Ghost Towns of West Virginia

Best Ghost Towns in West Virginia

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    One of the best reasons to move to West Virginia is to explore the ghost towns of West Virginia. With more than 65 ghost towns, it has become the best appealing haunted destination for tourists and locals. And do you know the exciting part? A few of them have disappeared, and a few have structures, limited accessibility, and take you to history. 

    So, would you like to explore West Virginia ghost towns with us in this blog? If nodding “Yes,” read the entire article and meet with them. 

    Best Ghost Towns in West Virginia

    Are there any abandoned towns in West Virginia?

    Yes, you will meet with a lot of abandoned towns available in West Virginia. Kayford is one of the most famous abandoned towns in West Virginia. It was a coal mining society, which has been left, and this is why people are scared to visit here. Also, the National Park is the place of weird abandoned mining towns, history, and much more. Also, other towns in West Virginia are famous as abandoned towns. To be precise, you can explore more than 60 abandoned towns in West Virginia at the New Gorge River only. 

    Why are there so many abandoned towns in West Virginia?

    Southern West Virginia has an appealing history of abandoned towns. And the past is pointing toward coal mining. Coal production increased following the Civil War. Thus, the railroads were created to transfer coal to the Ohio Valley from the mills. 

    Coalfields are spread throughout the mountains, and then the small towns established where the miners lived. However, when the coal mines were exhausted, the place became abandoned. As a result, the ghost towns were made, including Kaymoor. Furthermore, Kaymoor also has the best hiking trails in West Virginia with waterfalls.

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    8 Ghost Towns of West Virginia

    With the presence of abandoned coal mining communities, West Virginia was the coal mining hub in the past. But, when the mines winded up, the locals left and the towns became abandoned. So, when you are roaming in West Virginia, don’t forget to explore ghost towns of West Virginia because most of them are located near a dozen-mile of the New River Gorge. 

    1. Kaymoor

    The Kaymoor name was made by combining the Kay from company personnel Low Moor and James Kay in 1899. 


    It was a coal-mining town based on the New River Gorge. Many people lived here from 1899 to 1962. However, you can see the beautiful leftovers of the structures that can take you back in time when the coal mining was at its height. 

    According to the National Park Service, the miners were collected from the other states and European countries like Poland to work in the mines. Around 800 workers were employed during the best time of the production. 

    Previously, Kaymoor was one of the best coal mines in West Virginia. Low Moor Coal Company was the first one that started coal mining in the late 1890s, and it was famous for its production and most giant coal operation mines. Sixteen million nine hundred four thousand three hundred twenty-one tons of coal were collected from Kaymoor from 1900 to 1962. 

    Things to do in Kaymoor involve thrilling hiking trails in Kaymoor with waterfalls and exploring old mines by going down 821 stairs. In addition to that, you can start walking down 400 steps more to see the exciting railroad. 

    Furthermore, the Kaymoor is situated in the New River Gorge, West Virginia 25840, USA.

    Why is Kaymoor West Virginia abandoned? 

    Kaymoor had a massive fire incident that destroyed almost every structure of the coal mine camp. As a result, it was shut down, and now only hiking trails on Kaymoor are accessible. 

    2. Dun Glen Boat Launch

    Dun Glen Boat Launch is a thrilling and exciting place to visit with a rich forest appearance. 

    Dun Glen Boat Launch

    When it comes to Dun Glen Boat Launch, no wonder that it is located in the beautiful surrounding rivers with clean waters. Also, there is no doubt that reaching and experiencing the boat rides is next-level fun here.

    Dun Glen Boat Launch welcomes all tourists and offers curved water trails for boating. That’s what boating lovers love to explore. And that’s the reason they visit here over and over.  

    This famous destination offers clean water boating and is rich with forest views. This place is as far as your eyes go. 

    Nothing can make you happier than boating in an exciting place like Dun Glen Boat Launch. And that’s what attracts us to include this exciting place on this list. 

