Disassemble Furniture For Move


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    Disassembling certain pieces of furniture takes time and effort when getting ready to move. If you have previous experience, you can lower the cost of your relocation by a few dollars! Many furniture and things are prone to breakage, which makes moving them risky. 

    Everybody will have a different idea, but most people believe it’s best to disassemble furniture for moving while packing and loading.


    Many professional movers will dismantle and assemble the furniture for you. So, take advantage of their assistance!

    Should I disassemble the furniture before moving?

    Yes, you need to disassemble furniture before a move. There are some things, like bed frames, that need to be disassembled before they can be moved.

    How do you protect wooden furniture when moving?

    Wooden furniture, such as tables, chairs, and bed frames, is easily broken, chipped, or damaged; thus, it is important to protect it by wrapping it in blankets.

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    Why You Should Disassemble Your Furniture Before Moving?

    Although it is tedious to box every item, it is relatively simple and you’re able to stack it all in your flat. You can significantly lower the possibility of your furniture being damaged during the move by disassembling it before moving. 

    Make sure everything you have, especially large, sturdy items like couches and chairs, will fit through the doorway, elevator, or stairwell of your new apartment before deciding to move everything.

    Furniture disassembly and reassembly will be much simpler for the removalists to load and unload it all as they are aware of the screws and bolts.

    Create Your Furniture in Small Parts

    You can ask questions to movers and let them handle the labor-intensive task of disassembling and reassembling your furniture. To make finding small furniture pieces easier, you can put them all in the same box. 


    Plan how you will keep track of the pieces that relate to furniture like bookshelves, tables, and bed frames before you begin the disassembly process. It might be challenging to put them back together if their rivets, bolts, or studs are missing. Put these components in a zip-lock bag and label them with their names. 

    Tools You’ll Need for the Disassembly Process

    The availability of the proper moving tools and equipment can ease the relocation process. Therefore, whether you are relocating on your own or employing movers and packers, you should have a checklist of these items to guarantee you have everything at your disposal.

    1. Philips head screwdrivers

    A Phillips screwdriver has a cross-shaped head with pointed edges that fit into the cross-shaped slots in a Phillips screw.

    2. Wrenches, hammers, and pliers

    Wrenches come in different sizes and shapes and are used to hold, fasten, turn, tighten, and loosen nuts. Hammers are helpful for general carpentry, framing, pulling nails, making cabinets, finishing, riveting, bending metal, and hitting masonry drills and steel chisels. Pliers are hand tools that are useful to hold things securely.

    3. Bubble wrapping paper

    It is a type of protective packaging that protects against shock and wear.

    4. Packing boxes


    The boxes can be used to pack things in a way that keeps them from getting broken and gives them some cushion.

    5. Ziplock bags

    They have a groove and a ridge that fit together and make a snug fit when pressed together.

    6. Packing tape

    Packing tape is used to seal, wrap, or bundle items for storage, handling, or shipping.

    7. Packing peanuts

    These are tiny pieces of Styrofoam that are useful to fill empty space, provide padding, and prevent shock.

    8. Waterproof markers

    It is a permanent pen with indelible ink that can write on most surfaces.

    9. Labels

    They are crucial because they help people figure out the product and give vital information to keep customers and movers safe.

    10. Tape Measure


    A tape measure, also called a measuring tape, is a flexible ruler for measuring length or distance.

    Tips for Disassembling Various Types of Furniture

    To make sure that all of your furniture will fit into the semi-trailer without any problems, you must first measure it all. Measure the length of your new place as well. You might have a short list of many common furnishings that need to be disassembled.

    Although there is no general guideline for each type, the information below will hope to help you for disassembling furniture for the move: 

    What should I disassemble when moving?

    If you want your relocation to go as quickly and smoothly as possible, disassembling as much as you can is a must. Beds, dressers, wardrobes, vanities, dressers, tables, shelving units, and appliances should all be dismantled before a move.

    Do moving companies wrap furniture?

    The movers will pad and wrap your furniture to protect it during transport. Wrapping furniture is an excellent technique to prevent it from moving while being transported.

    1. Disassemble Beds Before Moving

    Before moving, the majority of bed frames will need to be dismounted. The mattress, box spring, comforters or pillows, and sheets should all be packed separately. Bedside drawers should be removed, and their contents should be put in a different packing box.


