Does it Snow in Kentucky?


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    Kentucky is a beautiful southeastern state of the United Nations, that is surrounded by the Ohio River and the Appalachian Mountains.

    Nicknamed the ‘Bluegrass State’, Kentucky is well known for its species of green grass, excellent farming conditions, and large tobacco plantations.

    Which has thus become a major centre of the state’s economy. There are a lot of moving to Kentucky pros & cons, that you have to deal with once you decide to settle down in the state.

    But one thing that we are extremely sure about is that you will be going to love the weather and climate of the place. 

    Kentucky experiences about 11 inches of snowfall every year. Along with moderately cold winters and warm summers. 

    Altogether the weather in the state is typically moderate and mild. Interested in knowing more about the weather and climate of the state and also want to know when does it snow in Kentucky?


    Then, keep scrolling below to gather the same details from the below-mentioned comprehensive article. Without wasting a moment any further, let’s get started. 

    How often does Kentucky snow?

    On average the state of Kentucky receives about 11 inches of snowfall every year. Due to this about 99.6 average days of the year in the state, the temperatures are below the freezing point.

    The state has significant snowfall from December to March, with the maximum snowfall of about 3.6 inches during January. 

    When was the last snow in Kentucky?  

    Are you wondering does it snow in Kentucky or not? Well, on average January is the snowiest month of the year.

    There are an average of 9 days of the month when you get the maximum snow. It is thus considered the best time to build snowmen, drink hot chocolate, or could enjoy a snowball fight.

    The last snowfall in the state was on the 4th of January 2023. And the next snowfall is estimated to be on the 25th and 28th of January 2023. 

    1. The climate in Kentucky  

    The state of Kentucky has a temperate type of climate, where you can find ample amounts of sunshine and rainfall, and also enjoy all four distinct seasons.


    During summers, the average temperatures of the state can be as high as upto 87 degrees along with a high UV index.

    The temperature here is extremely high, even when the sun is hidden behind the clouds, so take adverse precautions against skin damage.

    Whereas, the winter season here has extremely low temperatures of around 23 degrees, where snow and ice can prove to be extremely hazardous.

    The weather of the place varies from place to place. In one place if you find clear skies, then in other you can experience thunderstorms.

    Spring and Fall seasons are the most colorful times of the year. During this time you can witness the legendary bluegrass that glows brightly in the fields.

    Not only this, but you can also see spring foals in Kentucky Horse County, making their first runs. 

    Apart from this, in the fall season, you can also feel the cool and crisp air surrounding the yellow, red, and orange foliage.

    Rains are also quite common in the state, with May being the rainiest season and September being the least.

    At this time of the year, the lakes are also filled with water, so you can enjoy your weekends at some of the lakes in Kentucky with cabins.

    What type of climate does Kentucky have?  

    Kentucky has a temperate type of climate, with hot and muggy summers and cold and wet winters. The annual rainfall of about 48 inches and the average snowfall of about 13.7 inches. 

    What’s the weather like in Kentucky year-round?

    Because of its location in the United States, the state of Kentucky experiences a mild and moderate climate throughout the year.  

    What city in Kentucky has the best climate?

    The city of Louisville, Kentucky has one of the best climates with average summer temperatures of 77 degrees. This makes it a perfect place to enjoy all the activities that the city has to offer.  

    2. Freezing days in Kentucky

    Freezing Days are the days when the temperature of the place, falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Hence, if we talk about the state of Kentucky, then this place has about 99.6 annual days when the temperatures fall below the freezing points. Also, temperatures do fall below the marked levels during the snow season.

    If you are wondering does it snow in Lexington, Kentucky or not? Then, the answer is a yes, as the place receives an average of 14.5 inches of snow yearly.

    Hence given below is a table that states the number of freezing days every month in the state. 

    MonthsAverage no. of freezing days in Kentucky
    January23.6 Days
    February20 Days
    March14.5 Days
    April4.2 Days
    May0.2 Days
    June0 Days
    July0 Days
    August0 Days
    September0 Days
    October3.4 Days
    November12.2 Days
    December21.5 Days

    What’s the coldest month in Kentucky?

    January is the coldest month, in the state as during this month of the year, the snowfall is at its peak with minimum temperatures.  

    What is the coldest day in Kentucky?  

    January 18- 20 in 1994 were considered the coldest days in the state’s history. During that time the temperature recorded was -37 degrees Fahrenheit in the town of Shelbyville. 

    3. Extremely cloudy days in Kentucky  

    May is the rainiest month in the state, with about 11.9 days of rain or an average of 5.2 inches of rain.


    Also, summer is the wettest season in Kentucky, as the sky is crowded with heavy rain-bearing clouds during those months.

