Funny Facts About Idaho


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    So, you are looking for fun facts about Idaho. The Gem state is best known for so many reasons. You will be amazed after knowing the fun facts about Idaho. 

    Idaho is one of the best and cheapest states to live in with a low cost of living, quality lifestyle and captivating beauty. 

    Besides the breathtaking scenery, Idaho is also best known for its unique geological formations, and fascinating history. wildlife and waterfalls.

    Idaho is best known for potato production. Idaho is also popular due to its various inventions like the world’s first television by Philo Farnsworth, the first ski lift in the sun valley and the world’s first modern Ventilator was also invented in Idaho by Dr Forrest Bird. 

    We will discuss some of the fun facts about Idaho that will amaze you. So, Let’s dive in and unveil the fun facts of the Gem state. 

    25 Interesting Facts you need to know about Idaho

    1. Idaho is the 13th largest state in the United states. 
    1. Idaho is famous for its Potato production. Idaho produces almost One-third of potatoes of the United state. 
    1. Idaho has the world’s largest potato ‘The Big Idaho Potato’ weighing 12,130 pounds.
    1. Mountain BlueBird is the state bird of Idaho found in the lush forests and the mountains of Idaho. 
    1. Idaho’s state flag is interesting and the seal is designed by a woman named Emma Edwards Green. 
    1. Idaho is best and popular in top industries like agriculture, tourism and manufacturing. Visit to know the minimum wage in Idaho
    1. Huckleberry is known as the state fruit of Idaho also named Purple gold.
    1. Idaho is a great producer of 72 or more gem stones. 
    1. The highest point in Idaho is Mt. Borah with a height of 12,622 ft. and the lowest point is Lewiston with a height of 738 ft. 
    1.  Idaho is one of the only two states in the world producing the Star Garnet gem. Other state is India. 
    1. Syringa is the state flower of Idaho. 
    1. Idaho has two different time zones. Northern Idaho is Pacific Standard time and Southern Idaho is on Mountain Time.
    1. The capital of Idaho, Boise has the largest Basque Community and is one of the best places to live in Idaho
    1. Appaloosa horse is the state animal of Idaho.
    1. Idaho’s Bruneau State Park is home to the largest sand dune in America.
    1. Idaho also has ghost towns named as Silver City, the Burke and Custer. 
    1. It is illegal to fish while sitting on a horse or giraffe in Idaho. 
    1.  Idaho is an amazing place for elk hunters and wildlife enthusiasts.Also home to the largest population  of elk in the United States. 
    1. The Potato Museum in Idaho’s State University in Pocatello is an excellent spot for visitors to explore the culture, history and varieties of potatoes.
    1. The thriving wine industry of Idaho spread over 50 wineries in the state. The Snake River Valley is famous for producing the excellent cool-climate wines in Idaho.
    1. The famous writer Ernest Hemingway also spent many years of his life in Ketchum Idaho and also died there. People visit his cemetery to pay homage to the great writer. 
    1. Idaho is richer in natural hot springs than any other state. These soakable hot springs are excellent for rejuvenation and relaxation. 
    1. The world renowned Ski resort named Sun Valley is in Idaho and is a great place for winter enthusiasts. 
    1. Idaho is bigger than New England, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. 
    1. 30 acres of stunning gardens are also in Idaho named as the Idaho Botanical Gardens in Boise. 

    What are the weird laws in Idaho?

    Idaho has some weird laws and you also have to follow the laws if you are residing in Idaho. Following are a few of the weird laws in Idaho: 

    1. It is against the law to live in a dog kennel unless you are a dog.
    1. It is a law to smile even at a funeral in Pocatello Idaho. 
    1. It is illegal to ride a bike for a person of age 88 in Idaho Falls. 
    1. Cannibalism is also banned in the state. 
    1.  It is illegal to bathe in public fountains in Idaho. 

    What is the Idaho State flower?


    Syringa is the state flower of Idaho. 

    What is the Idaho state horse?

     Appaloosa is the state horse and is a unique breed known for its versatility and strength. Appaloosa represents the spirit and heritage of Idaho. 

    What is the motto of Idaho?

    The motto of Idaho is ‘ Esto Perpetua’ which is a latin and means Let it be Perpetual.


    The motto is to cherish and preserve the unique character of the state and strive for the continual growth and prosperity of the state. 


    Idaho has a long list of fascinating facts which must be discovered. The natural wonders, culture, unique history and beautiful scenery makes Idaho an amazing place. 

    The Gem state never disappoint its visitors from the famous potatoes to the captivating lands Idaho is a must visit place. 

    So, if you have the plan to relocate to Idaho, there are a huge number of things to do in the gem state waiting for you.