    Remove the bed frame, beginning with the railings. Use a furniture blanket to conceal the larger components. Remove the footboards and headboard. Pull each one away from the frame by loosening it first. 

    Should you disassemble the bed frame before moving?

    The bed frame can be taken apart for transport. You’ll either have to disassemble the drawers from the bed or take the mattress frame apart.

    How do you prepare a bed for moving?

    While the mattress is flat on the bed frame, slide the mattress bag from the bottom and shimmy it up to cover it fully.

    How do I protect my bed when moving?

    You can keep the bed safe by putting the mattress in the bag and taping it shut. Seal the folds with tape. Apply a crisscrossing pattern of tape across the top, middle, and bottom of the mattress in both directions.

    If you use this method, the plastic covering your mattress will be more secure and less likely to come off during transport.

    2. Disassemble your Wardrobes When Moving

    Small to moderate wardrobes can be moved to your new home by movers without needing to be disassembled. But if you are concerned about how much a mover costs, you can manage this furniture by yourself. Just remove all of the clothing, and accessories from this furniture.


    After that, tape the drawers shut or take out the items and pack them in boxes. Wardrobes with mirrors require a slightly different procedure. The mirror can be separated using a wrench or screwdriver. To keep the mirror from breaking, wrap it in bubble wrap.

    Can you disassemble a wardrobe?

    Yes, you can disassemble the wardrobe. The first step is to remove any loose or unfastened shelves or rails. Most of the shelving can be taken out, as can the rails.

    How do you move a wardrobe without dismantling it?

    Wrap the wardrobe in a moving blanket and use straps to keep it in place. Mirrors and glass must be wrapped in bubble wrap and then put in cardboard boxes for extra protection.

    How do you deconstruct a wardrobe?

    Most wardrobes can be moved without breaking unless there is a mirror on top. If so, you will need to take the mirror off and pack it separately.

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    3. Disassemble Dressers Before Moving

    Unless they have a mirror on top, most dressers as well as vanities could be moved without breaking. If so, you should take the mirror out and pack it separately. Remove any drawers, shelves, or other detached components from your dresser, regardless of how small it is.


    To prevent the glass from shattering when moving wardrobes that have mirrors, make sure to take the mirror apart and pack it in bubble wrap. Larger wardrobes must be completely disassembled because they are frequently too tall and wide to pass through doors.

    Should I disassemble the dresser before moving?

    You can disassemble the dresser by taking off the doors. These are usually held together with a screwdriver and two metal hinges.

    Can you move the dresser with stuff in it?

    Yes, you can move the dresser with stuff in it. However, you’ll have to take the drawers out of the dresser.

    How do you prepare a dresser for moving?

    You can prepare a dresser for moving by wrapping a few furniture pads around the dresser and held in place with large rubber bands or tape. Then, a stretch wrap should be used to seal the whole thing.

    4. Tables & Desk Disassembling

    Dining tables of standard size can simply be encased and shielded as is. However, the movers while shipping boxes to another state, take extra caution for such furniture. They remove the legs from a large, heavy dining room table and pack everything separately.


    It’s important to remove all of the drawers from your table or desk. Take out any glass components. Put them in a box after wrapping them in bubble wrap or packing paper. If possible, unscrew the desk or table’s legs or other components using a screwdriver, especially if they are particularly heavy. 

    Should I disassemble my desk before moving?

    Yes, you should disassemble the desk before moving. It is important to remove any glass from the desk.

    How do you prepare a table for moving?

    Make sure to clean the table before you move it. Then, use a cleaner that the manufacturer says is safe to use. Even though you can move the table with the legs still on, it will be much lighter and easier to move if you take the legs off.

    How do you transport a table safely?

    You can move the table safely if you tape the plastic bag under it. If the legs are stuck to the table with glue, you can remove the seal with a putty knife. If you can’t take the legs off, you can wrap them in bubble wrap or thin blankets.

    How do you prepare a desk for moving?

    5. Disassemble and Move Couches

    Remove everything from the couch, including the cushions, plush animals, and covers.


    Then, either uses a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the couch legs to the couch frame or turn the couch legs directly counterclockwise to unfasten them.

