Cost to Build a House in Wisconsin


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    The cost of living in Wisconsin is lower than the national average. Wisconsin is home to one of the best places to live in and build a home in America. You must be curious to know how much does it cost to build a house in Wisconsin?

    The average cost to build a house in Wisconsin is between $320,000 – $480,000. The building cost can vary depending upon the location of land, quality of material used, and size of land. However, the cost per square foot to build a home in Wisconsin is anywhere between $160 – $240. 

    There are a large number of best places to live in for families in Wisconsin.But, there are a few of the things you must know before relocating to Wisconsin, like building costs, permits, amenities and the polish towns of Wisconsin.

    Here is a complete guide of average building costs, construction permits, buying vs building and legal construction for your new home in Wisconsin. Let’s jump into the details!

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    Is it Cheaper to build or buy a house in Wisconsin?

    Buying an existing house is cheaper in Wisconsin than building a new one. Constructing a house is expensive due to the land costs, labor demands, buildings permits , taxes and insurance costs. 


    So, due to the above reasons, a pre-built home is much better to buy in Wisconsin. An existing home does not require labor costs and permits. The average cost of buying a house is $34,000 less than building a new house.

    Can I legally build my own house in Wisconsin?

    Yes, you can build your own house in Wisconsin.But, first you must have to get the owner-builder permit from the municipal department. You also have to strictly follow all the codes and rules for building a house in Wisconsin. 


    If you fail to fulfill the permit application or do not follow the rules, The State can take strict actions against you.  

    Cost Factors of Building A house in Wisconsin

    Building cost of a house in Wisconsin depends upon various factors. The overall building budget varies greatly according to the type of house,size of land and location of land. Moreover, the building permits, inspection permits and all other costs affect the overall cost of houses. 

    1. Land Prices In Wisconsin

    Land prices in Wisconsin are lesser than the national average.But, the cost of land varies due to the location and size of land. A house in an urban area will cost much more than a house in a rural area. 


    How much does one acre of land cost in Wisconsin?

    The average price of a one acre land in Wisconsin costs anywhere between $2,205 – $5,416.The price varies county to county depending upon the location of land. An acre of land in the downtown city costs more than a land in the less developed area. 

    What is land worth Wisconsin?

    There has been a consistent increase in the worth of land in Wisconsin each year. An average land costs between $35,000 – $200,000 in Wisconsin. However, the price can be higher or lower due to the current market situation and also vary from one region to the other region in Wisconsin.

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    2. Permits and Fees In Wisconsin 

    To construct a new house in Wisconsin, you must need to have a permit issued from the local municipality department. A permit is required to start construction for residential or commercial areas. 


    The permit fees can vary from one city to another. All you have to do is submit a building plan and application for approval from the municipality.  

    How much does a Building Permit cost in Wisconsin?

    A building permit varies depending upon the location of the land. But an average permit cost for a building review is $0.05 per square foot  in Wisconsin and after the approval you have to pay the permit fee which can be anywhere from $64 – $100 due to the type of land. 

    How long does it take to get a building permit in Wisconsin?

    To get a Building permit in Wisconsin you have to wait for 1-3 days. But, you have to submit all the required documents and fees to get a permit on time. 

    Can a Homeowner pull a building permit in Wisconsin?

    Yes, a homeowner can pull a building permit in Wisconsin. But, for this purpose, a house owner must have to read and understand all the necessary building rules and sign the cautionary statement for the issuance of the permit. 

    3. Excavation, Concrete and Foundation in WI

    The costs of excavation, concrete and foundation in Wisconsin is different from one county to the other. It greatly depends upon the type of land, time needed to excavate a land and soil of land for excavation. 


    Moreover, the quality of concrete also affects the building costs. A plain or a designed concrete has different price ranges. 

    So, the average cost for excavating a land is between $10K – $12K  and the concrete costs you $30K – $40K. The building foundations in Wisconsin costs almost $72,000.The costs can be higher or lower depending on the duration of working days. 

    How do you calculate the cost of excavation in Wisconsin?

    You can calculate excavation cost by measuring the length, width, depth of land to calculate its volume. To calculate the cost of excavation, Multiply the total excavation volume by the price of the area per unit. 

    Suppose, the volume of the excavation land is 500 and the area per square foot is $10 then the excavation cost will be $500*10 = $5000. 

    How much is Concrete per square foot in Wisconsin?

    The average cost of concrete per square foot is between $4.65 – $12. The cost differs according to the type of concrete. A plain concrete slab costs less than a designed concrete slab. 

    How do I estimate the cost of building a foundation in Wisconsin?

    The foundation cost is calculated in per square footage. An average rate of building a foundation costs between $6 – $10 per square foot in Wisconsin.

    4. Materials Cost in Wisconsin 


    Material costs depend upon the quality of material and type of material used in construction. Material cost varies from county to county. Construction material plays a major role in overall building costs. 

    How much do you spend on materials to build a house in Wisconsin?

    The cost of building material increases each year. Recently the building costs have risen up to 45%. So, according to the recent statistics the average cost of building material is between $85,000 – $ 115,000 for building a new home in Wisconsin. 

    How do you calculate house materials?

    House materials are calculated in square footage. Material costs per square footage are given in the table below, the costs can vary according to the type of material. 