    You can visit this exciting place at McKendree Road, Oak Hill, West Virginia 25901, USA.

    3. Nuttallburg West Virginia

    This place is named after John Nuttall, an English Colonizer, and Nuttallburg is also famous as Brown. 

    Nuttallburg West Virginia

    In 1870, John Nuttall, a British entrepreneur named Nuttallburg, was once considered the coal mine in the New River Gorge section. The most exciting fact is that it comes with a scenic drive into the gorge. After that, you can roam around the buildings, which all are marked with informative signs. 

    When it comes to Nuttallburg, one can say that it is the most famous ghost town, which is hidden by the woods. It comes with greenery and other scary parts.

    It became famous when Henry Ford took it on lease and received national attention. Also, 100 were present in Nuttallburg. 

    So, once you visit here, be sure to explore things like old brick ovens, railroad tracks, green river gorge, walk on the hillside, the mine exploration, coal processing sites, and homes situated in the whole town. Thus, it is full of vital things to do.  

    When the New River coal declined in 1958, Nuttlalburg became abandoned. As a result, it is included in Virginia ghost towns to explore. It is presently part of the National Park Service. It is a complete coal site in the US and is accessible by car. 

    Furthermore, Nuttallburg is situated in West Virginia 255840, USA. 

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    4. Thurmond

    Thurmond has a glorious history of businesses, especially since the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad came into existence. 


    At the start of the 1900s, it was one of the best and most booming towns and famous among the river rafters. It has rich coal deposits, which increased due to Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad.

    The National Park Service said Thurmond had a lot of coal barons, which made this the wealthiest state. In the past decades, fifteen passenger trains were visited and served around 95k passengers every day.

    This town is also one of the best reasons of Relocating to West Virginia to explore famous historic places. Thurmond is famous on the National Register of Historic Places and the renowned business Dunglen Hotel and Casino. Apart from that, in previous days, it was known as the party’s life in West Virginia. 

    You can explore many things in Thurmond. These include river rafting on the New River, exploring old riverside towns, dun glen hotel rooms, abandoned Thurmond town hall, and other structures. These are enough to make you fall in love with Thurmond. 

    Thurmond is located in West Virginia, 25901, USA.

    Why is Thurmond West Virginia abandoned?

    Thurmond was famous as the old coal mine town and known for the grand hotel. It was unfortunately burnt, and the city turned abandoned. However, five to six residents live there at present.   

    Can you live in Thurmond, West Virginia? 

    No! Thurmond is a famous company town in Fayette County, north of West Virginia’s Beckley. When Thurmond was at its peak, it was one of the most prosperous and active in the nation. But, presently, only the five residents live here. 

    5. Sewell

    This is another self-governing community situated in rural West Virginia. People may have forgotten about this place, but once Royalty Smokeless Coal Company was established here. 


    In the 1900s, it was identified as one of the coking operations hubs. The cocking was a process of heating coal in massive amounts with more than 600 degrees Celsius temperatures without using oxygen. 

    Sewell was one of the towns having 100 years of coal production. Today, the forest has covered the old town, which leans back between the Babcock State Park. Also, you can meet with the stunning ruins here. 

    Sewell was once famous as Bowyer’s Ferry. He was the one who founded the ferry across New River in 1798 and was known as the first white seller in the Gorge. 

    It would be better not to miss exploring Babcock State Park, New River Gorge National Park & Preserve, Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park, and the ruins of the more than 59 coke ovens. You can also go hiking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, and fishing. Also, there are many things to do in West Virginia with kids in this National Park Preserve. 

    During its peak, almost 200 ovens were operated at Sewell. It was going on till the ovens finally shut down in 1956. This was when Sewell slowly died, and the last resident was left here in 1973. 

    Furthermore, the Sewell is situated on the New River Gorge, southeast of Fayetteville, West Virginia 25831, USA.

