls in Flagstaff, Arizona?

Yes! You can start hiking in Wildland Trekking, The Arboretum at Flagstaff, Four Season Guides, etc., which takes you to waterfalls in Flagstaff.

What is the hardest hike in Flagstaff?

The Abineau-Bear Jaw Trail is the hardest one in Flagstaff, which takes around five hours to complete.

What is the best hike in Flagstaff?

Lava Flow is the best hike in Flagstaff because of its unique presence.


You will be surprised to know there are hundreds of hikes in Flagstaff. They are adventurous, peaceful, camping-ready, and filled with nature vibes.

The lush green forest, moderately challenging routes, dirt, and drain is what a hiking expert expects from his hiking journey. Flagstaff hiking spots have everything that would make your hiking memorable.

So, why wait? Just explore these best and top ten hikes from Flagstaff that are unique and worth your time and energy. Once you reach the top, you feel like you are at the top of the world.