Does it Snow in Delaware

Does it snow in Delaware

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    This Mid-Atlantic small US state sits in the peninsular region of the nation and thus occupies about two-thirds region of the Delmarva Peninsula. The state also borders the Delaware river, Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay, and Delaware Bay. The edges of the peninsular cities of the state also have mesmerizing sandy beaches that make it one of the best places in Delaware for family.

    Being surrounded by water bodies, Delaware remains in the transition zone in terms of climate and temperatures. This state with an average population of about 970K experience a shift in climate from humid subtropical to humid continental and vice versa. The state of Delaware experiences a classic & continental four-season climate which has its hazards and virtues due to the geographical location of the surrounding water bodies.

    Are you interested in knowing more about the state’s climate and temperatures, before moving in here? Then you have landed at the right place, as here in this comprehensive yet interesting article we are going to inform you about the same. Not only this if you are wondering does it snow in Delaware? Then, you will get the answers for the same below. So keep scrolling without any further ado.

    Does it snow in Delaware

    Does it rain or snow in Delaware?

    Rains are quite frequent in the state with about 45 inches of rain every year. Whereas, the average annual snowfall in this Diamond State is about 13.3 inches.

    When was the last snow in Delaware?

    January is the major snowfall month in the state. The last heavy snowfall recorded was in Ellendale on January 3rd, 2022. The snowfall happened at a pace of 14.5 inches on average. But, the last traces of snowfall were recorded on March 12 this year, the average ranging from 0.4-0.9 inches.

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    The Climate in Delaware

    The state of Delaware is surrounded by water on one side, which is a major factor in deciding the climate and temperatures of the state. Delaware is known to have a continental-type climate, with hot summers, cold winters, and ample precipitation year-round.

    While reading this, you must be thinking, ‘Why move to Delaware?’ Then the answer to this is an obvious yes, as according to the comfort index of Delaware is 7.3 which is more than most of the famous and big states of the nation. If talked separately the comfort index during summers and winters are calculated as 8.2 and 5.8 respectively.

    Climate in Delaware

    May, June, and September are considered the most pleasant months in the state while January and February are considered the least comfy. During July, the summer season is at its height with a maximum temperature of 87 degrees, and January is the coldest month with an average recorded temperature of 25 degrees. Are you wondering whether it does snow in Newark Delaware or not?

    Well, this beachy state surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean also experiences rainfall and snowfall of an average of 45 inches and 13 inches annually respectively. Delaware also experiences an average of 202 sunny days and 116 days of precipitation every year. Given below is a table that states the average annual temperatures of some of the popular cities of Delaware.

    CitiesAverage High-TemperatureAverage Low-Temperature
    Dover19 Degrees Celsius9 Degrees Celsius
    Newark19 Degrees Celsius7 Degrees Celsius
    Greenwood19 Degrees Celsius9 Degrees Celsius
    Georgetown19 Degrees Celsius7 Degrees Celsius
    Wilmington18 Degrees Celsius8 Degrees Celsius
    Lewes19 Degrees Celsius10 Degrees Celsius

    What type of climate is in Delaware?

    Delaware experiences a moderate type of climate all year round, with the average temperatures ranging from 75.8 degrees to 32 degrees year-round. Also, Delaware has about 57% sunny days the year round. The temperatures, weather, and climate of the state are characterized by it being surrounded by water bodies. Due to its geographical location, the climate of coastal cities of the state becomes warm by about 10% in the winters and 10% cooler in the winters.

    What’s the weather like in Delaware year-round?

    The weather in Delaware during the summer season is warm, wet, and muggy. And that during the winter season, the weather of Delaware is cold, windy, and snowy. The summer season lasts from June to September, while the winter season begins in December and lasts till March.

    How cold is Delaware in the winter?

    The winter season lasts in Delaware for about 3.1 months. It starts on the 4rth of December and ends on the 8rth of March. January is considered the coldest month in the entire season with average high temperatures of 42 degrees Fahrenheit and 28 degrees Fahrenheit respectively.

    Freezing Days in Delaware

    Freezing days are considered those days when the temperatures fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. In the state of Delaware for about 89 days annually the temperature falls during the nighttime. Due to this, the nights might become freezy but, the temperature here will still be considered warmer when compared to many popular states in the US. January is considered the coldest month of the year in Delaware, and thus the freezing days here last for about 23.2 days.