    Remove any additional couch components that can be safely removed. You’ll find it simpler to get the big couch out of the house and into the moving car if you do it this way.

    Can a sectional couch be disassembled?

    A lot of sectional couches are easy to take apart. The pieces of the other sections are held together with screws or bolts. If this is the case, you can take the sofa apart with a screwdriver or a wrench.

    Can you disassemble a couch for moving?

    Yes, you can disassemble a couch for moving. Once it’s divided into smaller pieces, it’s easier to move or throw away.

    How do you break down a couch to move it?

    You can break down the couch by first removing all the upholstery, arms, and frame from the seat. Moreover, you can keep any upholstery or cushions you want to reuse.

    6. Disassemble Sofas or Loveseats

    All unattached cushions and covers should be collected and placed in a box. The entire frame’s upholstery must first be taken off. The next step is to take off the couch’s arms, legs, and any other removable parts. 


    Each screw holding each arm piece together should be removed using a Phillips head screwdriver. Any cushions or upholstery you want to reuse should be kept. 

    How do you disassemble a sofa?

    First, take the pillows off the sofa and turn it on its back. Use a flathead screwdriver and pliers to pull out the staples that are holding the covering under the sofa. Finally, use a screwdriver, wrench, or Allen wrench to take out the bolts or screws that hold the arms in place.

    How do you move a heavy loveseat?

    If the couch is big, you need to use a hand truck or a furniture dolly that is wider and flatter. The couch may be moved onto the dolly by tipping it end over end with the help of two people. Use your tie-down straps to secure it to the dolly, and then roll it to your moving truck.

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    Ask Moving Professionals to Help

    Disassembling furniture is a difficult and challenging process and cannot be done by yourself.


    If done, it can cause breakage of floors, walls, stuff, doors, and personal accidents. However, to reduce the risk you have to hire trained moving professionals to safely disassemble furniture and belongings and shift them to your new home.

    Disassembling, moving and reassembling can be done by the mover’s companies as soon as you complete the booking process. They will help you in the following ways:

    • Complete packing and unpacking service.
    • Vehicle transportation and pet moving services.
    • Storage facilities for unpredicted events.
    • Professional moving advice i.e. do’s and don’ts of moving.
    • Highly experienced and efficient moving service
    • Insurance services for any lost, damaged, or broken belongings.

    Disassemble furniture FAQs

    How should I prepare for a mover?

    First, give away or sell things you won’t be moving. Disconnect your appliances and pack, or hire someone to help you pack. Remove any pictures or shelves from the walls. You should also get rid of any dangerous items, clean each room, and dust your furniture.

    Do movers move dressers with clothes in them?

    Yes, the movers can leave clothes in the dresser when moving, but they will have to take out the drawers because it is hard to move dressers with clothes in them. If they choose this option, they will need to wrap the drawers in plastic to keep things from falling out.

    Will movers disassemble the couch?

    Yes, the movers will disassemble the couch. Professional movers will disassemble it if it is necessary to move it safely into the truck.

    Is it possible to disassemble IKEA furniture?

    It is possible to disassemble IKEA furniture. However, it is not intended to be disassembled after the first time it is assembled.

    Can IKEA PAX be disassembled?

    It is not easy to disassemble IKEA PAX. IKEA PAX can be taken apart if it’s done right.

    Can the IKEA bed be disassembled?

    Yes, an IKEA bed can be disassembled if done professionally. IKEA is putting out “Disassembly Instructions” to make it easy for movers to take flat-pack furniture apart.

    Can I dismantle the IKEA wardrobe?

    Yes, you can dismantle an IKEA wardrobe. Put the wardrobe on the floor facing the front. Remove the backing board nails with a nail puller and bag them. Moreover, you can remove and pack all dowels to prevent breakage during transport.


    If you need more time to uninstall your furniture or want to learn how to dissemble furniture yourself, you can rely on professionals to carefully take apart and reassemble any type of furniture. When you book your move, be sure to include a complete list of your belongings.

    Several items travel best when they are disassembled before they are loaded, even though large, sturdy pieces of furniture usually move just perfectly alright on their own.

    Naturally, if you’d rather skip the hassle, users should get in touch with great moving container companies directly to undergo the entire process. Your moving day can be made as easy as possible by working together just to find the best solution.

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