Does it snow in Atlanta?

Does it snow in Atlanta

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    Atlanta the capital city of Georgia is the 38th most populous city in the nation. The city is well known for its musical heritage, hospitality, sports team, delicious peaches, road races, various trails for biking, horse riding, skateboarding, and various other tourists attractions & restaurants.

    If you are planning for moving to GA, then the city of Atlanta is a great place to live in due to the low cost of living and endless things and opportunities to grab too. It also has unique cultures, a bustling city environment, a young & enthusiastic population, with lots of amenities filled with urban parks & famous neighborhoods.

    Atlanta experiences a subtropical climate, that includes four distinct seasons, including hot & humid summers and cool winters. If you are planning to settle down here, you must be wondering; does it snow in Atlanta or not. Isn’t it?

    Hence, here in this article, we will be telling you about the extent of snow in Atlanta and the peak months in which they occur so that you can plan your itinerary accordingly.

    Does it usually snow in Atlanta?

    The snow in Atlanta is neither guaranteed every year in winter nor too rare. On average, it snows about 1 inch every year in the city, whereas, the average snowfall received in the US every year is about 28 inches.

    What part of Georgia does not get snow?

    Georgia is the 6th state in the US to receive the least snow. The northern part of the state receives about 3 inches of snow every year, whereas the southern & central region receives less than an inch of snow.

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    Does it snow in Atlanta, GA?

    Atlanta, Georgia experiences a humid subtropical climate, with hot & humid summers, and cool & variable winters. You must be wondering, does Atlanta get snow in winters?

    Does it snow in Atlanta

    Well, snow in Atlanta is not a big deal. In January, the city experiences below-freezing temperatures for an average of 48 days, and thus it undergoes 2.9 inches of average snow every year for an average of 2.1 days.

    The highest snowfall that occurred in Atlanta was in the year 1940 on January 23rd, i.e.; was 10 inches. Another notable snowstorm was experienced by the natives of the city in the year 1993, in which snowfall was about 7-8 inches. One more major snow showdown in the city was experienced in the year 2014 when all the cars on the road have to face a major traffic issue for hours due to huge snow patches on the roads.

    What Month Does it Snow In Atlanta?

    The peak and the coldest month of the year in Atlanta start from the mid or the last of December and continue till the whole of January. The rate of precipitation is above normal, whereas the rate of snowfall is below normal. Most of the snow in Atlanta is during the early winters, but you should be prepared for the same from December to March. A lack of infrastructure & preparation during the snowstorms can make it difficult for you to survive.

    What Are Winters Like in Atlanta Georgia?

    Winters in Atlanta

    Atlanta, Georgia does not experience extremely harsh winters as the northeastern parts of the US. But they have cool temperatures and also experience snow. So if you were wondering whether, does it snow in Atlanta, Georgia, or not? Then the answer to this is yes. Temperatures here are lower and cooler here than at other times of the month. Overall the winters are dry except for the few days of snowfall in early January. The maximum and the minimum temperature in the winter months in Atlanta are mentioned in the table below.

    MonthsMaximum TemperatureMinimum Temperature
    December13 Degrees Celsius2 Degrees Celsius
    January12 Degrees Celsius1 Degree Celsius
    February14 Degrees Celsius2 Degrees Celsius

    Monthly Weather Chart of Atlanta:-


    The capital city of Georgia, Atlanta, experiences humid & moist summers, cold & snowy winters, rainfall, and plenty of sunshine. Thus, in the table given below, we have mentioned the average temperature in the city for each month. Along with that, we have also mentioned the average rainfall and sunshine hours that people experience each month.

    MonthsAverage TemperatureAverage RainfallAverage Sunshine
    January43 F5.0 inches10 hours
    February47 F4.7 inches11 hours
    March54 F5.4 inches12 hours
    April62 F3.6 inches13 hours
    May70 F4.0 inches13 hours
    June77 F3.6 inches14 hours
    July80 F5.1 inches14 hours
    August79 F3.7 inches13 hours
    September73 F4.1 inches12 hours
    October62 F3.1 inches11 hours
    November52 F4.1 inches10 hours
    December45 F3.8 inches9 hours

    Where is the Coldest place in Georgia?

    Cold Place in Gerogia

    The region of the Appalachian plateau in Northern Georgia has the coolest temperatures compared to the rest of the state. This is because of its higher elevations and northern latitude. The area here is quite mountainous and receives snowfall, thus making the temperatures cooler. The temperatures remain below the freezing point for about 100 days a year. Thus, if you are a lover of snow-covered mountain peaks it is the best time to visit the Georgia mountains.

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    What is the coldest month in Atlanta Georgia?

    The coldest month in Atlanta, Georgia is of January, where the maximum recorded temperature is 53F and the minimum recorded temperature is 35F.

    Does Atlanta get tornadoes?

    Tornadoes are columns of air that rotate violently while touching the ground and are usually followed by thunderstorms. They may vary in shape, size, & intensity and the speed of the winds ranges from 100 Mph to 300 Mph. They are usually strong & violent winds.

    The state of Georgia ranks 5th place when it comes to tornadoes and thus it is also known as the Tornado Alley. Tornadoes are very prominent throughout the year but mostly they occur from March to May. April is the peak month for tornadoes to occur, and they most likely happen in the mid-afternoon or during the early evenings. 

    Is Georgia hotter than Florida?

    The state of Georgia is located north of Florida and is the fifth-hottest state in the nation. Given below is a comparative analysis of the weather between the states of Florida and Georgia.


    SummerThe maximum temperature reaches 88.3 degrees during July.
    WinterThe temperature reaches 32.6 degrees during January.
    RainfallThe average rainfall per year is 51.5 inches.
    SnowAverage 1.4 inches per year.
    Comfort Index7.6/10


    SummerThe maximum temperature reaches 92 degrees during July.
    WinterThe temperature reaches 48.7 degrees during January.
    RainfallThe average rainfall per year is 52.1 inches.
    SnowAverage 0 inches per year.
    Comfort Index6.7/10

    Does it Snow in Atlanta FAQs

    How common is snow in Atlanta?

    Are you wondering, does it snow in Atlanta or not? Well, the answer to this is yes. the average snowfall in Atlanta, Georgia is 2.9 inches every year during January. Whereas, the average snowfall in the whole of the United States is 27.8 inches.

    Does it snow a lot in Atlanta Georgia?

    On average Atlanta experiences 2.1 average days of snowfall. The snow in Atlanta usually falls in January, the month of February experiences 0.6 inches of snowfall, whereas March experiences below 0.5 inches of accumulated snowfall.


    Atlanta is one of the most popular destinations, where people want to live or settle down. The main reasons for this can be the affordable cost of living, good job opportunities, humid subtropical climate, and snow in Atlanta. Also, the average cost per sq ft to build a house in Georgia is not too high. Thus, in the above article, we have solved your query of, does it snow in Atlanta, and have told you various other details about the climate and weather of the city.

    Apart from Atlanta, the city of Savannah is also a good place to move into because of its beautiful coastal landscapes and affordable cost of living. But in terms of safety if you ask is Savannah, Georgia safe at night? Then our answer will be no as many violent crimes happen in the city after the sunsets.

    Thus, the ultimate choice of moving to which city in Georgia lies in your hands.

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