    Freezing Days

    What is the coldest month in Delaware?

    January is the coldest month in Delaware.

    What was the coldest day ever in Delaware?

    The day of January 17 in the year 1893, had been recorded as the coldest day in the history of Delaware. On this day the temperatures in Millsboro descended to about -17 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    Extremely Clouded Days in Delaware

    Clear cloudy days are the best as they allow you to fully enjoy the fine dining restaurants in Delaware. If talking about the clouds, then the percentage of the sky covered with clouds experiences a seasonal variation every year. The most cloudy month of the year is January when 51% of the sky is covered with clouds most of the time. Whereas, the month of September is considered the clearest month of the year when the sky is mostly clear with no or partial clouds in the sky. During this time of the year, the sky is mostly clear 63% of the time. Given below is a table that states how much percentage of the sky is clear and how much is cloudier in the different months of the year in Delaware.

    Clouded Days
    MonthsClearer %Cloudier %

    How many cloudy days does Delaware have?

    The cloudy days in Delaware start from November 19 and last till July 3. Thus, the cloudy days in the state remain for about 7.5 months, or 228 days on average.

    Why is it always cloudy in Delaware?

    The climate affects the demographics of the clouds present in the state, The summers are warm, wet, and humid in summers, while the winters are snowy, windy, and cold. Thus the sky remains cloudy most of the time of the month.

    Snowfall in Delaware

    Wondering does it snow in Dover Delaware? Well, it does snow there, as the geographical location of the Diamond State of Delaware experiences a significant seasonal variation for about 3 to 4 months in the form of snowfall. The annual period of snow starts on 25th November and ends on 23rd March with about 31 days of sliding snowfall of about 1 inch. The maximum snow falls in February for about 5.5 inches. Given below is a table that states the no.of inches of snowfall that happens and for how many days in some of the major cities of this Mid-Atlantic state.

    Snowfall in Delaware
    CitiesInches of SnowfallDays it Lasts
    Dover13.2 Inches4.9 Days
    Wilmington20.2 Inches10.7 Days
    Lewes10.5 Inches2.9 Days
    Greenwood12.8 Inches5.3 Days

    What part of Delaware has snow?

    The cities of southern Delaware near Sussex County receive the maximum inches of snow every year.

    Does Delaware get much snow?

    The annual average inches of snowfall that happens in Delaware is 13.3 inches. On the other hand, the average snowfall in the United States is about 27.8 inches. So this is a clear difference that shows that the state of Delaware does get comparatively less snowfall than the entire US.

    What months does it snow in Delaware?

    From the months of December to March, it’s the snowfall time in Delaware.

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    Snow On the Ground in Delaware

    Are you wondering whether does it snows in Wilmington Delaware? Well, from the months of December to January it does snow in the city and also in the entire Delaware state. According to Best, in the month of January in Delaware, the snow remains for about more than 1 inch on the ground. The snow stays there for about 3.9 days on average. During the other snow months, the snow gets accumulated on the ground for more than 1 inch for the average no.of days mentioned below:-

    • February- 3.7 Days
    • March- 0.8 Dyas
    • December- 1.9 Days
    Site on Ground

    Is there snow on the ground in Delaware Beach?

    Currently, there is no snow on Delaware Beach, and any snow events are going on in the place.

    How many inches of snow is in Delaware?

    The average annual snowfall in Delaware is 13.3 inches, which is comparatively lesser than that of the average annual snowfall of the entire United States.


    That was all about the comprehensive article that informs you about some delicate details about the climate, weather, and whether it does it snow in Delaware or not. This Diamond State is also considered one of the best destinations for the purpose of tourism. Thus, characterizing the most pleasant time to visit the state is necessary. According to the tourism score given by, the months of June and then from mid of august to September end is indeed the best time to visit Delaware. As you can perform all the major outdoor activities that the state has to offer you.

    If you want to settle down in this wonderful state, then you should be aware of the average cost of a house in Delaware, as it will help you in settling down in the new state smoothly. So what’s stopping you now? Make necessary arrangements and settle down or visit this beautifully mesmerizing beach state at its earliest.

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