    6. Prince, West Verginia

    “Census-Designated Place!” This word is often used for the Prince, a Fayette County, West Virginia town. 

    Prince, West Verginia

    Willian and James Prince purchased 300 acres with New River Gorge in 1870, and that’s how the Prince was formed. This was not a mining town but also a commerce place for mining towns on Laurel and Piney Creek. 

    Prince, the ghost town of West Virginia, had a population of only 235 people in 1910. Also, 78 coke ovens were erected there in 1890, and now it is serving as an Amtrak Station. 

    Nowadays, Prince offers highly decorative locations with a clean and green atmosphere. You can also explore the spring waterfalls, wildflowers, bird migration, and many famous things in Prince. 

    A lot of things are available to do near Prince town in Virginia. Fayetteville is the most desirable place to explore, starting from the Prince Retro Railway Station, Grandview State Park Resort at Glade Springs, Mad Hatter Club, and New River Gorge. 

    Today, prince town is abandoned because it was once considered an active mining society, but now only a few stone ruins are left there. 

    Prince, a stunning place, is situated in West Virginia 24740, USA. 

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    7. Stotesbury West Virginia

    E. E, White Coal Company was the first to run a mining camp located at Winding Gulf Creek over tams. After that, it was named Stotesbury.

    Stotesbury West Virginia

    Stotesbury was an exciting town in West Virginia. It was named after the president of Beaver Coal Company, Edward Stotesbury. It was home to late eight-term Robert C Byrd. Today, only a few houses are available in this Stotesbury town. 

    Stotesbury was a coal mine town situated in Raleigh County, and today it is a self-governing community. The coal mine works closed down in 2002, and however, it became the first longwall mine in the section in 1980. 

    Stotesbury is famous for starting the World’s Biggest High School Regatta. In mid-May, for two days, it is organized yearly. 

    The various things to explore include the churches for black and white miners, abandoned company houses, and mining tools in Stotesbury town. 

    The mine was in proper working conditions till the end of the century, and the town of Stotesbury itself turned into an abandoned town when the actual mine was closed down in 1958. 

    Furthermore, Stotesbury is located in West Virginia 25915, USA.

    8. Quinnimont

    It was named for the five mountains covering it and the home of Quinnimont Charter Oak and Iron Company. 


    The last best ghost town to explore on the New River Gorge National Park. It was a famous destination and had 500 residents as its population when it was at its peak. Also, the railroads were the transport options with daily trains to Leyland and Beckley.

    It was also famous for having separate schools, cemeteries, and churches, for Black and White locals. In addition to that, Quinnimont had a post office working from 1874 to 1997. 

    Along with that, it has many things to offer to visitors. It starts from Canyon Rim Visitor Center, Thurmond, Sandstone Visitor Center, Grandview, etc. These places are exciting to explore. 

    In 1880, more than 100 coke ovens were running at Quinnimont, with 20 under construction. After that, it became the core of local railroad operations. And the society was declining in 1920 when the coal mines were exhausted. So, during 1944, it became the M.E. Crisp Lumber Company’s timber harvesting point until 1953. When it was all over, the Quinninmont became abandoned. 

    Quinninmont is situated at the New River Gorge, West Virginia 25976, USA. 


    West Virginia is a beautiful place to visit in the USA. Even the West Virginia cost of living calculator says the overall cost is less than the US average. However, tourists can explore the ghost towns of West Virginia because these are enchanting and exciting places to visit and are accessible. 

    The ghost houses or abandoned places are primarily located in the New River Gorge. Therefore, you will see more than 50 ghost towns here. We have covered a few in this article, including Kaymoor, Thurmond, Sewell, Prince, Quinnimond, and the rest. You can see why they are abandoned and whether they are accessible or not. 

    So, we hope this article will help you find a ghost town in West Virginia. Please let us know if you want any further information in the comment section. Our team will reach you and provide information. 

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