    Materials Cost per sq ft in Wisconsin
    Siding $2 – $11
    roofing$4 – $8 
    Dry wall$1- $4 
    lumber$3 – $8
    Flooring $3 – $16

    How much material is required for a 1,000 ft sq house?

    For a house of 1,000 square feet an estimated cost of building material can cost anywhere between $20,000 – $40,000 depending upon the type of material. You can hire a contractor to know the exact cost of the materials for your house. 

    5. Wisconsin Labor and Contractor fee for house

    After material costs, labor costs make up a great amount on the overall building budget. Laborers cost per square footage or hourly work. 


    Always make sure to hire an experienced labor and a Contractor. A labor costing a small amount will be less experienced.

    Labor costs include the framers, roof installers, painters and siding installers. The recent average costs of labor ranges between $40,000 – $50,000 according to the work and material they use. 

    What Percentage is Labor cost to material in WI?

    The percentage of labor cost to material in WI depends upon the type of work. So, according to the Labor construction market analyzer, The average percentage is 20 % – 40% for labor cost to material in WI. 

    How do you calculate labor costs for materials in Wisconsin?

    Labor costs for materials in Wisconsin are calculated according to the hourly work of the labor per square footage. 

    Labor in WisconsinCost of Labor in Wisconsin 
    Concrete workers$80 – $100
    Roof engineer$15 – $30
    Landscapers $30 – $50
    Floor installer$60 – $120
    Painter $40 – $60 


    What is the standard cost of contractor per square foot in Wisconsin?

    The standard cost of a contractor in Wisconsin can be anywhere between $70 – $150 per square foot. 

    6. Wisconsin Mechanical costs for house

    Mechanical costs include the plumbing, electrical, HVAC installation and insulation of a house in Wisconsin. The mechanical costs for a house in Wisconsin range between $50,000 – $100,000. 


    How much does it charge to frame a 2000 sq ft house in Wisconsin?

    It costs $7 – $16 per square ft to frame a house in Wisconsin.According to this cost for a house of 2000 sq ft. it will cost between $14,000 – $32,000 to frame a house in Wisconsin. 

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    7. Exterior design in Wisconsin

    The exterior designs of a house in Wisconsin includes the outside design and structure of the house. The finishing of the walls, roofs, type of tiles and everything used in the exterior designing. 


    The exterior price of the house can vary according to your choice for a custom house the price will be higher than a modular home. 

    How do I redesign the exterior of my house in Wisconsin?

    You can redesign your house and give your house a new and fresh look by following the given options: 

    • You can repaint the outside walls, doors and windows of your house to give a new look to your house
    • By adding seasonal flowers and more plants to your lawn. 
    • By repairing any broken windows and any dented area. 
    • By installing the lighting system of the exterior. 

    How much would it cost to redo the outside of the house in Wisconsin?

    To redo the exterior of the house costs an average of $15,000 – $20,000 which includes the painting of doors, windows and walls of the house. The lighting and lawn improvement costs are also included. 

    8. Amenities and Fixtures cost in Wisconsin

    The total cost of Amenities and fixtures largely depends on your own choice. The amenities are the materials inside the house including the flooring, appliances and cabinets. 


    The hardwood floor would cost much more than a carpet. The Kitchen Cabinets, bedroom  and Bathroom set up depends upon your choice. The more custom setup you choose the more price you would have to pay. 

    The appliances cost are also high and can cost up to $30,000 – $50,000 depending upon the appliances you buy for your house. 

    How much does it cost to replace house fixtures in Wisconsin?

    The fixture cost in Wisconsin depends upon the type of replacement and location of your fixture. The average cost of fixtures range between $75 – $125 or more depending upon the type of fixture. 

    How much do light fixtures cost for a house in Wisconsin?

    A light fixture in Wisconsin costs an average of $60 – $180 depending upon the type and location of the light. 

    How much do Utilities cost per month in Wisconsin?

    Utilities include gas and electricity. The monthly average costs of these essential utilities makes a total of $145 per month in Wisconsin. 

    9. Wisconsin Extra cost for house


    While Building a house in Wisconsin, you must need to consider the extra costs.Besides the building costs, some of the extra costs include the following.

    • Inspection fees of buildings after construction. 
    • Demolishing fees for building on pre-built land. 
    • Transportation fees.
    • Custom finishing charges.
    • Contingencies cost.
    • Buying land also adds in extra costs of housing. 

    Cost to Build a house in Wisconsin FAQs

    How much does it cost to build a 2000 sq ft house in Wisconsin?

    A 2,000 square ft house can cost anywhere between $320,000 – $480,000 for per square footage of $160 – $240. 

    Is it cheaper to build up or buy a house in Wisconsin?

    Buying a house is cheaper in Wisconsin. Building a house from scratch is always expensive and can cost up to $34,000 more than an existing home.

    How long does it take to build a house in Wisconsin? 

    Building a house in Wisconsin can take up to seven months or a year to get completed. House completion greatly depends upon the weather conditions.  Extreme weather conditions can cause an unexpected delay in house building. 


    Building a house in Wisconsin widely depends upon the size and location of land. An average building cost in Wisconsin is $380,000 – $240,000. However, an average price per square footage is $160 – $240.  The price varies from one county to another. 

    Overall building cost of a house in Wisconsin depends upon various factors including the labor cost, permit fees, excavation fees, mechanical charges, amenities costs and extra costs. 

    We hope the above article gives you a rough estimation of building a house in Wisconsin.

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