    It has also been recorded that during summers, there is about 28% of precipitation and 22% of it happens during winters.

    Thus, the average rainfall in the state is 47.6 inches which is higher than most of the states in the nation.

    Hence, this data proves that the state of Kentucky experiences extremely cloudy days. 

    How many cloudy days does Kentucky have?

    The state of Kentucky, experiences about 120 days of clouds annually.  

    Why does Kentucky have so many cloudy days?

    The state of Kentucky has so many clouds because of its physical location of the state. Majorly, the winter season is cloudier because the sun angle lowers with shorter days and also due to the direction of the wind.  

    What is the cloudiest city in Kentucky?

    Louisville is the cloudiest city in the state, as it receives about 48.3 inches of rainfall on average annually.  

    What is the cloudiest month in Kentucky?  

    The month of May is the wettest in the state, as, during this time, rain-bearing clouds are spread all over the sky. 

    4. Snowfall in Kentucky

    Are you wondering does it snow a lot in Kentucky or not? Well, the average annual snowfall in the state is about 10.9 inches, with January being the snowiest month and experiencing about 3.6 inches of snow.


    We have thus, mentioned below detailed tables for snowfall in the different regions of the state. Scroll below to know about the same.

    North-Central Kentucky

    Lexington        14.5 Inches13.4 Days
    Louisville13.4 inches12.3 Days
    Owensboro5.7 Inches2.9 Days
    Elizabeth Town4.5 Inches2.8 Days
    Warsaw, Markland Dam6.5 Inches4.8 Days
    Rough River Lake4.4 Inches5.5 Days

    Western Kentucky

    Murray6.5 Inches4.0 Days
    Hopkinsville5.2 Inches4.2 Days
    Paducah8.9 Inches7.0 Days
    Henderson12.4 Inches7.5 Days

    Eastern Kentucky

    Mount Sterling8.8 Inches5.7 Days
    Jackson23.4 Inches21.6 Days
    London5.7 Inches2.7 Days

    Southern-Central Kentucky

    Monticello14.2 Inches13.7 Days
    Nolin River Lake4.7 Inches5.1 Days
    Scottsville7.6 Inches4.9 Days
    Somerset5.4 Inches4.7 Days
    Leitchfield9.4 Inches9.2 Days
    Mammoth Cave4.0 Inches2.1 Days
    Glasgow5.7 Inches5.0 Days
    Cave Run Lake12.3 Inches10.2 Days
    Bowling Green8.0 Inches5.6 Days
    Barren River lake5.6 Inches4.4 Days

    What part of Kentucky has snow?

    Florence is the snowiest city in Kentucky, which receives upto 18.7 inches of snow every year. 

    Does Kentucky get much snow?

    The city of Florence is the snowiest in the state, which receives about 18.7 inches of snowfall annually. 

    What months does it snow in Kentucky?

    Kentucky experiences snow, 4 months a year, i.e., from December to March. January is said to be the snowiest month of the year.

    5. Snow on the ground in Kentucky  


    Listed below is a table that states the average no. of days when snow falls on the ground in the state. 

    MonthsAverage no. of days when the snow falls on the ground
    January3.8 Days
    February2.7 Days
    March0.7 Days
    April0.1 Days
    May0 Days
    June0 Days
    July0 Days
    August0 Days
    September0 Days
    October0 Days
    November0 Days
    December2 Days

    How many inches of snow does Kentucky have?

    Annually Kentucky experiences about 10.9 inches of snow.  

    Does it snow in Kentucky FAQs?

    Is snow common in Kentucky?

    Snowfall is quite common in the state from December to March, with January being the snowiest month of the year.

    The average snowfall in the state is 10.9 inches per year, whereas the average snowfall in the nation is 27.8 inches. 

    Will you experience snowfall in Kentucky during Christmas?

    It is a less than 10% chance, of snow for even about 1 inch on the day of Christmas in Kentucky.

    It is majorly because the average snowfall in the starting days of December is 1.1 inches, which highly increases to 2.2 inches during the last days of the month.  

    How many days will you experience snow in Kentucky?

    The state of Kentucky experiences an average annual snowfall of about 10.9 inches, which lasts for about 30.4 days on average annually.

    Although Kentucky is the least snowy state in the nation its average annual snowy days affect the working and holidays of the public colleges in Kentucky. 


    Readers that was all, we have to share about does it snow in Kentucky. In the above-mentioned comprehensive article, we have mentioned all the details about the same, and we are pretty sure that have answered all the questions about the climate of Kentucky.

    With a temperate climate and a good average cost of living in Kentucky, the state proves to be a good place to live in.

    Also, summer and spring are the wettest seasons, and autumn is the driest in the state.

    So, now it is completely upto you in which season you want to plan your itinerary to the state of Kentucky.